1905 Census for Hollis

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Alfred, Lyman, Dayton, Hollis & Waterboro Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Hollis is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Abbott, Sarah  (Edgcomb)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    *Daniel O  city employee  Portland
    *Fred U  engineer  East Waterboro
    *Alma E  (married Philbrick)  Boston, Mass
    *Carrie h  (married Gammon) South Limington

Abbott, Elmer E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Cora E  (Benson)
    Leora E  pupil
    Bonaparte O  pupil
    Elmer  B B

Akers, Jane  (Foss)  sum boarders

Anderson, Frances  (Whitehouse)  West Buxton
    Stuart F

Atkinson, Edw  farmer  Bar Mills
    Alice  (Palmer)  housework

Atkinson, Nathan S  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Marcia  (married Smith)       
    Jennie  (Lightbody)

B        Top

Bacon, Elbride E  Bar Mills  dentist retired
    *Henry  lumberman  Memphis, Tenn
    *Daniel  New York City

Bacon, Roscoe E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Mary E  (Holden)  housework
    Henry E  pupil
    Lizzie M  pupil
    Nellie Maude  pupil

Bacon, Laura  weaver  West Buxton

Barnes, Almon H  jeweler  West Buxton
    Rachel B  (Tracy)
    *Walter H  mason  Boston, Mass
    *Alice M  (married Fluent) housework  Buxton
    Almon T  teamster
    Ella Cynthia  student
    Lyle Raymond  clerk

Barnes, Almon T teamster  West Buxton
    Louise  (Sawyer)

Batchelder, Chas E  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Sarah  (Ridlon)

Batchelder, John M C  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Helen M
    *Augusta  (married Houtz)  Clyde, Kansas
    *Inez L  (married Heath)  Brunswick

Bean, Wm F  farmer & carpenter
    Carrie J  (Johnson)
    Luella M  dress maker & housework

Bean, Chas A  carpenter  West Buxton, RFD 1

Bean, George M S  wood turner  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lena M  housework
    Harold E  student
    George W

Bean, Eliza  (Kelley)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Bennett, Frank M  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Arvilla A  (Bennett)
    Maud L  teacher

Benson, Franklin  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Benson, Jeremiah  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Violet  (Bridges)  housework

Benson, Augusta  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Benson, Eliza J retired West Buxton, RFD 1

Benson, Susan  (Chadbourne)  West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Emily T  (married Fletcher)  Farmington, NH
    Cora  (married Abbott)

Benson, Herbert D  bookkeeper  West Buxton, RFD 3

Benson, Hannah  (Gooding, West Buxton, RFD 3

Berry, Orrington C  blacksmith Hollis Center
    Louise  (Moulton) housework
    Cecil  pupil
    Gladys  pupil

Berry, John H  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    *Fannie  (married Bragdon)  housework
    *Rodney  city employee  Portland
    Georgia  (Hanson)

Berry, J W  painter  West Buxton
    Asenath  (Furlong)  housework
    *Nellie  (married Nailor)  Lewiston
    *Herbert  mill operator  Lisbon Falls
    Lillie  (married Webster)
    *Sarah L  (married Townsend)

Berry, Pearl  West Buxton
    Katherine  (Kenny)

Berry, Vasco  mason  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Tenie  (Higgins)  housework
    Arthur  student
    Edith  pupil

Bickell, Alice  weaver  West Buxton

Bickford, Mary E  (Sawyer)  West Buxton
    *Alfred L  Lowell, Mass

Blackstone, Emeline  (Usher)  Bonny Eagle

Blake, Marie C  (Bean)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Blunt, Colby C  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Bowdoin, A A  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

Bradbury, Harry A  farmer  Hollis Center
    Louise B  (Guilford)  housework
    Brice A  pupil
    Rita H  pupil
   Dorothy E

Bradbury, Fred F  teamster  Hollis Center
    Lillis  (Sanborn)  housework
    Stella M  pupil
    Edna L  pupil
    Blanch M  pupil
    Agnes J  pupil

Bradbury, Harrington G  Hollis Center  mason
    Georgia A  (Guilford)  housework
    Rose F  pupil
    Royal M  pupil
    Helen M
    Hulda G

Bradbury, Willard J  mason
    Josephine E  (Wormell)
    *Olive E  teacher  Frankfort
    Grace D  student
    Ralph W  student
    Chas H  pupil
    W Earl  pupil
    Ivory J  pupil

Bradbury, Wilbur  Hollis Center, RFD 1  stone mason
    Mary E  (Stuart)
    Sarah S  (married Guilford)
    Osborne  railroad service
    Miles S  mill hand
    Esther  student

Bradbury, Osborne  railroad service  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Millicent A  (Vittum)

Bradbury, Margaret  (Knight)  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Adelbart L

Bradbury, Edgar  stonecutter  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Harriet  (Osborne)

Bridges, Fred  mill hand  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Bradbury, Geo L  mason  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Addie M  (Knight)
    *Percy C  clerk  Boston
    Harold I  clerk

Bradbury, John  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Lewis O  stone cutter
    Mabel  (Wakefield)
    Lester C  pupil
    Kenneth E  pupil
    Bernice F  pupil

Bradbury, Lindley L  Hollis Center, RFD 1  lumber manufacturer
    Alice A  (Hobbs)
    Everett L  pupil
    Mildred I  pupil
    Florence L  pupil

Bradbury, Winthrop  retired  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Bradbury, Belle L  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Bradbury, James  farmer  Hollis Center
    Ida  (Farrar)
    *Harry G

Bradbury, A L  general store  Hollis Center
    Herbertina  (Varney)  housework

Bradbury, Mary A  (Hobson)  West Buxton

Bradbury, Walter E  carpenter  Hollis Center
    Abbie F  (Meserve)

Brodish, Olive  Bar Mills

Bragdon, Perley G  retired  Hollis Center

Bragdon, Amos  farmer
    Fannie H  (Berry)  housework
    Forrest  pupil
    Dora  pupil

Briant, Mary  (Pease)  merchant  West Buxton

Bridges, Geo  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Brooks, Roberts  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Brooks, Edwin  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Laura  (Stevens)

Brown, Edwin  farmer West Buxton
    Eva m  (Dorr)
    Bessie M

Brown, Rebecca M  (Hewitt)  West Buxton

Bruce, George W  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Oreville C  (Hill)
    *Harry J  farmer  Dayton
    *Carrie E  nurse  Lowell, Mass
    *Willie G  farmer  Dayton
    *Sarah M  (married Hight)  Dayton

Buckle, Harry A  spinner  West Buxton
    Florence G  (Bickell)
    John H

Burnham, Watson  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Lottie M  (Burnham)  housework

Burnham, Mark  farmer  Hollis Center
    Mercy R  (Whitten)
    Charlotte  (married Burnham)
    Mary A

Burnham, Sophia  (Tarbox)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Geo E  farmer

Burnham, Geo E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Jennie  (Dyer)
    Lela  (married Miles)

Burnham, Leroy A  mill hand  Hollis Center
    Malvina  (Vittum)

Burnham, Jas P  farmer & carpenter  South Hollis
    Mary  (Jellerson)  housework
    Lewis E  blacksmith
    Willis J  machinist
    *Cora  (married Burnham)  Saco
    *Fannie  (married Burnham)  Saco

Burnham, Mary A  (Wakefield)  South Hollis

Burnham, James A  farmer  South Hollis
    Helen M  (Kilpatrick)  housework

Burnham, Edward T  Hollis Center, RFD 1  lumber dir
    Luella  (Deering)
    Christine E  pupil
    Forrest  pupil
    Arline  pupil

Burpee, Nathaniel B  retired  Hollis Center
    Myra D  (Benson)

C        Top

Carl, C L  retired  Hollis Center
    Caroline  (Townsend)
    *Frank  motorman  Saco
    *Eugene  merchant  Saco
    *Annie  (married Carter)  Saco
    *Alva  horse dir  Westbrook
    Luella  (married Libby)

Carle, T J  carpenter  Hollis Center, RFD1
    Susan  (McKenney)
    Annie M  (married Hamilton)
    Irving L  farm hand
    Arthur E farmer
    Ella R  (married Gay)
    Flora M  housework

Carll, Samuel  Bar Mills
    Nancy  (Haley)

Carter, Harry  laborer  Hollis Center
    Julia  (Tripp)
    Ernest W  pupil

Cass, Geo  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

Chadbourne, Colby  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lucy  (Johnson)  housework

Chapman, Wm W  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

Clark, Jas W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Evelyn W  (Emery)

Clark, Clara  (Hodgdon)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Clark, Hattie  West Buxton, RFD 1

Clark, Elizabeth  (Davis)  Bar Mills

Clark, Wilbur F  farmer  East Waterboro
    Emily  (Dennett)  housework
    Lester D  jeweler
    Florence  student

Clark, Chas F  retired  Clark's Mills
    Mary A  (York)  housework
    M Ada  housework
    Cecil F  lumber manufacturer
    *Lucern L  box manufacturer  Dayton
    *Walter  lumberman  Grafton Center, N H
    *Ida  (married Clark)  Westboro, Mass

Cockburn, Wm  spinner  West Buxton
    Jessie  (Spence)  housework
    David H  pupil
    Jessie M  pupil
    John S  pupil
    Catherine E
    Hazel L

Colclough, Chas A  machinist  Hollis Center
    Martha H  (Bradbury)  housework

Conley, Thomas  West Buxton
    Annie  (Malloy)  housework
    Helena  pupil
    Annie D  pupil
    Thomas  pupil
    Mary  pupil

Cook, C H  foreman  West Buxton

Cook, Alice S  mill operator

Coombs, Jas  carpenter  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Severance)  housework
    Elsie  pupil
    Lester  pupil

Cotton, John F  farmer  West Buxton
    Susie E  (Abbott)  housework
    Anna A

Cotton, H L farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Cousens, Clarence E  barber  Hollis Center
    T Emma  (Cunningham)
    Florence M
    Charlotte A

Crickton, Wm  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

Crockett, Chas  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Alice A  (Hopkinson)

Crockett, Pliny A  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lucy  (Smith)  housework

Crockett, Frank  housework  West Buxton

Crockett, Willis  painter  West Buxton
    Esther  (Haley)

D        Top

Davis, H M  merchant  West Buxton
    Martha E  (Berryman)
    Mary Alice  student
    Frederick H  pupil

Davis, John S  farmer & carpenter  Bonny Eagle
    Sarah M  (Johnson)
    *Harry S  railroad service  Deering Junction
    Lillie A  (married Usher)

Davis, Alphonso  clergyman  Bonny Eagle
    Hannah  (Clement)
    Granville  pupil

Davis, Willard S  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Lena J  (Walker)
    *Hattie F  (married Higgins)  Standish
    *Abbie  (married Emory)  Buxton
    Clarence E

Davis, Dudley  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Rebecca R  (Norris)
    *Lizzie S  (married Chase)  New Boston, N H
    *Florence A  (married Stewart)  Boston, Mass
    Gertrude F  (married Haddon)  Fair Haven, Mass
    *Mabel  (married Pinkham)  Chicopee, Mass
    Clarence L  baseball player

Davis, Alvion  farmer  Bar Mills

Davis, Emily J

Day, Frank W  farmer
    Bertha  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Clara F  housework

Dennett, S W  railroad service  Hollis Center
    Bertha B  (Thorne)
    Marcia  pupil
    Lester S  pupil
    Gladys M  pupil

Dennett, Frank J  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Alena  (Bailey)  housework
    Homer B  student

Dodge, Emma  (Miltmore)  Bonny Eagle
    *Ella B  (married Jeffery)  Salem, Mass
    *Ellen C  (married Sawyer)  West Buxton
    *Gerald N  machinist  Portland
    Captola L  teacher

Dow, Wm M  dyer  West Buxton
    Elsie  (Severance)

Dudley, John  livery  West Buxton

Dyer, Wm H  retired  Bar Mills
    Augusta  (Milliken)  housework
    Algernon S  teacher
    Francis B  music teacher

Dyer, Ida  housework  Hollis Center,  RFD 1

Dyer, Hannah H  Bar Mills

E        Top

Earle, Bessie  (Hill)  Bar Mills
    Oliver E  farmer
    *Forrest  traveling salesman
    Lucinda  (married Harmon)

Earle, Chas  farmer  Bar Mills
    Francellina  (Hanson)

Earle, Alvin  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Eastman, Herman  mill operator  Clark's Mills
    Mildred  (Gammon)
    Doris A

Eaton, Eltora  (Clark)  housework  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Sarepta  pupil

Edgecomb, P G  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Florence  (Hanson)
    Robert  student
    Rose  student
    Clinton  student

Edgecomb, Susan  housework  West Buxton, RFD 1

Edgecomb, Sarah  (Abbott)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Edgecomb,  Geo W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Edgecomb, Stillman B  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Susan  (Gammon)
    *William  railroad service  Newport, RI
    *Sadie  (married Hight)  Clark's Mills

Eldredge, Phoebe  West Buxton, RFD 1

Eldredge, Fred  West Buxton, RFD 1

F        Top

Fogg, W H  laborer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Charity A  (Smith)
    Florence M  teacher
    Charles E  laborer

Fogg, Charles E  laborer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Sarah E  (Stacey)  housework

Fletcher, Levi L  machinist  West Buxton, RFD 3

Flint, A F  bookkeeper  West Buxton
    Mamie E  (Hern)

Fluent, Joseph  farmer  Hollis Center
    Myra  (Hanson)
    Edgar R  student
    Ray Alvin  pupil

Fluent, Edwin A  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Amanda J  (Mills)
    Clarence W  blacksmith

Fluent, Albion  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Hiram  farmer
    Edwin  farmer
    Joseph  farmer

Fluent, Hiram  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Ella  (Smith)  housework

Foss, Henry  farmer  South Hollis
    Martha  (Smith)  housework
    *Ralph  laborer  Saco
    Ida  pupil

Foss, E L  West Buxton, RFD
    Susan A  (Johnson)
    Albert A
    *Loren M  traveling salesman  Lowell, Mass
    *W C  dyer  Greenville, N H

Foss, John  farmer  West Buxton, RFD
    Isabelle  (Huff)
    Myra  pupil
    Annie  pupil

Foster, John B  West Buxton
    Thirza A  (Durgin)
    *Chas Atwood  weaver  Bridgton
    *Annie M  (married Guptill)  Pine Point
    John B  weaver
    *Etta M  (married Stevens)  Pine Point
    *Lizzie  (married Randloff)  Smith Mills
    Lulu J  housework
    *Alonzo D  weaver  Limerick
    Alice Maud

G        Top

Garber, Fred  watch West Buxton

Gay, Laforest M  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Ella R  (Carle)  housework

Getchell, Charles  retired  West Buxton
    Ellen  (Sawyer)

Gilpatrick, Jos  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Eliza  (Watson)  housework
    *Everett E  shop operator  Stowe, Mass

Gilpatrick, Wm  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Etta  (Clark)  housework

Gilpatrick, Orrin  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Hannah  (Benson)
    Elsie  (married Dyer)
    Eldora  (married Dyer)
    Lydia  (married Chapman)
    Clara  (married Linscott)

Goldthwaite, Hiram  merchant  West Buxton
    Esther  (Maddox)

Googins, Henry B  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    *Fred  carpenter  Portland
    *Chester  railroad conductor  Portland
    *Annie  (married Palmer)  Buxton

Graham, Winfield S  clerk  West Buxton
    Carrie E  (Tracy)  housework
    Blanche C  dress maker
    Albert L  jeweler
    M Winnie S  housework
    Lucinda S T  student

Graham, Zachariah  mason  West Buxton
    Ethel L  housework

Guilford, Frank  railroad service  Hollis Center
    Sarah  (Bradbury)  housework
    Beulah I  pupil
    Marion L  pupil
    Lawrence F

Guilford, Nancy  (Cluff)  housework  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Wm H  beef  dir
    *Belle  (married Smith)  Saco
    *Frances  (married Brackett)  Saco

Guptill, Albra  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lydia  (Furlong)
    Lucy  mill operator

H        Top

Haley, Collins W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD
    Annie  (Manson)  housework
    Elmer C  student
    Russell M  pupil

Haley, Becil  farmer  West Buxton, RFD
    Eva  (Smith)  housework
    Francis  housework

Haley, Warren  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Clara  (Stacy)

Haley, John  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Chas E
    Esher A  (married Crockett)

Haley, Chas E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Elizabeth A  (Hillingworth)

Haley, S O  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Haley, E C  mill operator  West Buxton
    Nellie  (Sawyer)
    Martha E  pupil
    Lawrence G  pupil

Hamblin, Hiram  West Buxton, RFD 3 cranberry grower
    Jessie  (Wilson)  housework

Hamilton, George  farmer  Hollis Center,  RFD 1
    Annie  (Carle)  housework
    Mabel  pupil
    Fred  pupil

Hanson, C M  blacksmith  Hollis Center
    Bertha  (Bradbury)  housework

Hanson,  Freeman  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    *Clifford  machinist  Windsor, Vt
    Hattie A  (Swan)

Hanson, Fred  painter  Bar Mills
    Etta  (Tyler)

Hanson, Orrin  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Mary E  (Moulton)
    Annie M  (married Hanson)

Hanson, William  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Nora M  (Smith)
    Russell B
    Maude Irene  pupil
    Hazel P  pupil
    Emma E
    Bertha M

Hanson, Charles B  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Algernon  farmer
    *Walter  machinist  Fitchburg, Mass
    *Ida (married Perkins)  Acton
    *Mary  (married Getchell)  Unity
    Eva  (married Smith)

Hanson, Samuel  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Mary  (Tarbox)  housework

Hanson, Wm  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    *Wm F  carpenter  Portland
    *Harry carpenter  Portland
    Samuel  farmer
    Nellie  teacher
    Lizzie  student

Hanson, Priscilla  (Woodman)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    *Carrie P  (married Townsend)  Portsmouth, N H
    *Wm H  electrician  railroad service  Westboro, Mass
    *Susan M  (married Harmon)  Salmon Falls
    *Sarah E  (married Googins)  Portland
    *Albert J  machinist  Warren, Mass

Hanson, Sarah H  (Dyer)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Emma E
    Sadie A
    Granville H

Hanson, Granville H  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Mary E  (Woodman)

Hanson, Josiah  farmer   West Buxton, RFD 1
    Emily  (Dyer)  housework
    Frank  farmer
    *Leon  railroad service  Portland
    Eben  farmer

Hanson, Frank  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Edna  (Harmon)  housework

Hanson, Eben  painter  West Buxton, RFD
    Annie  (Hanson)
    Albert  student

Harmon, C P  banker  West Buxton
    Sarah  (Elwell)  housework
    *Albert E  South Coventry
    *Maud J  (married Thompson)  Sanford
    Conrad  weaver

Harmon, Mary  (Wentworth)  West Buxton
    Edward  farmer
    *Annie  (married Riley)  Bridgton
    *Nellie  (married Henderson)  South Hollis

Harmon, Levi  laborer  Hollis Center
    Carrie  (Cate)  housework
    Jennie G  pupil
    Ethel  M  pupil
    Arthur E  pupil
    Earl M

Harmon,  Geo A  farmer  Bar Mills
    Lucinda E  (Palmer)
    *Edna L  (married Hanson)  West Buxton
    Wm H  mill operator
    Paul S  mill operator
    Geo  Ellis

Harmon, M A  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Harmon,  Edward L  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Maud M  (Brown)

Harmon, Ezra  farmer  Bar Mills
    Lucinda  (Earle)  housework
    Frank R

Harmon, Frederick  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1

Harmon, Joseph G  farmer West Buxton, RFD 3
    Rebecca  (Higgins)  housework
    *Josiah L  steward  Peak's Island
    Frederick O   farmer

Harriman, Llewellyn  farmer
    Lizzie  (Finson)
    Walker  farmer
    *Luella  (married Haynes)  Buxton
    Emery  farmer
    *Alma  (married Pinkham)  Bar Mills
    Charles  farmer
    Dora  student
    Geo  pupil
    Vivian  pupil

Harford, Geo W  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Carrie  (married York)
    *Randall  farmer  Limington
    *Llewellyn  Porter
    *Fannie  Auburn

Haskell, Wm S  farmer  Hollis Center
    Abbie  (Lincoln)
    *Addie L  (married Covell)  Greenfield, Mass
    Edward W  pupil

Hays, Fred C  farmer  Hollis Center  RFD 1
    Margery  (Hight)  housework

Hayes, Geo B  mill operator  Bar Mills
    Susie  (Burbank)  housework

Heath,  Geo H  boss spinner  West Buxton
    Annie  (Partridge)  housework

Henderson,  Lewis  railroad service  South Hollis
    Mellie  (Harmon)  housework

Henderson, Fairfield  farmer  Hollis Center,  RFD 1
    Eliza  (Harmon)

Herne, Georgia  (Kimball)  housework  West Buxton
    Mamie E  (married Flint)  housework
    Leon  farmer
    Blanche  pupil
    Agnes  pupil

Higgins,  Clarence  carpenter  West Buxton
    Fanny I  (Bickell
    Prentice  pupil
    Hazel  pupil

Higgins,  Mary A  housework  West Buxton, RFD 3

Higgins, Roy P  weaver  West Buxton
    Nellie  (Maddox)  housework
    Lawrence C

Hight, Lydia A  housework  Clark's Mills

Hight, O C  mill operator  Clark's Mills
    Sadie j  (Edgecomb)

Hight, Fred M  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Emma A  (Clark)

Hill, Nellie  West Buxton

Hobson, Wm A   P M  West Buxton
    Florence I  (Thomes)  housework
    Herbert H  pupil
    Edward P  pupil
    Reba H  pupil
    Carola  T  pupil
    Jabez W

Hobson, Bethiah  (Atkinson)  West Buxton

Hobson, Edwin A  West Buxton  county commissioner
    Hattie  (Hill)

Hobson, Alvin  farmer  West Buxton
    Sarah D  (Johnson)
    Wm D

Hobson, Wm D  merchant  West Buxton
    Alice M  (Scamman)  housework
    Lucile A
    Ralph W

Hodgdon, J T  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Josephine  (Eldridge)
    Raymond E

Holland, Geo M  engineer  West Buxton
    Laura  (Hanna)

Hooper, Martha J  (Libby)  Hollis Center

Hooper, Nathan C  retired  West Buxton
    Nancy  (Partridge)
    James Partridge
    Annie Partridge
    Edith Massey

Hooper, B Frank farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Kathleen  (Cashin)
    *Charles F  foreman  Sanford
    *Blanche  (married Carll)  Sanford
    *Everett  meat dir  York

Hosie, Wilbur  mill hand  Clark's Mills
    Velma  (Littlefield)

Huff, George P  farmer  West Buxton, RFD
    Sarah E  (Bean)
    Leonora A  housework
    Isabell I  (married Foss)
    *Benjamin W  engineer  Portland

Huff, Benj F  retired  West Buxton
    *Nellie E  (Foster)  Saco
    *Benj F  overseer  Saco
    *George E  mill operator  Saco

Huston, Frank d  teamster  Clark's Mills
    Lizzie M  (Fogg)
    Chester E  pupil
    Mertie G  pupil
    Cora B  pupil

Hutchinson, E M  farmer  West Buxton
    F D  farmer
    *Alice  (married  Freeman)  Steep Falls
    *Agnes  (married Wilbur)  Portland
    *Arthur  hotel  Chicago, Ill
    *Mildred  (married Webber)  Portland
    *John  hotel  Old Orchard
    *Isabell  (married Lewis)  Portland

I        Top

Illingsworth, Wm  retired  West Buxton
    William B  mill operator
    *Mary  (married Crowthers)  housework  Weeks Mills
    *James  mill operator  Bridgton
    *George  mill operator  Ontario, Can
    Mary  (Braithwaite)  housework
    David S  overseer

Illingsworth, Edward  mill operator  West Buxton
    Florence  (Millwood)  housework
    Edward A  mill operator
    Arline M  pupil
    Mabel F  pupil
    Joseph  pupil
    Beatrice  pupil
    Mary E
    Lydia M

Illingsworth, Benj  farmer  West Buxton

Ingalls,  Archie  West Buxton
    Fantie  (Sands)

Ingalls, Chas  boarding house  West Buxton
    Hattie  (Cole)
    *Malcolm  clerk  Bar Mills
    *Harry F  farmer  Gorham
    Belmont  weaver
    Archie  weaver

J        Top

Jewett, Mary (Benson)  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Johnson, Cecil M  mill  West Buxton

Johnson, Mabel L  housework  West Buxton

Johnson, Henry  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Sarah  (Hammuth)  housework

Johnson, Charles  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lena  (Tarbox)  housework
    Eva  pupil
    Grace  pupil

Johnson, Flora Dora  West Buxton, RFD

Johnson, Almond  farmer

Johnson, Dorcas  (Hooper)  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Frank K  farmer

Johnson, Julia  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Johnson, Seth B  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Nora L  (Dearborn)  housework

Johnson, Mary  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Junkins, Lydia M  (Smith)  West Buxton
    Alonzo  spinner
    *Mattie A  (married Johnson)  South Boston, Mass
    *Octavia G  (married Graffam)  Bar Mills
    *Abbie W  (married Hall)  Bar Mills

Junkins, Merton A  teamster  Bar Mills
    Annie  (Kimball)
    Zeba L
    Alice A
    Louisa G
    Harriet M
    John W

K        Top

Killelea, Lawrence  retired  West Buxton

Kimball, Henry  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Marcia  (married Smith)
    Clarence  laborer
    Alva  pupil

Kimball, Wm  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Georgia  (married Herne)
    *Howard  mechanic  Saco

Kimball, Ellis  laborer  Bar Mills

Kimball, T L  farmer
    Eugenia W  (Kimball)

Knight, James  farmer  Hollis Center
    Lydia A  (Warren)  housework
    Addie M  (married Bradbury)
    *Ida H  (married Tucker)  Boston
    *Emma m  (married Horne)  Malden, Mass

Knight, Alvin  farmer  Hollis Center,  RFD 1

L        Top

Lane, E T H  (Chadbourne)  retired  Bonny Eagle
    Geo E  retired physician
    Thomas C  insurance agent

Langley, Guy A  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Addie  (Smith)  housework
    Ray  pupil

Lermond, L J  druggist  West Buxton
    Gertrude  (Moody)  housework
    Dorothy L  pupil
    Gladys G
    Paul L

Libby, Loisa  (Bragdon)  Hollis Center

Libby,  George  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Almeda E  (Berry)
    Harry B  student
    L Francis  pupil
    Susie  pupil

Libby,  John E  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

Linscott, Joseph  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Clara  (Gilpatrick)
    Irene S

Linscott, George H  mason  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Ethel M  (Morrison)  housework
    Charles J  mason
    George H  farmer & mason
    Ethel M  housework

Littlefield, Geo H  mill hand  Clark's Mills
    Lillian E  (Ferguson)

Littlefield, Joseph D  merchant  Clark's Mills
    Georgia A  (married York)  housework
    Abbie J  (married Tripp)  housework
    Lulie  (married Woodman)  housework
    Edna  (Carle)  housework

Locke,  Mary J  (Roberts)  Hollis Center

Locke, Chas  farmer & mason  Hollis Center
    Nellie  (Stuart)
    Della O  teacher
    Millard C  student

Locke, Ambrose C  farmer  Hollis Center
    Hattie A  Burnham  housework
    Everett  farmer
    *Myra E  (married Clark)  Clark's Mills

Lord,  Lottie  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Lowell, Wm  farmer  Bonny Eagle
    Hattie  (Campbell)
    *Albert  laborer  Buxton
    Frank  laborer
    Ethel Lena  pupil
    William  pupil
    Bertha  pupil
    George F  pupil

Lowell, Orrin  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Lettie  (Tibbets)
    *Albert  Lynn, Mass
    *Maud  (married Morrell)  Limerick
    *Edith  (married Sweet)  South Portland
    *Mabel  (married Robinson)  Portland
    *Everett  mill operator  Westbrook
    Augusta  housework
    Forrest  pupil
    Nora  pupil
    Margaret  pupil

M        Top

Maddox, Ivory  retired  Bar Mills

Maddox, Geo H  teamster  Bar Mills
    Fred  mill hand
    Flossie A  pupil
    Myrtle A  pupil

Maddox, Richard  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Fanny  (Sawyer)
    Herbert E

Maddox, Edwin F  electrician  West Buxton
    Nettie  (Douglass)
    Nellie  (married Higgins)
    Ethel M

Maddox, Sarah  (married Sevrance)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Edwin F  farmer
    *I Herbert  barber  Cornish

Manson, Chas H  farmer  West Buxton
    *Edwin N  Ice  Portland
    *Mabel M  (married Sands)  Buxton
    Annie B  (Brown)

McDaniel, Sally  (Moulton)  Hollis Center

McDaniel, Ivory S  farmer & agent
    Fannie O  (Mills)  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    *Grace E  student  Poland Springs
    Amy Geneva  pupil

McKenney, Chas W  Bar Mills  lumber dir
    Almira  (Pennell)
    Chas H
    *Dora M  (married Glover)  Dorchester, Mass
    *Aaron B  Mattapan, Mass

McNerney, Wm  farmer  Bar Mills
    Lizzie E  (Hallowell)
    Maud F  housework
    Bertha M  housework
    Flossie  housework
    Arthur  mill operator
    Annie L

Meserve,  Geo E  mail carrier  Hollis Center
    Marilla  (Bradbury)  housework
    Vera E  pupil
    John A  pupil

Miles, Leroy E  station agent  Hollis Center
    Lelia E  (Burnham)

Miller, Statira  housework  Bar Mills

Miller, Mary E  housework  Bar Mills

Milliken, Margaret  (Brown)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Milliken, Sarah H  (Smith)  West Buxton,

Moore, Eugene  teamster  Clark's Mills
    Elenora  (Merrill)
    Eugene W

Moulton, W S 2d  cabinet maker
    Mary D  (Coffin)  housework
    *Mabel  (Emery)  housework  Biddeford
    *Cyrus  traveling salesman  Buxton

Moulton, W S  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Hanson) 
    *Lilla  (married Lombard)  Portland
    Louisa  (married Berry)
    Mary E  (married Hanson)
    L S

Moulton, L S  grist mill  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Murphy, Alice  student  Bar Mills

Murray, Agnes  West Buxton, RFD

N        Top

Nason, Minnie H  housework

Nelson, James E  painter  West Buxton,  RFD 1
    Nora  (Fay)  housework
    *Howard J  Somersworth, N H
    George W  pupil
    May E  pupil
    James A  pupil
    Maude  (married Benson)

Nelson, Martha  (Hanson)  Hollis Center

Newcomb, Rebecca  (Moulton)  Hollis Center

Newcomb, Burleigh E  farmer  Hollis Center
    Bertha M  (Hollis)  housework
    Dudley E  pupil

P        Top

Page, Warren  mill operator  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Arvilla  (Pike)

Palmer, Leonard J  creamery  West Buxton
    *Paul R  mason  Boston, Mass
    Hattie  (Tarbox)
    John W
    *Georgia A  (married Libby)  South Standish

Palmer, Everett  pupil  Hollis Center

Palmer, Ralph  Hollis Center

Palmer, Geo  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Pamelia  (Hanson)  housework
    S Ella  housework
    Mary O  (married Patterson)
    *Will G  mill hand  Albany
    Cora E  (married Tarbox)

Palmer, Albion  farmer  Bar Mills
    Martha  (Guilford)  housework

Palmer, Mary  (Palmer)  Bar Mills

Palmer, Horatio W  farmer  Bar Mills
    Georgia A  (Ladd)  housework

Palmer, Nathan  mill hand
    Roy I  mill hand
    Inez E  housework
    Merl W  farm hand
    Freeman C  pupil

Partridge, James W  blacksmith  West Buxton
    Josie  (Smith)  housework
    Seth L  pupil
    Ruby E  pupil

Patterson, Will N  mill hand  Clark's Mills
    Mary O  (Palmer)  housework
    Maud A  pupil

Pike, Daniel  spinner  West Buxton
    Ellen  (Illingworth)

Q        Top

Quint, Samuel T  farmer  West Buxton

R        Top

Rand, Serena  (Dunn)  West Buxton

Rand, John W  mill operator  West Buxton
    Etta  (Smith)  housework
    Gertrude E

Randall, Emma  (Scammon)  West Buxton,  RFD 1

Raymond, S F  carpenter & painter  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Eliza A  (Brooks)

Reed, Thos L  farmer  West Buxton
    Sarah J  (Hamilton)  housework

Randall, Chas E  farmer  West Buxton
    Isabell  (Maddox)

Ridlon, E F  undertaker & merchant  West Buxton
    Cora B  (West)
    Oscar E  clerk
    Sarah A  pupil

Ridlon, Joseph H  farmer  Bonny Eagle

Ridlon, James G  farmer  Bonny Eagle
    Mary F  (Davis)  housework

Richards, Rachel  (married Williams)  West Buxton
    *W Arthur  student  Keuka Park NY
    ruth S
    Mervyn E

Roberts, Elmer T  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    O Evie  (Smith)

Roberts, Judson  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Nellie  (Durgin)  housework
    Edith  pupil

Rogers, Fred  mill operator
    Gladys  (Sands)

Ross, Albert E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Onsville W

Ross, Onsville W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Fannie E  (McCarthy)

Ross, Frank M  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Ella  (Hight)  housework
    Collis F  student
    J Willis  pupil

Rumery, Nancy  (Johnson)  Bonny Eagle
    Louville  carpenter
    *Maude J  (married Berry)  housework  Woodfords

S        Top

Sanborn, Albion A  engineer  Hollis Center
    *Herbert  quarryman  Alfred
    Emma  student
    Frank A  pupil
    Ruth A  pupil

Sanborn, A Wm  mason  Hollis Center
    Ruth E  (Stuart)  housework
    Albion A
    Lillie L  (married Bradbury)

Sanborn, Fred  laborer  Clark's Mills
    Mattie J  (Gilpatrick)
    Ada  housework
    Mabel G
    Edith H  student
    Bertha G  pupil

Sands, Geo  farmer  West Buxton
    Bertha  (married Files)  West Gorham
    Fanny  (married Ingalls)
    Gladys  (married Rogers)

Sawyer, Thomas C  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Hattie C  (Sawyer)  housework
    Almon J  merchant
    Dora  (married Tarbox)

Sawyer, John  farmer  West Buxton
    Rose  (Ricker)  housework

Sawyer, Chas F  lumberman  West Buxton
    Ellen  (Dodge)  housework
    Guy  pupil

Sawyer, Mathias H  lumberman  West Buxton
    Melinda E  (Johnson)
    Charles F
    *Algernon A  shoe operator  Haverhill, Mass
    *Bertha M  (married Boulter)  South Standish
    Louise M  (married Barnes)

Sawyer, Almon J  merchant  West Buxton
    Elizabeth  (Jackson)
    Frederick  pupil
    Bruce  pupil

Scammon, C E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Eunice A  (Randall)  housework
    *John L  news dir  Old Orchard
    *Alice M  (married Hobson)  West Buxton
    *Benjamin  clerk  Portland
    Alta J  pupil

Scott, Marshall  farmer  Bonny Eagle
    Ellen  (Ingalls)

Severance, Jacob H  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Holden)  housework
    Mary E  (married Bacon)

Severance, Wm D  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Sarah  (Maddox)
    Tillie  (married Smith)
    Ella  (married Martin)

Severance, Sarah  (Wentworth)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Severance, John  mill operator  West Buxton, RFD 1

Severance, Edward  mill operator  West Buxton, RFD 1

Shorey, Guy  lineman  West Buxton
    Hattie  (Libby)  housework
    Carlton A  pupil
    Susie M  pupil
    Rosa E

Sawyer, Frank  teamster  West Buxton
    Sarah  (Hanna)
    Eugene F  student
    Marion A  pupil
    Carrol D  pupil

Small, Diana  (Coombs)  South Hollis
    John E  farmer

Small, George H  teamster  West Buxton
    Hattie  (Small)
    Alphonso J  fireman
    Ernest E  mill operator
    Harland  mill operator

Small, Alphonso J  fire  West Buxton
    Annie E  (Craig)  housework

Smith, Arthur L  farmer  & mason  Hollis Center
    Mary E  (Rand)
    Gertrude F  pupil
    Revere R  pupil
    Edwin R  pupil
    Winona M  pupil

Smith, Joseph L  farmer  Hollis Center
    Susie  (Benson)  housework
    Ruth H  pupil

Smith, Edwin T  mason  Hollis Center
    Annie L  (Perkins)

Smith, Stephen W  ext sales  Hollis Cneter

Smith, Jennie G  (Cole)  Hollis Center, RFD 1

Smith, John H  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Eva A  (Hanson)  houswork
    Nina S  pupil
    Milton A  pupil

Smith, James O  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Sarah E  (Raymond)
    Robert C  student

Smith, Juliet  (Hight)  West Buxton, RFD

Smith, Lydia A  West Buxton, RFD

Smith, Elizabeth  (Chadbourn)  West Buxton,  RFD
    Ernest C  hotel
    *Charles O  con & mason  Roslindale, Mass

Smith, Constine D  merchant  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lillian  (Foster)
    Laura M  (married Smith)

Smith, Clinton J  laborer  West Buxton
    Matilda  (Severance)  housework
    Harold C
    Everlena A

Smith, Helen  (Peabody)  West Buxton,  RFD 1
    Guy  farmer
    Ruby  (married Maccorison)
    Sibyl  student

Smith, Geo C  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Annie  (Benson)
    *Linwood A  carpenter  Portland

Smith, Linwood A  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Marcia  (Kimball)
    George H
    Lillian D

Smith, John P  West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Clarence H  plumber  Brockton, Mass
    *Anna H  (Smith)  West Buxton
    Joseph L  farmer

Smith, Abbie  (Clay)  housework  West Buxton, RFD 3
    James M  farmer
    *Merritt J  milk dir  Enfield, Mass
    Mamie M  housework
    Bertha M  pupil

Smith, Walter  H  farmer  West Buxton, RFD
    Nellie  (Smith)
    Oscar  pupil
    Herbert  pupil
    Ralph  pupil
    Ruby  pupil

Smith, Mary  (Townsend)  West Buxton

Sawyer, Cordelia A  (Harmon)  West Buxton
    *Rebecca  (married Eaton)  Nashua, N H
    Ellen  (married Getchell)
    Mary  (married Bickford)
    *Hattie A  Lowell, Mass

Smith, Samuel  shoemaker  West Buxton
    Anna F  (Smith)
    Una M
    *Lester P  laborer  Saco

Smith, Josephine  (Johnston)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Lorenzo D farmer
    *Eugene  accountant  Cincinnati, Ohio
    *Alta Mabel  housework  Gorham
    Georgia B  teacher

Smith, Lorenzo D  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Laura  (Smith)  housework
    Norma M  pupil
    Clyde L  pupil
    Doris E

Smith, Wm A  blacksmith  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Eliza E  (Hill)  housework
    Austin W  pupil
    Lillian E  pupil

Smith, C W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Aurilla H  (Gammon)  housework
    Wm A  blacksmith

Smith, Joseph L  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Luella F  teacher  Peaks Island
    *Albert H  mill hand  Waterboro

Snow, Ellen L  (Lane)  Bonny Eagle
    W Palmer L  student

Standish, Lulu F  weaver  West Buxton

Stanley, Geo E  millman  Hollis Center
    *Fred E  saw filer  Sebago Lake
    *Percy  engineer  Portland
    *Everett G  sawyer  Clark's Mills
    *Annie J  teacher  Porter
    Callie  (Bragdon)  housework

Stanley, Everett  sawyer  Clark's Mills
    Elma  (Tarbox)  housework
    Gertrude J

Stevens, Hannah S  (Bisbee)  Hollis Center

Stevens, Ivory E  farmer  Hollis Center
    Frank B  farmer

Stevens, Frank B  farmer  Hollis Center
    Elva  (Tarbox)  housework

Stuart, Merriam R  (Sanborn)  Hollis Center
    Frank H
    Nellie A  (married Locke)
    *Bertha M  (married Clark)  Dayton
    Newton G

Stuart, Newton G  Hollis Center
    Carrie  (Waterhouse)
    Florence W
    Meredith R

Swan, Httie A  (married Hanson)  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    *Edmund C  telephone operator  Albany, NY

Swett, Eudoxia  (Pennell)  Bar Mills

Swett, Moses  West Buxton, RFD 1  Town Farm keeper
    Ida  (Upright)  housework
    Maria F

Swett, Maria  (Waterhouse)  West Buxton, RFD 1
    George W  farmer
    Fred A  farmer
    Lucius B  student
    *Edward W  farmer Lewiston

T        Top

Tanner, Ella   Hollis Center, RFD 1

Tarbox, Percy S  P M  Hollis Center

Tarbox, Gilbert M  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Elizabeth  (Bradeen)  housework
    *Lizzie M  (married Walton)  Woodville, Mass
    May A  (married Smith)

Tarbox, Everett A  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Cora E  (Palmer)  housework
    Blanche O

Tarbox, Blaisdell  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Mary  (Varney)
    Florence  music teacher
    Percy  post master
    Everett  farmer

Tarbox, Henry M  farmer  West Buxton
    Abbie  (Gove)  housework
    Hartley M  farmer
    Lena S  (married Johnson)
    *Jessie H  printer  Sanford
    May B  (married Hanson)
    Myrtle I  housework

Tarbox, Geo H  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    M Etta  (Bradbury)
    Homer  mill operator
    Elva  (married Stevens)
    Elma  (married Stanley)

Tarbox, J W  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Chester W  weaver  Bridgton
    Elmer H  student
    Dora  (Sawyer)  housework

Tarbox, E A  West Buxton
    Jennie B  (Hooper)

Taylor, Eliza  West Buxton,  RFD 1

Thompson, Alvin F  farmer  Bar Mills
    Elizabeth  (Whitten)
    Mildred  teacher
    George H  carpenter
    *Alvin  Rochester, N H
    Harry  mill hand

Thompson, Cecil  West Buxton

Thorn, Eliza  (Johnson)  Bonny Eagle

Townsend, Wilbur L  barber  West Buxton
    Sarah L  (Berry)

Townsend, Susan D  West Buxton, RFD

Townsend, Jacob  retired  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Miranda  (Rendall)
    Wilbur C  barber
    J Loring  farmer
    *May E  (married Pillsbury)  Limington

Townsend, J Loring  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Rebecca  (Van Duerseu)

Tripp, Forest W  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Abbie J  (Littlefield)  housework
    Leslie L  pupil
    Bertha L
    Laura G
    Millard A

Tripp, Geo A  farmer  Hollis Center
    Mary E  (Holmes)  housework
    Allan N
    Marion C

Tyler, James  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    *Ernest L  engineer  Yarmouth
    *Lester D  teacher  Haverford, Penn
    *Nellie  (married Bowden)  Freeport
    Georgie L  housework
    *Hattie  (married Getchell)  Freeport
    Herbert E  farmer
    Edith M  (Richardson
    Clementina  pupil
    Sarah K
    Helen J

U        Top

Usher, Abbie  (Rowell)  Bonny Eagle
    *Howard S  V S  Standish

Usher, Alva  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Fannie B  (Libby)  housework
    Marion L

Usher, Phoebe G  (Haley)  West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Eva M  (married Gowen)  housework  Wells Branch
    *S Nellie  (married Dunnell)  Buxton
    *Mary S  (married Hayes)  housework  Taunton, Mass
    Alva C  farmer

Usher, Gresham C  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3

Usher, Preston M  farmer  Bonny Eagle
    Lillie  (Davis)
    Amy B  pupil
    Alta M  pupil
    Lamont C  pupil
    Raymond A  pupil
    Norman P  pupil

Usher, Rebecca  (Randall)  Bar Mills

V        Top

Vittum, Amasa  farmer  Hollis Center
    Elenora  (Brown)  housework
    Millicent  (married Bradbury)
    Malvina  (married Burnham)

W        Top

Wakefield, J Frank  carpenter  South Hollis
    Ida M  (McDaniel)
    Lura M  teacher
    Etta C  teacher
    Marie S  pupil

Wakefield, John E  farmer  South Hollis
    Mary H  (Small)  housework

Wakefield, Herbert L  farmer  Hollis Center,  RFD 1
    Hulda  (Hill)  housework
    Walter H  pupil

Wakefield, T H  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Nancy,  (Carter)
    Jas B  farmer
    George B  farmer
    Herbert  carpenter
    *Owen W  railroad service  East Waterboro

Warren, J F farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Loantha C  housework
    C E  farmer
    *Flora M  (married Kilpatrick)  Dorchester, Mass

Warren, C E  farmer  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Carrie L  (Hight)  housework
    Carl O
    Flora M

Waterhouse, Isabella  (Clark)  Hollis Center

Waterhouse, Asbury F  farmer
    Cora E  (Smith)
    *Eugene  hotel cook  Beverly, Mass
    Arthur L  farmer
    Stella M  pupil
    Rena G  pupil

Weaver, Fred  loom fixer  West Buxton
    Sadie  (Thompson)

Weeman, Percy  railroad service  East Waterboro
    Daisy  (Kendrick)
    Marshall H
    Agnes P

Wentworth, Freeman  retired  West Buxton, RFD 1

West, Ivory  mill hand  Bar Mills
    Laura  (Weeman)  housework

West, Hannah  (Bean)  West Buxton, RFD 1

Weymouth, C R  farmer & mill hand  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Myra  (Abbott)  housework
    Edith  pupil

Whitehouse, Alice  West Buxton,  RFD 1

Whitehouse, Clarence  teamster  West Buxton
    Lizzie  (Thoms)  housework
    Inez E  pupil

Whitehouse, Nancy Graffam  West Buxton

Whitehouse, Edw  farmer  West Buxton
    Sarah M  (Sawyer)  housework
    Edward R  weaver
    John  farmer
    *Robert  porter  York Harbor
    *Ansel C  express  York Harbor
    Harold  blacksmith
    Adellia M  (married Eaton)
    *Alcester L  (married Keene)  Brockton, Mass
    Francis  (married Anderson)

Whitehouse, Edw R  weaver  West Buxton
    Ida  (Bacon)  housework
    Raymond E  pupil

Whitehouse, John  farmer  West Buxton
    Grace R  (Quint)

Whitten, Ellen  (Bragdon)  Hollis Center

Whitten, Wm E  machinist  Hollis Center
    Lizzie E  (Hill)  housework
    Bernice  pupil

Williams, Jas W  F B clergyman  West Buxton
    Rachel  (Richards)
    Phoebe W
    Paul A
    Phillip W

Wilson, John  shoe cutter  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Emma F  (Randall)  housework
    Charles A  moulder
    Mary J  housework
    George F  farmer

Witham, Luther  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    *Carrie  (married Libby)  Buxton

Woodman, John  teamster  Hollis Center
    Lulie  (Littlefield)

Woodman, Hannah L  Bar Mills

Woodman, Sumner R  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Melissa  (Waterman)  housework
    Harry Bubier  pupil

Woodman, Isaac  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Hattie R  (Libby)  housework
    John G  teamster
    Hattie B  pupil
    Edith L  pupil
    Louis I  pupil

Woodman, Fred E  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Nellie G  housework

Y        Top

York, Fred E  farmer  Clark's Mills
    Fannie P  (Vittum)

York, Matilda  (Ham)  Hollis Center, RFD 1

York, Josiah  farmer 
    Carrie  (Hartford)




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