1904 Census for Kennebunkport
Post Office

Please be sure and check the other post offices in this town:

Kennebunkport, Biddeford Post Office

Kennebunkport, Biddeford RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Cape Porpoise Post Office

Kennebunkport, RFD 1 Post Office

Kennebunkport, Non-Residents Page

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses and occupations. It is taken from the book Kennebunkport Register, 1904 compiled by Mitchell & Campbell and published by the H. E. Mitchell Company of Brunswick, Maine.

Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. Please be sure and check each page. The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Allen, William H.,     farmer & carpenter
    *Maria    housework
    Mary H.    (Foss)    housework
    Sadie L.    housework
    Fred E.    farmer & carpenter

Allen, Fred E.    farmer & carpenter
    Susie N.    (Benner)    housework
    Mary F.
    Jennie M.

Allen, Laura    (Ashley)    housework
    Harry A.    salesman

Allen, Harry A    salesman
    Alice    (Knowles)    housework
    Grace E    student

Arpe, George B.    pupil

Arnold, Frank    barber
    Nellie A.    (Crockett)    housework
    *Herbert    salesman
    *William E    insurance agent
    Florence C    student

Adkins, Edward H    merchant
    Mary E    (Clough)    housework
    *Thomas E.    electrician
    *William C.    lawyer
    *Mary F.    housework

Allen, Hannah E.    (Tinhum)    housework
    *Thomas    farmer
    *William    farmer
    Julia    housework


Bell, John R.    merchant
    Abbie F    (Hall)    housework

Bowden, Olive S.     (Emmons)    housework
    Phronia    housework
    *Mary    housework
    Myrtie    housework
    Nettie    housework

Benson, Robert P.    blacksmith
    Earnest P.    blacksmith
    Florence W.    housework
    Narcissa P.    (Lord)    housework
    Ralph H.    student

Balch, Sarah    (Wormwood)    housework
    *Daniel E.    farmer
    *George W.    carriage blacksmith
    Charles F.    farmer
    Harry R.    carpenter
    Dora M    housework

Brooks, M. L.    ship carpenter
    Annie P    (Peabody)    housework
    *Alice M.    housework
    *Myrtle E.    housework
    Dority L.    pupil

Barker, N. E.    electrical inspector
    Evelyn    (Bennett)    housework
    Clara E.    pupil

Benson, Earnest    blacksmith
    May    (Murch)    housework
    Edna F    pupil
    Eulalaie    pupil
    Pauline    pupil

Brooks, W. W.    fisherman
    Adliza G.    (Smith)    housework

Buzzell, Leonard A    farmer

Buzzell, Fred P.    teamster

Buzzell, Bertha M.    housework

Bryant, Thomas    farmer
    Owen L.    farmer
    Helen F.    shoe operator

Bryant, Owen L.    farmer
    Alice L.    (Clough)    housework
    Eva L.
    Bernice L.

Burnham, Aaron    farmer
    Alexanah    (Staples)    housework

Boston, John W.    farmer
    Nora C.    (Kelley)    housework
    *Lilla H.    housework
    *Frank J.    mail carrier
    Alice M.    housework
    Howard C.    farmer
    Nellie S.    student

Buorne, George H.    hotel manager
    Martha P.    (Welch)    housework


Chick, Walter E.    carpenter
    Alice G.    (Thompson)    housework
    Harvey B.    pupil
    W. Leslie

Chisholm, Albert T.    painter
    Addie M.    (Westcott)    dress maker
    Edna J.    housework

Cole, Mary H.    (Foss)    housework
    *Herbert    blacksmith

Cluff, Herbert D.    R R service
    Jennie M.    (Foley)    housework
    Ralph H.    pupil
    Alice E.

Cook, Hallett    fistherman

Chapman, Sarah    (Ward)    housework

Cousins, H. Francis    merchant

Cousins, Mary E.    housework

Cleaves, Albert L.    retired
    Felicia H.    (Perkins)     housework
    *Fordyce P.    teacher
    Lizzie S.    teacher

Clark, Mary F.    (Littlefield)    housework
    *Carrie    housework
    Gertrude    housework
    Alice M.    clerk

Clough, E. Fred    ship carpenter
    Mary A.    (Mullin)    housework
    Edna M.    pupil
    Annie M.   

Casey, Thomas    fisherman
    Elizabeth    (Callahan)    housework
    Mary    book keeper

Campbell, E. Scott    art store proprietor

Clark, Edward P.     wood dealer
    Lena    (Russell)    housework
    Haverel    pupil

Clough, George W.    merchant
    Flora    (Seavey)    housework
    Alice F.    student
    Hazel G.    pupil
    Beatrice S.

Clough, Frances E.    (Wells)    housework
    *Herbert O.    teacher

Carter, Nicolis    fisherman
    Annie H.    (Mailing)    housework

Chisholm, Phoebe    (Brown)    housework
    *Mary P.    housework
    Albert T.    painter
    *Fannie    housework
    Julia B.    housework

Cleaves, Orlando    farmer

Cleaves, Sophronia    housework

Cluff, Obed F.    carpenter
    Mary E.    (Wildes)    housework
    Lucinda G.    housework
    Arthur H.    pupil

Cluff, William H.    gardener
    Jennie    (Whitten)    housework
    Woodbury G.    gardener
    Martha V.    housework
    Inez I.    housework

Cluff, Woodbury G.    gardener
    Florence I.    (Hermann)    housework

Cluff, Lucinda    (Emmons)    housework
    Howard M.    carpenter
    Ivory E.    mill operator
    I Merrill    laborer
    Obed F.    carpenter
    Dana F.    barber
    Charlotte A.    housework
    Thomas S.    truckman
    Herbert D.    R R service

Cluff, Wilbur C.    carpenter
    Dora M.    (Balch)    housework
    Bertha B.    housework
    Grace M.    student
    Rowena B.    pupil
    Sarah E.    pupil
    Edgar W.    pupil

Cluff, Howard M.    carpenter
    Forence A.    (Andrews)    housework
    Henry A.    coachman

Chick, G. H.    boat builder
    Georgiana     (Smith)    housework
    Gertrude F.    housework
    Walter E.    carpenter
    Wainewright    sea captain
    Francis M.    boat builder
    Everett F.    student

Chick, George W.    sea captain
    Grace J    (Wildes)    housework
    Daniel W.

Chick, Walter E.    carpenter
    Alice G.    (Thompson)    housework
    Harvey B.    pupil
    Lesley W.   

Cluff, Ivory E.    mill operator
    Georgie E.    (Woodhull)    housework
    Ada M.    pupil
    Chester F.    pupil
    Ruth L.    pupil

Campbell, R. A.    carpenter painter
    Florence C.    (Emmons)    housework
    Annie A.    waitress
    Charles F.    pupil
    Grace H.    pupil
    Ralph B.    pupil
    Benjamin F.    pupil
    Danald F.
    Robert H.

Cluff, Jane E.    (Thompson)    housework
    Fannie E.    housework
    Evlyne P.    housework
    *Mary A.    housework
    *Julia F.    housework
    Wilbur F.    coachman

Chick, Abner F.    police officer
    Martha H.    (Huff)    housework
    Marrion L.    pupil
    Muriel M.    pupil


Drown, Benjamin    farmer
    Nettie    (Wormwood)    housework
    Walter B.    confectioner

Dunn, Patrick M.    R R service
    May A.    (Siedel)    housework
    Ella M.    pupil

Driscoll, John A.    shoe operator
    Eliza    (Armstrong)    housework
    Mary L.    dress maker
    Cathrine A. V.     shoe operator
    Elizabeth F.    hair dresser
    Isabelle G.    housework
    Charles J.    farmer
    Raymond A.    stableman
    Leo I.   

Dennett, B. Henry    merchant
    Kittie    (Seavey)    housework

Dennett, W. Cyrus    retired
    *Lydia O.    housework
    Ann E.    (Smith)    housework
    B. Henry    merchant
    Ida L.    dress maker

Dudley, Daniel W.    sea captain
    *Ralph B.    teacher
    Lillian B.   

Dunn, Louie    housework

Downs, Susan J.    (Benson)    housework

Day, William R.    carpenter
    Sarah L.    (Allen)    housework
    George W.    pupil
    Walter F.    pupil
    Elizabeth M.
    Morris E.

Drowns, Hiram    farmer

Downing, Mary E.    (Goodwin)    housework

Downing, Elmira K.    housework

Doane, Elmira    (Snow)    housework
    *Grace D
    Mabel R. C.    student


Etherington, Harry    fisherman

Eldridge, J. F    cottage overseer
    Katie A    (Kelley)    housework
    J. Seward    pupil

Eldridge, Benjamin F    retired
    Annie    (Reed)    housework

Eldridge, Henry E.    seaman
    Frances E    (Henderson)    housework
    Charles O.    seaman
    John F.    clerk
    Clarence H.    mill operator
    Lillian H.    book keeper
    Grace C.    student
    Roy G.

Emery, George    electrician
    Agnes    (Hoff)    housework
    Helen A.    pupil
    Georgie H.

Emmons, Clarence    painter
    Theresa    (Connors)    housework

Emmons, Warren    farmer
    *Roscoe    mill operator
    *William    painter
    *Wright F.    carpenter
    *Percy    painter
    *Clarence G.    painter


Fairfield, Joseph W.    clerk
    Sarah E.    (Hutchins)    housework
    *Abbie H.    teacher
    *Mary W.    housework
    *Josephine W.     housework
    Myra M.    housework
    *Roscoe D.    engineer
    *Harold S.    lawyer

Frost, Harriet    (Bowles)    housework
    Fred H.    pupil
    Ethel S.    pupil

Frost, Lillian I.    baker

Frost, Mabel C.    dress maker

Furbish, George L.    clam digger
    Susan M.     (Curtis)    housework

Fairfield, Howard B.    farmer

Fuller, Adliza G.    (Smith)    housework
    Rhoda A.    pupil


Gregoere, John    blacksmith & farmer
    Virginia    (Turgon)    housework
    *Peter    blacksmith
    George P.    cook
    Joseph A.    coachman
    *John    moulder

Grant, George    stone mason

Griffin, W. M.    fisherman
    Eunice    (Wildes)    housework
    Martha F.    housework
    Loren W.    student
    Henry M.    pupil
    Mabel B.    pupil
    Albert F.    pupil
    Leon S.    pupil

Golden, Everett    fisherman

Goodwin, Josiah    painter
    Viola N.    (Webber)    housework

Goodwin, Burton B.    carpenter

Grant, L. Alta    (Murphy)    housework
    Mary L.    housework

Goodwin, L. Charles    motorman
    Sadie    (Munroe)    housework

Gooch, George    carpenter
    Lydia E.    (Wildes)    housework
    George I.    plumber
    *Lucy E.    housework
   *Samuel H.    salesman

Gould, William H.    sea captain
    Nellie A.    (Day)    housework
    Agnes M. I.    housework
    William D.    clerk
    Harold    student
    Clifford P.    pupil

Goodwin, Edwin A.    carpenter
    Henrietta    (Cameron)    housework
    George H.    painter

Goodwin, Ellen W.    (March)    housework
    Wilbur F.    confectioner
    Charles E.    merchant
    Walter L.    student

Goodwin, Edwin A.     carpenter
    Henrietta    (Cameron)    housework
    George H.    painter

Goodwin, R. Fred    carpenter
    Lizzie C.    (Gooch)    housework
    Theodore G.    fireman
    Mark F.    R R service
    Charles L.    motorman
    William C.    R R service
    Sallie B.    student

Goodwin, Emma    (Wescott)    housework
    Estella    housework
    John     clerk
    Henry    laborer

Gooch, Isabelle    (Huff)    housework
    Earle    student
    Gladys    pupil
    Normer    pupil


Hutchins, Octavus    carpenter
    Hannah E.    (Stone)    housework

Hinds, Anna    (Wallace)    housework

Huff, O. C.    funeral director                   
    Amanda L.    (Tripp)    housework
    Jennie F.    housework
    Mattie H.    housework

Hoff, Benjamin A.    gardener
    Nettie    (Hall)    housework
    Gertrude M.    pupil

Hall, John    farmer
    Nettie J.    (Robinson)    housework

Healey, Sarah C.    (Downs)    housework

Harvey, Frances J.    (Welch)    housework
    George E.     pupil
    William L.    pupil

Hinckley, W. H.    ship laborer
    Ella I.    (Wells)    housework
    Howard G.    motorman
    Annie H.    housework
    Ethel I.    pupil

Hoff, Charles W.    blacksmith
    Isabella G.    (Driscoll)    housework

Huff, George V.    fisherman
    Phoebe E.    (McKinney)    housework
    Nicolis M.    fisherman
    Alonzo B.    painter
    Stillman M.    carpenter

Hutchins, Lutell    farmer

Hanson, Winfield E.    dentist
    Gertrude     (Hill)    housework
    Elizabeth G.    pupil

Hill, John F.    conductor

Harriman, Mary H.    (Foss)
    *Will Herbert    teamster

Harris, James D.    farmer

Harris, Augusta    housework

Hall, George H.    blacksmith
    Charlotte J.    (Clough)    housework

Hackman, H. A.    hotel proprietor
    Lucy    (Perkins)    housework
    David    boat builder

Huff, Emma    (Perkins)    housework
    Bertha    housework
    Mabel    housework

Ingham, Adliza G.     (Smith)
    *Alice    housework
    George    tailor


Jeffery, H. J.    liveryman
    Lousia D.    (Bryant)    housework
    Belle W.    housework
    Grace G.    housework

Jeffery, Sarah    (Little)    housework
    *Susie W.    shoe operator
    Carrie C.    dress maker

Jennings, Emma F.    (Tucker)
    *Sadie E.    housework
    George E.    pupil

Jackson, F. John    plumber
    Emma    (Perkins)    housework
    Clifford    pupil


Kent, Abraham B.    baker


Lord, Mary P.    missionary

Leach, M. Helen    dress maker

Littlefield, Caroline    (Brown)    housework

Leach, Charles M.    coachman
    Lillian M.    (Millner)    housework

Little, Lucy A.    housework

Littlefield, Hamlin    liveryman
    Minnie    (Warren)    housework
    Mabel O.    musician
    Warren H.    pupil

Littlefield, Nora    (Curtin)    housework
    William I.    pupil
    I'Eileen A.

Littlefield, Irving    retired

Lewis, John A.    fisherman
    Sarah E.    (Lumbard)    housework

Leach, Frederick W.    farmer
    Nettie    (Stone)    housework
    Sidney C.    pupil

Leach, Eugene G.    farmer
    Alice M.    (Boston)        housework
    Hazel M.
    Alonzo E.

Little, George W.    paymaster
    Annie C.    (Burgess)    housework
    William W.    R R service
    Mary A.    housework


Meserve, Elmer D.    carpenter
    Edna J.    (Chisholm)    housework

Miller, Edward C.    druggist
    Nellie    (Emery)    housework
    Frank E.    druggist

Martin, Juliet F.    (Gooch)    housework
    *Frank H.    hotel proprietor

Moody, Laura    (Ashley)    housework

Miller, W. George    physician
    May    (Farnsworth)    housework
    Doris M.

Merrill, George F.    physician
    Vesta A.    (Towle)    housework
    Charles H.    student
    Elizabeth W.    student
    Hazel    student

Miller, E. Charles    druggist
    Edward C.    druggist
    Lizzie W.    housework

Maling, F. Israel    painter
    Abbie    (Clifford)    housework
    Clifford    pupil
    George    pupil

McGennis, W. John    antique furniture dealer
    Florence M.    (Anderson)

Montgomery, Blynn C.    sea captain
    *Laura G.    student
    *Mary F.    student
    Idella F.    pupil
    Helen C.    (Johnson)    housework
    Minton M.

Montgomery, Nicholas    pupil

Montgomery, Reliance    housework

Murphy, Louise    (Cole)    housework
    Alfred A.    farmer
    *Robert E.    dyer
    *Annie L.    housework
    Elizabeth J.    housework
    *Mary    housework
    *Lucy B.    housework

Meserve, Samuel    carpenter
    Lucretia    (Tuman)    housework
    Lucy    housework
    Edward    carpenter
    Alice    dress maker
    Abbie    saleslady
    Ernestine    housework

Martin, Lewis M.    cooper
    Lucy    (Meserve)    housework
    Celia    pupil
    Edwin M.    pupil
    Howard M
    John E.

Meloon, I. L. elecrician R R manager
    Elizabeth    (Garland)    housework

Murphy, Hannah    (Ridlon)    housework
    Alta    housework
    *Charles    R R service
    *Leila    housework
    *Mary W.    housework
    Helen    housework

Millner, George W.    teamster
    Hannah    (Brooks)    housework
    Lillian    housework
    *Emma M.    housework
    *George H.    clerk
    Beth    housework
    *Charles E.    belt maker
    Melvin L.    student
    *Annie    housework

Merrill, Jefferson D.    farmer
    May Day    (Woodman)    housework
    *Fannie A.    waitress
    Elsie M.    housework
    Cecil R.    pupil
    S. Evelyn    pupil
    J. Franklin    pupil
    Rachiel L.    pupil
    Percy J.
    Preston E.

Mitchell, George W.    R R service
    Isabelle J.    (Plummer)    housework
    Ezra W.    mill operator
    Elmer A.    R R service
    Estella H.    pupil

Moulton, William F.    ship carpenter
    Sarah J. W.    (Cleaves)    housework

Miller, Eliza J.    (Chase)    housework
    Frank W.    farmer

McKenney, N. G.    fisherman
    Nancy L.    (Wildes)    housework
    Phebe E.    student
    Delma E.    pupil
    Hattie L.    pupil
    Nicholas G. Jr.    pupil
    Nancy L. B.
    Fannie G.

McKenney, James    fisherman
    Laura A.    (Perry)    housework
    Mary E.    student
    George A.    pupil
    William J.    pupil
    Juanietta A.    pupil
    Frank E.    pupil

Miller, Ninette    (Chase)    housework
    *Mary J.    housework
    Susie B.    housework

Moore, Alvah C.    carpenter
    Anna    (Giles)    housework

McKenney, A. D.    fisherman
    Agnes M.    (Nickerson)    housework
    Oscar A.    clerk
    W. Hosea    student
    Francis A.    pupil

Maling, Mary E.    (Goodwin)    housework
    *Thomas G.    R R service
    Israel S.    cook
    *Charles W.    R R service
    *William P. S.    R R service
    John C.    pupil
    Robert S.    pupil

Murphy, Frances E.    (Taylor)    housework
    Fannie E.    housework

Meserve, Frank     contractor & builder
    Lydia A.     (Smith)    housework
    Martha A.    housework
    Elmer D.    student

Mitchell, G. W. P.    fisherman
    Georgia E.    (Wildes)    housework
    Markie     pupil
    Mary L.    pupil
    Loima    pupil

McCabe, James    teamster
    Minnie     (Curtin)    housework
    George C.    pupil
    Louise D.    pupil
    James R
    Joseph B.

McGennis, Anguis    gardener


Norton, W. R.     postmaster
    Kate F.    (Thompson)    housework
    Maude L.    assistant    postmaster
    George D.    engineer
    Reuel    T.

Nason, W. Charles    carpenter
    Susan    (Littlefield)    housework

Nason, F. Charles    painter
    Mary E.    (Fuller)    houework

Nason, Daniel    retired farmer
    John    farmer
    Charles F.    painter
    Hannah E.    (Tinhum)    housework


Pike, John F.    gas fitter
    Evyline    (Perkins)    housework
    John F.    pupil
    Harold H.

Perry, Charles B.    fisherman
    Violet D.    (Wildes)    housework

Perry, George W.    fisherman
    Elnora    (Utley)    housework
    Violet A.

Patrick, Jennie G.    (Gentier)    housework
    Orin C.    carpenter
    Fred    R R service
    Maud    waitress
    Willis    pupil
    Earnest    pupil

Perry, Earnest    fisherman

Patrick, Orin C    carpenter
    Elsie M.    (Merrill)    housework

Plummer, William A.    farmer
    Susie B.    (Miller)    housework
    Alfred N.    student
    Percy W.     pupil
    George T.    pupil

Poole, Marcia L.    (Deering)
    *Charles W.    carpenter
    *John W. D.    farmer

Patterson, Ann M.    (Eaton)    housework

Pinkham, Martha F.    (Griffin)    housework

Prescott, Harry L.    physician
    Gertrude E.    (Clark)    housework

Perkins, E. Abbie    (Emery)    housework
    Harry F.    electrician

Patterson, Mary E.    (Fuller)   
    Margaret F.    student

Perkins, D. James    mill operator
    Martha A.    (Curtis)    housework
    Florence B.    embroider
    James C.    R R service
    Elizabeth A.    housework
    Maude G.    housework

Perkins, George F.    ship carpenter
    Perley L.    painter
    Herman C.    merchant

Perkins, Perley L.    painter
    Alma    (Munroe)    housework

Perkins, C. Amelia    housework

Perkins, Mary E.    (Dexter)    housework
    *Fordyce D.    cashier
    Silas H.    coal dealer
    Idna B.    teacher
    *C. Byron    insurance business
    *George C.    insurance business
    Grace L.    pupil

Proctor, Otis A.    mason
    Lillian E.    (Benson)    housework
    Charles F.    student

Perkins, Frank    retired


Rounds, Theodore    blacksmith

Rounds, Judson A.    carpenter
    Elmira    (Snow)    housework

Russell, James    gardener
    Lenora T.    (Falvey)    housework
    John F.    gardener
    Lena B.    housework
    Margaret E.    housework
    Leora M.    teacher
    Rachael L.    teacher
    Thomas F.    gardener
    Edward J.    pupil
    Isabella F.    pupil

Rounds, M. William    carpenter
    Addie    (Hill)    housework
    Lesley R.    R R service

*Robinson, Edward M.    druggist

Robinson, H. George    barber
    Sophia    (Littlefield)    housework
    Ida M.    housework

Rand, G. George    R R service
    Ida M.    (Robinson)    housework


Seavey, W. Everett    farmer
    Jennie A.    (Farin)    housework
    *Elsie E.    housework
    Lizzie H.    housework
    Florence B.    housework
    Inez P.    housework

Swain, T. O.    fisherman
    Martha V.    (Cluff)    housework

Stone, M. Esther    housework

Seavey, G. Charles    sail maker
    Olive E.    (Storer)    housework
    George W.    baggage-master
    Henry W.    baggage-master

Seavey, C. Freeman    painter
    Christina    (Dunbar)    housework
    Clifford D.
    J. James D.

Sawyer, B. William    casino manager
    Belle W.     (Jeffery)    housework
    A. Louisa    pupil
    Philip B.    pupil
    E. Elizabeth

Seavey, W. Henry    baggage-master
    Mary L.    housework

Skillings, F. Charles    clergy

Seavey, B. Matthew    boat builder
    Freeman C.    painter
    Winnie E.    (Wells)    housework

Shuffleburg, Stephen    painter
    Grace    (Cain)    housework

Sheehan, A. Mary    (Mitchell)    housework
    Mary C.    housework
    Persis    clerk

Sylvia. Antone    farmer
    Abbie    (Cousins)    housework
    William C.    farmer

Smith, Eben E.    ice dealer
    May    (Robinson)    housework
    *William T.    clerk
    *Guy M.    teamster
    Susie M.    pupil

Smith, Caroline    housework

Somers, Samuel G.    shoe operator
    Julia B.    (Chisholm)    housework

Seavey, Howard M.    sail maker
    Theresa    (Galvin)    housework
    Rose M.    teacher
    Ray G.    student
    Huldah    pupil
    Ada    pupil

Smith, Mary A.    (Murphy)    
    Bertha S.    teacher

Sloan, Alexander    clergy
    Annie    (Parker)    housework

Swain, Thomas    fisherman    
    Martha V.    (Cluff)    housework

Simmons, O. S.    fisherman
    Carrie M.    (Wildes)    housework
    Alga O.    pupil
    Hazel A.    pupil
    Celia C.    pupil
    Marion M.    pupil
    Mildred E.    
    Eva A.

Shuffleburg, Charles    fisherman
    Mancy    (Gerry)    housework
    Charles    fisherman
    Pierce    fisherman
    Mary    waitress
    Elmer    pupil

Smith, Jethro N.    fisherman
    Lizzie E.    (Brown)    housework
    *Ceneth E.    housework
    Edith    waitress
    Daniel W.    pupil
    Aurelia M.    pupil

Smith, Benjamin R.    fisherman
    Edith    (Wildes)    housework
    Adliza G.    housework
    Jethro N.    fisherman

Sylvia, Esther L.    (Smith)    
    Otis E.    carpenter

Sylvia, Otis E.    carpenter
    Addie M.    (Wildes)    housework
    Thisbee F.    pupil
    Ellen S.    pupil
    Abbie G.    pupil

Sinnott, Samuel E.    farmer
    Maud A.    (Milliken)    housework
    Henry G    student

Simpson, A. H.    fisherman
    Vesta A.    (Blanchard)    housework
    Merrill P.    pupil
    Addie F.    pupil
    Annie M.    pupil
    Chester E.

Simpson, Hannah E.    (Tinhum)
    *Addie    housework
    *Clara    housework
    Andrew H.    fisherman

Stone, Charles S.    farmer
    Lizzie M.    (Clough)    housework
    Vera B.    student

Stone, Leander S.    farmer

Snow, Agnes    housework

Schmidt, William    retired
    Henry N.    fisherman

Schmidt, Henry N.    fisherman
    Nellie F.    (Towne)    housework
    Annie D.    pupil
    Alice E.    pupil
    William J.    pupil
    Henrietta F.
    Roberts P.
    Henry N. Jr.

Small, Joseph C.    farmer
    *Fred A.    farmer
    *J. Frank    ice business
    *Gertrude L.    housework
    *Irving G.    hostler
    *Charles C.    ice business

Shuffleburg, David L.    retired
    Mary    (Naugh)    housework
    *James    fish business
    Stephen    painter
    Charles    fisherman
    *John    laborer

Shuffleburg, Charles     fisherman
    Nancy    (Gailey)    housework
    Pierce    fisherman
    Mary    housework
    Elmer    laborer
    James    pupil


Towne, Caroline W.    (Wells)
    *Charles E.    professor of penmanship
    *Frank E.     law student
    *Winfield C.    law student
    Alonzo D.    pupil

Tripp, Mary M.    (Crediford)    housework
    *Fannie B.    confectioner    

Thompson, S. B.    teas & coffees
    Harriet Atwood    (Gore)    housework
    Hattie B.    housework

Titcomb, A. Joseph    retired
    Frances E.    (Perkins)    housework
    Elizabeth    housework
    *Sarah    housework

Tuck, M. Julia    (Bishop)    housework
    B. Fred    dealer antique furniture

Towne, J. Mary    (Brooks)    housework

Thompson, Albert M.    carpenter
    Louise    (Ringhansen)    housework
    George M.    

Tripp, Harry L.    hotel business
    Frances J.    (Walsh)    housework

*Tripp, William L.    clerk

Torrey, George L.    merchant
    Marion A.    (Bell)    housework
    *George B.     commissioner
    Lottie A.    music teacher
    Annie F.    housework

Twambly, Palmer A.    merchant
    Frances    (Stone)    housework
    Mary S.    stenographer
    Louise A.    housework
    William C.    clerk
    Rufus P.    plumber
    Frederic S.    clerk
    George W.    pupil
    Henry B.    pupil
    Katherine F.    

Twambly, Synthia    (---)    housework
    Palmer A.    merchant

Trott, Cleavland    boats & canoes
    Ella M.    (Littlefield)    housework
    Frank W.    engineer

Tuman, H. G.    ship fastener
    Elizabeth    (Murphy)    housework
    Dorene L.

Tufts, Sarah F.    (Andrews)    housework
    Thomas A.    motorman

Thirkell, Henry M.    clerk
    F. Gertrude    (Chick)    housework
    F. Stanley    pupil

Tuman, Sarah A.    (Pope)
    Charles F.    painter

Trefethern, George W.    carpenter

Thompson, Charles E.    fisherman
    Marinda E.    (WIldes)    housework
    Alice G.    housework
    Charles F.    fisherman
    *Fannie F.    housework
    Earnest H.    pupil
    Helen L.    pupil


Whitten, Richard J.    farmer
    Rachael J.    (Young)    housework

Whitten, Marcia L.    (Deering)    housework

Wildes, Sarah E.    (Lumbard)    housework
    James M.    fisherman
    *Fannie    housework
    Ferdinand L.    fisherman
    Marinda E.    housework
    Charles D.     fisherman
    Cora B.    housework
    Eliphalet P.    invalid

Wildes, Ferdinand L.    fisherman
    Esther A.    (D'shon)    housework
    Gladys V.    pupil
    Charles M.    pupil
    Louise G.

Wildes, Daniel L.    fisherman

Wildes, Jas. M.    fisherman
    Julia F.    (Allen)    housework
    *Clara E.    housework
    *Elijah D.    machinist

Wildes, Henry C.    retired
    Charles E.    farmer
    Mary E.    housework

Wildes, Samuel G.    laborer
    Robert H.    fisherman
    John W.    fisherman
    Samuel S.    pupil
    Georgiana    pupil

Wildes, Van Bruen    mason  & brick layer
    Ellen F.    (Wildes)    housework
    *Ida M.    housework
    *Granville H.    clerk
    Lizzie N.    housework
    H. Harry    farmer
    Edna P.    student
    Cordelia    pupil

Wildes, Bradbury D.    carpenter
    Ella M.    (Fletcher)    housework
    Violet D.    housework
    *Eugene A.    apprentice
    Mary E.    teacher
    Fred H.    pupil
    Hartley J.    pupil
    R. Clyde    pupil
    Gertrude S.    pupil
    Bradbury C.    
    Lesley A.

Williams, Julia F.    housework

Wildes, Wilbur F.     coachman
    Abbie    (Springer)    housework

Wildes, Charles H.    gardener
    Inez L.    (Cluff)
    Lawrence E.

Wildes, Lucy    (Huff)    housework
    Howard    gardener
    Addie M.    housework
    Carry M.    housework
    Frank E.    gardener
    Lucy J.    housework
    Stella B.    housework
    Fred O.    gardener
    Bernice D.    pupil
    Bryerlie B.    pupil

Warner, William     gardener
    Winfred    (Galvin)    housework
    Binard F.    canoe builder
    Andrew S.    gardener

Ward, Stephen H.    motorman
    Alice    (O'Neill)    housework
    Henry C.    
    Doris M.

Ward, Eunice M.    (Gooch)    housework
    Stephen H.    motorman

Wheeler, L. Fred    painter
    Lucy S.    (Wormwood)    housework

Wyman, Fred     painter
    Hattie    (Smith)    housework

Wildes, E. Frank    gardener
    Minnie    (Johnson)    housework

Wells, Susan F.    (Hobbs)    
    Wallace    harness maker
    *Harriet J.    housework

*Wells, Lincoln    R R service

*Wells, Frank    R R service

Wells, Ella    housework    

*Wells, Lizzie    housework

White, Olive A.    housework

Wildes, Alonzo    painter
    Ida    (Fairfield)    housework
    Neal D.    pupil
    Celia I.    pupil

Wescott, Daniel    carpenter
    Mary    (Goodwin)    housework
    Emma    housework
    *Frank    merchant
    Addie    housework
    *Charles H.    teacher
    *Burton    carpenter
    William    clerk

Wescott, William    clerk
    Annie    (Clark)    housework

Watson, Edward F.    clerk
    Nellie M.    (Randell)    housework

Webb, Lucy P.    housework

Washburn, Willie H.    painter
    Mary J.    (Pierce)    housework

Welch, Albert M.    merchant
    Esther A.    (Davis)    housework
    Martha P.    housework
    Albert D.    electrician

Wells, Ezra    carpenter
    Elizabeth M.    (Miller)    housework
    Norman L.    pupil

Woodman, Mary H.    (Perkins)    housework

Williams, L.    (Langdon)    housework

Walker, Benjamin B.    livery
    Claria M.    (Ames)    housework
    Reginald G.    pupil
    Ralph W.    pupil
    Samuel A.

Wells, E. W.    (Prescott)    housework
    Helen    pupil


Young, Chester    student





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