1904 Census for South Berwick
South Berwick Post Office

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Please note that this Town Census was divided into separate post offices. The other pages are combined with the post office listed after each name. Please be sure and check each page. The good news is the streets are now given following the names. The other thing that is different in this book is the addresses of non-residents are listed in the back so I have created a separate page for them. If you see an asterisk in front of a name, that person is no longer a resident and you may look for them on the non-resident page. Questions or concerns? Contact the web owner.

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell. 


Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated on the Non Residents Page.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

The names are not necessarily alphabetical within letter groups.

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Adlington, Harry E    station agent    RR ave
    Eunice T    (Lutts)    housework

Adlington, Charles H    RR service    RR ave

Austin, Albert F    mill operator    High
    Nellie    (Ford)    housework
    *Harry F    engineer
    Minnie E    mill operator

Allen, Augustus G    carpenter    Portland
    Miranda P    (Winn)    housework
    Frank H    carpenter

Adams, John W    retired    Main
    Fred F    shoe operator
    *John D     painter

Abbott, Eva A    clerk    Young

Adams, Fred F    shoe operator    Main
    Mary R    (Cole)    housework

Allen, Jerry E    farmer    Goodwin
    Bina P    (Ricker)    housework
    Harry M    pupil

Andrews, Annie M    (Beales)    housework    Goodwin

Austin, J Harry    salesman    R R ave
    Grace E    (Pray)    housework

Albee, Sarah    (Antwine)    housework    Grant
    Fred    belt shaver

Atkinson, Edna M    student    Main

Atkinson, Phoebe A    (Kenniston)    Main
    *George W    shoe operator
    Grace A    teacher
    *Edward W    shoe operator
    *Carl W    shoe operator


Bennett, Fred G    laborer    Main
    Viola    (Miller)    housework
    Olive M   
    Frederick G

Benweay, Alice    (McCabe)    housework    Middle
    Rose A    mill operator

Booth, John W    mill operator    Pleasant
    Susan F    (Doe)    housework

Burleigh, Matilda    (Buffum)    housework    Academy
    Charles H    metallurgist
    John N    blanket manufacturer
    Walter A    manager and treasurer So Berwick Water Company
    *Annie A    housework
    *S Elizabeth    housework

Brennen, Ellen    (Allen)    housework    Main
    James    shoe operator
    Ellen    housework
    Timothy    iron moulder

Bentley, Thomas    farmer    Main
    Ruth A    (Dore)    housework
    *Frank B    shoe operator
    Ruth M    shoe operator
    Lizzie A    shoe operator

Beauchesne, Frank    insurance agent    Garland ave
    May A    (Belltier)    housework
    Alice M    pupil
    Eva M    pupil
    Emile D    pupil
    Aurele J    pupil
    Irene M
    Edgar J

Bennett, J E    laborer    Main
    *John     soldier
    James E    laborer
    *Mabel    housework
    Lenora    housework
    *Ruth    housework
    Mary E    (Cunningham)    housework
    *Gertrude    housework
    Cornelius R    pupil
    Thomas R    pupil
    Delmore M    pupil
    Raymond R

Brosnan, Michael F    weaver    Main
    Lizzie I    (Spencer)    housework
    John G    pupil
    Anna M    pupil
    Charles H    pupil

Bradeen, Joshua E L    machinist    Portland
    Lydia L    (Stiles)    housework
    Harold E    machinist
    *Aaron D    station agent

Boynton, Polly    (Worrick)    housework    Portland

Butler, Hiram A    wheelwright    Portland
    Mary R    (Wentworth)    housework
    *Herman W    shoe business
    John F    farmer
    Hiram A, Jr    soldier

Butler, Huldah    (Austin)    housework    Portland
    *Norris A    engineer
    *Annie A    housework
    Harry W    farmer

Barker, Anna S    housework    Portland

Bedell, Ivory      teaming    Youn
    Ella L    (Buzzell)    housework
    Harry R    student

Buzzell, William T    shoe operator    Nealley
    Nellie I    (Carpenter)    housework
    Willie E    shoe operator

Butler, William N    shoe operator    Youn
    Lydia E    (Butler)    housework
    *Carrie E    housework
    William H    shoe operator
    Grace E    housework
    Albert M    shoe operator
    Mary F    dress make
    Lulie A    compositor

Bunker, Sarah J    housework    Portland

Brooks, Helen, pupil    Main

Butler, Harry W    farmer    Portland
    Ella F    (Austin)    housework
    Arthur G    pupil
    Alice E    pupil

Brackett, H Bruce    shoe operator    Portland
    Sarah A    (Littlefield)    housework
    Leslie B    pupil
    Edith B   

Bailey, Cearles H    teamster    Portland
    Ethel M    housework
    Mary E    pupil
    Lucy    (Tebbetts)    housework

Bucknam, Emma L    student    Academy

Butler, Emma     shoe operator    Norton

Bennett, Thomas l    RR service    Ross

Bedard, Croxde    (---)    housework    Salmon
    Annie    shoe operator
    Mattie    shoe operator
    George    shoe operator

Butler, Mary A    housework    School

Burleigh, Charles H    metallurgist    Academy
    Sarah A    (Butler)    housework

Bunce, Joseph    baker    Main
    Mary    (Sparrow)    housework
    *George    baker

Blaisdell, Mary L    (Martin)    housework    Liberty
    Ora E    laborer
    Ida B    housework

Brierley, Joseph R    shoe operator
    Georgia E    (Jellison)    housework
    Joseph L

Brierley, Charles    salesman    Goodwin
    A Winnie    (Hilbourn)    housework
    Joseph R    shoe operator
    Merle L    shoe operator
    Edward E    shoe operator
    Nettie M    pupil
    Inez M    pupil
    Helen W    pupil

Boyd, James    shoe operator    Salmon
    Annie    (Murray)    housework
    Mary    dress maker
    Frank E    shoe operator
    Patrick J    shoe operator
    Susie E    shoe operator
    Caterine    pupil
    Teressa     pupil

Bickford, Ray B    mason    Ros
    Gertrude S    pupil

Bickford, Eliza J    (Horne)    Ross
    Ray B    brick mason

Bodge, Emma F    (Holbrook)    housework    Spring
    *C Thornton    mail carrier
    *Byron H     confectioner
    Harry H    motorman

Bennett, Reuben F    shoe operator    Ross
    Ida M    (Thompson)   
    Charlie F
    Eva M    pupil
    Maud E    pupil
    Della M   

Belleveau, Joseph    shoe operator    Tibbetts
    Marcia    (Adams)    housework

Bradford, Helen M    (Smith)    housework    Main

Beales, Wesley C    carpenter    Norton
    Emma J    (Sampson)
    Annie M    shoe operator
    *Wesley C J    shoe operator
    *Clara W    housework
    Millie L    housework
    *Emma M    housework
    Sarah S    housework
    Alice F    shoe operator
    Flora L    shoe operator
    Blanche M    shoe operator
    Frank L    pupil

Bean, Samuel R    wool business    Spring
    Sadie M    (Thompson)
    Lester W    pupil

Brown, Patrick    boss dyer    Private way
    John T    assistant treasurer
    Margaret A    housework

Burleigh, John N    blanket manufacturer    Academy
    Lucy A    (Dickerson)   
    Clara M    student
    John H    student
    Louise D    teacher
    Anita M    student

Bryant, Mary E    (Pinkham)    Norton
    Hattie M    shoe operator

Brierley, Jacob     wood worker    Ross
    Bessie M    (Drury)    tailoress

Butler, Samuel K    shoe operator    Ross
    Angie    (Jellison)    housework

Booth, Elizabeth A    (Booth)    Private Way
    Amy    pupil

Belhumeur, Nelson    shoe operator    Main
    Jennie     (Cantara)

Bell, Frank M    painter    Jewett
    Alice R    (Rogers)    housework
    Francis M    pupil
    Percy R    pupil
    Doris I

Bennett, William    farmer
    Alice    (Foster)    housework
    Thomas L    R R service
    William Jr    farmer
    Reuben F    mill operator
    Mary E    housework
    Oliver    mill operator

Bogart, Jane    (Phillips)    housework    Portland
    Georgie    housework

Bartlett, M Marcus    clothing business    Academy
    Alice H


Carpenter, Alphonso    harness maker    Portland
    Augusta O    (Willard)    housework

Crittenden, Augustus E    mill operator    The avenue
    Lillie J    (Pierce)    housework

Connolly, Mary    housework    Main

Cooley, Thomas     laborer    High
    Anna    (Regan)    housework
    Mary    pupil
    Margaret    pupil

Cunningham, John    Navy yard work    Main

Carleton, Annie B    McIntire    housework    School
    *William I    clerk
    Emma G    student
    Agnes M    student
    John H    pupil

Cheney, Wm G Mrs    (Sargent)    housework    Pleasant
    Jotham L    mechanic   
    Della S    housework
    Alida E    housework

Cheney, George W    expressman    Portland
    Sarah N    (Goodwin)    housework
    Herbert G    farmer
    *B Goodwin    marble work
    *Chase E    clerk
    David N    clerk

Cheney, David N    clerk    Portland
    Lizzie W    (Goodwin)    housework

Clark, Irena M    dress maker    Portland

Clark, Arletta E    shoe operator

Cheney, George II     farmer    Portland
    Ada    (Rowell)    housework
    Howard E    pupil
    Edith M    Portland

Corson, Sadie I    housework    Portland

Cassidy, Thomas    shoe operator    Goodwin

Coughlin, Mary    (Minchane)    housework    Salmon
    *Minnie    housework
    Susie E    mill operator
    Nellie L    housework

Collins, Mary E    mill operator    Salmon

Collins, Nellie H    pupil    Salmon

Cox, Betsy    (Dow)    housework    Pleasant
    *Frank O    jeweler

Cheney, Jotham L    mechanic    Pleasant
    Hattie M    (Drayton)    housework
    Florence L    shoe operator
    *Carrie T    waitress
    Grace E    shoe operator
    Ida A    shoe operator
    M Hazel    pupil

Cloutman, Ernest C    music teacher    Portland

Chochee, Hannah J H    housework    Academy

Clough, Lorenzo H    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Lillie J    (Rose)    housework
    Grace L
    Willis L
    Willis L

Cummings, William I    Norton    superintendent shoe firm

Chesley, Arthur E    shoe operator   
    Juliette    (Cobb)    housework
    Helen    pupil

Colcord, Frank W    machinist    R R ave

Chute, Charles H    shoe operator    Dawson
    Fannie E    (Philpot)    housework

Cunningham, William    laborer    Middle
    *George    clerk
    *William    laborer
    Olive    (Bennett)    housework

Clarke, Lucy E    (Gould)    housework    Middle
    John A    meat dealer
    *Eva N    housework
    *Mary H    housework
    *Arthur L    broker

Coffin, A H    teamster    Pleasant
    Mary    (Gibson)    housework
    *Olive J    housework
    *George H    farm work
    Charles H    laborer

Collins, Annie E    housework    Academy  

Clark, Frederick    retired    Spring
    *Frederick C    surveyor
    Josephine    housework

Clough, George F    tinsmith and plumber    Main
    Hannah D    (Bedell)    housework
    *George F Jr    painter
    Grace P    shoe operator
    Bessie M    housework
    *Sadie R    shoe operator
    Lorenzo H    shoe operator

Clark, Emma A    teacher    Main

Cheney, J Horace     blacksmith    Young
    *George F    shoe operator
    *Hannie M    housework
    Ellen    (Hafey)    housework
    Horace G    pupil

Chagnon, H Charles    iron moulder    Main
    Zelia    (Somerset)    housework
    Henry A
    Albert A
    Raymond N   
    Leona R

Chagnon, George C    iron moulder    Middle
    Pulcherie    (Dupont)    housework
    H Charles    iron moulder
    Lorenzo E    baker

Casgrans, Pulcherie    (Dupont)    Middle
    *Mary    housework

Carey, Mary A    mill operator

Carey, Hannah    mill operator

Carey, Bridget    mill operator    Private way

Crooker, Emma L    (Gerrish)    housework    Young
    Perley H    shoe operator

Carpenter, Ira M    pupil

Carpenter, Willie E    pupil    Nealley

Clark, Frank B    superintendent shoe firm    Butler
    Mary E    (Boynton)    housework
    May C      housework
    *Walter B    fireman
    Harry E    box maker
    Ralph V    sailor
    Frank B    pupil

Chase, Susan G    dress maker    Grant

Chaney, Hiram M    shoe operator    Middle
    Amanda M    (Higgins)     housework

Cheney, Charles    laborer    Pleasant

Cheney, James L    farmer    Private way
    Millie L    (Beales)    housework
    Walter I    pupil
    J Edward    pupil
    Millie F    pupil

Chaney, Adeline    (Brann)    housework    Main
    Cora    mill operator
    Bertha L    mill operator
    Charles    laborer
    James    laborer
    Hiram    shoe operator

Chick, Everett     shoe operator    Main
    Ftta E    (Young)    housework           ( This is probably Etta but who knows?)

Chapman, Trelawney C    clergy    School
    Sarah B    (Richardson)    housework
    Harold C    pupil
    Raymond B

Cleary, Mary    (Desmond)    housework    Salmon
    Nellie C    housework
    Lucy M    shoe operator
    John W    shoe operator
    Mary E    pupil

Chesley, Everett B    shoe foreman    Main
    Augusta C    (Rollins)    housework
    Florence S    tailoress

Cardarette, Emily L    housework    Academy


Drury, John H    superintendent of woolen mill    High
    Mary E    (Stanton)    housework
    *William E    engineer
    Ellen S    apprentice
    Margaret S    student

Davison, Alpha O    mill operator    Brattle
    Ella    (Neal)    housework

Doherty, Daniel    barber    Morton
    Mary P    (Bickford)    housework

Devine, John    shoe operator    Academy

Deering, Charles    shoe operator    Berwick

Donahue, Timothy    dyer    Private way

Durgin, Carrie E    clerk    Portland

Durgin, Charles S    harness business    Portland
    Fannie S    (Austin)    housework
    Herman L    electrician apprentice
    Percy S    telegraph operator
    Charles S, Jr    
    Nettiemay E    pupil

Davis, Charles T    shoe operator    Portland
    Gertrude    (Dudley)    housework
    Dorothy D    

Drew, Herbert G    mill wright

Drew, Isa C    housework    Portland

Durgin, Benjamin G    farmer and butcher

Durgin, Mary S    housework    Portland

Driscoll, John T    shoe maker    Salmon
    Sadie E    (Boyers)    housework
    J Leonard
    Eunice L

Doherty, Michael    shoe operator    High
    Ellen F    (Denavon)    housework
    M Frances    pupil
    James H    pupil
    Mary B    pupil
    Helen    pupil
    Margaret    pupil
    Gertrude F

Darville, Joseph    baker    Goodwin
    Ella F    (Tebbetts)    housework
    Rose F    student

Dodge, Bina P    (Ricker)    housework    Goodwin
    *John W    overseer shoe firm

Downing, John W    car painter    Portland
    *Grace B    housework
    *James W    carriage work
    *Louis S    dentist
    *Ezra P    blacksmith
    *Alva L    butcher
    *John W, Jr    painter
    *Ira M    shoe operator
    Bertha C    housework
    *Walter I     housework
    Etta M    pupil

Downs, Walter    lawyer and postmaster    Main

Doe, Joseph D    teamster    Liberty
    Sarah C    (Morgan)    housework
    Orinda E    housework

Doe, George H    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Ella M    (Gould)    housework

Donovan, Mary    (Long)    housework    Private way
    Margaret E    housework
    Hannah M    housework
    *John F    policeman

Dean, Jennie A    (Copeland)    housework    Goodwin
    Isabelle K    housework

Drapeau, Peter, blacksmith    Salmon
    Evangeline    (Oulette)    housework
    Rose    pupil
    Alice    pupil
    Blanche    pupil
    Wildry    pupil

Dyas, Cora B    (Hadley)    housework    Norton
    Oliver D    shoe operator
    Bertie G    pupil

Doe, Woodville P    clerk    Main
Rosa     (Marshall)    housework
    Dorothy B

Doe, Nellie F    (Moulton)    housework    Middle
    Susan F    housework
    Joseph C    salesman
    Woodville P    clerk
    Benjamin F    electrician

Davis, Clarence W    coal dealer and teaming    Main
    Alta M    (Norton)    housework
    Leola M    pupil

Dawson, John H    shoe operator    Dawson
    Emma G    (Ford)    housework
    Minnie B    shoe operator
    Ethel A    pupil
    Mary E    pupil

Doherty, William    barber    Main
    Ellen    (Cleary)    housework
    Leo R    student

Dockham, Simon T    shoe operator    RR ave
    Josie F    (Morse)    housework
    *Nettie I    housework
    *Frank P    shoe operator
    *Alice M    housework
    Edwin W    shoe operator
    Eva B    milliner

Dudley, Gilbert F    shoe operator    Pleasant
    Alida E    (Cheney)    housework
    William C    pupil

Doe, Joseph C    salesman    Liberty
    Annie M    (Lavin)    housework
    Helen C

Davis, Joseph P    tin smith    Liberty
    Cylinda H    (Lord)    housework
    *Delia     housework
    Ben F    druggist
    Richard M    tailor
    *Lillian    housework
    Charles T    jeweler
    Milton B    druggist

Drury, Sarah    (Doherty)    housework    Norton
    *Ezella    housework
    *Louisa    housework
    *Sadie V    housework
    Walter B    coachman
    Grace G    shoe operator
    *Annie H    housework

Deveny, Harriet    (---)    Nealley

Davis, Richard M    tailor    Butler
    Elizabeth J    (Dodge)    housework
    Joe Porter    pupil
    Gordon E

Doherty, John    shoe operator    High

Dodge, Annie    (Nolan)    housework    Grant
    Harriet D    student
    C Harold    pupil
    Marion R    pupil

Driscoll, Mary A    (Kelley)    housework    Main
    John T    shoe operator
    *Mary F    housework
    A Bertha    stenographer
    H Lulu    shoe operator

Dube, Lena L    music teacher    Academy

Davis, B F    druggist    Portland
    Lida C    (Libby)    housework
    Frederick L    student

Dorr, Betsey L    (Rollins)    housework
    Charles H    farmer
    Olive    (Joy)    housework
    George A    millman
    *Henry J    fireman
    Carrie B    housework
    William J    farmer

Dorr, William J    farmer
    Grace E    (Emery)    housework
    Howard L    pupil
    Clyde S


Earl, George A    lumberman
    Laura A    (Dorr)    housework
    Minnie S    housework
    Benjamin A    millman

Earl, Melvin F    teamster    Vine
    Laura E    (Moulton)    housework
    Mary E    mill operator
    Melvin F, Jr    pupil
    John H    pupil
    Chester G    pupil

Earl, Frank     mill operator    High
    H Elizabeth    (Flynn)    housework

Ellis, Nellie F    (Young)    mill operator    School
    Robert J

Eyres, Henry    painter    Vine
    Mary E    (Booth)    housework
    George A    painter
    Jennete    mill operator
    Henry    pupil
    Frank W    pupil
    Gertrude C    pupil
    Martha M
    Ernest R

Eastman, Mary A    (Abbott)    housework    Portland

Edgecomb, William F    painter    Main
    Bertha C    (Downing)    housework

Elwell, J Frank    book keeper    Norton
    Sarah A    (Bennett)    housework
    J Frank, Jr    
    William B    student

Evans, Mary J    (McCrillis)    housework    Grant


Ford, Fred O    mill operator    High

Foote, Margaret P    housework    Portland

Foote, Sarah L    housework    Portland

Freeman, Charles D    mill operator    Norton
    Sadie A    (Winn)    housework
    F Walter    student
    Florence E    pupil
    Eva E    pupil
    Everett G    pupil
    Alice M    pupil
    Gladys M
    Ruby W

Fife, Harry A    mill operator    Private way

Furbush, Webster    mill operator    Academy

Foss, Levi    hostler    Portland

Fall, Philander H    contractor    Portland
    Martha D    (Warren)    housework
    Laura A    mill operator
    *Fred H    contractor
    *Charles A    engineer
    *George W    engineer
    *Arthur W    foreman

Ferguson, Susan     housework    Portland

Ferguson, Martha L    housework    Portland

Ferguson, Emma A    housework    Portland

Flagg, Eben H    carpenter    Portland
    Mercy    (Joy)    housework
    *Charles A    mail clerk
    *Alice M    housework
    *Emma I    housework

Ford, Eliza    housework    Main

Fernald, Sarah A    housework    Main

Flaherty, Anne    (Lynch)    housework    Tibbetts
    Delia    housework
    *John    shoe operator
    *Thomas    shoe operator
    *Timothy    shoe operator
    Mary A    shoe operator
    *Patrick    moulder

Fogarty, Maggie    mill operator    Main

Fogarty, John     shoe operator    Main

Fogarty, Thomas    shoe operator    Main

Fox, Wyn N    nursery agent    Academy
    Ida A    (Mills)    housework
    Edith M    student

Farnham, Edwin P    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Mary C    (Ricker)    housework
    *Walter E    jeweler
    Edna F    stenographer and book keeper
    *Warren Y    jeweler

Fogarty, Daniel    wk electrician RR    Nealley
    Jennie    (Gilthrist)    housework

Farnham, Horace A    book keeper    Grant

Fogarty, Edward J    contractor    Main
    Lena L    (Vermette)    housework
    Ralph F

Frost, Emma P    (Preston)    housework
    *William E    navy yard work

Flynn, William H    contractor    Salmon
    Mary A    (Shea)    housework
    *Frank H    restaurant business

Flynn, John A    merchant    Salmon
    Elizabeth A    (Hughes)
    Frank J    pupil
    Anna T    pupil
    John V    pupil
    Harry W    pupil
    Arthur A

Flynn, Timothy D    merchant    Salmon
    Susan     (Galvin)    housework
    Walter    clerk
    Grace     pupil
    Flossie    pupil
    Catherine    pupil

Flynn, Daniel F    mason work    Private way
    Margaret     (Leonard)    housework
    John    pupil
    D Raymond    pupil
    Francis    pupil

Flynn, Maurice    gardener    Academy

Fernald, John     blacksmith    Liberty
    Florence M    mill operator
    Chester    farm work
    Bernice    housework

Foss, Florence E    mill operator    Main

Foss, John O    shoe operator    Main
    J Perley    printer and pupil
    Clarence L    pupil
    Ralph E    pupil

Floyd, Ambrose E B    station agent    Main
    Evelyn L    (Rogers)    housework
    Chester E    pupil
    Ralph H    pupil

Felton, Levi    mill operator    Private way
    Minnie    (McNeil)    housework
    William Mc    pupil
    Frank J    pupil
    Stella M

Freeman, Everett K    merchant    Main
    Helen M    (Fursden)    housework
    M Mildred    pupil
    E Orvis    pupil
    William R


Goodwin, Fidelia F    (Scott)    
    Sedgley S    laborer
    Wilson E    laborer
    *Ida F    housework
    *Russell F    RR service

Goodwin, John A    farmer

Goodwin, Helen M    housework

Goodwin, Abbie    (Pray)
    *Algernon    shoe operator
    *Fred F    shoe operator

Grant, Edwin I    mill operator    High
    Annie F    (Webster)    housework

Goodwin, Maude E    (Hooper)    Jewett
    Doris M

Goodwin, Helen    (Watt)    housework    High
    Cora Mc    housework
    *Fannie W    housework
    *Dearborn J    painter
    *Thurman T    clerk
    *Crissie M    housework

Goodwin, George W    shoe operator
    Laura A    (Earl)    housework
    Harold L

Goodwin, Edwin F    farmer
    Annie M    (Robbins)    housework
    Lina A
    Lucy F

Goodwin, Mamy A    (---)
    Addie M    housework

Goodwin, Edward S    farmer    High
    Belle S    (Clement)    housework
    Wesley S    teacher
    May B    teacher
    Roy C    student

Goodwin, Wesley S    teacher    High
    Mary    (Clark)    housework

Goodwin, Catherine    mill operator    Brattle

Goodwin, True E    farmer    Portland
    Grace A    housework

Goodwin, Anne E    housework    Portland

Goodwin, Lizzie M    housework    Portland

Goodwin, Sarah E    (Clark)    housework    Portland
    Lucia E    shoe operator
    *M Anna    housework
    *Edward P    expressman

Goodwin, Charles H    laborer    Portland
    Fidelia S    (Murphy)    housework
    Arthur W    painter
    George W    laborer

Goodwin, Helen    (Watt)    housework    Academy

Goodwin, Mary A    (Trafton)    Goodwin

Goodwin, Hannah A    (Halur)    R R ave
    Gertrude H    housework
    Sadie M    milliner

Goodwin, Mary A    (Goodwin)    housework    Ross
    Edwin H    sooe operator        Probably should read shoe operator

Goodwin, Carrie H    housework    Main

Goodwin, Arthur H    marble cutter    Pleasant
    Maud L    (Maddox)    housework

Goodwin, Annie    (Hasty)    housework    Pleasant
    Harry    harness maker

Goodwin, Thomas J    farmer and tax collector    Main
    Aususta A    (Clark)    housework
    *Mary E    housework
    Sarah L    housework
    Florence A     housework

Gough, Hannah    E    (Junkins)    housework    Brattle

Goldsmith, Daniel    mill operator    Brattle

Gilman, Warren S    expressman    Main
    Mary A    (Stearns)    housework
    Harry W    salesman

Garvin, Ward    shoe operator    Highland ave
    May C    (Agnew)    housework

Gordon, Matthew A    teamster    Academy

Green Mary L    (Martin)    housework    Liberty

Guppy, Henry    teamster    Portland
    Ethel M    (Bailey)    housework

Gilpatrick, Frederick A    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Annie    (Whalen)    housework
    James    pupil
    Frances    pupil

Gould, Emily D    (Pinkham)    housework    Goodwin
    *Fannie M    housework
    Ella M    housework
    *Almeda    housework
    *Ellsworth F    mill operator

Gilman, Darius F    mechanic    Norton
    Julia E    (Colley)    housework
    *Nellie E    housework

Gerrish, Lydia A    (Thompson)    housework    Young
    Emma L    housework

Golding, Thomas    laborer    Liberty
    Mary A    (Kelly)    housework
    Mary A    operatic singer
    James    shoe operator
    Rose A    student

Guertin, Arthur    shoe operator    R R ave
    Emina    (Dufresne)    housework
    Alice    pupil
    Ralph    pupil

Glover, Genevieve    (Loomis)   housework    Liberty
    *Frank W    stamp business

Gerrish, C P    physician and surgeon    Main
    Hattie A    (Hill)    housework
    *Edward E    conductor

Grant, Isabelle L    seamstress    Grant

George, Frank W    salesman    Young
    Hannah E    (Collins)    housework
    Waldo T    student

Gilman, Alonzo R    shoe operator    Young
    Abbie C    (Clifford)    housework
    Wesley A    student
    Charles H    pupil

Goddard, James    mill operator    Nealley
    Lavina    (Needham)    housework
    Elizabeth A    housework
    *Adam    hotel clerk

Graffam, Sophia    (Wilkinson)    Main

Guppy, George E    fish dealer    Middle
    Susan E    (Perkins)    housework

Gagne,     (Henry)    painter    Park
    Louisa    (Pelletier)    housework
    Antoinette    pupil
    Wilder    pupil

Grant, Sarah A    housework    Grant

Guppey, Louisa A    (Preston)    Berwick
    Maria J    housework
    *John P    machinist

*Guppey, John P    machinist    Berwick
    Lillias M    pupil
    Ridie L    pupil

Golden, John H    stone mason    Main
    Hannah    (Sullivan)    housework
    George W
    John H

Golden, Annie    (Corley)    housework    Garland ave
    *Rose A    housework
    Mary J    mill operator
    Thomas    laborer
    John H    stone mason


Hilton, Alvah S    millman
    Mamie E    (Thompson)    housework
    Ralph H    mill work

Hobbs, James W    agent for insurance and farming tools
    Nellie H    (Getchell)    housework

Huntress, Lizzie L    (Moody)    housework    Portland
    Simeon P    livery business

Hasty, Frank D    farmer
    Carrie B    (Dorr)    housework
    Mabel F

Hodgdon, Ephraim    treasurer of blanket mill    High
    Judith H    (Foote)    housework
    William F    mill overseer
    John F    clerk in mill

Hodgdon, William F    mill overseer    High
    Emma C    (Bachelder)    housework

Hanscom, George W    carpenter    Wadleigh's Lane
    Abbie L    (Wadleigh)    housework
    *Howard H    book keeper

Harvey, Mrs M A F    (Hayes)    housework
    *Herman    engineer

Hobbs, Mrs George     (Shaw)    housework    Portland
    James W    farmer
    *Charles H    lumber business
    Mary E    housework

Hillsgrove, Gustavus J    blacksmith    Norton

Hobbs, Charles C    lawyer    Maine

Hersom, Charles S    Highland ave    foreman in shoe firm
    Annie L    (Stackpole)    housework
    Arthur L    clerk
    A Arabelle    pupil

Hatch, Edwin P    shoe operator    Nortono
    Mary E    (Nason)    housework
    Blanche L    pupil
    Ernest E

Hammond, Nellie C    (Hanson)    housework    Portland
    Hattie M
    Lewis B    pupil
    Alice L    pupil
    Harry L    pupil
    Harold A

Hanson, Frank S    blacksmith    Portland
    Ida M    (Varney)    housework

Ham, Francie    mill overseer    Dawson
    Lizzie E    (Whitehouse)
    *Maurice J    machinist

Hough, Anson    expressman    Academy

Huntress, Simeon P    livery business    Portland
    *Gertrude L    housework
    Fred A    livery work
    Sabra A    (Evans)    housework

Halbert, Frank E    nickel plater    Portland
    Bessie J    (Boynton)    
    Florence A    pupil
    Glenn W    pupil

Haddock, John B    painter    Portland
    Sarah M    (Herden)    housework
    Enoch A    laborer
    Eva M    housework

Huntress, Charles S    stable work    Portland
    Flora A    (Doe)    housework
    *Clarence J    baggage master and operator
    Eva S    housework

Huntress, Sarah L    housework    Butler

Hobbs, Frederick A    lawyer    Butler and Grant
    Cassandra M    (Aspinwall)
    Elsie A    pupil

Hayes, Augustus L    retired    Academy

Hobbs, Hattie M    (Porter)    Portland

Heath, Edward    shoe operator    Pleasant
    Carrie E    (Jenkins)    housework
    Rachel V

Hanson, Lewis B    blacksmith    Portland
    Betsey J    (Thurston)    housework
    Nellie C    housework
    Frank S    blacksmith
    *Maude    housework
    *Grace M    housework
    Roy L    painter

Hersom, I Harry     teamster    Park and Pleasant
    Catherine T    (Gilchrist)    housework
    George E    pupil
    Madeline    pupil
    Marguerite G    pupil

Higgins, Thomas     laborer    Pleasant
    Annie    (Hasty)    housework
    Thomas P    pupil
    Mary    pupil

Higgins, John    mill operator    Pleasant

Hersom, Isaac    grain merchant    Academy
    Emily E    (Merrill)    housework
    Georgie E    dress maker
    Frank M    insurance agent
    Carrie N    housework
    I Harry     clerk

Hooper, Edward J    bakery business    Academy
    Catherine V    (Gordon)
    Albert G    pupil

Hooper, John B    teamster    Academy

Howard, Mrs Levi    (Locke)    housework    Union
    Etta G    shoe operator
    *Arthur D    ticket agent
    *Albert O    telegrapher

Hatch, Mary    (Gray)    housework    Union
    Roscoe C    student
    Bertha G    
    Mary B    student
    Agnes E    pupil

Hanson, George L    book keeper    Liberty
    P Raymond    student
    Genevive    (Loomis)    housework

Ham, Freeman C    farmer    Liberty
    Ellen J    (Cooper)    housework
    Charles C    meat merchant
    *Carrie E    housework

Ham, Charles C    meat merchant    Liberty
    Myrtie M    housework
    Florence M    housework

Ham, William A    ex dry goods merchant    Liberty
    Annie J    (Dwier)    housework

Hemingway, Charles M    fireman and engineer    Goodwin
    Clara W    (Allen)    housework

Holmes, Freda M    pupil    Goodwin

Hanscom, Olevia A    (Harvey)    Norton
    J Arthur     shoe operator

Hodgdon, George    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Asenath G    (Trafton)    housework

Hobbs, George E    salesman    Spring
    Sarah H    (Plaisted)    housework
    Mary F    book keeper
    Ridie N    clerk

Hodgdon, Abbie    housework    Butler

Hodgdon, John F    mill clerk    High
    Bessie M    (Ridley)    housework
    Dorothy A    pupil
    Richard L    pupil
    Paul R
    Caroline L

Hamilton, Naomi C    (Lufkin)    housework    Norton
    *Fannie C    housework
    Ina A    housework
    *Jennie E    housework

Hutchins, Frank E    fish business    Goodwin
    Emma S    (Thompson)    housework
    Dorothy E
    Gertrude A

Ham, Frank C    shoe operator    Main
    Adeline    (Ross)    housework
    Gertrude    pupil
    Chester A    pupil
    Louise M    pupil
    Myrtle R

Hatch, Augusta L    (Abbott)    housework    Young

Hubbard, Charles H    shoe operator    Butler
    Mary T    (Hutchins)    housework
    *Mora B    housework

Hubbard, Sophia N    (Littlefield)    housework    Main
    Charles H    shoe operator
    Ellen M    dress maker
    *Eben L    conductor

Hodgdon, Frank P    lumber merchant    Academy
    E Annie    (Abbott)    housework
    Abbott    painter


Jewett, Mary R    housework    Main and Portland

Jewett, Sarah O    housework    Main and Portland

Jaques, Edwin D    physician and surgeon    Portland
    Emma     (Dudley)    housework
    Bessie Hamilton    student

Joy, George E    confectioner    
    Maria J    (Hildreth)    housework
    *Charles H    machinist

Johnson, Frank    watchman    Academy

Jellison, Emma B    (McIntire)    housework    Jewett
    Sarah E    housework
    Georgia E    housework

Joy, Sewell S    farmer    Jewett
    Eliza A    (Bradley)    housework
    *Charles E    carpenter
    *Daniel I    mill foreman
    *Delia A    housework
    *Orin C    farmer
    *H Etta    housework

Joy, Freeman     shoe operator    Ross
    Mary E    (Bennett)    housework
    Alice G

Jareny, Ina A    (Hamilton)    housework    Spring
    Ethel N    shoe operator
    Nellie G    shoe operator
    Beulah M    shoe operator
    Hazel B    pupil

Johnson, Mary A    millinery business    Main

Jarvis, Frank    merchant    Butler
    Rosie    (Welch)    housework
    Clara    housework
    Peter    mill operator
    *Leon    machinist
    Jennie    dress maker
    Rose    mill operator
    George    pupil
    Mary    pupil
    Frank    pupil

Joy, Frank H    mill operator    Middle
    Nellie F    (Moulton)    housework
    Harold K

Jenkins, Frank H    mill operator    Pleasant
    Edith B    (Smith)    housework
    Mary E    shoe operator
    Elsie J    shoe operator
    Harry T    shoe operator
    Carrie E    housework
    Minnie I    pupil
    Beatrixe    pupil
    Forrest V    pupil

Joy, Daniel B    blacksmith    Salmon


Keniston, Albert S    shoe operator    Private way

Keniston, Mary E    housework    Private way

Keniston, Amanda M    tailoress    Private way

Keniston, William H    liner    Portland
    Annie B    (Johnston)    housework
    Harold R    
    Marion H
Ola B

Knox, Nellie R    (Parcher)    housework    Portland
    Edwin L    blacksmith

Knox, Edwin L    blacksmith    Portland
    Cora M    (Goodwin)    housework

Kanada, Walter    mill operator

Knight, Lizzie N    shoe operator    Main

Knight, Sadie A     shoe operator    Main

Kenney, George H    R R service    Ross
    Helen A    (Stone)    housework
    Florence I    housework
    Harry H    student
    Mildred M    pupil
    Marion E    pupil
    Helen M

Kingsley, Albert E    clergy    School
    Ida P    (Wilson)    housework
    Madeline D    pupil
    Margaret C    pupil
    Robert A    
    Elizabeth B

Kingsbury, George W    livery business     Butler
    Lizzie L    (Litchfield)
    W Clyde    pupil

Knight, John     stone cutter    Main
    Cordelia    (Thurrell)    housework
    *John J    club steward
    *Clarence E    stone cutter
    Etta S    shoe operator
    *Alma A    housework
    *William E    silversmith

Kershaw, John E    mill operator    The ave
    Mary E    housework
    Bessie F    mill operator

Kimball, W H    operator    Academy


Lothrop, William    baggage master    Portland

Lord, Arabella M    (Clark)    housework
    *Emma F    housework
    *Edith M    nurse
    Walter H    clerk
    Frank S    laborer
    Arthur R    farmer
    Woodbury S    student
    George L    student

Lutts, John H    retired contractor    High
    Betsey A    (Earle)    housework
    Florence E    housework
    *Elmer E    salesman
    Jennie M    shoe operator

Lord, Willis E    shoe foreman    Highland & Union
    Annie A    (Penney)    housework

Libbey, Mark    farmer    Portland
    Eliza A    (Chadbourne)    housework
    M Addison    mechanic

Libbey, M Addison    mechanic    Portland
    Grace E    (Butler)    housework
    Lauriston B    pupil
    Mary E    pupil
    Mark W

Lovell, C Helen    teacher    Portland

Litchfield, William N    farmer    Highland
    Charity B    (Roberts)    housework

Lennan, Mary E    (Manson)    Portland
    Mabel S    milliner

Lord, Walter L    clerk    Main

Linscott, Isaac N    clerk    Main
    Mary A    (Ford)

Labarge, George    shoe operator    Main
    Ella F    (Spencer)    housework
    George G    pupil

Locke, Eva E    pupil    Main

Lewis, George    clergy    Academy
    Katharine B    (McLennan)    housework
    Hugh Mcl    civil engineer
    *Phillip P    physician
    *George L    assistant librarian

Lewis, Hugh McL    civil engineer    Academy
    Celia L    (Straw)    housework
    Donald E

Legget, George W    shoe operator    Portland
    Carrie A    (Tyrrell)    housework
    William H    pupil
    Percy C    pupil
    Raymond W    pupil
    Frank L    pupil
    Marion F    pupil
    Carl F    

Leveille, Simon    retired    Union

Lord, Ethel    teacher    Spring

Leveille, Frank    laborer    Union
    Delia    (Boushea)    housework
    Victoria    housework
    Ida    housework
    Louisa    housework
    Melvina    housework
    Rosie    housework

Lowell, Horatio N    millman    Pleasant
    Frederick N    mill work
    *Frank W H    foundry work
    *Nellie E    housework
    Hannah L    (Daley)    housework

Lowell, George W    shoe operator    Pleasant
    *Annie L    housework

Lord, J Alonzo    shoe foreman    R R ave
    Hannah F    (Stiles)    housework
    Willis E    mill operator
    Arthur G    teacher
    *Clarence P    R R service

Leonard, Mary    (Donlin)    housework    Private way
    *Stephen J    shoe operator
    *Michael    restaurant business
    Margaret    housework

Littlefield, C D    operator    Academy


Moulton, Mrs Johnson    (Stuart)    Spring

Monroe, George E    farmer
    Nellie J    (Chaney)    housework
    George W    R R service
    Cassie M    mill operator
    Inas A    mill operator
    Lile H    pupil
    James F    pupil

Monroe, George W    R R service
    Myrtie B    (Goodwin)    housework

Maddox, Joseph A    merchant    Berwick
    Henrietta S    (Stevens)    housework
    Maud L    housework
    Albert S    merchant
    Della M    clerk

Maddox, Albert T    merchant    Main
    Mamie A    (Knight)    housework
    Mildred K    pupil
    Beulah M    pupil

Maddox, N N    merchant    Main

Martin, Ida B    (Blaisdell)    housework    Pleasant

Murphy, Rosetta    (Durgin)    housework    Portland
    Charles E    carpenter
    Nellie J    shoe operator

Morrill, Alonzo    mason    Main
    Ellen E    (Hill)    housework
    Annie M    book keeper
    *George E    telegraph operator

Moore, Martha    (Shackley)    housework    Portland
    *Luella    housework

Muzzey, Arthur E    jeweler    Highland ave
    Mary E    (Goding)    housework
    George A

Muzzey, George H    book keeper    Highland ave
    Elizabeth F    (Hanson)
    Arthur E    book keeper
    Ernest R    tel operator

Morrison, John W    truckman    Paul
    Abbie A    (Cate)    housework
    Nancy E    housework
    Marietta    housework
    *George E    marble worker
    *Arthur E    insurance and real estate agent
    John H    electric R R work

Mathes, George A    merchant    Paul
    Mary A    (Hinds)    housework
    Belle E    clerk
    Edward A    pupil
    Benjamin A    pupil
    Nettie M    

McIntire, Daniel E    hardware merchant    Main
    M Annie    (Hopkins)
    Fred E    clerk

Moulton, William C    cabinet maker    Goodwin
    Nancy M    (Foster)    housework
    *Herbert L    machinist
    *Margie E    housework
    Lua F

McIntire, Hattie    (Leighton)    housework    Young

McIntire, Evelyn P    milliner    Young

Morrison, Alvin L    mill operator    Young
    *Guy C    farmer
    Emma L    (Gerrish)    housework
    Sumner L    pupil

McIntire, J Irving    carpenter    Butler
    Edith A    (Webster)    housework
John R    pupil
    William A    pupil
    Mildred    pupil
    G Earl    pupil

Moses, Catherine H    housework    School

McLellan, Binna D    housework    Academy

Martin, Charles H    mill operator    The ave
    Louisa A    (Kiess)    housework
    Charles H, Jr    pupil

Morley, Albina    (Lockhart)    Young
    *John L    machinist
    William N    moulder
    *Ellen R    housework
    *Henry W    shoe operator
    *George N    music teacher

McIntire, Mrs John A    (Ford)    housework    Butler
    J Irving    carpenter
    A Richmond    carpenter

McCrillis, John H    farmer    Grant
    Mary J    housework

Minahane, Mary    housework    Main

Minahane, Julia    pupil    Main

McCarthy, Timothy    mill work    Private way
    Mary    (O'Neil)    housework


Nason, Benjamin F    mill operator    Brattle
    Lillian H    (Booth)    housework

Nealley, A Grafton    farmer    Portland
    Mary S    (Thurrell)    housework
    *Benjamin H    book keeper
    Willis G    student

Neal, James B    carpenter    Portland
    Julia F    (Stone)    housework

Nason, Mrs Augustus    (Beckler)    Spring
    Frederick A    shoe operator
    *Charles    shoe operator

Newton, Charles M    shoe operator    Portland
    Addie M    (White)    housework
    L Pearl    shoe operator
    Charles R    shoe operator
    Byron T    pupil

Northey, Estella M    proprietor of boarding house    Academy

Noyes, Annie M    (Beales)    housework    Goodwin
    Ada H    pupil

Nason, Benton    mill overseer    Main
    Georgia    housework
    Ernest B    shoe operator
    Elizabeth    housework
    Annie    shoe operator

Nason, Stephen J    blacksmith    Norton
    Namoi C    (Lufkin)    housework

Nason, Frederick A    shoe operator
    Louisa    (Wallace)    housework
    Bennie F    mill work
    Willie A    hotel work

Nason, Ernest B    shoe operator    Main
    Mary H    (Nealley)    housework

Nealley, Martha A    (French)    Main
    *Howell F    engineer
    Mary H    housework
    *Edwin B    machinist
    Elizabeth C    housework
    Charles J W    shoe operator

Nye, Frank E    principal of Berwick Academy    Academy
    Maud    (Barnett)    housework

Norman, Thomas     R R service    High
    Nora    (Collins)    housework
    Sadie    mill work
    Thomas    pupil
    Daniel    pupil
    Harry    pupil
    Walter    pupil

Nolan, Katherine    (McCone)    housework    Salmon
    Nicholas    shoe operator
    Annie    housework
Kate E     shoe operator
    Mary E     shoe operator

Nason, Charles O    paymaster    Academy
    Eleanor J    (Sanborn)    housework
    Carleton E    student

Noyes, Olive E    (Simpson)    housework    Main
Edith G    teacher
    Ruth H    student


Oakes, Mrs Abner    (Bennett)    housework    Academy
    *Charles W    physician
    *Marcia O    housework

O'Donnell, Bridget     (Quinn)    Butler
    Bessie    mill operator
Catherine    mill operator
    Daniel    mill operator

O'Neil, Hannah O    mill operator    Private Way

O'Brien, Dennis J    clergy    Young

O'Neil, Daniel    mill operator    Academy
    Sarah A    (Sullivan)    housework
    Daniel F    pupil
    Eugene A    pupil
    Edward F    pupil
    Mary E
    Walter S
    Lillian I


Packard, Charles H    mill operator
    Margaret    (Donovan)    housework
    Mary G    clerk

Plaisted, John H    shoe operator    Union
    Addie A    (Wilson)    housework
    *John F    druggist

Pinkham, Herman M    shoe operator    Norton

Prey, Frank    mill operator    Dawson
    Clara    (Stone)    housework

Paull, Austin R    clergy    Goodwin
    Isabelle K    (Dean)    housework
    A Raymond    pupil

Pike, Edward B    clerk    Portland
    Susan A    (Foote)    housework
    *Eugenia G    housework
    *Caroline K    stenographer
    John E    shoe operator
    *Robert M    R R service
    *Mary F    stenographer

Pike, John E    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Eva B    (Powell)    housework
    Marion E    pupil
    Mildred E    pupil

Porter, Eliza     (Moon)    housework    Portland
    Lillie    housework

Plumer, Mrs John H    (Butler)    Main

Perkins, Adelbert L    sea captain    Goodwin
    Lua F    (Moulton)    housework
    Lawrence A    pupil
    Robert H    pupil
    Paul L
Royce W

Perkins, Edward V    shoe operator    Spring
    Josephine    (Clark)    housework
    Marion A    shoe operator
    Carrie E    student
    Frederick V    pupil

Philpot, Ellen L    (Hersom)    housework    Dawson
    *Pearl M    housework
    Fred [II or H]    fireman
    Fannie E    housework

Pelletier, Joseph    tannery work    Park
    Amanda    (Neadeau)    housework
    Nora    pupil
    Jeland    pupil
    Nesttien    pupil

Porter, Herman W    shoe operator    Pleasant
    Catherine M    (Agnew)    housework
    Herman C    
    Thornton A

Perkins, Charles B    carpenter    Dawson
    Mabel A    (Hersom)    housework
    Jesse W    student
    Mary F    pupil

Planche, Mrs Claude    (---)    housework    Grant
    Cora    shoe operator
    Milca    clerk
    Louise    clerk
    Phillip    shoe operator

Provensal, Frank    dry goods merchant    Salmon
    Victoria    (Cullette)    housework
    May    housework
    Elsie    pupil

Plourd, Thomas    mason    Salmon
    Mary    (Fonier)    housework
    Frank    work on lumber
    Charles    mill work
    Thomas J    mill operator
Catherine    mill operator
    Melvena    mill operator
    Annie    mill operator

Perry, Alexander M    shoe operator
    Hardy T    hotel work
    Annie M    (Knight)    housework

Pelletier, Joseph    foundryman    Pleasant
    Emily    (Brisard)    housework
    Arthur R    tinsmith and clerk
    A Caroline    housework
    Joseph N    foundryman
    Mary A    housework
    Annie    housework
    Louise    housework
    Thomas G    moulder
    *Marie M    housework
    Peter P    shoe operator
    Ellen A    mill operator

Pierce, H J    (York)    housework    Maine
    *Wilbur H    farm work
    *George P    farm work

Packard, Charles H    mill work    Academy
    Margaret E    (Donovan)    housework
    Mary G    pupil


Quint, Edwin M    shoe operator    Goodwin
    Maud R    (Stackpole)    housework
    Marshall E    pupil
    Gladys M    pupil
    Phillis D    pupil
    Bernice F    pupil

Quint, Charles E    shoe operator    Morton
    Lizzie A    (Wentworth)    housework
    Minnie M    student
    Walter W    pupil
    Myrtie A    pupil

Quimby, Jeremiah P    machinist    Nealley
    Mandana    (Goodwin)    housework
    Eva L    housework
    *Bertha M    housework


Raino, Gilbert M    mill operator    Garland ave
    Philomen    (Drapeau)    housework
    Phoebe    box maker
    Georgiana    box maker
    *George H    hotel clerk
    *Napoleon B    mill operator
    *Mary L    teacher
    Alsime E    shoe operator
    Angelina A    pupil

Ramswell, Albert W    carpenter    Pleasant
    Marcia N    (Earle)    housework
    Celia Y    teacher
    *Wesley A    shoe business

Raynes, Olive     teacher    Portland

Redman, William W    teamster    Main
Emma M    (Edwards)    housework
    Josephine E    pupil
    Lucy N    pupil
    Mertie M

Rendell, Susie M    (Randell)    housework    Norton
    Maude E    employment children's home
    Gladys L
    Ada A    pupil

Richardson, Ernest L    shoe operator    Norton
    Adeline M    (Wilkinson)    
    Mildred M    pupil
    Willis L    pupil

Richardson, Betsey    (Dow)    housework    Main
    Mary J    housework

Richmond, Cora M    (Goodwin)    housework    Portland
    Karl E    pupil

Ricker, Hattie    shoe operator    Morton

Ricker, Shipley W    insurance business and merchant    Portland
    Marie L    (DeRochemont)
    Ella W    librarian
    Annie L    teacher
    *Mary W    book keeper
    Jennie DeR    teacher

Ricker, Shipley W, Jr    student    Portland

Lidley, D Madison    retired    Highland ave        [probably should be Ridley]
Betsey G    (Trafton)    housework
    Joseph A    shoe operator
    Alice E    shoe operator
    *Lucy R    housework
    Susan E    dress maker
    *Asenath G    copyist
    *Mary G    copyist
    Bessie M    housework
    Ethel B    housework

Ridley, Joseph A    shoe operator    Portland
    Ella F    (Young)    housework

Roberts, A Milton    station agent    Portland
    Myra M    (Chick)        housework
    Harland M

Robbins, Eben    farm work    Liberty

Robbins, George A    shoe operator    Dawson
    Catherine W    (Reed)    housework
    Ernest F    pupil
    Eileen K    pupil

Robbins, George H    mill operator    Paul
    Ida E    (Perkins)    housework

Robinson, David    teamster    Union
    Rosie    (Leveille)    housework

Robinson, Wilbur F    motorman    Berwick
    Maria J    (Guppey)    housework
    William G    pupil

Rollins, Ellen A    (Lord)    housework    Main

Rollins, Mary J    (Richardson)    housework    Main
    *George T    teamster
    Joseph S
    Lena M    shoe operator
    Edward F    farm work

Ross, Thomas H    janitor    Portland
    Eliza    (Moon)    housework

Ross, Lucy    (Tebbetts)    housework    Portland
    Adeline    housework
    *George I    farm work
    Leon M    teamster
    Lulie J    shoe operator
    Annie    shoe operator
    Estella A    shoe operator

Ross, Frank A    physician

Ross, Andrew B    retired    R R ave
    Frank A    boot and shoe dealer

Ross, Frank A    boot and shoe dealer    R R ave
    Nellie O    (Orr)    housework
    Chester B    boot and shoe dealer
    Ruth O    pupil

Rousseau, Theodore    teaming    Main
    Jane    (Baker)    housework
    Annie    housework
    Elizabeth    mill operator
    Henry    pupil
    Mary J    pupil

Rowell, Benjamin M    clerk    Main


Stone, Chase T    R R service
    Julia E    (Wentworth)    housework
    *Mark E    engineer
    *Lauriston W    engineer
    *Herbert F    fireman
    Frank C    pupil
    Edward W    pupil

Shapleigh, Betsy A    (Nowell)    housework

Sweet, Mrs E M    (Hayes)    Academy
    *Frank W    manufacturer

Sargent, William    shoe operator    Norton
    Elsie M    (Hinds)    housework
    Lawrence D

Stackpole, John J    shoe operator    Butler
    Rose E    (Hammond)    housework
    Mary A
    James E    pupil
    Rose G    pupil
    John A    pupil

Stackpole, Mary A    shoe operator    Butler

Shattuck, Charles E    shoe operator    R R ave
    Anna M    (Shepherd)

Sarsfield, David    superintendent    Electric Light Company    Main
    Georgia    (Boucher)    housework

Sarsfield, Annie    mill operator    Main

Stacey, Annie L    housework    Portland

Somerset, John B    foundryman    Park
    Celina R    (Labarge)    housework
    *John E    mill operator
    R Emma    mill operator
    *Adolphus P    mill operator
    Nelson L    shoe operator
    Fred    shoe operator
    Oscar A    shoe operator
    Zelia    housework

Storer, Jeremiah    shoe operator    Portland
    L N    (Lane)    housework
    V Maud    shoe operator

Stone, Henry A    clerk    Highland ave
    Marcia G    (Goodwin)    housework
    *Emeline F    telegraph operator
    *H Malcolm    insurance clerk

Shaw, Almyra    (Whitehouse)    housework    Portland
    Charles O    shoe operator

Sleeper, Charles M    physician and surgeon    Paul
    Florence     (Uniacke)    housework
    B Mildred    student
    Roger D    pupil

Sullivan, Thomas     clerk    Academy

Stacey, Clara A    (Northey)    proprietor of boarding house    Academy
    Ola A    student
    Eva M    pupil
    Clifford N    pupil

Shea, Carrie A    (Johnson)    housework    Paul

Sanborn, Kate F    teacher    Main

Sanborn, Frank    superintendent water works    Main
    Ida M    (Spencer)    housework
    Gladys M    pupil
    Jennie O    pupil

Stevens, Alonzo J    shoe operator    Jewett
    Sarah E    (Jellison)    housework
    Etta R    pupil

StLawrence, Fred    mill operator    Berwick
    Phimer    (Mayor)    housework

StLawrence, Ernest    mill operator    Berwick
    Josephine    (Renard)

StLawrence, Joseph    carpenter    Berwick
    Alice    (Dumont)    housework
    Amil    mill operator
    Ernest    mill operator
    Israel    mill operator
    Fred    mill operator
    Flossie    mill operator
    Georgia    housework

Stillings, Susan     housework    Main

Sewall, David B    clergy    School
    Helen D    housework
    Jotham    musician
    Jane    housework

Sawyer, Frances    (Philpot)    housework    Middle
    Alta F    student

Smith, Hannah A    (Boston)    Pleasant
    Edith B    housework
    *Minnie J    housework

Spencer, Emma J    shoe operator    Butler

Streeter, Olive A    (Clark)    housework    Norton

Slater, Charles    laborer    Spring
    Mahala H    (Goodwin)    housework

Shaw, Emily    (Emery)    housework    Spring

Stiles, Nancy E    housework    R R ave

Scotney, Catherine    housework    Main

Swasey, Mary A    (Plaisted)    housework    Grant

Stacy, Frank E    dry goods merchant    Young
    Isabell S    (McIntire)
    Roland L    student
    Paul F    student
    Ralph F    student

Smith, Charles A    farmer    Academy
    Bertha     (Walker)    housework

Stacy, David H    dry goods merchant    Young
    Mary J    (Fall)    housework
    Frank E     dry goods merchant
    Cora B    housework

Swasey, Frank E    shoe operator    Nealley
    Elizabeth A    (Goddard)    housework
    Fred H    student
    Henry C    

Stoddard, Fred O    dentist    Portland
    Cora B    (Stacy)    housework

Spencer, John N    carpenter    Butler
    Ellen A    (Scammon)    housework

Spencer, Mary A    (Goodwin)    housework
    Lizzie I    housework
    *Maud D    housework
    Ella F    housework
    Sadie H    mill operator
    Eva M    mill operator

Scanlin, Katherine    (Norton)    housework    Main
    Mary    housework

Shaw, Lyman     blacksmith    Butler
    *Roscoe H    teacher
    *Hattie M    clerk

Smith, Rosa    (Butler)    variety store    Butler

Sweet, Charles H    shoe foreman    Salmon
    Cora B    (Joy)    housework
    Dorothy H    pupil
    Clarence A    pupil

Sullivan, Nellie T    mill operator    Salmon

Sullivan, Mary    (Brannan)    housework    Private way
    Mary F    housework


Thompson, George W    farmer
    Mary G    (Stuart)    housework
    *Charles E    engineer
    *Laura B    housework
    *S Vetter    housework
    Mamie E    housework

Thompson, William A    farmer
    Martha W    (Kendall)    housewor

Trafton, George W    laborer    Portland
    Mary H    (Bell)    housework
    Mary E    pupil

Trafton, Frank B    teamster    Norton
    May C    (Bourne)    housework
    Alice M    pupil

Thompson, E J    machinist    Salmon    
    M J    (Chick)    housework

Trainor, Hugh P    barber    Butler
    Elizabeth, V    (Lawrenson)    housework

Thompson, Frank E    stone mason    Portland
    Sadie E    (Guptill)    housework
    *Harold B    assistant paymaster
    Linnie E    student

Tobey, Elizabeth W    housework    Highland ave

Tobey, Martha T    housework    Highland ave

Twombly, Allie F    housework    Portland

Trafton, E Frank    shoe dealer    Paul and Highland
    Lydia L    (Cheney)    housework
    F Lester    pupil

Trafton, William L    shoe operator    Portland
    Ellen F    (Young)    housework
    Ralph A    shoe operator
    Marion E    pupil
    Frederick O    pupil

Tucker, Charles C    R R service
    Mary    (Scanlin)    housework
    Esther E    pupil

Thurrell, Nancy A    (Spencer)    housework    Butler
    Mina F    shoe operator

Thompson, Maria O    (Wooster)    housework    Ross
    *Fred E    orange business
    Ida M    housework
    Sadie M    housework
    Ella J    housework

*Thurell, George H    shoe operator    Jewett

*Thurell, Nathaniel B    shoe operator    Jewett

Thurell, John W    shoe operator     Jewett

Thompson, Ella D    tailoress    Spring

True, John L    laundry business    Young
    Annie M    (Guilmett)    housework

Tibbetts, George W    salesman    Young
    Nancy E    (Morrison)    housework
    Lottie    teacher

Thompson, William    proprietor of store    Main
    Martha S    (Sanborn)    housework

Tucker, Ellen M    (Lowell)    Main
    Clinton F    painter

Tucker, Clinton F    painter    Main
    Luella L    (Foss)    housework
    Robert F    pupil
    Theodore L    pupil
    Gertrude M
    Phyllis M

Tarbox, Charles A    wood merchant    Main
    Lizzie S    (Dudley)    housework

Turner, Henry H    dentist    Main
    Eunice C    (Farrar)    housework
    Mary B    student
    Eva E    pupil


Varney, Isabel    (Pinkham)    housework    Portland
    Hattie D    shoe operator
    Ida M    housework
    *Linville D    clerk

Vernette, Peter    mill operator    Webster
    Carrie    (Fontiene)    housework
    *Peter E    fireman
    *George H    dry goods merchant
    Mary L    shoe operator
    Lena A    housework


Wentworth, Harriet    (Roberts)    housework
    Albert F    stone mason
    *Harriet E    boarding mistress
    *Augusta H    laundry business
    Julia E    housework

Warren, Nathaniel F    farmer
    Clara A    (Young)    housework
    Arthur W    mill work
    Hattie J    shoe operator
    Columbia    shoe operator

Warren, Winslow    farmer    Portland
    Georgia     (Bogart)    housework

Wall, G H    shoe operator    Morton
    Mabel    (Wall)    housework

Wadleighs, Carrie B    housework    Wadleigh's Lane

Wadleighs, Emma    Wadleigh's Lane

Walker, Mrs. John F    (Hobbs)    housework    Portland
    *Harry H    broker
    *Helen M    housework

Whitney, Alfred R    insurance agent
    Victoria H    (Gray)    housework
    Perley A    pupil
    Bessie E    pupil

Wentworth, Charles K    retired    School
    Ellen M    Plumer    housework
    Charles H    bank cashier
    *Arthur C    book keeper

Walker, Albert    mill work    Private way

Wilkinson, Francis B    R R service    Main
    *Lilla M    housework
    Sadie F    housework
    Albert L    shoe operator

Wentworth, Della S    (Cheney)    housework    Pleasant
    William G    shoe operator
    Arthur E    shoe operator

Willard, Henry C    merchant    Portland
    Lettice A    (Durgin)    housework

Williams, Annie E    shoe operator    Portland

Wentworth, Shem C    farmer    Portland
    Nettie I    (Durgin)     housework

Weld, R H    housework    Portland

Whitehouse, Mary M    (Hill)    housework    Goodwin
    *Lizzie E    housework
    *Sadie E    housework
    *Martin A    shoe operator
    *Lottie M    housework
    Charles H    carpenter
    *Mattie J    cashier
    *George L    jeweler

Warren, Sarah F    (Bedell)    housework    Morton

Williams, H Augustus    mill work    Private way

Willey, Fred C    laborer    Main
    Mary E    (Higgins)    housework
    Eva D    pupil
    Walter O    pupil

Woods, Annie M    (Daily)    housework    Main
    *Daniel E    messenger
    *Elizabeth T    housework
    Joseph F    shoe operator
    Annie L    mill operator
    *James E    electrician

Whitten, Daniel A    teaming    Pleasant
    Annie    (Pelletier)    housework
    Georgia A    pupil
    F A Wilder    pupil
    Frederick B

Whitehead, Mary    (Bailey)    housework    Main
    John B    tailor
    Charles    tailor

Whitehead, John B    tailor    Main
    Ella P    (Corson)    housework
    Nellie F    compositor
    *Edith L    office work
    Harry E    student
    Ralph    pupil
    Carl    pupil

Wallace, Harry L    shoe operator    R R ave
    Louie C    (Littlefield)    housework
    Beulah L
    Harry C

Wentworth, William G    shoe operator    Pleasant
    Nellie L    (Marshall)    housework
    Doris M    

White, Minnie    (McNeil)    housework    Private way
    Henry    pupil

Watson, Jerry F    furniture dealer    Liberty
    Orinda E    (Doe)    housework
    Geneva M    pupil

Watts, Samuel H    barber    Academy
    Cassie L    (Jay)    
    Winnie T    pupil
    Julia B    pupil
    Clyde L    pupil
    Harlon H

Wall, Willard F    shoe operator    R R ave
    Clara M    (Doran)    housework
    Millige E

Webster, George A    clerk    Grant
    Florence    (Goodwin)    housework
    Eunice C

Webber, George    shoe operator    Nealley
    Cora E    (Atherton)    housework
    Lena M    student
    George E    pupil

Whitehouse, James G    mason    Butler
    Lizzie F    (Clement)    
    Viola S    office work
    Ralph B    station agent

Webster, Frederick A    hardware merchant    Webster and Grant
    Ida E    (McDuffee)    housework
    Edith A    housework
    George A    clerk
    *Millie J    housework
    Ruth M    student
    John Everett    pupil
    Nettie E    pupil
    Frederick McD    pupil

Wentworth, Mary E Young    housework    Main
    *Caroline Y    physician

Wilkins, George A    shoe operator    Main
    Lizzie J    (Fiske)    housework

White, James    mill operator    High
    Mary    (Doherty)    housework

Wells, Martha A    (York)    housework    Main

Worster, Martha A    (York)    housework    Main
    *Nellie F    housework
    *Charles A    laborer

Warren, Nellie F    dress maker    Park


Yeaton, George C    lawyer    Academy

Yeaton, Norberto O    painter
    Etta L    (Carpenter)    housework
    Ethel M

Young, Rebecca L    bank treasurer    Main

Young, Annie I    superintendent of hospital    Main

Young, James M    machinist    Private way
    Mary S    (Ryan)    housework
    Etta E    housework
    Nellie F    mill operator
    Ella M    mill operator





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