1905 Census for Lyman

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Alfred, Lyman, Dayton, Hollis & Waterboro Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Lyman is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Andrews, A F  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Annie May  pupil


Baker, Emma  (married Littlefield)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Haven  mill hand
    Arthur  student

Blanchard, Alvah J  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Susie N  (Smith)  housework
    Jerome R  farmer

Blanchard, Abbie N  (Libby)  retired  Goodwin's Mills
    *Roscoe G   physician & surgeon  Dover, NH
    Alvah J  farmer

Boothby, Orrin C  blacksmith  Alfred, RFD 2
    Allie  (Grant)  housework
    *Minnie L  (married Chapman)  218 Union, Lynn, Mass

Bowe, Harry A  lineman  Goodwin's Mills
    Louise  (Hanson)  housework
    Louise Arline

*Brock, H H  physician & surgeon  687 Congress, Portland
    May  (Rounds)
    Henry W  pupil

*Brock, Sarah  687 Congress, Portland

Brown,  W P D  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Fannie  (Jellison)  housework
    Lyman  pupil
    Emma  pupil


Carle, Frank  mason  Goodwin's Mills
    Eva  (Jellison)  housework
    Rena  teacher
    Lawriston  general work
    Willis  mason's helper
    Everett  pupil

Chadbourne, S A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Linnie M  (Griffin)
    Everett E  pupil

Chadbourne, Bailey P  pupil  Goodwin's Mills

Chick, Gilbert  carpenter  Goodwin's Mills

Chappell, Chas W  Goodwin's Mills

Clark, Frank M  Alfred, RFD 3  farmer & poultryman
    Annie L  (Taylor)  housework
    *Walter H  engineer  Little Boar's Head, NH
    *Elroy T  general work  Little Boar's Head, NH
    Clarence H  pupil

Clark, Thos  retired  Alfred, RFD 3
    *Chas H  planter & carpenter  New Samina, Fla
    *Rufus F  engineer  Cambridge, Mass
    *Albion S  farmer & carpenter  Northampton, NH
    *Emily  (married Robbards)  Kennebunk
    Frank M  farmer & carpenter
    *Elmer  farmer  Saco

*Clark, Sobra  (Law)  Shiloh

Clark, Mary L  Shiloh

Clough, Nathan  farmer  East Waterboro
    Lizzie  (Boyton)
    Alice  (married Knight)


Davis, J H  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Amelia E  (Morgan)  housework
    *Addie L  (married Taylor)  housework  Biddeford, RFD 1
    *Geo F  farmer  Kennebunk
    *Mabel Y  (married Stiles)  housework  Clark's Mills
    Carrie E  housework
    Edith A  housework
    Chester H  farmer
    John H  pupil
    Florence  pupil

Davis, L T  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    *Marcia C  (married Fenderson)  Saco
    *Horace E  quarryman  Gonnet, NH
    *Nettie E  (married  ---)  New Durham, NH
    *Laura B  (married Dixon)  Anson
    Laura  (Prescott)  housework
    Lorenzo T Jr  pupil
    Orren E  pupil

Davis, Benj G  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Annie L  (Nason)  housework
    Olive  student
    Walter  pupil

Davis, Betsy  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Davis, Nehemiah  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Martha J  (---)
    Julia E  housework

Davis, George  teamster  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Day, Melissa  (Sweetser)  East Waterboro
    Oscar  farmer
    Geo  teacher
    Harry  student

Day, Geo H  farmer & general store  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Lizzie  (Whitehouse) 
    Chester R  student
    Ralph E  student
    Mary F  pupil
    G Clarence  pupil
    D Percy  pupil
    Henry Willis
    Robert W

Dearborn, W S  conductor  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Dennett, Saml H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Margaret H  (Smith)  housework
    Narcis  (married Tibbetts)  housework
    *Abraham S  foreman  railroad service  Waterboro
    *S Wilbur  foreman  railroad service  Hollis Center

Dennett, Wm H  retired  Goodwin's Mills
    Amanda A  (Hill)
    Harry  student
    *Fred  electrician  Schenectady, NY

Dennett, Simon L  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Minerva  (Kimball)
    *Edward B  traveling salesman  Portland

Dolliff, R H  millman  Goodwin's Mills
    Edith  (Goodwin)  housework

Dow, Mattie I  housework

Dow, Mary E  (Hill)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Frank B  blacksmith
    Alice  (married Hill)  housework

Downs, Ithama  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Lizzie E  (Willett)  housework
    *Fred  USA Philippine Islands
    *Frank  Fla
    *Lucy  (married Dean)  Springvale

Downs, Florence  pupil  Alfred, RFD 3

Downs, Gardner  farmer  Waterboro
    Harriet  (Rhodes)
    Lydia C
    *Reuben H  laborer  Biddeford

Downs, Susan A  (Rhodes)  Alfred, RFD 3
    Wm A  carpenter
    *Albert E  mill work  Waterboro
    Hiram  blind
    *Henry H  s s work  Lynn, Mass
    Eva L  pupil

Downs, Jedediah  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Melissa  (Brown)  housework
    *Alice  (married Wakefield)  East Waterboro

Downs, Wm A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    L Ella  (Goodrich)  housework
    Harry W  pupil
    Bertha E  pupil
    Charles E  pupil

Drown, Howard H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Alice M  (Raymond)  housework

Drown, Chas H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Georgie A  (Clark)  housework
    *Howard  farmer
    Cora  (married Wentworth)
    *Etta  (married Clark)  Alfred, RFD 2
    Ozro  farmer
    *Aldo  mill work  Alfred, RFD 2
    *Sadie  (married Williams)  Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Eugene  mill operator
    Ola  pupil

Drown, W P  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary E  (Colby)  housework
    Ruby M  pupil
    Lawrence  pupil

Drown, Julia  (Morrison)  retired  Alfred, RFD 2
    Weston P  farmer

Drown, Orren R  farmer & carpenter  Alfred, RFD 2
    Lucy E  (Waterhouse)  housework
    *Ernest E  carriage maker  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    *Oliver  carpenter  Portsmouth
    Mary L  housework
    *Abbie  (married Garland)  Waterboro

Drown, Elnora  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Ida M  pupil

Dupre, George  laborer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Durgin, Eugene  mill operator  East Waterboro

Dyer, Nellie  West Kennebunk, RFD 1


Edwards, Sarah  (Day)  Alfred, RFD 2
    *Geo H  Highlandville, Mass
    *John T  Highlandville, Mass
    *Susie  (married Tripp)  Springvale

Elwell, F H  carpenter & farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Leo A  carpenter  Biddeford
    Nellie O  (Hill)  housework

Emerson, Chas D  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Sydna  (Smith)
    Winnefred  student
    Percy D  pupil

Emery, Wendell C  farmer  Alfred, RFD 1

*Emmons, Frank H  Portland  foreman furniture packing depot
    Gertrude A  (McCloud)
    Henry C  pupil
    Lawrence B  pupil
    Ruth E  
    John S

Emmons, Susan A  (Davis)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Emmons, Claude  mill work  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Agnes  (Doherty)  housework
    Tressa Agnes

Emmons, Herbert W  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Angie L  (Welch)  housework
    *Everett W  farmer  Scarboro Beach
    *Ernest A  hostler  Scarboro Beach
    Grace A  housework
    Marcia E  housework
    Ralph H  pupil
    Angie M  pupil
    Elmer  pupil
    Vena  pupil
    Velma N

Emmons, Alfred  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Carrie E  (Nason)  housework
    Myrtle F

Emmons, Harriet  (Tibbetts)  retired  Alfred, RFD 3
    Herbert W  farmer
    Erford  farmer
    Alfred  farmer

Emmons, John B  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3

Emmons, Julia A  (Cushman)  Goodwin's Mills

Emmons, John G  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Evans, Fred E  carpenter & farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Lizzie  (Hodges)  housework
    Roy A  student
    Clayton  pupil

Evans, Joseph  retired  Alfred, RFD 2
    Fred E  carpenter & farmer
    *Frank L  railroad service  Rochester, NH

Evans, John T  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Sarah  (Smith)  housework
    Samuel C  farmer
    Preston E  mill work

Evans, Oliver D  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Elnora C  (Littlefield)
    Ralph O  farmer
    Susie G  housework
    Harry L  pupil

Evans, Samuel C  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    May  (Drown)  housework
    Grace M  pupil


Felton, Ann  retired  Alfred, RFD 3


Gerry, Lillian A  student  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Goodwin, Chas N  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Martha E  (Tibbetts)  housework
    Mary A
    Edith A

Goodwin, Ora  housework  Goodwin's Mills

Goodwin, Cecil  pupil  Goodwin's Mills

Goodwin, Sarah E  (Murphy)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Gordon, Geo  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Hattie  (Emmons)  housework
    *Maude M  (married McLeese)  Saco
    Winnie  (married Coombs)  housework
    Hattie  pupil
    George  pupil
    Ray  pupil
    Lewis  pupil
    Merton  pupil

Gould, Lydia A  housework  Goodwin's Mills

Gould, Sarah A  (Pepper)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Edward B  millman  North Kennebunkport

Grant, A I T  retired  Alfred, RFD 

Grant, Andrew J  retired  Alfred, RFD 3

Grant, Stephen  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    *Geo W  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Ida J  (Mooers)  Goodwin's Mills
    M Alberta  housework
    Fred S  farmer

Grant, Susan S  (Bowdoin)
    *Franklin P  farmer & carpenter  Fort Fairfield
    *Wm R  agent  Bellington, Washington
    *Benj S  farmer & carpenter  Easton

Grant, John I  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Nettie D  (Grant)

Green, Arthur  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Edith  (Bremen)  housework
    Dana  pupil
    Edith  pupil

Griffin, Samuel F  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary A  (Drown)  housework
    Linnie M  (married Chadbourn)
    Maggie V  (married Hooper)


*Hack, Rollin T  clergyman  Portland
    Miriam  (Forbes)  housework
    *Roy K  Oxford student  Oxford, England

Hanscom, Luther L  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Belinda  (Buzzell)
    *Olive M  Biddeford Mills

Hanson, J H  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Ellen M  (Waterhouse)  housework
    Louise  (married Bowe)  housework

Hanson, Warren  millman  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Ellen  (Murphy)
    Oscar G  mill man
    *Winfield S  dentist  Kennebunkport

Hanson, Eliza W  (Dennett)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Abigail R  (married Taylor)
    *John D  N Y City
    Lydia L  (married Mackey)
    *Eliza A  (Hammond)  Biddeford
    *Amos R  N Y City
    Lucy E 
    Horace D  farmer

Hanson, Oscar G  lumberman  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Mary  (Goodwin)
    Sarah E  student
    Nathaniel L  student
    Edith Marion  pupil
    Mabel Ellen  pupil

Hatch, Alva L  dentist  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Amelia W  (Abbott)
    *Ella M  (married Jellerson)  Goodwin's Mills
    *Alice  (Rhoades)  Biddeford
    Walter  student

Haynes, Winfield S  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Lillian  (Roberts)  housework
    Walter M  pupil
    Annie L  pupil
    Mabel R  pupil

Henderson, David  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Catherine  (Jellerson)  housework
    David  farmer

Higgins, Delia F  (Johnson)
    Lucretia  (married Ross)  housework

Hill, Leonard  laborer  Goodwin's Mills

Hill, Rosilla  (Richards)  retired  Goodwin's Mills
    Freedom R  farmer
    Amanda a  (married Dennett)
    Loring W  farmer

Hill, Jeremiah  clergyman & carpenter  Goodwin's Mills
    Victoria A  (Riley)  housework
    *Albert L  Adv clergyman  Bangor
    Virgil H  farmer & carpenter  Biddeford, RFD 4

Hill, Adelbert  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Alice  (Dow)  housework

Hill, Lorenzo  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Eunice  (Cousins)  housework

Hill, F T  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Lydia S  (Lunt)  housework
    Nellie O  (married Elwell)  housework
    *Fredrietta  (married Nixon)  housework  West Durham
    *Alvaretta (married Wadlin)  1 Grant, Biddeford
    *Ruth L  (married Waterhouse)  Biddeford, RFD 4

Hill, F R  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Nellie J  (Cousins)  housework
    *Irving  machine shop  Newton Up Falls, Mass
    Melvin H  farmer
    Leon H  pupil
    Ethel A  pupil

Hill, Loring W  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Kate  (Cousins)  housework
    *Lura B  watch factory  Waltham, Mass
    Wendell  pupil

Hill, Cynthia Z  (Greene)  Goodwin's Mills
    *Emma M  (married McKellips)  Groveton, N H
    *Geo T  carpenter  Biddeford
    *Walter M  carpenter  Saco
    *Gertrude  (married Hanson)  Kennebunkport
    Addie O  (married Littlefield)
    *Grace W  (married Hill)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *John  elec cond  Kennebunkport

Hill, Isaiah P  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Lucy A  (Wakefield)  housework

Hill, C W  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4

Hill, Sarah A  (gould)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Mary E  (married Thompson)  Springvale

Hill, Almeda  (Getchell)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    *Howard  hatcher  Cateract Lake, Col
    *Walter  carpenter  Biddeford
    *Hattie  (married Stuart)  North Saco
    *Jessie  (married Lord)  Hopedale, Mass

Hill, Lucinda  (Waterhouse)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Addie M

Hooper, Henry M  blacksmith  Alfred, RFD 2
    Charles H  farmer

Hooper, C H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Margaret V  (Griffin)  housework
    Verner E
    Sidney E

Howitt, George  stone cutter  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary (Boyes)  housework

Huff, Benj E  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Carrie L  (Hill)  housework
    Blanche W  teacher
    Maude B  teacher
    Eddie  student

Huff, Harry E  millrt  Goodwin's Mills

Huff, Walter F  laborer  Goodwin's Mills
    Mabel  (Boston)
    Irene L  pupil
    Azalia B  pupil
    Vera M  pupil

Huff, O K  carpenter  Goodwin's Mills
    Helen E  (Patterson)
    Walter F  laborer
    *Lena  M  (married Maddox)  North Shapleigh
    *Myron E  sawyer
    *Estelle M  (married Merrill)

Huff, Wm O  carpenter  Goodwin's Mills
    Ivy M  (Clark)
    Chas W
    Florence M

Huff, Wm C  carpenter  Goodwin's Mills
    *Winnibelle  (married Lapham)  Beverly, Mass
    *May  (married Kimball)  N H
    *Richard  machinistco
    Wm O  carpenter

Hughes, Thos W  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Annas  (White)  housework
    Gertie  pupil
    Marcia  pupil

Hurd, Susan  (Low)  Goodwin's Mills
    Byron  machinist
    Edwin C  merchant
    Henry W  physician & surgeon
    *Alice  (married Ford)  housework  Fairfield, NY

*Hurd, H W  physician & surgeon  Biddeford
    Maude C  (Bishop)  housework
    Helen B  

Hurd, E C  merchant  Goodwin's Mills
    Grace L  (Hutchins)  housework

Hyde, Henry  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Lizzie  (Kimball)  housework


Jellerson, Wm P  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Jellerson, F L  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Ella M  (Hatch)  housework
    Harry  pupil

Jellerson, Ralph B  merchant  Goodwin's Mills

Johnson, Mary F  (Gatchell)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Jose, C E  blacksmith  Goodwin's Mills
    Annie M  (Clark)  housework
    Roland  pupil
    Harry  pupil
    Bernice  pupil


Kimball, Geo W  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Nancy O  (Greene)  housework
    *Emma R  (married Hayes)  Bar Mills
    *George W Jr  ice team  349 W Forty Seventh, New York City
    Grace M  (married Lord)  housework
    Fred E  farmer
    Myrtie W  pupil

Kimball, Henry  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary A  (Stowe)  housework

Knox, Harris B  farmer  West Kennebunk  RFD 1
    Susan A  Thornton)
    *Walter F  machinist  Portland
    *Ralph E  engineer  Biddeford
    Mildred M  student
    *Mary E  (married Young)  Biddeford


Labelle, Romeo  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Lamb, Chas B  M E clergyman  Goodwin's Mills
    Fannie M  (Prentiss)  housework
    Frances Octavia
    Gertrude P

Libby, Perley  farmer & peddler  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Eva M  (Hanson)  housework
    Guy P  pupil

Littlefield, Albert  farmer,  Alfred, RFD 2
    Josephine  (Smith)  housework

Littlefield, Elmer  postmaster  Goodwin's Mills
    Addie O  (Hill)  housework
    *Elsie M  (married Knight)  Kennebunk
    *Frank A  general work  Biddeford
    Beatrice  pupil

Littlefield,  Frank  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Emma  (Baker) 
    Ray L  pupil
    Ralph W  pupil
    Ruth  pupil

Lord, Thomas H  Goodwin's Mills  farmer & millman
    Lydia A  (Carvill)
    Fred T  farmer & millman
    Cora B  (married Warren)
    *Lestie H  (married Littlefield)  Cliftondale, Mass

Lord, F T  farmer & millman  Goodwin's Mills
    Grace M  (Kimball)  housework
    Edith A

Lord, Louisa  (Andrews)  housework  Alfred, RFD 3

Lord, Wm  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    *Sarah A  (married Huff)  Somerville, Mass
    *Mary E  (married Abbot)  Somerville, Mass
    *Charles H  machinist  Chelsea, Mass
    *Alice F  (married Graffam)  Saco
    *Carrie B  (married Graffam)  Saco
    Susan S  (Grant)  housework

Lord, Geo W farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Mary J  (Hill)  housework

Lord, Alvah  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Low, Geo L H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

*Low, John K  machinist  55 Walnut, Waltham, Mass
    Emma  (Dockham)  Alfred, RFD 2

*Low, Chas L  Lowell, Mass

*Low, Daniel H  orchardist  Lindsay, California
    Effie M  pupil

Lunt, Rufus J  clerk  Biddeford, RFD 4   


Maddox, Jacob  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    *Jennie  (L---)  Kennebunk
    Charles  laborer

Mangar, Jas H  West Kennebunk, RFD 1  market gardener
    Carrie  (Walker)  housework
    James R  general work
    Tessie B  pupil
    Archie S  pupil

Marshall, Emma  (McKenney)  Goodwin's Mills
    *Jennie  (married Chute)  housework  Old Orchard
    Geo W  farmer
    *Horace  care B T Sanborn  Augusta

Merrill, E Louise  (Roberts)  Alfred, RFD 2
    Dimon E  pupil
    Will R  pupil
    Earle H  pupil

Merrill, Orion P  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Mary E  (Barry)  housework
    *Eugene E  teamster  Biddeford
    *Elnora  (married Moore)  housework  Clark's Mills
    *Nettie  (married Witham)  Hallowell
    Agatha  housework
    Phineas W  pupil
    Alice G  pupil
    Blanche B  pupil
    Frank W  pupil
    Herbert O  pupil
    George A  

Mitchell, Chas R  farmer & carpenter  Biddeford, RFD 4
    Lydia  (Thompson)  housework
    Rosie E  pupil

Mitchell, Richard  farmer  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Dimon  carpenter  Biddeford
    Ida E  dress maker
    Charles R  farmer & carpenter

Monohon, Paul W  pupil  Biddeford, RFD 4

Monohon, G Elmer  pupil  Biddeford, RFD 4

Mooers, M Artelle  pupil  Goodwin's Mills

Moody, Sarah E  (Downs)  housework  Alfred, RFD 3
    Henry P  farmer

Morrison, Guy  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Moulton, Geo E  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Hattie O  (Fernald)  housework
    Bessie C  pupil

Moulton, Porter A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Lucy  (Currier)  housework
    George E  farmer
    Edgar P  pupil

Murphy, Ivory W  lumberman  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Sophia  (Davis)  housework
    Ruth H  pupil
    Fred D  pupil
    Willis I  pupil

Murphy, C W  farmer & lumberman  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Louise M  (Ferguson)
    *Geo F  engineer  New Kensington, Pa
    *Grace E  stenographer  New Kensington, Pa
    *Horace G  bookkeeper  Florence, Ariz
    May L  teacher
    C W Jr  student
    Frank pupil


Nason, Nehemiah  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    *Everett E  millman  Saco, RFD 1
    *Minnie H  housework  South Hollis
    Ella O  housework
    *Arthur P  filer  Saco
    *Velma  (married Farnham)  Wells, RFD 1
    Carrie E  (married Emmons)
    Ransom  mill work


Otis, Ida J  (Woodman)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    *Maude E  (married Allen)  Wells
    Leon H  pupil
    Clara M  pupil


Page, Wm H  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 2
    *Minnie M  (married Bartlett)  Rockville, Conn
    *Mettie B  (married Mossman)  Venice, Italy
    *Adelbert  horseshoer  Boston, Mass
    *Eva H  (married Welch)  North Berwick
    Ethel  housework
    Leroy C  student
    Ida J  (Otis)  housework

Phillips, Henry S  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Harry E  railroad fireman
    Henry S Jr  farmer
    Ida M  (Roberts)  housework

Plummer, Geo A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Susan C  (Emmons)  housework
    *Fred A  last maker  Lyman, Lynn, Mass
    *Lizzie E  s s work  Lynn, Mass

Post, Mrs W P  (Potter)  housework  Alfred RFD 2
    *Louis  U S M
    Laurance  pupil

Potter, Mrs L J  (Grant)  retired  Alfred, RFD 2
    Annie  (married Post)  housework
    *Charles  New York

*Pray, Wm  builder  166 Devonshire, Boston, Mass
    Fannie  (Nutter)

Prescott, William  West Kennebunk, RFD 4


Quirk, John J  farm hand  Alfred, RFD 2


Raymond, Chas E  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Hannah  (Edwards)  housework
    *Gertrude  (married Drown)  Alfred

Raymond, Abbie  Alfred, RFD 2

Rhoades, George  farmer & builder  Goodwin's Mills
    Harriet  (Giles)
    *George  livery  Biddeford
    Benjamin  farmer

Richards, Priscilla  (Cousins)  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    *Robert  Wells, Me
    *Emma  (married Baker)

Ricker, Alden H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Ricker, Ebenezer  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Ricker, Elizabeth  housework  Alfred, RFD 2

Robbins, Elvira  (Whitten)  Alfred, RFD 2
    John W  mech draughtsman

Roberts, Mary J  (Wiggins)  Alfred, RFD 3
    Chester B  farmer

Roberts, Alonzo  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    *Martha  (married Pilsbury)  housework  39 Boston, Somerville, Mass
    *Herman E  trav sales  Braintree, Mass
    *Porter, A  bookkeeper  Portland
    Arthur L  farmer
    Lizzie M  (Roberts)  housework

Roberts, Dimon  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Jennie M  (Merrill)  housework

Roberts, Edwin R  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Celia E  (Smith)  housework
    Dexter  pupil
    Eliza  pupil

Roberts, A F  merchant  Alfred, RFD 3

Roberts, Lizzie S  housework  Alfred, RFD 3

Robinson, May E  housework  Alfred, RFD 3

Ross, Fred B  night watch  Alfred, RFD 3
    Lucretia  (Higgins)  housework
    Florence M  teacher
    Edward H  farmer

Rounds, Geo H  farmer & poultry  Alfred, RFD 2
    *May  (married Brock)  Portland
    *Lillian  (married Gage)  Washington, DC
    *Clara  (married Tolman)  Dover, NH
    *Eleanor  (married Blauvelt)  Jersey City, NJ
    Estella  (Webster)  housework

Rumery, Warren  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    ----  (Rafferty)
    Margaret  teacher


Sands, Myra  housework  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Sheldon, Orlander  Biddeford, RFD 4

Smith, Wm  general work  Alfred, RFD 3

Smith, Jesse  town charge

Smith, Walter C  farmer  Goodwin's Mills

Smith, Chas S  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Lydia J  (Grant)  housework
    *Heber K  farmer  Plymouth, NH  RFD 3
    *Freeborn J  teamster  Brooklyn, NY
    *Luther W  head clerk  5 Hunterfly Pl, Brooklyn, NY
    *Henry C  farmer  Plymouth, NH, RFD 1
    George C  farmer
    Mary D  (married Weymouth)
    *Ida V  (married Boston)  South Waterboro

Smith, James  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Sarah A  (Smith)  housework
    *Moses A  carpenter  139 Hill, Saco

Smith, H P  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Clara M  (Grant)  housework
    *Warner F  carpenter  Biddeford
    *Maude N  (married Googins)  Kennebunk
    *Maynard E  electrician  Boston, Mass
    *Arthur P  telegraph operator  31 Temple, Saco
    Ralph W  farmer
    *Grace V  counter shop  Kennebunk
    *Marcia B  counter shop  Kennebunk
    Rena E  pupil
    Bessie C  pupil

Smith, R W  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Anna S  (Rumery)  teacher

Smith, Jacob  farmer  Alfred, RFD2
    *Marcia M  (Wellman)  5 Warner, Salem, Mass
    Arthur M  farmer
    *Blanche B  (married Robinson)  96 Vesper, Portland

Smith, A M farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Helen  (Douglass)  housework
    Karl D
    Maurice R

Smith, Saml C  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary E  (Littlefield)  housework
    *Lillian E  (married Drown)  housework  West Kennebunk
    *Angie M  (married Kenniston)  Kennebunk
    Eugene  farmer

Smith, Eugene  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Addie R  (Littlefield)  housework

Staples, Wm M  farmer & town clerk  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Susan S  (Evans)  housework
    Eva E  (married Fletcher)  housework  Kennebunk

Stevens, A W  teamster  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Mary  (Synnott)  housework
    Mamie  housework
    Walter  pupil
    Annabel  pupil

Stevens, Wm S  retired  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Elizabeth S  (Libby)
    *James P  machinist  Biddeford
    Orvin W  teamster
    George E  blacksmith
    Carrie  (married Waterhouse)
    Mary F  (married Wakefield)
    *Leonia S  (married Bosquin)  Melton, NH

Stevens, A A  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Molly R  (Abbott)

Stimpson, Edwin  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Stimpson, Ira T  West Kennebunk, RFD 1  cobbler & harness rep

Stimpson, Etta M  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

*Stimpson, Lizzie J  housework  Kennebunk

*Stimpson, Wm C  carpenter  Waterbury, Conn

Stowe, Mary A  (Nason)
    *Geo H  carpenter  35 Walnut, Lynn, Mass
    *Lillian  (married Jellerson)  Biddeford

Strout, Delia F  (Higgins)  Alfred, RFD 3

Swett, John H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Jennie A  (Burnham)  housework
    Norman D


Tarbox, Olivia  Goodwin's Mills

Taylor, Ernest  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary  (Wentworth)  housework

Taylor, Abigail R  (Hanson)  Alfred, RFD 2

Taylor, Adelbert S  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Estella  (Thompson)  housework
    Edith  pupil
    Harold  pupil

Taylor, Owen  farmer  South Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Cora  (Merrill)
    Harry  farmer
    Anna L  housework

Tennant, Chas A  farmer  Goodwin's Mills
    Catherine S  (Goodwin)  housework

Thompson, Sophia  (Palmer)  retired  Goodwin's Mills
    Mary E  teacher
    *Charles  farmer  Kennebunk
    Frances  housework
    *Joshua  farmer  Kennebunk
    Estella  (married Taylor)  housework
    Agnes  housework

Tibbetts, Elbridge  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Narcis  (Dennett)  housework
    Bessie  student

Tibbetts, W R  farmer  Waterboro
    Ellen  (Fickett)  housework
    *Geo W  engineer  Danvers, Mass
    *Albert E  traveling salesman  240 Main, Biddeford
    *Chas F  police  14 1/2 Clifton, Portland
    Martie E  (married Goodwin)  housework
    Clifford A  painter
    *Hermon K  physician & surgeon  Limerick
    M Alice  teacher

Tripp, F E  painter & surveyor  Goodwin's Mills
    Fannie M  (Ford)  housework
    *Wayland F  police  Brighton, Mass


Wakefield, Sarah  (Brown)  retired  Alfred, RFD 3

Wakefield, Ada  (Grant)  Goodwin's Mills
    Herbert  farmer
    *Nellie  housework  Malden, Mass
    *Grant  woodsman
    *Lydia  (married Smith)  housework  Waterboro
    *Mary  (married Grant)  housework  Hollis Center, RFD 1
    Lucy  (married Smith)  housework  Waterboro
    I Frank  farmer

Wakefield, Lucy A  (Hill)  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Sarah V  (married Leavitt)  Saco
    *Chas H  machinist  Saco

Wakefield, Herbert  farmer & lumberman  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Mary E  (Wakefield)

Wakefield, Chas  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Anna  (Wakefield)

Walker, L C  millman  Goodwin's Mills
    Lydia  (Waterhouse)  housework
    *Grace  (married Smith)  housework  Biddeford, RFD 4
    *Della  (married Smith)  Goodwin's Mills

Walker, Orren S  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Susan F  (Littlefield)  housework
    Bell M  teacher
    *Herman R  clerk  27 Highland Ave,  Roxbury, Mass
    James H  student

Walker, Mary A  retired  West Kennebunk, RFD 1

Warren, C F  farmer & lumberman  Goodwin's Mills
    Cora B  (Lord)  housework
    Earle F  pupil
    Roy C  pupil
    Lois M

Warren, Ellen  (Grant)  Goodwin's Mills
    Clinton F  farmer & lumberman
    *Minnie G  (married Sprague)  121 Atlantic, Atlantic, Mass
    *Bertha M  (married Chadbourne)  buyer  South Station, Boston, Mass
    *W Fred  clerk  121 Atlantic, Atlantic, Mass
    Tressa F  teacher

Waterhouse, Daniel Y  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Mary E  (Emmons)  housework
    Perley C  farmer

Waterhouse, Edmond  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2
    Abigail  (Kimball)  housework
    Eli S  laborer
    William  farmer
    *Charles  paper mill Kennebunk
    *John  farmer  West Kennebunk
    *Sarah  (married Brown)  Saco
    *Edwin  teamster  Alfred, RFD 2
    *Susie  (married Brown)  Sanford
    *Frank  teamster  Alfred, RFD 2
    *Flora  mill work  Sanford
    *Henry  teamster  Alfred, RFD 2
    *Geo  mill work  Alfred, RFD 2
    Alice  housework

Waterhouse, Wm  laborer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Carrie  (Stevens)  
    Frederick  pupil
    Annie E  pupil
    Louis D  pupil

Waterhouse, Lucinda  (married Hill)  West Kennebunk
    Calvin  pupil

Watson, C M  retired  Goodwin's Mills

Welch, John G  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Emily  (Emmons)  housework
    *Ellen  (married Dyer)  housework  14 Lambert, Chelsea, Mass
    *Mabel  (married Carter)  14 Lambert, Chelsea, Mass
    *Adelbert J  farmer  Hollis, RFD 1
    Steven E  farmer
    Louise A  student

Wentworth, Edwin  carpenter  Alfred, RFD 2
    Cora  (Drown)  housework
    Harold  pupil

Wentworth, Sarah  Alfred, RFD 2

Whitehouse, S R  Alfred, RFD 2

Whitten, Frank A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 2

Whitten, Ellen  Alfred, RFD 2

Whitten, Sarah J  Alfred, RFD 2

Whitten, Fred  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Sabra  (Getchell)  housework
    Herbert S  farmer

Whitten, H S  farmer  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Susan F  (Emerson)  housework

Wormwood, William  carpenter  West Kennebunk, RFD 1
    Mary  (Buzzel)
    *Lucinda  (married Waterhouse)
    Fred  shoe op
    *George  machinist  Saco
    Willie  farmer

Worster, W L  carpenter & farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    Nellie M  (Chase)  housework

Worster, J H  farmer  Alfred, RFD 3
    *Harry L  carpenter  Reading, Mass
    *Violet J  (married Wakefield)  mill work  West Kennebunk
    Burton F  farmer
    Willis L  farmer
    Mary F  pupil
    Lillian  (Bragdon)  housework


Young, Perley  farmer  Alfred
    Laura  (Woodman)  housework

Young, Levi B  retired  Alfred
    Perley  farmer










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