1905 Census for Kennebunk 

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Kennebunk Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Kennebunk is understood. Other post offices are given as follows. 
RFD = Kennebunk, RFD 1 
    West = West Kennebunk
    West 1 = West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Beach = Kennebunk Beach
    K'port = Kennebunkport

Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.

An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.

People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Adams, David    mill operator    West
    Mary B    (Beallargeon)    housework

Adjutant, Geo H    R R service    West
    Mabel L    (Noble)    housework

Adjutant, Walter P    West
    Cora     (Noble)   
    Ruth May

Adjutant, Nellie H    (Thompson)    West
    Annie W   
    Walter P    R R service
    *Howard    contractor and builder     Seattle, Wash
    Geo H    R R service
    Mary E    mill operator
    Grace    (married Staples)
    Logan H    farmer

Adjutant, Wm H    watch    West
    Ellen F    (Littlefield)    housework
    Elizabeth F    (married Lincoln)   
    Ida F    (married Thing)    housework
    *Mabel A    laudress    Boston, Mass
    Fannie E    housework
    *Geo A    clerk    York Beach
    Fred W    mill operator
    Minnie    pupil

Allen, Stephen F    laborer    West
    Katie M    housework

Allen, Carrie J    (Bean)    West
    *Katie     (married Pinkham)    housework    Cape Porpoise
    C Etta

Allen, Gerardo L    station agent
    Hattie L    (Foster)    housework

Allen J D     cabinet maker     K'port

Allen, Frank    mill operator
    Grace A    (Taylor)

Allison, Wm P    machinist
    Annie    (Bramble)   

Anderson, Peter E    factory operator
    Annie    (Sandberry)    housework
    Helen M    pupil
    Alice M    pupil
    Edith E    pupil

Andrews, Susan N    (Washburn)
    Mary L    telegraph operator

Andrews, Harry    book keeper

Andrews, Ralph    mill operator

Andrews, Phillip    student

Andrews, Paul I    manufacturing
    Susan S    (Thompson)    housework
    Ellen I    pupil

Andrews, Fred W    R R mail service
    Josie M    (Kimball)    housework

Armstrong, Carl A    factory operator

*Atkins, F E    iron work    K'port    25 Pleasant, Boston, Mass
    Addie    (Montgomery)    housework
    Beatrice R    pupil
    Fred M
    Doris L

Authier, Gideon    elec R R service    West
    Caline    (Bernier)    housework
    Gideon Jr    clerk
    Celina    (married Kelley)    restaurant
    Lizzie    mill operator
    John    mill operator
    Fred    pupil
    George    pupil

Authier, Gideon W    molder
    Alice F    (Coolbrith)    housework
    Annie F

Averill, Sadie    (Pratt)    nurse


Babb, Alfred N    mill operator
    Mabel    (Ross)    housework

Babine, Joseph    carpenter
    Mary    (---)    housework
    *James    carpenter    Lawrence, Mass
    *Emma    (married Higgins)    housework    Philadelphia, Penn
    Wm    fisherman
    Lena    pupil
    Josephine    pupil
    Annie    pupil

Babkirk, W V    proprietor tonic & plating business
    Martha    (---)    housework

Balch, Daniel E    retired
    Mary J    (Miller)    mill operator
    John N    clerk
    Susie M    clerk

Banfiell, Jean    counter pack    No 1

Barker, Justin S    physician
    Edna L    (Straw)
    Aretas O    pupil
    Dorothy B    pupil

Barney, Warren R    farmer    RFD
    Mattie J    (Comey)    housework
    *Chas W    saw mill    Chico, Cal
    Ernest A    ice dealer
    Edith P    (married Daley)    housework

Barr, John    leather splitter
    *John H    electrician    Saco
    Margaret    (Sullivan)    housework

Barry, Wm E    architect
    Florence W    (Hooper)    housework
    Helen W    housework

Bartlett, Wm    merchant
    Henrietta    (Joy)    housework
    Arch    lumber manufacturing
    Bertha    (married Peterson)    housework

Batchelder, Timothy S    peddler
    Ida B    (Stevens)    housework
    Edith R    housework
    Willis P    general work
    Katie B    student
    Cora M    pupil
    Sidney R    pupil
    Helen F    pupil
    Maud L    pupil

Bean, Margaret R    (Bassett)    West
    *Henry C    ex agent    Bangor
    Alphonso J    grocery clerk

Bean, Alphonso    clerk     West
    Nellie A    (Smith)   

Bearce, John    carpenter

Bennett, Mary A    (Jewett)    housework
    *Ada M    (married Stone)    No Alfred
    *Lizzie S    (married Roberts)    housework    So Waterboro
    John H    engineer
    *Mary L    (married Pearson)    housework    Salem, Mass

Bennett, John H    engineer   
    Alice G    (Milliken)
    Mary H

Bennett, David    general work
    Sylvia    (---)   

Benson, Eliza J    (Day)    housework
    Wm R    carpenter
    Grace M    shoe operator

Benson, Louie M    (married Hill)    housework
    Francis W    pupil
    Milton H

Bernier, Jas    mill operator    West
   Locady    (Newell)    housework
    Florida    mill operator
    Clara    mill operator
    Laura    pupil
    Alexander    pupil
    Victor    pupil
    Gene    pupil

Benner, Aphia    (Haley)    housework
    Etta    (married Jewett)

Bickford, Geo W    carpenter
    Georgia A    (married Washburn)
    William H    carpenter
    Nellie M    (married Armstrong)    housework

Blaisdell, A H    mill operator
    Isabell S    (Cole)   

Bonser, Geo     merchant
    Hannah    (Treadwell)
    Frank W    merchant
    Susan T    clerk
    *Maria    (married Roberts)    housework    North Berwick
    Elizabeth    housework

Boothby, Edward    engineer
    Addie    (Fuller)    housework

Boothby, Sarah    (---)    housework
    Edward    engineer
    Mary E    (married Lord)    housework
    *Charles H    fireman    Jersey City

Boothby, Victoria T    housework

Boothby, Ansel    hotel
    Cora    (married Toothaker)    housework

Boothby, Sylvanus    carpenter
    Abbie D    (Towne)    housework
    Lillie L    housework
    *Everett S    foreman R R    95 Pearl, Somerville, Mass

Boothby, Abner    teamster    K'port
    Abner Jr    teamster

Boothby, Abner Jr    teamster    K'port
    Eugenia    (Benson)    housework
    Martha H

Boston, Chester    electric service
    Hattie    (Reed)    housework
    Carroll    pupil

Boston, Addie    clerk    K'port

Bourne, Geo W    physician & surgeon
    Susan L    (Maling)    housework
    Mary M    student

Bourne, Mary R    (Nason)    retired

Bourne, Herbert E    Lawyer
    Marcia A    (Jordan)    housework
    *Edward E    printer    Boston, Mass
    Harold H    student

Bowdoin, John W    druggist
    Latella E    (Bean)    housework
    Evelyn V    pupil
    Ruth A

Bowdoin, Chas    drug clerk
    Josephine    (Webster)    housework
    Ethel    telephone operator
    Harold    student

Bowen, William F    factory operator
    Mary a    (Rice)    housework
    *Fred R    s s work    420 Essex, Lynn, Mass
    Mary J    (married Garvin)    housework
    *Melvin W    fireman    15 May, Portland
    Luella M    (married Peavey)    housework
    *Harold R    U S N    U S S Yankton
    Marion E    student

Bragdon, Edgar D    carpenter
    Rosanna A    pupil
    Merton E
    Hannah E    (Cowgill)    housework
    Martha A

Bragdon, Edwin    painter

Bragdon, Chas A    mill operator
    Carrie R    (Dearborn)    housework
    Thomas T    mill operator

Bragdon, Jas R    laborer
    Lillian F    (Goodwin)    housework

Bragdon, Alfred W    manager
    Triphena B    (Burke)    housework

Bragdon, David O    blacksmith
    Hattie P    (Preble)    housework
    Dorothy L

Bragdon, Chas A    farmer    No 1

Bragdon, B W     teamster    K'port
    Araminta    (Caldwell)    housework

Bragdon, Joseph D    farmer
    Salome W    (Stiles)    housework
    Maud R    pupil

Bragdon, Emily    (married Burgess)    No 1
    Jas R    factory operator
    Edgar D    carpenter

Bragdon, Nathaniel B    farmer
    Eliza A    (Littlefield)    housework
    Lucinda F    (married Dane)    housework
    Joseph D    farmer

Bridgers, Chas J    retired    West
    Ellen    (Wadleigh)    housework
    *Sarah    (married Ellis)    housework    Beverly, Mass
    *Samuel M    river r    Canton
    *Alice M    (married French)    housework    Canton
    *Edgar C    R R service    Canton
    *Grace    (married Russell)    E Sumner

Briggs, J Franklin    Agent Temp Education Bureau

Briggs, Alfred L    foreman
    Amanda    (Cotton)    housework
    *Alvernon H    s s work    McFalls
    *Frank E    teacher    Nantucket, Mass

Brigham, Herbert     machinist
    Helen L    (Lord)    
    *Ernest    banker    New York
    *Herbert Storms    student    Brunswick
    Deane    pupil

Bronson, Oscar J    fish dealer    West
    Lillian M    (Huston)    housework
    Louisa J    pupil
    *Clara    (married Ricker)    Alfred
    Grace    housework

Brown, Robert    shoe maker
    Annie    (Capitharne)

Brown, Wm H H     farmer & carpenter
    Mercy J    (Hodgdon)    housework
    Walter D    mill operator
    Edith E    housework

Brown, Lucy    (Noble)    West
    *John    mill operator    48 Union, Lawrence, Mass

Brown, Lizzie F    housework

Brown, Irving H    fireman
    Ella    pupil
    Lillian F    (Clark)    housework

Brown, Jacob    mill operator
    Edward B    pupil

Brown, Chas H    merchant
    Emma M    (Storer)    housework
    Alice M    pupil
    Mildred E    pupil

Brown, Frank O    farmer
    Margery A    (Schurman)
    Ira A    farmer
    H Manson    pupil

Brown, John    retired    stenographer
    *Lillian    (married Hodsdon)    Boston, Mass
    *Florence B    (married Cate)    housework    Dover, NH
    *Burton L    shoe operator    Haverhill, Mass

Brown, Joseph T    painter
    *Olive    (married Hubbard)    Wells
    John F    factory operator
    *Edward V    traveling salesman    Mansfield, Mass
    Jacob L    factory operator
    Anna E    (Cheney)    housework        (Handwritten notes says she was a second wife)
    Julia S    housework
    Josephine    pupil
    Violet    pupil

Brown, Chas    retired
    Wallace A    teamster
    Geo M    general work

Brown, Wesley    general work
    Mary E    (Towne)
    Ella F    pupil
    Ernest W
    Everett P

Brown, Chas    farmer

Brown, Augustus F    retired
    Katherine    (married Hutchins)
    *Norris    s s work    Lynn, Mass
    Augustus    factory operator
    Wesley    factory operator
    Irving    fireman
    Warren R    factory operator
    Lottie M    factory operator

Brown, Augustus    factory operator
    Annie E    (Hernan)    housework
    Margaret M    pupil
    Helen F    pupil
    Agnes V    pupil
    Harold F    
    Wilbur J

Brown, John F    mill operator
    Minnie    (Bearce)    housework
    Eva May    pupil
    Bearce W    pupil

Bryant, Chas    painter    K'port

Bryant, L E    fisherman    K'port
    Ethel L    student
    Leslie H    pupil
    Addie C    (Stone)    housework

Bunker, Wentworth    general work    No 1
    Laura J    (Drown)    housework

Burke, Michael    hostler
    Thomas    pupil
    Frank    pupil
    Edmond    pupil
    Joseph    pupil

Burgess, Bartlett B    general work
    Emily J    (Hatch)    housework
    *Laura    (married Dinsmore)    nurse    Boston, Mass

Burgess, Smith    mill operator
    Carrie    (Wakefield)    housework
    Grace E    pupil
    Alta    student

Burgess, Wm    teamster
    Laura E    (Fanpeld)    housework
    LeRoy    teamster
    Geo    mill operator
    Arthur    pupil
    Ralph    pupil
    Willie    pupil
    Percy    pupil
    Florence    pupil

Burke, Michael    farmer
    Christina    (Christianson)
    Thomas    pupil
    Franklin W.    pupil
    Edmund C    pupil
    Joseph B    pupil

Burke, Israel A    lumberman
    Evelyn M    (Kimball)    housework
    Walter H    student
    Alfred K    student
    Lawrence W    student
    Miriam L    student

Burke, Eliza    teacher

Burke, Carrie B    teacher

Burleigh, E E    paper mill operator
    Grace M    (Conant)    factory operator
    Merlin E
    Frances Irene

Burnham, Mary

Burnham, Sarah K    (---)    housework    West 1
    *Edward K    tel operator    N Y
    *Arthur M    carpenter    Fall River, Mass

Burnham, Oliver    truckman
    Florence E    (Fernald)

Burroughs, Harry H    trunk maker
    Blanche    (Stevens)

Busco, Joseph    farmer & carpenter    No 1
    Delina    (Rendoe)    housework
    *Willie    s operator    Milton
    *Mary    (married Silver)    housework    K'port
    Wilfred    laborer
    Ernest    pupil

Butland, Eva M    mill operator    West

Butland, Jennie M    student    West

Butland, Howard    mill operator
    Lenora C    (Hanscom)    
    Elsie     (married Colbroth)    
    Jessie L    pupil

Butland, Thomas A    sec foreman
    Celia O    (Huff)    housework
    M Frances    (married Day)    housework
    Geo H    Elec R R service
    Thomas F    pupil
    Ernest V    pupil
    Lester A    pupil
    Lillian M    pupil
    Walter L    pupil
    Florence Celia

*Bye, Carl    musician    Worcester, Mass
    Julia A    (Chrisensen)    housework
    *Hikon    machinist    Worcester, Mass
    Charles    machinist
    *Terchak    law student    Bangor
    *Hilda    (married Crowley)    housework    North Abbington, Mass
    *Jennie    (married ---)    housework    Brockton, Mass
    *Mary    (married Marie)    housework    Boston, Mass
    Oscara    match factory operator


Caime, U A    station agent    West
    E Louise    (Harvey)    

Cameron, Ida E    (Marsh)    housework
    Luella M    factory operator

Campbell, Daniel W    mill operator
    Margaret    (Flanagan)    

Campbell, Arthur    sawyer
    Ella    (Huff)
    Alta May

Campbell, Wm     general work

Card, John J    meat dealer
    Annie L    (Cousens)    housework
    Sylvia L    pupil
    Carl W

Carle, S H    painter    West 1
    Evalena    (Seavy)    housework

Carter, Chas E    restaurant
    Mary J    (Waterhouse)    
    *Fred N    restaurant    Springvale

Cassidy, Mary    (Dennis)    No 1
    John D    s s work
    Edward T    factory operator
    Robert J    factory operator

Chamberlain, Don    farmer
    Annette    (Howes)    housework

Chaney, Jas F    fisherman
    Mary A    (Emmons)    housework
    Rosa E    housework
    Mary B    student
    Rosmond E    pupil
    Sherman    pupil
    Florence    pupil

Chase, Edw    retired clergy    K'port
    Sarah F    (Brooks)    housework
    *Chas C    musician    N Hampton, Mass
    *Martha H    (married Nichols)    housework    Carthage, NY

Chase, Chas Davis    traveling salesman
    Isabelle R    (Russell)    housework
    Arthur R    clerk

Chesley, Chas    engineer B & M R R
    Ella    (Dennett)    housework

Chesley, Elizabeth S    (Drawbridge)    West
    Chas W    mill operator

Chesley, Chas W    mill operator    West
    Edith A    (Yeaton)    housework

Chick, Guy G    farmer    West 1
    Ethel    (Littlefield)    

Chick, Hosea B    retired
    Georgia A    (Goodwin)    housework

Chisholm, Ebbie    (Somers)    merchant
    Frank    clerk
    *Charles    USA    Panama

Chivirie, Edmund A    carpenter
    Margaret A    (Dunn)    housework
    Lottie M    pupil

Christenson, Emma    shoe operator    K'port

Christenson, Geo    carpenter

Christenson, Christina    (---)
    *Clara    waitress    Calif
    Margaret    housework
    Christian    mill operator

Clafton, Fred    painter
    Clara    (McKenney)    
    Rider    mill operator

Clark, Pamela    (Jones)    West 1
    Joshua    carpenter

Clark, Samuel    broker & lumber dealer
    Ida H    (Williams)    housework
    Albert R    clerk
    Cecil E    moulder
    Amy E    student

Clark, Eliza C    (Carpenter)    K'port

Clark, Alfred D    farmer    K'port
    Phoebe E    (Kimball)    housework

Clark, Geo H    contractor & carpenter    K'port
    Maud G    (Perkins)    housework
    Clement L    boat builder
    David T    business college student
    G Kenneth     pupil
    Frank F    pupil
    A Olive    pupil

Clark, John     laborer    No 1
    Sarah M    (Littlefield)    housework
    Edward W    machinist
    Robert A    factory operator
    Margaret A    housework
    Mary A    housework
    Sadie L    pupil
    Louise    pupil
    Eva G    pupil
    Wilhelmina    pupil
    Addie V

Clark, Olive    (Littlefield)    K'port
    Geo H    contractor & builder
    Winfield S    clerk

Clark, Charlotte    (Jellison)    K'port
    *Belmont C    general work     K'port

Clark, Frank    mill operator    
    Maggie    (---)

Clark, John E    carpenter
    Hattie    (Paul)    housework
    Geo E    pupil
    Leslie E    pupil
    Helen E    pupil
    Bessie E
    Florence L
    Alice D

Clark, Amelia    (Mildram)    retired
    Willis S    trunk maker
    Susan E    (married Larrabee)    housework
    Austin A    farmer
    *Olive    (married Webber)    Wells

Clark, Chas F    merchant
    Nellie P    (married Hatch)

Clark, Gustavus P    factory operator
    Annie M    (Goodwin)    hosuework
    Lillian F    (married Brown)    housework
    Fred T    factory operator
    Harry W    factory operator
    John M    pupil
    Mildred H    pupil

Clark, Joshua    carpenter     West 1
    Olive P    (Littlefield)    
    Archie    carpenter
    Roscoe    student
    Eleazer    pupil

Clark, Chas H    carpenter
    Sylvia    (Cousens)    

Clark, Oscar W    lumber business
    Adelaide M    (Goodwin)    housework

Clark, Betsey    (Littlefield)    housework
    Olive M    (married Hall)    housework
    Helen A    (married Lord)    housework
    Martha J    housework
    Chas H    traveling salesman
    Samuel    lumber dealer

Clark, Emeline    (Wormwood)
    Helen L    housework
    Oscar W    lumber dealer

Cleaves, Joseph M    retired
    Kate F    (Ferguson)    housework

Cloudman, Walter    carpenter

Clough, Edwin H    teamster    K'port
    Sarah S    (Brown)    
    Louise E    pupil
    Eleanor    pupil
    Chas E
    Haven W

Clough, Fred C    general work
    Lida A    (Huff)    housework

Clough, Clara A    (Cousens)

Coburn, Catherine E    (married Phillips)
    *Celia M    (married Harvey)    housework    Dyer, Saco
    *Annie A    (married Haynes)     housework    47 Commercial, W Lynn, Mass
    *Flora E    (married Andrews)    housework    Oak, Biddeford
    *Chas F    gro team    Elm, Saco
    *Freeman H    factory operator    Dyer, Saco
    *Geo D    pupil    Portland

Cole, Mary A    housework    West 1
    Annie F    housework
    Elsie M    housework
    Isabel S    (married Blaisdell)    housework

Cole, Chas H    Insurance
    Agnes T    (Titcomb)    housework
    *Robert T    Tech student    Worcester, Mass
    *Wm A    Harvard student    Cambridge, Mass
    Joseph T    student
    Walter R    student
    Mary E    pupil

Conlan, Mary    (Curry)    housework
    Margarette    (married Gallant)

Connon, Margarett J    housework

Cook, Geo O    painter
    Lizzie S    (Boston)    housework
    Chas A    paper mill operator
    Louie E    factory operator
    Florence M    factory operator

Cook, C A     paper mill operator
    Bernard W    pupil

Coolbrith, Jas W    factory operator
    Susan     (Davis)    housework
    Geo E    factory operator
    Chas W    factory operator
    Alice    (married Authier)    housework
    Irving J    factory operator
    Susie A    pupil
    Myrtle M    pupil

Coolbrith, Geo E    factory operator
    Nellie M    (Hatch)    housework
    Herman R    pupil

Coolbrith, Chas W    factory operator
    Elsie S    (Butland)    housework
    Florence E

Cooper, Geo F    carpenter
    Lucy M    (Curner)    housework    (This is reported to be Currier)
    John H    mill operator
    Katherine    mill operator
    Geo J    pupil
    Edmund C    pupil

Costello, Maurice S    wood dealer
    Addie W    (Young)

Cote, John    mill operator    West
    Phoebe    (Pockett)    housework
    Annie A    pupil

Cousens, Geo E    merchant
    Sylvia    (Wells)    
    Theodore    pupil

Cousens, Elias    paper mill operator    No 1
    Mary A    (Eaton)    housework
    *Carrie B    (married Fernald)    Eliot
    *Sulie E    housework    Lewiston
    Wilfred B    factory operator
    Roy    pupil

Cousens, Irvin    upholsterer
    Myrtle    (Cousens)
    Ruth M
    Ralph H

Cousens, Chas W    ex driver
    Calista    (Kimball)    housework
    *Chas S    R R service    East Somerville, Mass
    Irvin H    upholsterer

Cousens, Samuel W    carpenter
    Florence E    (Clough)

Cousens, Violet    retired    West

Cousens, James H    merchant
    Isabella N    (Davies)    housework

Cousens, Freeman W    machinist
    Rose L    (Maddox)    housework
    Rodney F    

Cousens, Eunice    (Bragdon)    housework
    *Raymond C    loco fireman    E Somerville, Mass

Cousens, Mary J    (York)    housework
    *James S    Augusta
    Sylvia    (married Clark)    
    *Chas E    s s operator    686 Center, Brockton, Mass
    Annie L    (married Card)
    Morris W    night watchman

Cousens, Enoch W    carpenter    West 1
    Ellen A    (Jones)    housework
    Samuel W    carpenter
    *Mary     (married Whicher)    housework    Sanford
    Gertrude    (married Whicher)    housework

Cousens, Edwin H    mill operator
    Lillian M    (Shattuck)    bakery

Cram, Edgar A    fisherman
    Minnie E    (Ricker)    housework
    Harold E    pupil
    Walter    pupil
    Frank J    pupil
    Robie W

Cram, Edwin J    lawyer
    Sarah    (Lord)    housework
    Robert N    pupil

Crawford, Juliette    (Gooch)    housework
    Mary J    (married Ward)    housework

Crediford, Annie    (---)    printer
    Richard V    student

Creelman, Alma    tel operator    West

Crocker, Thomas    farmer
    Matilda    (Newell)    housework
    Frank    shoe operator
    Bessie M    mill operator

Currier, Esther    housework

Currier, Edward R    teamster
    Emma (McGlauflin)    housework

Currier, Wm E    farmer
    Sarah E    (Fairfield)    housework
    Laura E    (married Burgess)    
    Florence E    (married Swett)
    Edward R    teamster

Curtis, Theodosia    (Libby)    housework

Curtis, Oliver E    merchant
    Helen    (Hammond)    housework
    Earle    pupil

Cushman, Zebedee    retired
    Augusta L    (Herrick)    housework
    *Maud F    (married Hussey)    stenographer    Boston, Mass

Cutts, Lucy M    housework


Dane, Jos    treasurer savings bank
    Lou    (Bragdon)    housework
    Joseph Jr    pupil

Dane, Walter L    lawyer
    Jeanette    (Allen)
    Margaret H    pupil

Dane, Caroline L    (Goodwin)    
    Walter L    lawyer
    Joseph    cashier
    *Francis    clerk    Lexington, Mass
    *Nathan    civil engineer    Boston, Mass

Daniels, Hannah P    (Chick)    
    Mildred    pupil
    Earl    pupil

Daniels, Elizabeth A    (Crediford)    
    Addie S    (married Stevens)    housework
    Mabel L    (married Hamilton
    Emora M    clerk
    *Lester K    U S N

Davis, Herbert W    farmer    West
    Bertha J    (Shackford)    factory operator
    Ada L
    Berthina M

Davis, Harry    harness maker
    Plenah    (Fletcher)    housework
    Merton J
    Louie N

Davis, Wm    retired    West 1
    Sarah    (Cousens)    housework
    Dana    farmer

Davis, Frank W    harness maker
    Lottie    (Knight)    milliner
    *Elmer    harness maker    Boston, Mass
    *Carrie    (married Adams)    housework    Augusta

Davis, Geo H    farmer    No 1
    Emma    (Smith)    
    Marion    pupil
    Ernest    pupil
    Ralph    pupil
    Leon    pupil
    John    pupil
    Lester    pupil

Davis, Wm    blacksmith
    Jane    (Westcott)    housework

Davis, Albert P    farmer    West 1
    M Belle    (Walker)

Day, Joshua    retired
    Hannah E    (Robinson)    housework
    Herbert E    foreman
    Mabel F    (married Lynch)    housework

Day, Emma F    housework

Day, Wm R    carpenter
    Sadie    (Allen)    housework
    Geo W    pupil
    Walter F    pupil
    Elizabeth M    pupil
    Morris E

Day, Roy    mill operator
    Violet    (Huff)    housework

Day, Ernest    pupil

Day, Harry    paper mill operator
    Mary    (Butland)    housework

Day, James    watchman
    Clara    (Robinson)    housework
    Austin    mill operator
    Bertha    (married Hatch
    Harry    mill operator
    *Alice    (married Moynihan)    housework    Marlboro, Mass
    Roy    mill operator
    *Ethel    (married Boston)    K'port

Day, Prentiss    farmer    West 1
    Augusta H    (Perkins)    housework
    Albert P    farmer
    Florence A    student

Day, W W     farmer    West 1
    Nellie    (Taylor)
    Rodney    pupil

Day, Olive    (Stevens)    West

Day, Daniel    farmer    No 1

Day, Apphia A    housework    No 1

Day, Edwin    farmer    West 1
    Lydia N    (Waterhouse)    housework
    Walter W    farmer
    *Byron C    traveling salesman    Boston, Mass
    Mary A    (married Taylor)

Day, Evelyn    (Tripp)    West

Day, Herbert E    foreman
    Maud J    (married Center)    housework
    Ella L    (Robinson)    housework

Day, Jane M    (Day)    housework

Dayes, Carrie    (Farren)    housework
    Edith    pupil

Dearborn, Wm E    retired    West
    Maria    (Littlefield)    housework
    *Alice    mill operator    Boston, Mass

Dennett, Abbie    (Card)    housework
    Florence L C    corn shop operator
    Wm H    electrician
    Chas W    corn shop operator
    Alice M    student
    Frank C    pupil
    Minnie W    pupil

Densmore, W D    teamster
    Sadie     (Allison)    housework
    Clarence W

*Densmore, Arthur    painter    No Berwick
    *Laura    (Burgess)    housework    Boston, Mass
    Grace L    pupil
    Forrest L    pupil

Douglass, Atwater L    physician
    Elizabeth    (Smith)    housework
    Donald H
    Margaret M

Dow, Mary E    (Goodale)

Drapeau, Wm    laborer    No 1

Dresser, Augusta    (Darrell)    No 1
    Frank A    ice dealer
    *Lizzie     (married Pray)    Auburn
    Mary    (married Hill)

Dresser, Chas L    retired
    Elizabeth     (Tripp)    housework
    Wm M    clothier

Dresser, Wm    merchant

Dresser, Geo L    farmer

Dresser, Mary L    housework

Drown, Wm H    coal dealer

Drown, Chas H    brick mason    No 1
    Sarah J    (Towne)    housework
    Eva B    (married Goodwin)    housework
    *Minnie    (married Dennis)    housework    Rosemont, Mass
    *Josephine    (married Welch)    housework    Westbrook
    *Ethel M    (married Higgins)    housework    Sanford
    *Alice M    housework    Westbrook
    Eleanor H     factory operator
    Cora L    pupil

Drown, Daniel W    general work    No 1
    Mary A    (Weymouth)    housework
    Bertha J    housework

Drown, Palmer F    retired
    Marcia D    (Gooch)    housework
    *Addie H    (married White)    housework    Rochester, NH

Drown, Wm B    herdsman    No 1
    Christine    (Anderson)    housework
    Geo C    pupil
    Phillip H

Drown, Chas W    farmer    No 1
    Francenuth O    (Robinson)
    Chas D    teamster
    Wm B    herdsman

Drown, Ernest    West 1
    Lillian E    (Smith)    housework
    Edna    pupil

Drown, Chas D    teamster
    Addie    (Hayward)    housework
    *Wm    general work    Boston, Mass
    Chas F    pupil

Drown, Theodore    laborer
    Elizabeth    (Brown)    housework
    Walter    laborer
    Frank    factory operator
    Fred    factory operator

Dunn, Horace N    factory operator

Dunn, Walter E    farmer    West 1

Durgin, Francis E    jeweler
    Maud E    (Otis)    housework

Durrell, Wm B    merchant
    Della A    (Hamilton)    housework
    Lola H    teacher

Durrell, Jas F    carpenter    K'port
    Melvina M    (Fuller)    housework

Durrell, Henry G C    retired

Dutch, Almon E    mill operator
    Annie    (Tripp)    housework

Dutch, Chas P    farmer    West 1
    *Chester F    teamster    Wells
    Percy    mill operator
    Geo W    restaurant    Lockford, Cal
    Alice A    housework

Dutch, Edgar M    farmer    West 1
    Almon    mill operator

Dyer, Albion K P    lumberman
    Vinnie    (Jose)


Eaton, Mary A    (married Cousens)    No 1
    *Elmer E    hotel proprietor    Cambridge, Mass
    *Amanda V    (married Allen)    houseowork    N Berwick
    *Almeda A    (married Chick)    housework    Kittery

Eaton, Carl    station agent    Beach

Eaton, Wm    laborer    No 1
    Florence M    (Brown)    housework
    Harold K
    Rodney M

Eaton, Chas S    painter    K'port
    Lutie E    (Tripp)    housework
    E Brooks    business college student
    Geo L    pupil

Edgcomb, Loring S    merchant
    Etta M    (Rich)    housework
    *Harry L    teacher   Farmington, N H
    *Ora I    teacher    Mexico
    Leslie    U of M    student
    Percy L    pupil

Edwards, Frank    factory operator
    *Geo F    pupil    North Waterboro
    *Lucy    pupil    North Waterboro
    Eliza A    (Hatch)    housework

Eldridge, Chas H    beaterman
    Elizabeth     (Hatch)    housework
    Geo H    pupil

Eldridge, Wm H    farmer & fisherman    No 1
    Olive A    (Ellis)    housework
    *Alice M    (married Morrell)    housework    Georgetown, Mass

Elliot, Elvie    housework

Ellison, Wm P Jr    factory operator
    Leona S    (Hicks)    housework
    Florence L

Elwell, Jackson O    florist
    Ida C    (Downing)    dry goods

Elwell, Susie P    mill operator

Emery, George    proprietor billiard room

Emery, Susan    (Gooch)    retired    K'port
    *Sylvina    (married Abbott)    MD    Taunton, Mass

Emery, Wm H    grocer     K'port
    Julia    (Boothby)
    *Geo    machinist    K'port
    *Wm E    dyer    Conn
    Benj P    carpenter & machinist
    Frank    machinist

Emery, Edith    (McKenney)    retired    K'port
    Nellie    (married Littlefield)    housework
    *Emma    (married Blaisdell)    housework    Somerville, Mass
    *Sullivan    painter    Somerville, Mass

Emery, F M    electrical engineer    K'port
    Alice B    (Brooks)    housework
    Chas G    pupil
    Frances A
    Lorin D

Emery, Wm A    merchant    K'port
    Sadie    (Perkins)       housework

Emery, Mellie O    housework

Emery, Burleigh S    clergyman
    *Walter H    R R service    Lynn, Mass

Emery, Matilda    (Pinkham)    K'port

Emmons, C A    mill operator    West
    Lura A    (Butland)    housework
    Susie E

Emmons, Catherine    (Chadbourne)    West
    *Benj C    milk dealer    Peabody, Mass
    *Howard    clerk    E Boston, Mass

Emmons, Wm H    farmer    West 1
    Bertha F    (Wakefield)    
    Helen G

Emmons, Seth    farmer    West 1
    Jennie S    (Taylor)
    Clarence    student
    Lillian J    student
    Marion T    student

Emmons, Mary F    (Ross)    West 1
    Frank A    florist
    Wm H    farmer
    Seth    farmer
    Ida G    (married Jenny)

Emmons, John C    editor    West 1
    Barbara    (Anderson)

Emmons, Hannah    housework    West 1
    John C    editor
    *Lizzie     (married Brockway)

Emmons, Frank A    florist    West 1
    Etta S    (Wakefield)    housework

Emmons, Carrie    (Hall)    housework
    Albert    pupil
    Everett    pupil
    Chas E

Emmons, Horatio    farmer
    Ethel M    (Smith)    housework
    Arthur M    pupil
    Gladys M    pupil
    L Myrtle    pupil
    Martha J

Emmons, C G    painter    K'port
    Theresa    (Connor)    housework

English, Henry F    farmer

English, Margaret A    (Wormwood)    housework

English, Marilla E    (Wells)    housework    K'port
    *M Augusta    student    5 rue d'Artois, Paris, France


Fairfield, Wm    merchant & livery
    Lucy P    (Junkins)

Fairfield, S Frank    canvasser
    Luvinia P     (Taylor)    housework
    Eugene A    postmaster
    William T    carpenter
    Oren R    lawyer
    *Leon B    mining    Stirling City, Cal
    *Eliza B    (married Merchant)    housework    Stirling City, Cal
    *Stella F    (married Prentiss)    housework    38 High, Saco

Fairfield, Edward    laborer

Fairfield, Chas    mill operator    West
    Clara E    (Hutchins)    housework
    Marion E    pupil

Fairfield, Jas A    auctioneer
    Rebecca S    (Hubbard)
    *Jennie    (married Washburn)    Salem, Mass

Fairfield, Eugene A    P M
    Mary W    (Murphy)    housework
    Harry F    music teacher
    Eleanor    pupil

Fairfield, Orren R    lawyer
    Emma    (Jewett)    housework

Fallend, John    laborer

Farnham, Annie    (Scott)    retired

Farrin, Nellie    (Cooper)    housework
    Carrie    (married Dayes)    housework

Fernald, Jas L    farmer    No 1
    Mary F    housework
    Annie F

Fielding, Thomas    laborer
    Mary    (Nadeau)    housework
    Pauline    (married Shackford)    housework
    Emma    housework

Fields, Ellen E    pupil    West

Fiske, Geo W    farmer

Fiske, John F    sec hand
    Clara    (Pendergrast)    housework
    Mildred M    teacher
    *Olive    (married Bye)    Worcester, Mass
    Edgar D    mill operator
    *Geo     student    Lynn, Mass
    Mina    mill operator

Fletcher, J W    chair seat cutter
    Eva E    (Murphy)    housework

Fletcher, John W    painter    K'port
    Annie M    (Whidden)    housework
    *Elias F    factory operator    Springvale
    Dana C    pupil
    Jennie V    student
    Frank W    pupil
    Harold E    pupil

Fletcher, Geo S    mill operator    West
    Martha     (Littlefield)    housework
    Aline    pupil

Ford, Mark H    retired
    Persis W    (Day)    housework
    *Chas W    clerk    Boston, Mass
    *Geo H    merchant    296 Perry, Everett, Mass
    *Albert D
    *Augustus S    canvasser
    Lillian C    (married Hawley)    housework

Foss, Lizzie    (Perkins)    housework
    Isabelle G    pupil

Foote, Sarah    (Rollins)    
    Ida L    (married Rutter)

Foster, Annie

Frederick, E A    farmer    K'port
    Leora M    (Lesor)    housework
    Eva A    pupil

Froding, Alice    housework

French, John W    student

French, Rhoda    waitress

Fritz, Lizzie M    (Cheney)    West
    Clayton H    pupil
    Earle E    pupil
    Fannie B    pupil

Fuller, S T    retired civil engineer
    Annette E R    (Ross)    housework

Fuller, Addie    (married Boothby)    housework
    Walter    laborer
    Crystal    pupil
    Roy    pupil

Furbish, Geo     teamster
    Elizabeth    (Elwell)    
    J Burton    mill operator
    Edith E    student
    Ethel E    student
    Blanche R    pupil

Furbish, Frank E    farmer    RFD
    Mary E    (Small)    housework
    *Frank J    farmer    West Bowdoin
    *Nellie M    (married Swett)    housework    Farmington, NH
    *Joseph D    shoe operator    Lawrence, Mass
    Geo E    teamster
    *Lyman A    station agent    So Boston, Mass
    *Lizzie H    (married Littlefield)    Dorchester, Mass
    *Matilda L    (married Pitts)    Wells
    Rachel W    (married Somers)    housework
    *Augustus    carpenter    Dorchester, Mass
    *Horace B    shoe operator    Lawrence, Mas

Furbish, LeRoy C    student

Furbush, Annie B    (married Moulton)    K'port
    Ella L    waitress
    Jennie M    housework
    Dimond T    teamster
    Rhoda S    housework
    Ruth M    pupil

Furguson, ---    laborer    West 1
    Mary    (Cassidy)    housework
    *Guy H F    Hollis Center

Furboll, Hans    machinist
    Eliza    (Lashon)    housework
    Emily    student
    Annie    pupil
    Ethel    pupil
    Martha    pupil


Gaddas, Edwin H    factory employee
    Lizzie H    (Currier)    housework
    Edith    (married Kollock)    housework
    Edwin H Jr

Gadis, John    mill operator
    *Geo    laborer    Dover, N H

Gallant, Thomas    mill operator
    Alecina    (Lagary)    housework

Gallant, Joseph    mill operator
    Margaret    (Conlan)    housework

Gammon, Lawrence    shoe work

Gaw, Washington P    gard

Gay, William    shoe operator

Geary, Ezra H    laborer    West
    Annette    (Walker)    housework
    Hattie E    mill operator
    Georgie    mill operator
    Sadie A    housework

Gelinas, Louis    clerk
    Victoria    (Plourd)    housework
    Ernest    pupil
    Laura    pupil

Getchell, John    tinsmith
    Mary C    (Patch)    housework
    *Susie W    (married Jordan)    housework    Prescott, Sanford
    Ethel M    teacher

Getchell, Geo F    tinsmith

Getchell, Clara A    housework

Getchell, Chas N    mill operator
    Hattie L    (Glidden)    

Gillikson, Louis    factory operator
    Yaksobane    (Larson)    housework
    Borgil M    mattress factory operator
    Joseph    pupil
    Ruth L    pupil
    Paul A    pupil
    Natlie M

Gilpatrick, Mary J    housework    West

Gilpatrick, Thomas L    merchant
    Isabell W    (Walker)    housework

Gilpatrick, Geo A    foreman
    Hannah K    (Goodwin)    housework
    William S    carpenter
    Francis G    student

Goff, Wm    teamster    West

Gooch, Geo H    painter
    Nellie A    (Hastings)    housework
    Mabel F    mill operator
    *Alice I    stenographer    Manchester, N H
    Helen H    mill operator
    Bernice L    pupil
    Harold C    pupil
    Carroll F

Gooch, Joseph M    farmer & laborer
    Alice W    (Peabody)    housework
    Helen B    student

Gooch, Isaac P    farmer    K'port, Seaside Hotel
    Eliza H    (Boothby)    housework
    Joseph M    farmer & laborer

Gooch, Eliza    (Wormwood)    housework    K'port

Gooch, H T    ship carpenter    K'port
    Abbie R    (Smith)    housework
    Clara E    (married Pinkham)    housework

Gooch, Otis    plumber    K'port
    Alice    (Larrabee)    housework

Gooch, Chas W    retired    K'port
    Olive B    (Clark)
    *Frederic H    superintendent dye works    Taunton, Mass
    Emma S    (married Whitmore)

Gooch, Christiana    (Davis)    K'port
    *Frank    s operator    Lynn, Mass
    *Elizabeth E    (married Goodwin)    K'port
    *Georgie    (married Sargent)    housework    Newburyport, Mass
    *A L    electrician    Lynn, Mass
    *Mary    (married Smith)    Saco

Gooch, Wm H    painter    K'port
    Mary J    (Murphy)    housework
    *Belle    (married Huff)    Portland
    Wm L    Hotel keeper
    Geo H    painter

Gooch, Sarah W    (Mitchell)    housework
    Eunice A

Gooch, Wm L    Hotel proprietor
    Otis E    plumber
    Bertha E    (Prout)    housework

Gooch, John F    painter    K'port
    *Bertha M    (married Case)    housework    59 Merrimack, Haverhill, Mass
    *Priscilla E    (married Wyman)    8 Center, Biddeford
    Leon O    pupil
    Josephine    (Bell)    housework
    Ethel S    housework
    John F    pupil
    Wilbur F    pupil
    Geo D    pupil

Goodnow, ---    manufacturer
    Frances    (Hastings)    housework
    Mary E    student
    Chas H    pupil

Goodwin, Benj F    retired
    Alice J    (Young)    housework
    Owen A    pupil

Goodwin, Mary A    housework

Goodwin, Olive    (Goodwin)
    Emma C    (married Littlefield)

Goodwin, Sarah    (Moulton)
    Mary L    stenographer

Goodwin, E A     fish peddler    No 1
    Eva B    (Drown)    housework
    Alice    (married Harriman)    housework
    Florence M    pupil

Goodwin, Arthur C    mechanic
    Effie A    (Stiles)    housework

Goodwin, Thos R    merchant    West
    Mary L    (Tripp)    housework
    George E

Goodwin, Harry G    carpenter
    Annie    (---)    housework

Goodwin, Homer    electrician    West
    Helen G    (married Webster)    housework

Goodwin, Wm C    carpenter
    Edw A    fish peddler
    Harry W    carpenter
    Abbie J    (Drown)

Goodwin, John M    meat market
    Chas E    clerk
    Tristram    factory operator
    Lillian M    (Goodwin)    housework

Goodwin, Tristram    retired
    Martha E    (Littlefield)    housework
    Annie    (married Clark)    housework
    John M    merchant
    *Carrie B    (Timmons)    Dover, N H
    *Susie M    (married Cullen)    Dover, N H
    *Elnora    Dover, N H

Gordon, Wm H    factory operator
    Gertrude M    (Phillips)    housework
    Donald E

Gordon, Eben H    farmer    No 1
    Christie    (McKay)    housework
    *Wm H    mill operator
    *Edward A    farmer    Rockville, R I

Graham, Edward J    musician

Grant, R J    contractor & builder    West
    Alice S    (Goodwin)    housework
    Raymond H    student
    Harold H    student

Grant, Hartwell    carpenter    West
    Louise    (Shaw)    housework
    Ruth    student
    Donald    pupil

Grant, Chas F    teamster    West
    Lillian M    (married Smith)    housework

Grant, Ida    printing office work

Graves, Mary A    (Hatch)    housework
    Geo H    teamster
    Frank L    moulder
    Grace M    factory operator

Green, Millie E    (Williams)    Riverside Hotel
    Ray N    pupil
    Franklin F    pupil

Green, Fred     farmer    West 1
    Blanche    (Emerson)    housework
    Ralph    student

Green, Joseph H    laborer
    Alice M    (Noble)    housework
    Josephine    pupil
    Chas H

Green, Geo H    mail carrier
    *Annie G    (McKenney)    housework    Old Orchard
    Edward A    teamster
    Sadie    housework
    *Mealey R    (married Berry)    housework    Old Orchard
    *William L B    fisherman    Pine Point

Green, Edward A    teamster
    Annie A    (Webber)    housework
    Luther M    teamster

Green, Chas Fred     farmer
    Blanche M    (Emerson)    housework
    Ralpj F    pupil

Green, Sarah E    (Hatch)    housework
    Sarah E    (married Noble)    housework
    Arabella L    (married Hood)    housework
    Etta M    (married Shaw)    housework
    *Thomas J    herdsman    Alberta City, Ariz
*Emma L    (married Beney)    factory operator    Deer Is, N B
    *Laura V    (married LaCombe)    s s operator    Nashua, N H
    Pearle E    (married Sweetser)    housework
    Joseph    laborer
    James    laborer

Griffin, Sterling C    merchant
    Emma A    (Abbott)    housework

Gurney, Frank    R R service
    Carrie    (Mitchell)    housework
    Alfred M    pupil
    Lester R    pupil
    Paul L    pupil
    Herbert N
    Geo H


Hackett, Mary H    retired

Hagar, Lizzie R    housework    K'port

Haigh, Josephine    (married Saunders)
    Blanche J    pupil
    Hazel C    pupil

Haley, Addison E    lawyer
    *May C    music teacher    Adams    Waltham, Mass
    Maria R    (Richards)    housework
    Grace A    teacher
    Margaret R    student

Haley, John R    physician
    Stella A    (Alden)    housework
    Betinna    pupil

Hall, Frederic P    retired
    Louisa    (Smith)

Hall, Woodbury A    livery stable
    Carrie    (married Emmons)    housework
    *Louie M    (married Hanson)    Salem, Mass

Hall, Chas    traveling salesman
    Mary    (Dresser)    housework

Hall, Herbert A    civil engineer
    Eliza    (Leavitt)    housework
    Nelson B

Hall, Olive M    (Clark)    housework
    Herbert    civil engineer
    *Harry    treasurer    16 Holmes, Malden, Mass
    Samuel C    farmer
    Chas H    traveling salesman

Hall, Samuel    farmer
    Daisy L    (Moody)    housework
    Ivory A

Hall, Jas    laborer    K'port
    Catherine    (Moffat)    housework
    *Annette A    (married Huff)    K'port
    Catherine A    (married Trimer)
    *Jas E    brakeman    73 Pine, Portland

Hall, Byron C    tel operator

Ham Jesse    merchant & shoe maker

Hamblin, Caleb E    teamster
    F Mabel    (Wilson)    housework
    Maxwell O    pupil
    R Kenneth

Hamilton, F E     engineer
    Mabel L    (Daniels)    housework
    Chester F    pupil
    Hazel C    pupil
    Elizabeth L

Hamilton, H C    fisher    K'port
    Annie M    (Thurston)    housework
    Maude E    pupil
    Florence B    pupil
    Lester H    pupil
    Perley A    pupil

Hanscom, Wm    mason
    Lucy    (Mitchell)    housework
    Asbury    general work
    Elmer P    R R service

Hanscom, Chas H    general work
    Emma F    (married Moran)    housework
    Clara M    (married Kelley)    factory operator

Hanscom, Elmer    laborer
    Ruby    (Huff)

Hanscom, Wm    painter
    Carrie A    (Cole)    housework
    *Ray P    artist    York
    Bertram W

Hanscom, Asbury S    general work
    Lillian L    (Moulton)    weaver
    Lucy F    pupil

Hanscom, Benj    carpenter    K'port
    Evelyn    (Towne)    housework
    *Frank    shoe operator    Brockton, Mass
    Mattie    (married Moulton)    housework
    *Eva    (married Roach)    housework    Manchester, N H
    Frederic    carpenter
    Mary    (married Jellison)    housework

Hanscom, Frederic    carpenter    K'port
    Annie    (Anderson)    housework
    Earl    pupil

Hanscom, Eugenie    section head
    Clarinda K    (Mariner)    housework

Hanson, Harold L    clergy
    Lillian    (Rouillard)

Hanson, Sarah A    (Libby)    retired
    Harold L    clergy
    *Edith H    (married Gale)    housework    Wellesley

Hanson, Almon    farmer    West 1

Hanson, Timothy W    retired    K'port
    Alice    (married Perkins)

Harden, Ensworth T    retired
    Abbie F    (Brown)    housework
    Nellie S    milliner
    *Lillian G    (married Welch)    housework    N Berwick
    Edgar T    student
    *Neal C    clerk    Butte, Montana

Hardy, Susan    dress maker

Hardy, Elizabeth    dress maker

Harriman, Arthur S    factory operator
    Elizabeth     (Casey)     housework

Harriman, A J    farmer    No 1
    Stephen A    machinist
    Arthur S    laborer
    *Ida M    (married Chandler)    housework    Derry, N H
    Eda     (married King)    housework

Harriman, Stephen A    jobbing    No 1
    Alice M    (Goodwin)    housework
    Stephen E
    Eva D

Harris,Jas R    night watch
    *Mary     (married Fenderson)    housework    Beach, Saco
    *Jas H    mill operator    Sanford
    Annie     (Cole)    housework
    Carrie    pupil
    Percy H    pupil

Hart, Augusta    (Wentworth)    

Hartford, Edna M    (---)
    Reginald A    pupil
    Chas H    pupil

Hartwell, Nathan W    machinist

Hatch, Wm S    R R service    West
    Emma     (Larrabee)    housework
    Luella M    pupil
    Lester H    pupil

Hatch, Annie P    (Willard)    West
    *Carrie H    (married Wallace)    housework    Cambridge, Mass
    Chas W    shoe maker

Hatch, Chas W     mill operator    West
    Bertha    (Day)        housework
    Marion L    pupil
    Florence E
    Davis W

Hatch, Lewis A    laborer
    Vena    (Junkins)    housework

Hatch, Jacob E    foreman
    Nellie P    (Clark)
    Chas E    clerk

Hatch, Geo     carpenter    West
    *Rosa    housework    Mass
    *Fred    Mass
    *Lilla    (married Young)    housework    Mass
    *Maggie B    housework    Mass
    *Robert L    USA Philippine Is

Hatch, Levi    mill operator
    Nellie    (married Coolbroth)    housework
    Howard    mill operator
    Lydia    mill operator
    Harley    pupil

Hatch, Anna    housework

Hatch, Frankie    housework

Hatch, Marshall    mill operator    No 1
    Emma J    (Anderson)    housework
    Hartley    sec m
    Fannie M    teacher
    Frank M    retired
    John E    pupil

Hatch, Robert    farmer
    Ruthelia    (Brown)    housework

Hatch, F W    saw mill owner
    Susie A    (Staples)    housework
    Ernest H    pupil
    Percy F W    pupil
    Gladys S    pupil
    Lois G    pupil
    Bernice A    pupil
    Alfred C
    Blanch M

Harvey, Mary E    (Caine)    West
    *Frank     merchant    Chelsea, Mass
    E Louise    (married Caine)

Hawkins, Lizzie S    (married Littlefield)
    Elizabeth C    factory operator
    Mary F    student
    John F    pupil
    Florence E    pupil

Hawley, Lillian C    (Ford)    housework
    Persis B    pupil

Hay, Wm D    merchant tailor
    Julia    (Lacey)    milliner & dress maker

Hayward, Jas R    laborer
    Johanna    (Porter)    housework
    James S

Heckman, D H    boat builder    K'port
    Nettie M A    (Hagar)    housework
    Sadie A

Hewett, Geo A    hotel    The Hewett
    Nellie M    (Pevare)    housework

Hewey, R W    elec service    K'port
    Ida L    (Peavy)    housework

Hewey, Wm J    retired    K'port
    Sarah E    (Robbins)    housework
    Abbie    housework
    *Susan T    (married Carter)    Haverhill, Mass
    *May L    (married Kilson)    Bangor
    *Wm P    elec asst superintendent    Cape Porpoise

Hicks, Chas S    sexton
    Mary A    (Wells)    housework
    Leona S    (married Allison)    housework
    Wallace S    sexton
    Chas H    mill operator
    Laura W    pupil
    Leon C    pupil
    Mabel L    pupil

Hill, Julia G    housework

Hill, Betsy M    retired

Hill, Florence    book keeper

*Hill, Mary    teacher    Syracuse, N Y

Hill, Bertram F    farmer

Hill, Daniel F    farmer    No 1
    Mary A    (Littlefield)    housework
    *Charles A    farmer    Yarmouth
    Mary A    housework
    Ora B    student
    Maud A    pupil
    Jessie F    pupil

Hill, Willis F    trunk maker
    Lillian B    (Lord)    housework
    Marion    pupil
    Roland    pupil

Hill, Orrin    bag master    B & M R R
    Cora E    (Bonney)    housework
    *Bessie M    book keeper    83 Gray, Portland
    Hewey S    factory operator

Hill, Paul B    trunk trim
    Louie M    (Benson)    housework

Hill, Barnabas P    farmer    West 1
    Harriett    (Russell)    
    Ollow    mill operator
    Ruth    (married Newell)

Hill, J Howard    farmer    No 1
    Ella L    (Wells)    boarding school matron

Hilton, Maud    (Hutchins)    mill operator

Hinckley, C W    painter
    Ralph C    pupil

Hobbs, Mary A    (Storer)    housework
    Frances    (married Lucas)    housework
    Mary H    housework
    Walter H    carpenter

Holland, Jas E    laborer    West
    Bertha R    (Littlefield)    housework

Holland, Mary L    (Downing)    West

Holmes, Wilbur F    clergy
    Mary E    (Howe)    
    *Samuel F    teacher    Middletown, Conn   
Wesleyan University graduate
    *Henry A    student    Middletown, Conn     Wesleyan University
    Bessie E    music teacher

Houston, Sarah    (Towne)    K'port
    *Eliza    (married Boston)    housework    Saco
    Jesse    engineer
    Anna    (married Haley)

Houston, Joseph    farmer
    Jennie E    (Edwards)    housework
    *John F    traveling salesman     Springvale
*Ernest I    teamster    Sanford
    Clarence E    trunk maker
    Josephine    (married Saunders)    housework
    Lillian    (married Brownson)    housework
    *Charles C    shoe operator    Gardiner

Houston, Ruth    [ illeg]

Howard, Lela M    factory operator

Hubbard, Geo B    section head
    Julia M    (Watson)    housework
    Geo W    factory operator

Hubbard, Jas    hotel    Beach
    Sarah    (Wells)    housework
    Sewall    general work

Hubbard, Sewall    general worker
    Elvira    (Peabody)    housework
    Clare    pupil
    Sarah    pupil
    Edna    pupil

Hubbard, Mary E    (Brown)    No 1
    Clara    (married Hutchins)    housework
    Geo    R R service
    Mary L    (married Wells)    housework

Hubbard, Isabella W    (Wentworth)    No 1
    Hope    (married Littlefield)    housework

*Huff, Fred W    motorman    72 Liberty, Lynn, Mass
    Mabel    (Webber)    housework
    Paul W    pupil
    F Earle    pupil
    Sherman    pupil

Huff, Lida A    (married Clough)    housework
    Ruby E    (married Hanscom)    housework

Huff, Bion B    mill operator
    Almira A    (Joy)    housework
    *Freeman E    shoe operator    So Berwick
    *Eugene E    shoe operator    E Manchester, N H

H[illeg], Annie B    housework
    *Herbert E    farmer    So Berwick

Huff, Benj U    merchant
    Nancy A    (Phillips)    housework
    Clement O    livery stable

Huff, Sarah A    (Towne)    K'port

Huff, Jefferson D    mill operator
    Mary F    (Gower)    housework
    Ella    (married Campbell)    

Hurley, J M    conductor    K'port
    Maud E    (Gurney)    dress maker
    Beatrice M    pupil
    Gerald L

Hewey, Minnie C    student

Hewey, M Frances    student

Hurst, Henry    factory operator
    Vesta A    (Stevens)    housework
    Dorothy A    pupil
    Leona B    pupil
    Rita A

Hutchins, Oliver    painter
    Corine    (Brown)    housework
    Albert C    painter
    Delia M    housework
    Blanche    mill operator
    Raymond     pupil

Hutchins, Walter F    mill operator
    Lucy    (Towne)    housework
    Walter L    clerk
    Frances    student
    Helen    pupil


Isnah, Clarence    carpenter
    Nellie    (Stevens)


Jackson, Wm H    painter & carpenter    K'port
    Charlotte    (Clark)    housework

Jackson, W L    ship carpenter    K'port
    Addie E    (Lord)    housework
    Mildred A    (married Rand)    housework
    *Raymond W    s s work    Danville, N H
    J Lester    general work
    Lena E    student
    Harold L    pupil

Jackson, B F    boat builder    K'port
    Cynthia H    (Brown)    housework
    *Alberta B    dress maker    70 Mt Pleasant, Somerville, Mass
    *Chas B    plumber    70 Mt Pleasant, Somerville, Mass
    Frances Jennette    student

Jackson, Robt    plumber's helper    K'port

Jackson, John    retired    K'port
    Jane M    (Henderson)    housework
    Wesley L    ship carpenter
    Walter H    farmer
    *Lilla J    (married Hutchins)    housework    Westbrook
    Clinton H    farmer

Jacobs, Chas A    assistant elec supt
    Alice M    (Giles)    housework
    Jennie Arline    student
    Mabel C    pupil

Jacobs, Geo W    farmer & fisherman    No 1

Jacobs, Herbert    factory operator

Jacquemin, Augustus machinist
    Julia    (Monjau)    housework
    Louis    machinist

Jeinei, Daniel    carpenter
    Mildred    (Spaulding)    housework

Jellison, Wm B    carpenter
    Hattie M    (Littlefield)    housework
    Harold P    pupil
    Geo B

Jellison, Benj F    retired
    William B    carpenter
    Flora E    merchant
    *John M    farmer    K'port
    *Luville M    foreman    Bridgewater, Mass
    Artell F    factory operator
    Chas E    carpenter

Jellison, A F    factory operator
    Mary    (Smith)    housework

Jellison, Edward    (Sawyer)    No 1
    Emily M    pupil
    Edward J    pupil
    Willis C    pupil
    Clarence H

Jennison, Geo A    No 1
    Elizabeth J    (Preston)    housework
    *Flora    (married Atkinson)    housework    Marlboro, Mass
    *Geo S    shoe maker    Lawrence, Mass
    Etta M    (married Littlefield)    housework

Jenny, Henry P    laborer    West 1
    Ida G    (Emmons)

Johnson, Ellen    servant

Johnson, Elmer    mill operator
    Bessie    (Junkins)    housework
    Helen L

Johnson, Elizabeth E    (Phillips)
    Flora B    housework

Johnson, Alice L    pupil

Johnson, Thomas W    mill operator
    Eliza H    (Towne)    housework
    *Geo A    woolen mill operator    Saco
    Josephine    paper mill operator
    Elmer E    mill operator
    Chas H    mill operator

Jones, Fred H    carpenter & farmer
    Annie    (Ross)    housework
    Luther A    pupil

Jones, Mary    (---)    West 1
    Fred H    carpenter & farmer

Jones, Thomas W    carpenter    West
    Zera E    (Thompson)    housework
    *Merton B    R R service    Newburyport, Mass
    Ernest L    mill operator

Jones, Emily J    (Hatch)    housework
    Mary F    dress maker

Jones, Ernest L    trunk maker
    Villa E    (Chadbourne)    housework

Jones, Fred    farmer & lumberman    No 1
    Laura A    (Morrill)    housework
    Frances A    pupil

Jones, Lydia E    housework    No 1

Jones, S L    insurance agent    West
    Bertha A    (Lord)    housework
    Blanche E    pupil

Jordan, Emma M

Jose, John H    retired
    Vinnie    (married Dyer)    housework

Joyce, Emma    (Moore)    housework
    Annie    (married Crediford)    printer

Junkins, James W    farmer    West 1
    Mary R    (Sheldon)    dress maker

Junkins, Nettie    mill operator    West

Junkins, Elizabeth    dress maker

Junkins, Geo W    farmer    West 1
    Onie    (Hatch)
    Ray    pupil
    Austin    pupil
    Floyd    pupil
    Nora    pupil

Junkins, Chas    carpenter    West 1
    Ella    (Hilton)    housework

Junkins, Nancy    (Coleman)    West 1

Junkins, Linda    (Abbott)    housework
    Bessie    (married Johnson)    housework
    Grace L    housework

Junkins, Caroline E    (Elwell)
    Joseph P    carpenter


Kelley, Herbert L    mill operator
    Elsie A    (Ellisson)    housework
    Edwin H

Kelley, Arthur W    factory operator
    Clara    (Hanscom)    factory operator
    Grace M    pupil

Kelley, Edwin W    machinist
    Agnes A    (Martin)    housework
    Arthur W    mill operator
    Wallace E    painter
    Herbert L    mill operator
    LaRoy P    student

Kelley, Harry    clerk
    Celina    (Authier)    

Keniston, J Irving    laborer
    Angie M     (Smith)    housework

Kenney, Eugene    laborer    K'port
    Lucy    (Boston)    weaver

Kilgore, A    Livonia F    (True)
    *Wilbert J    clerk    Lisbon Falls
    Winfred T    paper mill operator

Kilgore, W T    paper mill operator
    Merton H    pupil
    Norman G    pupil
    Hobart J    pupil

Kimball, Melissa    (married Noble)    West
    *Lucy    (married Wallingford)    housework    Rochester, N H
    *Willie    farmer    Waterboro

Kimball, Marshall    farmer    West 1

Kimball, Isaac    farmer    West 1
    Edith S    housework
    *Edward M    pupil    K'port

Kimball, Fred F    West 1

Kimball, Mary J    West 1

Kimball, Lucy D    retired    Beach

Kimball, Haven S    carpenter
    Luella E    (Parsons)    housework
    Josie M    (married Andrews)    housework

Kimball, Horace E    carpenter
    Annie L    (Hillborn)    
    Ray E    teamster
    Bert    mill operator
    Inez    pupil
    Ernest    pupil
    Clarence    pupil
    Everett    pupil
    Georgie    pupil
    Annie    pupil

Kimball, Louise    (Webb)    housework
    Everett    pupil

King, Matthew    laborer

King, Eugene    blacksmith
    Emma    (Cyr)    housework
    Henry G    blacksmith
    John J    electrician & machinist
    Eugene P    student
    Della M    pupil
    Eva E    pupil

King, Paul    machinist    No 1
    Eda M    (Harriman)    housework
    Reginald W

Knight, W L    mill operator    West
    Daisy c    (Harford)    housework
    Harold B    pupil
    Norman L    

Knight, Abel J    laborer    West
    Susan S    (Anderson)    housework
    Fred C    farmer
    Walter L    mill operator
    Eva S    (married Tripp)    housework
    Eugene S    mill operator

Knight, Fred C    farmer    West 1
    Valeria    (Dutch)    housework
    Ralph M    farmer
    Harry E    farmer

Knight, Harry E    painter
    Laura    (Allison)    housework
    Lovina A    pupil
    Laura M
    Edith H

Knight, Serena M    (Robinson)
    Harry E    factory operator
    *Wm A    brakeman    Reading, Mass
    *Frank W    traveling salesman
    *Chas H    U S N    U S S Yankton

Knights, J Franklin    mill operator
    Isabelle    (Logan)    housework
    Frank M    pupil
    Eva B    pupil
    Raymond C    pupil
    Eleanor May    pupil
    John L

Kollock, W E    livery foreman
    Edith L    (Gaddas)    housework
    Grace M


LaBarg, Edward    mill operator    No 1
    Annie    (Tredull)    housework
    Geo Spencer    mill operator
    Rosa    (married Noble)    housework
    Edward A    mill operator

LaBarge, Geo    paper mill operator
    Ella F    (Spencer)    housework
    George E G
    Leona F

Ladd, Geo T    farmer    West 1

Lake, Jos W    hotel proprietor
    Eliza M    (Harwood)    housework
    Mary H    (married Pierce)    housework
    Frederic W    agent Grand Union Tea Co
    Harold L    general work

Landry, Jas    paper mill operator
    Lora    (Valley)    housework
    Mary A    mattress factory operator
    Armour    factory operator
    Laura E    pupil
    Jennie R    pupil
    Elwin    pupil
    Frank C    pupil
    Melvena E    

Larrabee, Geo W    merchant
    Susan E    (Clark)    housework

Larrabee, Geo E    mill operator
    Grace E    (Smith)
    John K

Larrabee, Lemuel H    retired    West
    Mary    (Towne)    housework
    *Nellie    (married Green)    housework    Newburyport, Mass
    Emma    (married Hatch)
    Clarence    laborer
    Geo E    mill operator
    *Willie H    plaster works    Providence, R I
    *Albert R    s shop operator    Newburyport, Mass
    *John S    s shop operator    Lawrence, Mass

Larrabee, Joel F    farmer
    Elizabeth P B    (Burnham)
    Lucy H    teacher
    *Joanna     teacher    Rhode Island
    *Joel F Jr    assistant P M    Waterville

Larrabee, L H     retired    K'port
    Alice     (married Gooch)    housework
    Alphonso    painter

Larsen, Louis    mill operator
    Hulda    (Sandbery)    housework
    Walter L
    Frances Louise

Larrecault, Ernest    general work
    Alecsina    (Lemating)

Larrecault, Geo    mill operator    West
    Ellen    (Drag)    housework
    Delia    mill operator
    Guelen    mill operator
    Leo    mill operator
    Exleo    mill operator
    Exfelie    mill operator
    Wilfred    pupil

LeBeau, Napoleon    R R service
    Dora    (Ashbey)
    Maranda    pupil

Lemay, Joseph S    farmer    West 1
    Mary R    (---)
    Albert     pupil
    Alice    pupil

Lemastang, Geo    mill operator
    Jane    (Burgess)    housework
    Wilfred    pupil
    Will    pupil
    Georgie    pupil

Lendstad, Peter    painter

Lewis, Fred R    Unitarian clergy
    Margaret    (Barnard)    housework
    Helen B
    Elizabeth B

Libby, Estella A    laundry work

Libby, Bryant    general work
    Cora M    (Fogg)    housework
    Merle E    pupil

Lincoln, Lewis P    R R service    West
    Lizzie F    (Adjutant)    housework
    Ruth A    pupil
    Clara E    pupil
    Aubrey E
    Helen M

Linnie, Thomas    mill operator    West
    Jennie    (Maddix)    housework

Little, Eleanor    (Bailey)
    Carrie M    (married Webb)
    *Mary    (married Lord)    housework    Montague, Mich
    *Elizabeth    (married Frost)    housework    Ft Wayne, Ind

Littlefield, Susan     factory operator

Littlefield, Sarah A    (Goodwin)

Littlefield,Chas R    banker
    Laura M    (Wentworth)
    *Chas W     U S N, Washington

Littlefield, Benj E    buthcher
    Chas N    brush maker
    *Wilbur R     farmer    K'port
    Mary J    pupil
    *Alice B    pupil    K'port
    Lizzie S    (Hawkins)    housework

Littlefield, D Webster    traveling salesman
    Sara E    (Sands)    housework

Littlefield, Geo B    ship carpenter
    Roxanna    (Drown)    
    Ella    (married Trott)    housework
    Prescott    merchant
    Hattie    (married Jellison)    

Littlefield, Geo W    carpenter
    Margaret A    (Storer)    housework
    Edward B    grocery clerk
    Chester E    teamster
    Ashby E    student

Littlefield, Walter C    painter
    Nellie    (Tarr)    housework
    Harry T
    Ora A

Littlefield, Wm H    carpenter
    Jessie E    (Andrews)     housework
    Franklin E
    Blanche O

Littlefield, L T    painter
    Louise F    (Winn)    housework
    John W
    Mary F

Littlefield, Chas W    mill operator & wood chopper
    Lewis T    painter
    Mary    housework

Littlefield, Elizabeth    (Swett)
    D Webster    traveling salesman
    Wm O    retired
    *James C    tailor    Boston, Mass
    John R    general work
    Sarah    (married Todd)    housework
    Phila E    (married Howe)    housework
    *Martha J    clerk    Boston, Mass

Littlefield, Chas K    farmer    West 1
    Ethel M    (married Chick)    housework

Littlefield, Loren    laborer    West
    Margaret    (York)    housework
    Eugene     laborer
    Florence    pupil

Littlefield, Edw G    mill operator    West
    Calla A    (Webber)    
    Clyde    clerk

Littlefield, Mary E    (Kelley)    
    Flora N    clerk

Littlefield, Geo E    retired
    Nellie M    housework

Littlefield, John G    merchant
    Walter    painter
    Archie    machinist

Littlefield, Albra    book keeper
    Mary    (Kimball)    housework
    Maud    shoe operator
    Geo W    mill operator
    Ernest E    mill operator
    Frank W    pupil
    Ruth E    pupil

Littlefield, Aimon    carpenter
    Martha A    (Littlefield)    housework
    Helen B    book keeper

Littlefield, Edwin I    dept sheriff    West
    Emma M    (Thing)    housework
    Truman I    student

Littlefield, Emma J    (married Towne)    West
    Martha    (married Fletcher)

Littlefield, John B    farmer    West 1

Littlefield, Kate    housework    West 1

Littlefield, Ambrose     P M    West
    *Jessie S    stenographer    Sanford
    *Chester D    U S N
    *Lizzie M    (married Cote)    Sanford

Littlefield, Ivory     retired    West
    Clara J    (Grant)    housework
    *Annie T    (married Colby)    housework    No Andover, Mass
    Edwin J    dept sheriff

Littlefield, Emerson F    West

Littlefield, Samuel    sec hand    West
    Annie F    (Littlefield)

Littlefield, Arthur     clerk

Littlefield, Susan K    housework

Littlefield, Roscoe E    farmer    No 1
    Hope    (Hubbard)    housework
    Honor W    student

Littlefield, Alonzo    plumber
    Nellie    (Emery)    housework
    Leslie    housework
    Clarence    pupil
    Vivian    pupil

Littlefield, Prescott    merchant
    Carrie E    (Webber)    housework

Littlefield, Olivia    (Mitchell)    

Littlefield, Mary A    (Littlefield)

Littlefield, Everett    clerk
    Etta M    (Jennerson)    housework

Littlefield, Frederic    painter

Littlefield, Nancy    (Littlefield)
    Frank T    pupil

Lord, Frank G    electrician
    Lora B    (Burtt)    housework

Lord, Fred C    physician
    Anita L    (Bunker)    housework

Lord, John W    car dealer
    Clara L    (Sands)    housework

Lord, Helen A    (Clark)    housework
    *James B    traveling salesman    7 Grace, Malden, Mass
    John W    car dealer
    Annie F    book keeper
    *Mary A    book keeper    7 Grace, Malden, Mass

Lord, Huldah    (Burnham)    West
    *Addie    (married Jackson)    K'port
    Lizzie    (married Littlefield)    housework
    Thomas    mill operator
    Frank    mill operator
    *Harry    shoe maker    Haverhill, Mass
    Lillian    (married HIll)

Lord, Frank    mill operator
    Minnie    (Wheelock)    
    Beatrice    pupil
    Ernest    pupil

Lord, Thos H    mill operator    West
    Mary E    (Boothby)    housework

Lord, Arthur H    mill operator
    Frances    (Chisholm)    

Lord, Robert W    manufacturing
    Mary M    (Mendom)    housework
    *Lizzie    (married Finbayson)    housework    Rye, N H
    *Frances    (married Lord)    housework    Providence, R I
    Sarah    (married Cram)    

Lord, John A    retired
    Kate M

Lord, Hartley    retired

Libby, Sadie    housework    West

Low, Mary D    (Towne)    K'port
    *Mary E    (married Robinson)    housework    335 Warren, Fall River, Mass
    *Geo P    foreman    96 Knox, Lawrence, Mass
    *Etta G    (married Annis)    housework    183 Chestnut, Holyoke, Mass
    *Abbie T    (married Warburton)    170 Lamphor, Fall River, Mass
    Sarah L    housework

Lucas, Chas H    undertaker
    Frances    (Hobbs)    housework
    Carrie M    teacher
    Cora    milliner

Lunde, Harry    merchant
    Catherine    (---)    housework
    Raymond    pupil

Lunt, Benjamin F    foreman
    Etta M    (Gooding)    housework
    Stella G    student
    Edith M    student
    Ralph B    student
    Marion E    pupil

Lunt, Dallas A    mill operator
    Minnie L    (Cole)    
    Rosa L    pupil

Lunt, Wm H    paper maker
    Annie    (Maxwell)    housework
    Helen    housework

Lynch, Edward T    paper mill operator
    Mabel F    (Day)    housework


MacDonald, Andrew    teamster
    Sarah    (Ryder)    housework
    *Annie    (married Johnson)    housework    New Brunswick
    *David E    teamster    Portland
    *Gertrude D    (married O'Brien)    Portland
    Chas A    general work
    Frances J    mill operator
    Sarah M    student

Maddox, Wm    paper mill operator    No 1
    Jennie H    (York)    housework
    Florence B    pupil
    Leland A    pupil
    Elmer L    pupil
    Mabel M    pupil

Maddox, Greenleaf    laborer    No 1
    Abbie S    (Hutchins)    housework

Malkie, Abraham    mill operator

Maling, Wm P    R F D    R R service restaurant
    Marie    (Nadau)    
    Israel F    pupil

Mann, James     printer
    Bertha    (Shore)    housework
    Cecil    pupil

Marsh, Wm    contractor
    Lizzie    (Baldwin)    housework
    *Freeman    engineer    Lawrence, Mass
    Helen    student
    Ralph    pupil

Marsh, Mary A    (Morrell)    factory operator
    Ida E    (married Cameron)    housework
    *Aleck D    shoe operator    North Rochester, N H
    Luella S    (married Young)    housework

Marsh, Mary    mill operator    No 1

McBride, James B    laborer
    Lizzie    (Grenier)    housework
    Louisa A    weaver
    William H    counter maker
    Irvin C    counter maker

McCulloch, Geo E    livery
    Carrie A    (Clark)

McCulloch, Wm    U S N
    Mabel    housework

McCulloch, Abbie    (Chadbourne)    
    *Wm    U S N

McIntire, Harry R    mill operator

McLaughlin, Henrietta    shop operator

McLaughlin, Elsie    housework

McLaughlin, John    teamster
    Sophia    (McCann)    housework
    Eugene    pupil

Murch, Jas M    wood & lumberman    West
    L Addie    (Bailey)    housework

Meguire, Frank    farmer    No 1
    Louise    (Garvin)    housework

Mendum, Olivia    housework

Merrill, Mary E    housework

Merrill, Chas H    shoe maker
    Sarah J    (Goodwin)    housework
    *Eva E    (married Holden)    housework    46 Highland avenue    Haverhill, Mass

Merrill, Richmond    general work    K'port
    Annette    (---)

Merrill, Olive G    (Cousens)
    Ina M    housework

Merrill, Geo W

Meserve, A W    druggist
    Jean     (Locke)    housework

Miller, Chas    farmer    K'port
    *Chas A    actor
    *Sue    (married Williams)    housework    Lynn, Mass

Mitchell, Ellen    retired

Mitchell, Annie M    (Tobey)    West
    *Helen E    (married Jessup)    housework    Tracy, Minn
    *Robert L    farmer    North Hampton, N H

Mitchell, Lincoln F    factory operator

Mitchell, Lucy    (Towne)
    Walter    R R service
    Carrie    (married Gurney)    housework

Mitchell, Robert J    traveling salesman
    Delia    (Magraw)    housework
    *Lizzie    (married Buker)    housework    Ashland, N H
    *John E    shoe operator    Lynn, Mass
    Agnes    pupil
    Wm F    pupil
    Mabel J    pupil

Mitchell, Oscar A    factory operator
    *Edith    stenographer    Portland
    Mary H    (Conners)    housework
    Walter A H    pupil

Mitchell, Emily A    (Littlefield)    K'port
    *Howard A    clergy    So Royalston, Mass
    Geo W    farmer & R R service
    H Abbie    teacher

Mitchell, G W    farmer & R R service    K'port
    Elizabeth R    (Dugham)    housework

Mitchell, W A    electrician R R service    K'port
    Annie M    (Henderson)    housework
    Frank H    pupil
    Robert H    pupil
    Walter A    pupil

Mitchell, Geo W    R R service
    Isabell J    (Plummer)    
    *Ezra W    mill dealer    K'port
    Elmer A    R R service
    Estella H    pupil

Mitchell, Ellen

Montgomery, Nicholas    general work    K'port
    Reliance W    (Alexander)    housework
    Blynn C    general work
    Addie    (married Atkins)    housework

Moody, ---    mill operator
    Lillian    mill operator
    Fred    pupil

Moody, Mary G    (Wise)    retired

*Moran, Thomas    s s work    Lynn, Mass
    Emma F    (Hanscom)    housework
    C Everett    pupil
    Estella M    pupil

Morton, Ned    student

Morton, Henry J    student

Morton, Emerson    student

Moulton, Jas M    carpenter
    Julia G    (Hanscom)    housework
    Rodney M    pupil
    Woodbury H

Moulton, Henry H    farmer    No 1
    Alzina A    (Joy)    housework

Moulton, G P    farmer    No 1
    Almeda J    (Joy)    housework
    Grace L    student

Moulton, Andrew J    blacksmith    K'port
    Mattie A    (Hanscom)    housework
    Sylvia A    pupil
    Frederic J    pupil
    Frank A

Moulton, Isaiah L    teamster    K'port
    Annie B    (Furbush)    housework
    Robie D    pupil
    Addie A    pupil
    Warren J

Mowry, Walter S    mill operator
    Ellen A    (Staples)    housework
    Ernest W    
    Nellie B
    Arthur P
    James R

Murphy, Eva E    (married Fletcher)    
    Josiah M    blacksmith
    Sue F    student

Murphy, Edith M    dress maker    K'port


Nadaux, John    stone mason    R F D
    Marie    (Gunier)    housework
    Archile    watchman
    Marie    (married Maling)    restaurant
    Geo N    brakeman
    Wm H    R R service
    John L    mill operator
    Joseph S    laborer

Nadeau, Walter G    Elecrician R R employee

Nadeau, Peter T    counter maker
    Philonene M    (Cyr)    housework
    Annie M    milliner
    Harry T    counter pkr
    Walter G    pupil

Nadeau, Thomas    laborer
    Fred     stripper
    Leda M    weaver
    Thomas    pupil
    John    pupil
    George    pupil

Nadeau, Wm    laborer    No 1
    S Dell    (Hill)    housework
    Earl W    factory operator
    Linnie F    pupil
    Paul E    pupil
    G Everett    pupil
    Prentiss H    pupil

Nash, Lendall W    lumberman
    J Mildred (Hill)    housework

Nason, Olive E    (Durrill)    housework
    Chas H T    laborer
    Dora May    (married Fairfield)    housework
    Irving Van    laborer
    Elsie M    pupil
    Bertha    pupil

Nason, Frederic W    merchant

Nason, Annie M    housework

Nason, Chas D    truck
    Ida    (Littlefield)    housework
    Leroy    student

Newcomb, Geo     painter
    Abbie    (Jellison)

Newell, Nathl B    farmer    West 1
    Ada    (---)    
    *Burt    factory employee    Boston, Mass
    Wm    motorman

Noble, Alpheus    West
    Chas    mill operator
    Emma    (married Towns)    housework
    *Fred    shoe operator    Malden, Mass
    Freeman    mill operator
    Martha    (married Noble)    housework
    Carrie    (married Rome)    housework
    Stillman    farmer

Noble, Clement    mill operator    West
    Martha    (Noble)
    Cora E    (married Adjutant)    housework
    Eugene    mill operator

Noble, Theo T    farmer    West
    Mary E    (Day)    housework
    Ralph    farmer
    Irene    pupil
    Irvin    pupil

Noble, Marshall R    molder
    Sarah E    (Green)    housework
    Marshall R Jr    cutter
    Stillman A    cutter
    Daney L    cutter
    Ida L    housework
    Addie M    pupil
    Joseph E    pupil
    Frank A
    Fred L

Noble, Freemont    factory operator
    Belle    (Richardson)    housework
    Grace    (married Langly)
    Annie    (married Johnson)    housework

Noble, Chas H    mill operator    West
    Sarah J    (Jillson)    housework
    Allie A    laborer
    Mildred I    mill operator
    Mabel    (married Adjutant)    housework
    Alice M    (married Green)    housework


Osburg, Leonard    general work

Octo, Lewis    mill operator    West
    Emma    (Adams)    housework
    Margaret    pupil

Otis, John H    merchant
    Sarah    (Hobbs)    housework
    Alice M    (married Sayward)    housework
    Maud E    (married Durgin)    housework


Paradis, Joseph    mill operator    West
    Annie    (Lujah)    housework
    Maralda    mill operator
    Joseph    mill operator
    Fred    mill operator
    Desart    mill operator
    Adelarde    mill operator
    Clara    pupil
    Leah    pupil
    Harry    pupil

Parento, Joe    blacksmith
    Margaret    (Littlefield)    housework
    *Cora    (married Larrabee)    housework    Manchester, N H
    *Joseph    shoe operator    Lawrence, Mass
    Carine    mill operator
    Melvino    straw factory

Parker, Cora B    (Dunn)    factory operator
    Harold F

Parsons, Mary E    (Friend)

Parsons, Frank    farmer

Parsons, Mary G    

Parsons, Geo     broker
    Sarah E    (Eddy)    housework
    Henry    broker
    *May E    (married Dwight)    housework    Ardsley-on-Hudson, N Y
    *Joseph    farmer    Lakeville, Conn
    *Charlotte    (married Milmine)    housework    29 E 80th, N Y City
    *W Usher    lawyer    Ardsley-on-Hudson, N Y
    M Abigail

Patch, Mary C    (married Getchell)    housework
    *William E    book keeper    53 Moraine, Brockton, Mass

Patterson, Geo D    mill operator
    Elva A    (Robbins)    housework

Peabody, Mary A    (Shea)    K'port
    *Horatio    assistant book keeper    Boston, Mass
    Alice W    (married Gooch)    
    Ruth W    teacher

Peabody, Sarah    (Wheelwright)    K'port

Peabody, Chas N    furniture dealer    summer rest
    Florence F    (Joslin)    housework
    Chas W    student
    Arthur S    pupil
    Florence E    pupil

Peabody, Frank H    farmer    Beach
    Georgia A    (Gooch)    housework
    Elvira     (married Hubbard)    housework
    Theodore G    fisherman

Peabody, Elizabeth L    (English)    summer rest
    *Chas N    furniture dealer    93 Hawthorne, Malden, Mass

Pierce, Mary H    (Lake)    K'port
    Stanley H    pupil
    Ruth L    pupil

Pendergrast, Wm W    retired
    Clara    (married Fish)    housework
    *Mattie E    (married Jellison)    K'port
    *Elmer E    shoe maker    Salem, Mass
    *Cora N    (married Gooch)    housework    Lynn, Mass
    *Olive E    electrican    Lynn, Mass
    *Wm B    s operator    Lynn, Mass
    *Chas F    s operator    Lynn, Mass
    *Susie M    (married Howe)    Lynn, Mass

Perkins, Samuel W    farmer    West
    Georgia    (Goodwin)    housework

Perkins, Mary E    (Webber)    housework    West
    Samuel W    farmer
    *Oliver H    clergy    New Bedford, Mass
    Sarah E    (married Emery)    housework

Perkins, Nathl    farmer & lumberman    No 1
    Mary J    (Stevens)    housework
    Louis N    lumberman & farmer
    *Leland R    laborer    Sanford
    Lillian    (married Walker)    teacher

Perkins, Laura W    housework    West

Perkins, Otis    teamster    West
    Almira W    (Webber)

Perkins, Daniel    farmer
    Sarah     (Peabody)    housework
    Geo F    teamster
    *Olive C    (married Cousens)    housework    Somerville, Mass
    *Howard W    clerk    Portland
    *Lillian    (married Butler)    Bradford, Mass
    *Sadie M    (married Calkin)    W Somerville, Mass
    *Annie M    (married Parsons)    housework    Somerville, Mass

Perkins, Marcia    (Smith)    housework
    Sidney F    student

Perkins, Wm W    general work
    Susan M    (Wormwood)    housework
    Willis B    janitor

Perkins, Granville    mill operator
    Lydia    (Sonerton)    housework
    Eugene A    general work

Perkins, Elroy B    laborer
    Mae E    (Littlefield)    housework
    Esther M    pupil
    Ruth B

Perkins, Leland R    teamster    West

Perkins, Chas H    K'port    house & sign painter
    Alice    (Hanson)    housework
    Alma    housework
    Harold    pupil
    Bessie    student
    Jennie    pupil

Perkins, Oliver    farmer    K'port
    Augusta    (Drown)    housework
    *Marcia    (married Crandall)    Westboro, Mass

Peterson, Walter    piano teacher
    Bertha    (Bartlett)    

Phillips, Geo W    retired
    Daniel C    moulder
    Catherine E    (Coburn)    housework

Phillips, T S    nurse
    Maria E    (Welch)    housework
    *Hattie O    (married Moore)    housework    York
    *Carrie E    (married Miner)    housework    2 Welcome, Haverhill, Mass
    Frank A    farmer & factory operator
    *Lena O    (married Stone)    housework    Old Orchard
    Gertrude M    (married Gordon)    housework
    Grace E    paper mill operator
    Willis H    factory operator

Phillips, Chas R    laborer
    Mary E    (Weare)    housework
    Abbie R    clerk
    Marion    (married Robinson)    housework
    *Inez    (married Cobb)    Poland
    Geo    laborer
    Willie J    pupil

Pierce, Frank    general work
    Nettie    (Walker)    nurse
    Ethel F    student
    Della    student
    Carl F    pupil

Pike, Sewall    mill operator    West
    Julia    (Cooke)    housework
    *Kate A    Springfield, Mass
    *Nellie    (married Wentworth)    housework    Dover N H
    Mary A    (married Webber)    housework
    *Timothy F    shoe operator    Newburyport, Mass
    Walter R    mill operator
    Harry E    mill operator
    Leslie O    mill operator
    Wm S    pupil
    Vera B    pupil

Pike, Julia B    (married Willis)    K'port
    Jas T    fish market
    *John F    gas fitter    K'port
    Albertina A    (married Jahn)    housework

Pinkham, Sam'l    K'port    painter & paper hanger
    Laura J    (March)    housework
    *Martha J    (married Smith)    housework    32 Birch, Biddeford
    Edward A    clerk

Pinkham, Edward A    clerk
    Clara    (Gooch)    housework

Pitts, Cornelius O    factory operator
    Sarah C    (Jameson)    housework
    Sumner R    factory operator
    Bertha E    housework
    *Waldo F    seaman U S N    USS Yankton
    Leslie G    pupil
    Martha E    pupil
    Winnifred N

Pitts, Luke    farmer    R F D
    Benj F    farmer
    Norris W    shoe operator

Pitts, James A    mill operator    K'port
    Adelaide    (Carlisle)    housework
    Edith M    teacher
    Arthur M    student
    Bernice M    pupil

Pitts, Wm    painter    K'port
    Luella    (married Wormwood)    housework
    Wm R    painter & carpenter
    Cornelius O    carpenter
    James A    general work
    *Irving H    miner    Calif

Pitts, Wm R    ship carpenter    K'port
    Annie E    (Cook)    housework
    Fred L    boat work
    Calla S    student

Pooler, Pheleous    mill operator
    Clara    (Burgess)    housework

Porter, John W    mill operator
    Mary E    (Grant)    housework
    *Wm R    shoe operator    Lawrence, Mass
    *Chas S    mill operator    Haverhill, Mass
    Henry C    mill operator
    Iva D    housework
    Flossie B    student

Porter, W Thomas    factory operator

Porter, Harriet    factory operator

Prout, John W    green house keeper    No 1
    Harriet A    (Bingham)    housework
    *Alma C    (married Glidden)    housework    Durham, N H
    Bertha    (married Gooch)    housework    
    *Leroy B    net setter    Tiverton, R I


Quinn, Geo    blacksmith    West


Raino, P    merchant
    Laura    (Broiullette)    housework

Rand, Harry    teamster    K'port
    Sarah    (Wildes)    housework
    George    electrical service
    Chas    R R service
    Lilla    housework
    Ray    pupil
    Albert    pupil

Rand, Chas H    fireman    K'port
    Mildred A    (Jackson)    housework
    Clyde E
    Norman L

Rankin, Rhoda D    (Wormwood)    K'port
    *Eva L    (married Peabody)    housework    Everett, Mass
    Fred F    truckman

Record, Emma A    (RIcker)    housework
    Julia E    housework

Redland, Cyntha    (Miller)    West
    Mary E    (married Day)    housework
    *Leonard    piano maker    Salmon Falls, N H
    *Henry    engineer    Boston, Mass
    *Albert    teamster    Biddeford

Redlon, Jerusha    (Cleverly)
    *William A    shoe operator    Rochester, N H
    *Eugene F    belt maker    Salem, Mass

Redlon, Amos    mill operator
    Julia    (Thompson)    housework
    Elmer    mail carrier
    Florence    pupil

Remick, Ann    (Twombly)    retired
    Carrie    housework

Remick, James    factory operator

Rice, Stillman    teamster
    Florence    housework

Rice, Wallace W    tonic business    K'port
    *Ernest W    s s work    Auburn

Rice, Margaret    (Lynn)    housework
    Mary    housework

Richards, Ellen    housework

Richardson, Asa A    lawyer
    Etta A    (Currier)    housework
    Ira W    student

Ricker, Lewis    teamster

Ricker, Julia E    housework

Ricker, William    teamster
    James H    teamster
    Wilmore L    carpenter

Ricker, J H    teamster
    M Gertrude    (Bragdon)    housework
    Ernest B    pupil

Ricker, John    carpenter
    Florence    (Ferguson)    housework

Ridley, Herbert G    farmer
    Olive A    (Allen)    housework
    *Ernestine M    (married Goodwin)    Lebanon
    Alice L    housework
    Howard L    pupil
    Marion E

Riley, James F    shoe maker
    Margaret    (---)    housework
James F    pupil
    Mary C    pupil

Robbins, Abbie A    (Hartwell)    K'port

Roberts, Geo A    carpenter
    Emily C    (Clark)    housework
    Ethel M    mill operator
    Elmer M    clerk
    Cora B    mill operator

Roberts, Luke H    retired
    Celeste     (Morris)    housework
    Chas W    farmer
    *Louis     engineer    Boston, Mass
    Alice K    student

Roberts, Chas W    farmer
    Isabel J    (Nash)    housework
    Elsie L

Roberts, Fannie S    housework    K'port

Robinson, Annie    housework    West 1

*Robinson, Geo A    pedler    Biddeford

Robinson, Geo F    retired
    Ellen F    (Lord)
    *William R    lawyer    Portland
    Geo L    Am ex driver

Robinson, Geo L    Am ex driver
    Marion N    (Phillips)    

Robinson, Orrin W    ship carpenter
    *Rosabell    (married Groves)    Haverhill, Mass

Robinson, Leslie S    farmer

Robinson, Nancy E    (Hatch)    retired
    *Geo H    barber    K'port
    *Caroline H    (married Simpson)    Tilton, N H
    *Wm J    carpenter    Dover, N H
    Serena M    (married Knight)    housework

Robinson, Emery S    retired    K'port
    Ellen    (Jackson)    housework
    *Wilbur F    mot man    S Berwick
    *Gertrude     (married Harmon)    housework    Beach, Saco
    *Margaret M    (married Hammond)    housework     36 Currier, Lawrence, Mass
    Elsie M    (married Watson)    housework

Robinson, S E    ship calker    K'port
    *Elmer F    business agent shoe workers    Beacon Hill Ave, Lynn, Mass
    *Josie D    (married Perkins)    housework    Swampscot, Mass
    Lydia M    (Drown)    housework
    *Mina L    (married Goodwin)    K'port

Robinson, S Annie     (married York)    K'port
    *Ezra G    electrician R R service

Rogers, Elliott    manufacturing
    Mary    (Thompson)    housework

Rogers, David    retired    No 1

Rogers, Leon B    superintendent mil
    Eva    (Gould)    housework

Rose, Edward    teamster

Rose, Chas A    factory operator
    Carrie D    (Noble)    housework
    Fannie M    pupil
    Myrtle B    pupil
    Gerald L    pupil
    Ruby M    pupil

Ross, Sarah A    housework

Ross, Frank M    physician
    Louisa D    (Morton)    housework
    Annie M
    Florabel L
    Rodney E    student

Ross, Mary R M    (Meserve)    hosuework
    James    pupil

Ross, Isabel T    housework

Ross, Wm     farmer    West 1

Ross, Elizabeth    housework    West 1

Ross, John S    mill operator
    Marcia D    (Wormwood)    housework
    Mabel R    (married Babb)    housework
    Leland S    student

Ross, Lyda H    housework

Russell, Joshua    West 1
    Sarah     (Merrow)    
    *Eddie    merchant    Charlestown, Mass
    *Chas    merchant    Charlestown, Mass
    Paul F
    *Lillian    (married ---)    Portsmouth, N H

Russell, Paul    West 1
    Annie    (Murphy)    teacher

Russell, Wm B    barber
    Eva F    (Jones)    housework
    Trafton W    pupil
    Marland O

Russell, Harry E    farmer
    Augusta    (Thyng)    housework
    Eula M    pupil
    Frank T    pupil
    Floyd I

Rutter, Frank    laundry
    Ida L    (Foote)    housework

Rowe, Chas H    retired     West
    Lizzie A    (Hilton)


Sanderson, Wesley F    R R service
    Minnie    (Littlefield)    housework

Sargent, Harold W    mill operator

Sargent, Sarah     (Currier)    

Sargent, Joseph    retired
    *Elizabeth    (married Parson)    housework    So Berwick
    *William M    clerk    Portland
    *Howard J    painting business    38 Orient, Malden, Mass
    *George G    cabinet maker    1011 S14th, Denver, Col
    Susan C    housework
    Henry W    factory operator

Saunders, Herbert C    mill operator
    Eliza R    (Walker)    housework
    Geo H    general work
    Benj W    student
    Mabel R    pupil
    Aurilla    pupil
    Archie J
    Herbert C

Saunders, H L    fireman
    Josephine    (Haigh)    housework
    Arthur H    pupil
    C Coleman

Savage, Isaiah O    barber
    Laura R    (Rounds)    housework
    Clarence L    general work

Sawyer, Chas E    collector
    Almeda H    (Coffin)    housework
    Lena M    book keeper

Sawyer, Wm H    physician & surgeon
    *Chas P     hotel work    K'port
    *Wm B    electrician R R service    K'port

Sayward, Joseph T    salesman
    Alice    (Otis)    housework
    Dorothy    pupil
    Esther    pupil

Schowler, Margaret P    housework

Scott, Wallace    retired
    Laura E    (Fernald)    housework

Seavey, Asa M    merchant
    Villa S    (Graffam)    housework
    Harold A    tailor
    Ralph E    student

Severance, Fred M    mill operator
    Cora E    (Cousens)    housework
    Fred H

Shackford, Harry    laborer    West 1
    Pauline    (Fielding)    

Shackford, Stephen F    farmer
    Ada L    (Smith)    housework
    *Eugene D    saw mill work    Union, N H
    *Addie M    (married Hanson)    housework    Union, N H
    Bertha G    (married Davis)    factory operator
    Harry L    farmer    West
    Frank O    general work
    Raymond W    factory work
    Myrtle E    pupil
    Ethel L    pupil
    Nellie E    pupil
    Roland A    pupil
    Gladys E

Shannon, Susan H    housework

Shaw, Geo H    mill operator
    Clara E    (Fairfield)    housework
    Daisy M

Shaw, Elizabeth B    (Willis)    
    *Walter S    mechanic    Lowell, Mass

Shaw, Frank    mill operator
    Josie    (Blake)    housework

Shepard, Chas    electrician R R service
    Bessie    (Paine)    
    Bessie    pupil

Shepard, Ardella    (Jackson)    
    Bessie W    student
    Mildred A    student

Sheridan, John F    factory operator
    Rose A    (Doherty)    housework

Shuffleburg, Jas    fish market    K'port
    Etta    (Boothby)    housework
    *Cora B    (married Wakefield)    housework    K'port
    Chas F    laborer
    Geo W    electric service
    *Grace E    (married Montgomery)    K'port
    Alice G    pupil

Shurott, John C    mill operator    West
    Sarah    (Closter)    housework
    Harter    mill operator
    Jessie    mill operator
    Nellie    mill operator
    Eliza    pupil
    Dunno    pupil

*Silvia, Lawrence    foreman    6 Blanchard    So Lawrence, Mass
    Sylvia    (Jansen)    housework
    Segrid F

Simonds, F C    foreman
    Addie W    (Gowen)    housework
    Effie A    housework
    *Will H    book keeper    951 Mass Ave    Cambridge, Mass

Simpson, Etta    (Jellison)   

Sleeper, Martha    dress maker

Small, Fred A    mail carrier    No 1
    Byron A    student
    May G    student

Smith, Elbridge    mail carrier    West 1
    Ada D    (Wormwood)    housework
    Guy A    pupil

Smith, Mrs Mary P    housework    West 1
    M Ellen     teacher

Smith, Chas K    carpenter & farmer    West 1
    Gladys M    housework

Smith, Chas H    farmer    West 1

Smith, Isador    housework

Smith, Mrs Sarah W    housework    West 1
    Adelia    housework
    *Mamie    (married Herdman)    Needham, Mass

Smith, John A    painter
    Lydia A    (Webster)    housework
    Clarence    mill operator
    Grace V    shoe operator
    Annie M    shoe operator

Smith, Eldad    factory operator
    Hannah    (Walsh)    housework
    William H    pupil

Smith, Almon J    hotel keeper
    Maria L    (Martin)    housework

Smith, Margaret L    (Lavender)    
    Almon J    hotel keeper

Smith, Alva F    dairyman
    Clara    (Lombard)    housework
    Earle E    pupil
    Harold    pupil
    Grace M

Smith, Eliza A    (Gowell)    housework
    Josephine R    (married Pollard)    teacher
    *Melissa A    (married Roberts)    housework    K'port
    *Delia V    (married Day)    K'port
    *Eldora L    (married Day)    K'port
    Alva F    dairyman
    Bertelle A    machinist

Smith, Herbert S    station agent    K'port
    Carrie A    (Blake)    housework
    Emery B    pupil
    Evelyn    pupil

Smith, Geo R    assistant cashier
    Emma J    (Emery)    housework
    Herbert S    station agent

Smith, Howard K    Beach    prop Mineral Spring House
    Sarah    (Huston)    landlady
    *Caroline D    (married Nevin)    housework    K'port

Smith, Herbert    electrician R R employee    No 1
    Mabel R    (Brown)     housework
    Freeman W

Snow, Mary E    (Hancock)    housework
    *Geo H    salesman    Woodsville, N H
    *Wm H    clerk & hotel proprietor    Manchester, N H
    *Ernest E    P O clerk    Hanover, N H
    Susan    music teacher
    Eunice    student

Somers, John L    station master
    Estelle    (Gregor)    housework

Somers, Artell    engineer
    Rachel    (Furbush)    housework

Spencer, Geo P    iron moulder
    Cora M    (Stevens)    housework
    Chas W    pupil
    Myrtle A    pupil

Sprague, Thomas M    piper
    Mary F    (Gillis)    housework
    Emma E

Sprague, Orville H    mill operator
    Sadie J    (Towne)    housework
    Chas A

Stanley, William    retired
    Charles W    merchant

Stanley, C W    merchant
    Carrie M    (Williams)    housework
    George R    pupil

Staples, Elmont    mill operator    West
    Grace    (Adjutant)    

Staples, Nicholas    general agent    West
    *Austin F    student    Lowell, Mass
    *Grace L    teacher    N Bellirica, Mass
    *Paul     student    N Bellirica, Mass

Stevens, Abbie    (Smith)    West
    *Rufus    clerk    Portland
    Blanche    (married Burroughs)

Stevens, Benj F    R R service    West
    Lizzie S    (Whitney)    housework
    *Luther C    fireman    Charleston, Mass
    Charlie R    laborer
    Frank H    student
    Arthur L    pupil

Stevens, Calvin L    farmer    No 1
    Jennie    (Hanson)    housework

Stevens, Orren    carpenter    West 1
    Georgie    (Noble)    housework
    Howard O    mill operator
    Morris W    pupil
    Joseph T
    Windham A    
    Fred H
    Ernest W

Stevens, William M    painter

Stevens, Betsy    (Littlefield)    
    *Oliver    carpenter    86 Powell, Lowell, Mass
    *George F    farmer    Wells
    *Hannah L    (married Smith)    companion    K'port
    *Abbie W    (married Gray)    45 Farnham, Lawrence, Mass

Stevens, Annie L    (Nelson)    housework
    *Robie R    Bowdoin student    Brunswick
    *Marion B    Gorham    Normal school student
    Mina E    student
    Olive C    pupil
    John A    pupil
    Nelson R

Stevens, James G    mill operator
    Olive A    (Moulton)    housework

Stevens, Chas S    mill operator
    Edna M    (Tarbox)
    Frank A    pupil
    Edna Marie    pupil
    Carlos M    
    Norman H

Stevens, Jesse M    laundry man
    Alice W    (Sleeper)    housework
    Ruby M    pupil
    Vera M    pupil
    Doris E    pupil

Stevens, Chas    mason
    Martha E    (Tinnum)    housework

Stevens, Chas M    mill operator
    Adeline E    (Hanscom)    housework
    Chas S    mill operator
    *Fannie E    (married Jackson)    Bridgewater, Mass

Stevens, J A     ship carpenter    K'port
    Angelia R    (Herrick)    housework
    Cora     (married Spencer)    housework

Stevens, Fredk    ship carpenter    K'port
    Maria    (Towne)    housework
    Jessie    laundry
    Vesta    (married Hurst)    housework
    Alice    housework

Stevens, Owen    carpenter & painter    K'port
    Nellie    (married Isnah)    housework

Stevens, Chas W    fisherman    No 1

Stevens, Cyrus    painter

Stevens, nancy L    (Jacobs)    housework
    Chas W    laborer
    *Geo S    Insurance agent    Boston

Stevens, Addie S    (Daniels)    West
    Rose    mill operator
    Grace    mill operator
    Myrtle    pupil
    Frank    pupil
    Walter    pupil

Stimpson, Howard    paper mill operator
    Selinda D    (Mitchell)    housework
    Nellie F    pupil

Stone, James M    lawyer
    Lucy W    (Titcomb)    housework
    Geo T    farmer
    Abbie L    stenographer
    James S

St Peters, Fred    retired    West
    Victoria    (Montague)    housework
    Angelina    mill operator
    Laura    pupil

Storer, C John    farm hand    No 1

Straw, Arthur C    mill operator
    Etta M    (Green)    housework
    Etta B    mill operator
    Daisy M    mill operator
    Thomas L    pupil
    Edwin A    pupil

Stranach, Eben W    engineer    K'port
    Sarah B    (Abbott)    housework
    Irving N    R R service
    Myra B    student
    Phillip J    student

Stuart, Alvin    hotel    Beach
    Lyle J    (Smith)    housework

Sunderland, Margaret

Sweetser, Edward J    artist
    Pearle E    (Green)    housework

Swett, Geo E    farmer    No 1
    Florence E    (Fairfield)    housework
    Fannie A    student
    Ezra F    pupil


Tarbox, John    blacksmith & farmer    K'port
    Lizzie    (Gould)    housework
    *Ella    (married Tarbox)    Hyde Park, Mass

Tarbox, Chas F    meat market
    Myra H    (Googins)
    Edna     (married Stevens)

Taylor, Horace    mill operator
    Clara    housework
    John L    R R service
    Grace A    (Allen)    housework
    Horace P    R R service

Taylor, Geo W    farmer    West 1
    Clara M    (Boothby)    housework
    C Amanda    pupil
    Geo F    pupil
    Marjory B    pupil
    Mehitable F    pupil

Taylor, Jonas R    farmer    West 1
    Mercy    (Smith)    housework
    Nellie    (married Day)    housework
    Harlan F    farmer
    Le Roy H    laborer

Taylor, Susan R    housework    West 1

Taylor, H F    farmer    West 1
    Mary D    (Littlefield)    housework

Taylor, Eugene B    dentist
    Mary A    (Taylor)    housework
    Dorothy S

Taylor, John L    R R service
    Lutie I    (Plaisted)    housework
    Herman J    pupil

Taylor, Eunice    (Littlefield)

Temple, Henry W    fireman
    Sarah C    (Tuttle)    housework
    Carrie W    student
    Geo H    pupil

Thing, Clifton    carpenter
    Ida    (Adjutant)    housework

Thompson, Agnes    mat factory operator

Thompson, Lucy A    housework

Thompson, Wm S    genealogist

Thompson, Chas S    farmer    West 1
    Olive M    (Perkins)    

Thompson, Jas P    teamster
    Caroline    (Taylor)    housework

Thompson, Mary A    (Locke)    
    *Wm S    physician    Standish
    *Edwin L    physician    Springvale

Thompson, Natl L     U S M service

Thompson, Margaret J

Thompson, Tille    (Rutter)

Tibbetts, Fred J    barber
    Annie    (Wade)    housework
    *Alton    barber    Brockton, Mass

Titcomb, Wm    conductor
    Maria S    (Stone)    housework
    Edward S    student
    W Sewall    pupil
    Agnes E

Titcomb, Elizabeth    (Dennett)    housework    West 1
    *Mary E    (married Nichols)    Newton, Mass
    *Georgie A    (married Badger)    housework    S Framingham, Mass
    Benj F    farmer
    Sadie B    (married Day)    housework

Titcomb, Benj F    West 1
    Alice L    (Perkins)    
    Leslie B    pupil

Titcomb, Fred E    barber
    Katrina B    (Beals)    housework

Topping, Olive J    (Wormwood)    nurse

Toothaker, David F    carpenter
    Cora    (Boothby)

Towne, Josiah    shoe maker
    Mary E    (Larrabee)    housework
    Everett E    pupil
    Raymond E    pupil

Towne, Wm E    carpenter    West
    Emma J    (Littlefield)    housework
    Affie    (married Gale)    housework
    Olive M    mill operator
    Chester F    laborer
    Henry S    mill operator
    Sidney E    laborer
    Guy P    pupil
    Morris    pupil

Towne, Eliza    (Emmons)

Towne, H E    general work    K'port
    Hattie    (Hanscomb)    housework
    *Annie    (married Clough)    retired    Kittery
    Lewis J    general work
    Jesse A    general work
    Lena E    pupil
    Richmond S    pupil
    Josephine    pupil

Towne, Edgar    bath house keeper    K'port
    Elizabeth    (Brown)    housework
    Mary E 

Towne, Hugh M    retired    K'port
    Mary E    (Jelleson)    housework
    Frank H    mill superintendent
    Edgar    bath house keeper
    Eva    (married Hanscomb)    housework

Towne, Preston    section head    K'port
    Nancy    (Elder)    housework
    Mary    (married Brown)    housework
    Joseph    farmer
    Sarah    (married Sprague)    housework
    *Lucy    (married McKenney)    housework    K'port
    Ethel    pupil

Towne, Mary L    (married Wells)    housework
    Harriet M    mat factory operator

Towne, Marion S    housework    K'port

Towne, Emma F    (Walker)    K'port

Towne, Frank H    manufacturer
    Abbie E    (Dennett)    housework
    Ruth M    pupil
    Marguerite    pupil

Townes, Harriet    mat factory operator

Trimer, C W    foreman B & M R R    K'port
    Catherine A    (Hall)    housework
    Harold S    pupil
    Robert G    pupil
    Frances A    pupil
    Scott N    pupil

Tripp, Joseph D    carpenter    West
    Evelyn     (married Day)    housework
    *Ezra H    teamster    Somerville, Mass
    *Wm F    Dedham, Mass
    *Benj     Hyde Park, Mass
    Walter A    lumberman

Tripp, John W    farmer
    Sarah E    (Ross)    housework
    *Geo R    superintendent    Boston, Mass
    Hattie E    (married Libby)    housework

Tripp, Chas    caulker    K'port
    Hannah E    (Crediford)    housework
    Lutie    (married Eaton)

*Tvedt, Andrew D    trunk maker    N Y City
    Anna    (Jansen)    dress maker

Tvedt, Samuel M    foreman
    Hilda M    (Furvall)    housework
    Halfdan S    student
    Einar L M    student
    Margaret F    student
    Esther E    pupil

Tvedt, Antoine    can maker
    Aaron    pupil
    Nellie    pupil
    Marie    pupil
    Clara    pupil

Tucker, Frank H    ex agent
    Lizzie    (Sands)    housework
    *Ethel    (married Freeman)    Malden, Mass


Varney, Geo    plow manufacturing
    Lucy H    (Gilpatrick)    housework
    Alice M    teacher
    Mary E    book keeper


Wakefield, Burleigh    laborer    No 1
    Mary    (Tennant)    housework
    *Frank E    book keeper    N Y
    Fred F    farmer

Wakefield, John    mill operator    West
    Sarah E    (Perkins)    housework
    Gertrude E    (married Green)    housework
    Marcia M    housework
    *Jennie     nurse    Portland
    Mary E    (married Webber)

Wakefield, Arthur    mill operator    West
    Belle    (Littlefield)    housework

Wakefield, Edwin J F    West 1
    Cora E    (Maddox)    
    Everett C
    Mamie E

Wakefield, Isreal    farmer    West 1
    Arminer    (Cousens)    
    Mabel    (married Allen)    housework
    Edwin J F
    Bertha    (married Emmons)
    Etta    (married Emmons)
    Howard    R R service

Wakefield, Howar    R R service
    Violet    (Worcester)    housework

Wakely, Herbert    clerk
    Ellen    (Shore)    housework
    Myrtle    pupil

Walker, J E    R R service    Beach
    Ida M    (Wentworth)    housework
    Zilpha M    pupil
    Clyde W
    Phillip E
    Chester S

Walker, Albert H    farmer    West 1
    Lillian R    (Perkins)    teacher

Walker, Daniel    farmer    West 1
    Jane    (Hill)    housework

Walker, Juliet    housework    West 1

Ward, John T    contractor
    Annie L    (Rice)    housework
    Forrest E    contractor
    Frank W    foreman
    Geo C    student
    Helen J    student

Ward, Chas    ship builder
    Elizabeth E    (Crawford)    housework
    Mary J    teacher
    Chester A    pupil

Ward, Edward T    contractor
    Josie    (Rice)    housework
    Harold    student

Warren, Willis E    coal dealer
    Lillian M    (Whitaker)
    Ernest R    student

Washburn, Georgie    (Bickford)
    Harry F    hostler

Waterhouse, Edwin T    mill operator
    Bertha    (Williams)

Waterhouse, Eli S    section hd
    Phoebe A    (Stevens)    housework
    *Fred H    s s work    160 Salem, Lawrence, Mass

Waterhouse, Dennis    traveling salesman
    Annie W    (Pulsifer)    housework
    *Lizzie M    (married Axon)    weaver    34 Temple, Waterville
    Effie P    (married Wills)    weaver
    *Wesley D    mill operator    34 Temple, Waterville
    Frank G    
    Nellie A    pupil

Waterhouse, Abram B    carpenter
    *Fred A    clerk    Boston, Mass
    *Carrie A    (married Smith)    Colorado
    *Charles    shoe operator    Lawrence, Mass
    Edward G    mill operator
    Wm A    machinist

Waterhouse, Frank    R R service
    Rena    (Locke)    
    Ada    mill operator
    Lena    mill operator

Waterhouse, J E    mill operator    West
    Addie E    (married Littlefield)    housework
    Carl W    student

Waterhouse, Mahitable    (Hilton)    West 1
    Chas E    mill operator
    Wm F    mill operator
    John E    mill operator
    *Annie    (married Donovan)    housework    Lawrence, Mass
    *Geo H    fgt agent    Lawrence, Mass
    *Oscar W    tel operator    Union Station, Boston, Mass
    Jessie E    mill operator
    *C L    mill operator    Lawrence, Mass

Waterhouse, J H    mill operator    West
    Lizzie M    (Jillson)
    Elsie    pupil
    Lena    pupil
    Emily    pupil
    Earl    pupil

Waterhouse, Emily C    (Raymond)    West
    John H    mill operator
    Edwin    mill operator

Waterhouse, Chas E    mill operator    West 1
    Etta    (Boston)    housework
    Myrtle S    pupil
    Harold    pupil

Waterhouse, Wm F    mill operator
    Hannah    (Jones)    housework
    Russell    pupil

Waterhouse, J A    farmer     No 1
    Eva M    (Drown)    housework
    Reginald O    pupil
    Wilbur O

Waterhouse, Homer    lawyer

Waterhouse, Hiram    farmer
    Eliza    (Taylor)    
    *Jacob    sp office S P C A    N York
    *J Taylor    letter carrier    Portsmouth, N H
    Ida V    tailoress
    *Fannie    (married Smith)    N Y
    *Llewellyn    engineer    Boston, Mass

Waterhouse, Katie    (Wells)    housework    K'port

Watson, Ben    merchant    Beach
    Celia    (---)    housework
    Ethel    milliner

Watson, Chas A    retired    K'port
    Myra A    (Smith)    housework

Watson, B W    fisherman    K'port
    Mary E    (White)    housework
    Agnes M    pupil

Watson, Wm F    fish dealer    K'port
    Elsie M    (Robinson)    housework

Webb, Francis    R R service
    Carrie    (Little)
    Annie F    pupil
    G Kenneth

Webb, William    groc team
    Mamie Eaton    clerk

Webb, Agnes E    (Littlefield)
    Eulalie    teacher
    Agnes    student

Webb, Augusta    (---)    housework
    Louise    (married Kimball)    housework
    Geo    livery stable
    Carrie    (married Simonds)    housework
    *Annie    (married Adams)    housework    Haverhill, Mass
    Frank    engineer
    Wm    clerk

Webber, Leland    overseer    West
    Mary    (Wakefield)    housework

Webber, H Porter    farmer    No 1
    Mary J    (Roberts)    housework
    *Cora    M    (married Gowen)    housework    Lynn, Mass
    *Abbie L    (married Perkins)    housework    Cape Porpoise
    Harland P    clerk
    Arthur O    farmer

Webber, Wm    farmer    No 1
    Eunice    (Clark)    housework
    Carrie E    (married Littlefield)    
    *Alice M    (married ---+    Portsmouth, N H
    *Annie F    cashier    Portland
    Wilbur T    grocer
    *Marion    book keeper    Portland

Webber, Augusta    housework    West

Webber, Edw C    machinist    West
    Mary A    (Pike)    housework    
    Neva May     pupil

Webber, Harland P    clerk
    Olive    (Clark)    book keeper

Webber, Chas H    merchant
    Laura E    (Hutchins)    housework
    Mabel W    (married Huff)    housework
    Elsie L    shoe operator

Webber, Chas F    superintendent mill    No 1
    Jennie M    (Bragdon)    housework
    *Marcia    (married Clark)    Wells
    Leland R    farmer & miller
    Maud A    (married Nason)    housework
    Edward C    mill operator
    Flora B    milliner
    *Elsie M    stenographer    Augusta

Webber, Robert L    clerk
    Ida E    (Littlefield)    merchant
    Arthur G    carpenter

Webber, Orlow    night watch    No 1
    Nellie S    (Lovering)    housework
    A Louise    student
    Chester L    pupil
    Harold A    pupil
    Paul F    pupil
    Frank O    pupil
    Dorothy I

Webber, Wilbur T    merchant
    Eva M    (York)    housework
    Alton F

Webster, Lydia    (Bean)    housework
    Cora G    housework
    *Geo E    shoe operator    Haverhill, Mass

Welch, Harriet    (Libby)    shoe operator
    Jessie M    (married Phillips)    housework
    *Levy O    teamster    Limerick
    Freeman G    laborer
    Ebba J    housework
    Guy R    pupil
    Maynard S    pupil
    Paul R    pupil
    Pearl E    pupil
    Malora B    pupil
    Fred L

Wells, C Loring    teamster
    Sarah E    (Richardson)    housework
    Guy E    pupil

Wells, Chas    general work    K'port
    Sarah A    (Blaisdell)    housework
    *Chas C    R R service    N Y
    *Joseph    painter    Boston, Mass
    *Lillian    shoe operator    Haverhill, Mass
    Katie    housework

Wells, Frances L    (Goodale)    farmer owner
    Nathan H    student

Wells, Rebecca    (Hatch)    retired
    Tryphena A    housework

Wells, John P    fisherman
    Mary L    (Towne)    housework

Wells, J Allie    hotel proprietor
    Jennie M    (Goodwin)    housework
    Winfield S    plumber
    Roy A    student

Wells, Angeline A    (Leavitt)
    Marilla    (married English)    housework    K'port
    *Orin    hotel proprietor    K'port
    Allie    hotel proprietor    Beach

Wentworth, Geo    painter
    Dolly    (Rose)    housework
    Ralph    laborer
    Edward    factory operator

Wentworth, F A    livery stable    Beach
    Marion    teacher

Wentworth, Mary A    (Knowles)    hotel     Beach
    Elvira P    housework
    Benj H    farmer
    Robie K    farmer

Wentworth, Robie    farmer    Beach
    Mary E    (Stevens)    housework
    Geo J    student
    Edward R    pupil
    Helen M    pupil
    Alice S    pupil
    Warren K    pupil

Wesley, Stephen    retired
    Ellen    (McNamara)    housework
    *Mary    (married McKeen)    housework    Charlestown, Mass
    *Elizabeth    (married Glidden)    housework    Quincy, Mass

Wheelwright, Susan    (---)    retired    K'port

Wheelwright, Mary W    retired

Whicher, F J    mill operator    West 1
    Gertrude    (Cousens)    housework
    Raymond C
    Cecil J

Whitaker, O H     carpenter
    Fannie T    (Hutchinson)    dress maker
    Florence M    student

Whitcomb, Nell V    (Gardner)    
    Byron J    photographer
    *Geo B
    *Ida N    (married Johnson)    housework    Orange, Mass
    Bessie B    shop operator

Whitcomb, Byron    photographer
    M Inez    (Dunklee)

White, Jerry L    green house keeper

Wells, Laura S    housework
    Geo H    pupil

Whitehouse, Lucy A    housework

Whitney, Irene M    (Quinley)    
    Francis S    factory operator

Whitney, Francis S    factory operator
    Addie V    (Taylor)    housework
    Ellen A    (married Wormwood)    housework    K Landing
    *Minnie A    (married French)    housework    Porter
    *Cora B    (married Chapman)    laundry    Elm, Saco
    Louie M    (married Hill)    housework

Whitten, James B    painter    West
    Lizzie A    (Hill)

Wiggin, Parker C    retired

Wilds, Eliza J    (Porter)    K'port

Wilkins, Frank P F    West 1

Williams, Geo W    machinist
    Nellie    (Furbish)    housework
    Bertha    (married Waterhouse)

Williams, B S    superintendent W Wks
    Martha A    (Getchell)    housework

Williams, Albert    retired
    Louisa    housework

Williams, John H    laborer    No 1
    Sadie    (Drown)    housework
    Everett F    
    Eveline    F

Williams, Apphia S    (Storer)

Williams, Claudius H    music

Williams, J B    general work    K'port
    Mary E    (Sawyer)    housework
    *Lewis S    head clerk     Reading, Mass
    John E    carpenter work
    *Rose C    (married Hobson)    housework    York Harbor
    *Albert F    merchant    Freeport, Ill

Williams, J R    canoe builder
    Georgiana    (Smith)    housework
    J Victor    pupil
    Ruth M    pupil

Wilson, William    factory operator

Wilson, H Mary    stenographer

Wilson, Lizzie F    (Flanders)    housework
    *Albion R    engineer    42 Truman, New London, Conn
    *Roscoe J    machinist     42 Truman, New London, Conn

Wise, Emily    housework

Wise, Sarah J    housework

Wissell, Jacob r    painter
    *Ida E    (married Franklet)    Philadelphia, Penn
    *Don    (married Bridges)    Wells

Wormwood, Alfred    factory operator
    Ellen A    (Whitney)    dress maker
    Orrin W    factory operator
    Edward P    pupil

Wormwood, Mary A    (Littlefield)
    *Cora C    (married Taylor)    Wells
    Raymond C    clerk

Wormwood, R C    clerk
    Augusta M    (Mendum)    housework

Wormwood, Adeline    (Harding)    housework    K'port

Wormwood, F E    R R service    K'port
    Luella    (Pitts)    housework
    Haven R    student

Wormwood, C P     general work    K'port
    Mary J    (Boston)    housework
    Elsie M    housework

Wormwood, Annie    (Burns)    landlady    K'port

Wormwood, Daniel R    K'port    electrician R R service
    Annie J    (Farrelly)    housework
    Robert E
    Joseph A
    Daniel P

Wright, Edwin    farmer    
    Henrietta F    (Blackburn)


York, Geo H    fisherman    No 1
    Hannah A    (Butland)    housework
    Addie L    housework
    *Wm H    machinist    Abington, Mass
    Rose M    (married Wells)    housework
    *Carry E    (married Fritz)    housework    Berwick
    Cora M    housework

York, Fred G    electrician
    Viola     (Poland)    housework
    Bessie    student

York, S Annie    (Robinson)    housework    K'port

York, H M    dentist
    Eliza J    (Bass)    housework
    Eva     (married Webber)    housework
    *Lotta    (married Chenery)

Young, Wm M    restaurant proprietor
    Nellie V    (Murray)    housework
    Geo W    pupil
    May E    pupil
    Chas H    pupil
    Nellie F    pupil
    Grace E    

Young, Jas W    machinist
    Luella S    (Marsh)    housework
    Elsie M    pupil
    Lizzie F    pupil
    Rodney A
    Harold L

Young, Alice J    (Harding)
    *Harold E    clergy    No Monmouth
    Gertrude A    teacher
    Edith L    mill operator

Young, John W    wood dealer
    Arolin A    (Trickey)    housework
    James    machinist
    Addie W    (married Costello)





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