1905 Census for Dayton

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Alfred, Lyman, Dayton, Hollis & Waterboro Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Dayton is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Alley, Miss Sarah A  Biddeford, RFD 4

Anderson, Addie  (Brown)  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    John W  farmer
    Georgie E  housework
    Gertrude M  (married Buzzell)
    Harry C  pupil
    Burton L  pupil

Anderson, Albion P  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1


Bean, Jerome 

*Bradbury, Fred C  electrician  Portland

Bruce, Harry T  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Annie E  (Luscomb)  housework
    Florence E  pupil
    Bertha L

Bruce, Wm G  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Alice L  (Luscomb)  housework
    Edith L  pupil

Buck, Thomas H  stone cutter  Saco, RFD 3

Buzzell, Jas M  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4

Buzzell, Frank L  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Josephine G  (Buzzell)  housework
    Frances L  pupil
    Irma I

Buzzell, Nathan C  farmer  RFD 3
    Atsie W  (Grant)  housework
    Lillie B  (married Huston)
    Orrin C  farmer
    Jeanette M

Buzzell, Orrin C  farmer  RFD 3
    Gertrude M  (Anderson)  housework


Chapman, Ernest  farmer  Saco, RFD 3

Chapman, Fred M  laborer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Annie A  (Chapman)  housework
    Lillian M  pupil
    Wilbur M  pupil
    Willis W  pupil
    Maria M  pupil
    Everlina H

Clark, L L  proprietor box shop  Clark's Mills
    Edith M  (Lock)  housework
    Kenneth L

Clark, John H  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Bertha M  (Stuart)  housework
    Gladys I  pupil
    Alvah S  pupil

Clark, John W  merchant  Clark's Mills
    Laura A  (Morrison)
    Bernice E  student
    Elizabeth E  pupil

Clark, Melville M  student  Clark's Mills

Cleaves, Chas B  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nancy  (Earle)  housework
    *Edgar W  shoe operator  Springvale

Cleaves, Dan'l H  farmer  Hollis, RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Libby)
    *D Lunt  chemist  Kennebunkport
    Martha L  (married Buzzell)  housework
    Chas H  student

Cleaves, Geo A  Hollis, RFD 1

Clough, Geo W  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD
    Sarah I  (Weymouth)  housework
    Marcia E  (married Pennell)
    *Frank A  shoe manufacturer  Lynn, Mass
    Dan'l W  mail carrier  RFD

Cole, Elsie A  (Hill)  housework
    *Fred R  carpenter  Dorchester, Mass
    Frank O  milkman
    *Hettie F  (married Dow)  Biddeford
    Nellie F 
    Annie E  teacher

Cole, Clark R  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Mary F  (Weymouth)
    *Warren F  gate keeper  Buxton
    Wallace I  machinist
    Winfield L  machinist
    *Helen  (married Waterhouse)  Biddeford
    W Harris  farmer
    Wendell P  milkman

Cole, W Harris  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Edith B  (Waterhouse)  housework
    Robt W

Cole, Wendell P  milkman  Biddeford, RFD4
    Maud E  (Edwards)  housework
    Alice M

Cole, Wallace J  machinist  Saco, RFD 3
    Annie M  (Sherman)  housework
    Doris M  

Cole, Chas E  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Viola H  (Cole)  housework
    *Chas H  dyer  Saco
    *Guy R  mill operator  Saco
    *Maud V  (married Whitehead)  Saco
    Gertrude C


Day, Alonzo E  team  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Oraville  (Jacobs)  housework
    Percy  pupil

Day, Mary E  (Davis)  Biddeford  RFD 4
    *Marcia E  (married Perkins)  Sanford
    Alonzo E  teamster
    *Lizzie W  (married Cummings)  Portland

Dennett, Hattie e  (Boothby)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Estelle A  (married Hill)
    *Edna F  (married Clough)
    *Emily T  mill operator  Saco
    *Marion T  mill operator  Saco
    Frank W  farmer
    Margaret  pupil

Dennett, Jos T  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Emma  (married Clark)  Waterboro
    Lucy M  (Roberts)

Dennett, Chas H  farmer  Hollis Center
    Maria L  (Rumery)  housework
    Lorenzo  pupil
    Chester  pupil
    Eva M  pupil
    Freeman A  pupil
    Joseph E  pupil

Dow, Frances A  (Hill)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Walter E  farmer
    *Bartlett A  blacksmith  Biddeford
    Wilbur O  painter

Dow, Walter E  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Lucinda  (Smith)

Dow, Wm H  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Mary E  (Alley)  housework
    Wm H Jr  farmer
    Percy E  farmer
    Nellie S  teacher

Drew, Hezekiah  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Rosanna F  (Libby)
    Kate L

Drew, Mary E  (Libby)  Goodwin't Mills
    *Philip L  farmer  Alton, N H
    John Jay G

Dyer, Wm H  teamster  Hollis Center
    Ethel R  (Mellen)
    Evelyn A

Dyer, Albert R  farmer  Hollis Center
    Augusta H  (Meserve)  housework

Dyer, Alme B  farmer  Hollis Center
    Josephine L  (Raymond)  housework

Dyer, Augustine W  farmer  Hollis Center
    Georgia A  (Hill)  housework
    *Eldena M  (married Jordan)  South Paris


Eastman, Emma  (Swinton)  Goodwin's Mills

Edgecomb, Will  laborer  Saco, RFD 3


Ferguson, J A  Reverend  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Emma I J  (Grant)  housework
    Willa H  teacher

Ferguson, John farmer  Clark's Mills
    Jane  (Ross)  housework
    *Lillian  (married Littlefield)  Hollis

Ferguson, Chas P  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Mary P  (Clark)

Fogg, Onville,  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nellie E  (Rumery)  housework
    Lilla M

Fogg, Howard  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4

Fogg, Francis S  farmer  Hollis Center
    Elmira S  (Woodman)  housework

Fowler, Isabelle  (Kendrick)  Biddeford, RFD 4


Gonville, Isaac L  farmer & milkman  Saco, RFD 3
    Victoria  (Hammel)  housework
    *Henry I  farmer  Saco
    Arthur W  milkman
    Edmund G  pupil
    Flora M  pupil

Gilman, Albert E  teamster  Clark's Mills

Gilpatric, Jos E  blacksmith  Goodwin's Mills

Goodwin, Jonathan  Goodwin's Mills

Goodwin, Owen  butcher  & farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Rose M  (Records)
    *Margie M  (married Murphy)  New Kensington, Pa
    *Sadie G  housework  Saco
    *Chester H  farmer  Biddeford
    *Evie A  (married Walker)  Los Angeles, Cal
    Leora E  housework
    Harry O  farmer
    H Lillian  pupil
    Luella A  pupil
    Marion F  pupil
    Benjamin A  pupil
    Myrtle R  pupil
    Kenneth L
    Caroline C

Gordon, Hill  butcher  Goodwin's Mills

Gordon, James G  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Frank M

Gordon, James S  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Mary A  (Runnells)  housework

Gorham, Eliza  (Verge)  Biddeford, RFD 4

Gould, Winfield S  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Ida B  (Rumery)
    Leonard O  farmer
    Charles F  farmer
    George W  pupil
    Samuel S  pupil

Grant, John farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4

Grant, Geo W  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Grace M  (Rickes)

Grant, Lionel E  farmer  Biddeford

Grant, W J  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Mary B  (Wakefield)  housework
    Arthur W  pupil
    Walter L  pupil
    Lester J  pupil
    Ada E
    F Gladys
    Maud J

Grantham, Marcia E  (Clough)  Saco, RFD 3
    Edward A  pupil
    George K

Grantham, Arthur  pupil  Saco, RFD 3


Hamilton, Benj F  lawyer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Ann  (Roberts)  housework
    *Arthur S  stable keeper  98 Main, Biddeford

Hatch, Henry C  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4

Hemmenway, Chas  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Mary E  (Adams)  
    *Alice M  teacher  Phillipston, Mass
    Martha h

Hight, Sam'l C  Clark's Mills  farmer & grain dir
    Statia A  (Thompson)
    *Harold W  blacksmith  Portland
    Blanche E  student

Hight, Edward E  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Sarah M  (Bruce)  housework

Hill, Roscoe B  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Grace  (Hill)

Hill, Virgil  farmer
    Margaret  (Murphy)

Hill, Byron A  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Maggie M  (Buzzell)  housework

Hill, Samuel L  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Mary K  (Rumsey)  housework
    Ernest R  pupil

Hill, Sam'l  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Samuel L  farmer

Hill, Herbert H  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nellie  (Dudley)  housework

Hill, Reuben H  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Leonard F  mill  Shapleigh
    *Howard  mill Shapleigh
    Claudia  farmer
    Herbert H  farmer

Hill, Etta  Biddeford, RFD 4

Hill, Albert R  blacksmith & farmer
    Eleanor  (Hill)  housework
    Byron A  farmer
    Geo A  farmer & carpenter
    Dan'l S  pupil

Hill, Elias H  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Sarah E  (Whitehead)  housework

Hill, Chas H  farmer  Saco,  RFD 3

Hill, Alice  (Taylor)  Goodwin's Mills

Hill, Warren T  farmer  Goodwin's Mills

Hill, Alvenro  farmer  Goodwin's Mills

Hood, Ellen M  (---)  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    J Frank  carpenter
    Ella M  teacher
    J Ernest  farmer
    Elmer C  pupil
    Percy L  pupil
    Eva M  pupil

Huston, R F  (Ingalls)  Saco,  RFD 3
    James M  blacksmith

*Mary F  (married Stevens)  Lynn, Mass
    Chas B  farmer & butcher
    *Frank  teamster  Hollis
    *Jennie L  (married Atwell)  Lynn, Mass

Huston, Chas B  farmer & butcher  Saco, RFD 3
    Lillie B  (Buzzell)  housework
    Hazel M  pupil

Huston, James M  blacksmith  Saco, RFD 3
    Fannie M  (Fogg)  housework
    Chas F
    Willis B


Kelley, Clifton B  pupil  Biddeford

Kendrick, Isabelle  (Philpot)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Frank  W H  farmer

Kendrick, Frank W H  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Mabel R  (Roberts)  
    Carroll F  pupil

Kimball, Mary  Biddeford, RFD 4

Kimball, John E  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Alice  (Hill) 
    *Millard  ice dir  New York Cith
    Gayton M  farmer

Kimball, Gayton  farmer
    Winnifred  (---)

Kimball, Luther W  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Lizzie E  (Kay)  housework
    Ralph W
    Clarence O  pupil
    Marion I  pupil

Kay, Ralph  farmer
    Lizzie E  (married Kimball)
    *Abram  foundry man  Biddeford


Littlefield, Edward K  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Sarah E  (Day)  housework
    *Jesse D  Manchester, Mass
    *Edward E  box maker  South Waterboro
    Percy E  mill man
    Frank L  pupil
    Willie  pupil
    Fannie P  pupil
    Clara M  pupil
    Mary H  pupil


Moddix, Sam'l  farmer  Saco, RFD 3

Mason, Jas  farmer & carpenter  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nancy A  (Hill)
    Lelia D  (m Smith)

McKeen, James R  farmer  Biddeford
    Sarah A  (Grant)  housework
    *Percy C  clerk  Biddeford
    *Edward  bag master  Stamford, Conn

Mellen, Ethel R  (Dodge)  Hollis Center
    Florence P

Meserve, Thomas  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Clara  (Rumery)  housework
    Gertrude M  dress maker
    Clarence E  farmer
    Roy F  farmer

Meserve, Stephen  farmer & milkman  Saco, RFD 3
    Abbie J  (Hill)  housework
    Everett F  milkman
    Nora E  teacher

Messerve, Seth  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Mary E  (Fogg)  housework
    Warren s  road com
    *John F  meat bus  Portland
    Grace I  pupil

Milliken, Susan E  Saco, RFD 3

Mitchell, Chas  Biddeford, RFD 4

Mooers, Elizabeth  (Woodward)  Goodwin's Mills
    John F  carpenter
    Geo A  wheelright
    *Isabella R  (married Day)  Saco

Mooers, George A  wheelright  Goodwin's Mills
    Ida J  (Grant)  
    Artelle  pupil
    Florence B  pupil
    Harold E  pupil
    B Edith 
    Lawrence G

Mooers, Murry  car mkr  Goodwin's Mills

Moore, Lewis P  carpenter  Biddeford, RFD 4

Murch, Isaac G  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    *Alice A  (married Hooper)  Biddeford
    Mildred F  housework


Newell, Chas W

Newell, Jesse H


Patterson, Martha C
    *Harry W  carpenter  Rochester, NH

Peavey, Fred G  carpenter  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Marcia V  (Hill)  housework
    Helen M  pupil

Peavey, Abigail  (Hill)  Goodwin's Mills
    Fred G  carpenter
    *Chas G  bookkeeper  Boston, Mass

Pennell, Eben  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Marcia E  (Grantham)

Perkins, Joshua  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Johana  (Wakefield)
    Edith M  (married Russell)

Perkins, Chas B  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Alvenia J  (Buck)
    Mary E
    Benj B

Peterson, Andrew J  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Sarah  (Buzzell)
    Zepher  farmer
    *Geo  Waltham, Mass
    *Mary  (married Bandgy)  Biddeford

Pierce, Orion  (Mooers)  Goodwin's Mills

Proctor, Mark  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Sarah A  (French)  housework

Purington, Salina L  (Virgin)  retired  Goodwin's Mills


Quigley, Chas J  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Ann M  (Gould)  housework


Reading, Sarah J  (Frost)  Goodwin's Mills

Ricker, Cyrus C  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Grace M  (married Grant)  housework

Roberts, Mehitable H  (Foss)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    J Burton  town clerk & land surveyor

Roberts, J Burton  Biddeford, RFD 4  town clerk & land surveyor
    Rosie F  (Hight)  housework
    Sadie F  pupil

Rogers, Ada J  (Hood)  housework  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nellie I  housework

Rumery, Sophia  (Hill)  Goodwin's Mills

Russell, Wilber M  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Edith M  (Perkins)  housework
    Claude M
    Dorothy A


Skinner, Josephine  (Smith)  Goodwin's Mills

Smith, Foss farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Freeman  farmer  Waterboro

Smith, C Howard  farmer & carpenter
    Lelia D  (Hill)
    Russell E
    Sydna R  pupil
    Ruth H

Smith, Clarence  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Grace  (Walker)  housework

Smith, Albert J  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Elizabeth  (Cummings)  housework
    Lucinda I  (married Dow)

Smith, Herbert  com trav  Saco, RFD 3
    Ada E  (Sawyer)  housework
    Herman B  student
    Walter I
    Blanche E  pupil

Smith, Robt C  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Elizabeth  (White)
    *Dan'l A  moulder  Providence, R I
    *Walter  miner  San Francisco, Cal
    *Clarence E  hat maker  Mansfield, Mass
    Herbert  com trav

Smith, Alfred R  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Addie E  (Smith)  housework
    Ruth A  pupil

Smith, Elmer E  engineer  Saco, RFD 3
    Sadie E  (Hight)
    Lizzie A  pupil
    Wallace P  pupil
    Maud L  pupil
    Ruby F  pupil
    Florence M  (Chase)
    Harold W  housework

Smith, Rufus A  farmer  Saco  RFD 3
    Lydia A  (Dyer)  housework
    *Emma F  dress maker  Saco
    Geo L  farmer
    Annie E  housework
    *Florence M  dress maker  SAco

Smith, Chas S  farmer & butcher  Goodwin's Mills
    Della C  (Walker)  housework
    Walker B  pupil
    Coyle B  pupil

Smith, Ruby  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Smith, Stephen L  farmer  Hollis Center
    Lydia V  (Gould)  housework
    Addie E  (married Smith)
    Fred H  station engineer

Smith, Fred H  engineer  Clark's Mills
    Jennie E  (Hight)  housework
    Royal H G  student

Stiles, Frank C  mill work  Clark's Mills
    Mabel Y  (Davis)  housework

Strom, Andrew A  farmer  Hollis Center
    Martha E  (Redlon)  housework
    *Henry O  carpenter  South Portland
    Sarah L
    Adolph  mill operator
    Annie  housework
    Georgie E  housework
    Grace L  housework
    Pearl E  farmer

Sylvester, Geo  physician & surgeon  Goodwin's Mills
    Ellen  (Buzzell)


Thombley, Pearl E  Hollis Center

Townsend, Adelaide  (Frost)  Goodwin's Mills


Wadlin, Sarah  (Mayberry)  Biddeford, Box 48

Wakefield, Albert V  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Martha A  (Ross)  housework
    *Ellen M  bookkeeper  Biddeford
    *Burton E  clerk  Biddeford
    Elton E  pupil

Wakefield, Alonzo H  farmer  Saco, RFD 3

Welch, Adelbert I  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Minnie W  (Hill)  housework
    Gleadell  pupil
    Fremont A  pupil

Whitehead, Sarah E  (Hill)  Saco, RFD 3
    Frank E  farmer

Whitehead, Frank E  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Ida E  (Colburn)  housework
    Frances E  pupil
    Ray E  pupil
    Geo L  pupil

Whitehouse, Edward  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Nettie B  (Muce)

Whitehouse, Benjamin  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Lucy F  (Wadlin)
    *Laura J  (married Rumery)  Biddeford
    *S Annie  (married Waterhouse) 
    *Lizzie  (married Day)  Lyman
    *Edward  farmer
    Lucy W

Waterhouse, Wm H  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Ruth L  (Hill)  housework
    *Alfred L  clerk  Biddeford
    *Wm F H  bookkeeper  Rumford Falls

Waterhouse, James W  milkman  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Anna  (Whitehouse)  housework

Whitten, Geo  farmer  Saco, RFD 3
    Harold A  pupil
    *Almeron W  wood work  Saco
    *Perley C  electrician  railroad service  Swampscot, Mass

Whittier, Nancy  (Whitten)  Biddeford, RFD 4

Witham, Josiah  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Eliza E  (married Crum)  Milton Mills, N H
    *Lizzie  (married Kilgore)  Hallowell
    *Abbie A  dress maker  Milton Mills, N H
    Chas H  milkman
    *Lucy  (married Goss)  Boston
    *Edwin I   Hallowell

Woodman, Hannah A  (Weymouth)  Saco, RFD 3

Woodman, Alonzo  box maker  Clark's Mills
    Abbie  (Gould)  housework


Young, Seth G  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4







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