1905 Census for Waterboro

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book Alfred, Lyman, Dayton, Hollis & Waterboro Town Register, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Alfred is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Abbott, Fred M station engineer East Waterboro
    Fannie E (Gilpatrick) house work
    Grace M
    Edgar S pupil
    Florence E pupil
    Ethel M pupil
    Forest M pupil
    Ruby A

Abbott, J B station agent B & M Railroad East Waterboro
    Rena (Warren) housework
    Nettie L (married Jellerson) South Portland
    *Eva M stenographer Portland
    Edith C pupil

Abbott, Percy H student

Allen, Arthur engineer

Allen, Frank B farmer
    Marcia E (Emmonds) housework

Allen, Benj R farmer
    *Susan (married Phenix) Uxbridge, Mass
    Agnes (Smith) housework
    Frank B farmer

Allen, Evelyn (Smith)

,Anderson, H J farmer
    May (Gallagar) housework

Anderson, John H farmer
    Julia B (Phoenix)
    Herbert J farmer
    Lottie May student

Anderson, Melvina (Seavey)
    *Belle R (married Lord) Whitman, Mass
    Albrona A (married Tibbetts)
    *Lillian B (married Hardison) W Franklin

Andrews, Aaron retired
    Mary (Rhodes)
    *Eugena (married Tibbetts) housework Berwick
    *Fred P blacksmith South Waterboro
    *Willis A general work Woburn, Mass
    *Herbert R farm work Kennebunk
    *Edwin machinist Biddeford
    *Clarence Ray teamster Biddeford
    *Austin carpenter New York
    Walter millman
    *Elsie (married Leavitt) South Boston
    Bertha (married Downs
    *Nellie (married) Huff Lyman

Andrews, Chas C farmer
    Gertrude S (married Hamilton)
    Chas H farmer

Andrews, Chas H farmer
    Susie E (Green)
    Carroll pupil
    Freda L pupil

Andrews, Fred P blacksmith

Andrews, Herbert farmer Ross Corner

Andrews, John W farmer Alfred, RFD 1
    *Mary E (married Roberts) Portland

Andrews, Laura A (-----)

Andrews, Walter L millman
    Arvilla (Smith) housework
    Lester L pupil

B        TOP

Bagley, Alvah blacksmith Center Waterboro

Bailey, Mary J ( Nason)

Bailey, Stephen J retired

Baker, John farmer
    Abbie G (Seavey) housework
    Ida (married MacDonand)

Baldwin, Sarah A (married Johnson) North Waterboro
    Louise A (married Bean)
    Cora E (married Johnson)

Beal, Eliza (Henderson) Waterboro Center
    *Henry laborer Biddeford
    *Mary J (married Durgin) Sanford

Bean, Asa farmer
    Miriam (Manning) North Waterboro

Bean, Luke farmer
    Julia I  teacher
    Butler L farmer
    Alice L farmer
    *Samuel R mill operator South Berwick
    *May E (married Wilcox) Woodfords

Bean, Edward carpenter & builder North Waterboro
    William E
    Cora E (Baldwin)
    Frank O student
    Alfred H

Bean, Ivory farmer
    Carrie (Steadman)
    Daniel F student
    Ella pupil
    Susie pupil

Bean, John F farmer Alfred RFD 1
    Margaret K (Laing)
    Ralph H

Belval, John I teamster East Waterboro
    Agnes G (Ricker) housework
    Blanch A pupil
    Clarence P

Benton, I W harness maker Waterboro Center
    Mabel (Ricker) housework
    Rilla M pupil
    Percy D pupil
    Frank L pupil
    Ida P

Berry, Ella housework North Waterboro

Black, A A harness maker

Blaisdell, F W farmer Alfred RFD 1
    Lucy B (Peirce) housework
    Elizabeth P
    May E (married Belknap)

Boston, Ida (Smith) housework
    *Mabel (married Huff) Lyman
    *Vera S (married Townsend) Biddeford
    *Clara (married Smith) Saco
    *Lillian R (married Drowns) Alfred
    Peter S general work
    Elsie J housework

Boutin, Albert teamster
    Mary (Bisword) housework
    Adelia pupil

Brackett, Arthur W railroad service
    Mattie B (Roberts) housework
    Christine G
    Wilfred C

Brackett, Irving retired

Brackett, CS farmer
    Eliza E (Phoenix) housework
    *Willard A bookkeeper Pawtucket, RI
    David C farmer
    Reina E student

Bradeen, Alonzo farmer West Buxton RFD 3
    Herbert A farmer

Bradeen, Herbert A farmer West Buxton RFD 3
    Ella P (Libby)

Bradeen, Henry L blacksmith North Waterboro
    Hattie A (Lord)   
    Raymond H pupil

Bradeen, Harry L livery sta East Waterboro
    Eva A (Woodard) housework
    Alice M
    Marion L

Bradeen, Kate (Collins)           
    Harry L livery sta

Bradford, William carpenter
    Addie (Chick)
    Harry student

Brock, Geo N farmer
    George E
    Alice M
    David O
    Mary N

Brock, Emeline L (Ricker)
    *Martha E (married Sawyer)  Cliftondale, Mass
    *Alice L (married Turner) Cliftondale, Mass
    *Olive E (married Turner) Holyoke, Mass
    George N

Brown, Jason E farmer West Buxton, RFD 3
    *Minnie (married Briar) Boothbay
    Ida L (Pitts)
    Wilbur J teacher
    Fred L pupil

Brown, Elmer farmer North Waterboro

Brown, Nellie F

Burke, Wilmot N farmer
    Isabelle M (Willey)
    Arvilla E          

C        TOP

Carle, Henry T station engineer East Waterboro
    Johanna (Roberts) dry and fancy goods
    *Ora V stenographer Portland
    *Effie R (married Jellerson) Saco

Carll, Sidney general work
    Joanne (Thing) housework
    Elwin S merchant
    Clarence student

Carll, Chas K farmer Waterboro Center
    Carrie B (Tibbetts) housework

Carll, Geo W merchant
    N Alice (Libby) merchant
    Francis W pupil
    Madge M pupil
    Earl C

Carll, Herbert H grain dir
    Cora A (Brown)
    Wilma E

Carll, Elwin S merchant
    Annie M (Chadbourne) teacher

Carll, Gay farmer Waterboro Center
    Rena (Grace) housework
    Harry S pupil
    Frank C pupil
    Lottie pupil
    Clara A

Carll, James B farmer East Waterboro
    Mabel G (Berry) housework
    Alice D

Carpenter, Fred G station agent

Carpenter, Mary North Waterboro

Carpenter, Richard farmer North Waterboro
    Vesta (Coffin)

Carpenter, Nath W clerk North Waterboro
    Mary A (Chase)
    Lester W teacher
    Ethel teacher
    Fred E teacher
    Walter B student
    Flora M

Carpenter, Chas laborer
    Jennie (Small) housework
    Jessie H pupil
    Lizzie T pupil
    Carrie b pupil

Carpenter, Jacob retired
    Jane (Kelly)
    *Mabel (married Newell) Springvale
    *Gertrude (married Willett) Springvale

Carpenter, Henry S farmer
    Eva (Hall) housework
    Albert E farmer
    *Rhoda (married Libby) Limerick
    Wilbur H teamster
    John farmer
    Rebecca housework
    Royal pupil

Chadbourne, Geo R farmer North Waterboro
    Carrie C (Benson) housework
    Guy R

Chadbourne, Jas F farmer North Waterboro
    *Harry S hardware dir Rumford Falls
    *Alice R teacher Somersworth, NH
    *Laura M teacher St. Johnsbury, Vt
    Lottie N (Marshall)

Chadbourne, Andrew H lumber dir, East Waterboro
    *Willard V surveyor Buxton
    Mary A (Sinnott) housework
    Annie M (married Carll)
    Alton H mill work

Chadbourne, Charles E farmer North Waterboro
    Annie (Welch)
    Ruby E pupil

Chadbourne, Etta housework North Waterboro

Chadbourne, Frank A farmer North Waterboro
    Jennie M (Welch)
    Eleanor A student
    Gladys M pupil

Chadbourne, George farmer and blacksmith North Waterboro
    Carrie (Benson)

Chadbourne, Hiram H farmer West Buxton, RFD 3
    Annie L (Johnson)
    *John L   Portland
    *Fred S  packer Cambridge
    Chester E farmer
    *Ida F (married Rackliffe) Auburn

Chadbourne, Joseph farmer West Buxton, RFD 3
    Melvina (married Hanscom)

Chadbourne, Wm P carpenter North Waterboro
    Frances R (Cleasby)
    *Prescott D carpenter Limerick

Chase, John H  North Waterboro P M and general store
    Josephine (Warren)

Chase, Chas F farmer
    Lydia (Rhodes)
    *Howard E hostler East Waterboro
    Seth L hostler
    *Nellie (married Hamilton)

Chase, H E  hostler East Waterboro

Chase, Lena  Ross Corner

Chase, Seth hostler
    Harold C

Chick, Stephen farmer
    Maggie (Lunny)

Chick, Winfield carpenter
    Willis  pupil

Clarke, Ella housework North Waterboro

Clifford, George farmer Waterboro Center
    Clara (Lord)

Clough, Charlotte East Waterboro

Clough, Ella R (---) East Waterboro
    Algie E fireman
    *Percy R railroad brakeman Portland

Cluff, Geo O farmer Waterboro Center
    Ada G (Welch) housework
    Florence M student
    Norris D pupil

Cluff, Hannah (Foss)
    *Hannah O (married Pierce) Holt City, Iowa
    *Louisa (married Emery) Biddeford
    Kate (married Sinclair)
    *Etta (married Pillsbury) Boston
    Bickford  railroad service
    *Ida (married Haley) Limington

Coffin, M F merchant Waterboro Center

Coffin, Mary J Waterboro Center

Coffin, Willis E butcher
    Lizzie E (Carll) housework

Cook, Chas H retired
    Lizzie (Day)

Cook, Chas N H farmer
    Herbert W

Cook, H W  farmer
    Juliette K (Willey)

Cook, Sarah A (Smith)

Cooney, L A  Baptist Clergyman
    Susie (Reed) housework
    Lillian  teacher
    Alice  student
    Gladys  pupil

Cotton, W H clergy
    Mehitable A (Bennett) housework
    *John F  farmer Hollis
    Edwin D  farmer
    *Harry L  farmer Hollis
    Ethel L West Buxton, RFD 1

Cummings, Harry  railroad service
    Rose (Steadman)

D        TOP

Davis, B F  farmer 
    Lizzie (Allen)

Davis, Mary J  poultry

Day, Calvin H  retired  North Waterboro

Day, Ellsworth H  hotel and livery
    Carrie L (Mills) housework
    Eva L (married Marble) housework

Day, Elmer I  farmer  North Waterboro
    Florence (Kittery)
    Fred I

Day, Horace  farmer
    Clara J (Young)
    *Ellsworth H  livery
    *Minnie (married Mills)  Winthrop, Mass

Day, Howard L  farmer  East Waterboro

Day, Israel  farmer  North Waterboro
    Celia M (Fletcher)
    Elmer I  farmer

Day, James B  farmer  North Waterboro
    Annie E (Bridges)

Day, Mary A (Rose)
    *Chas G  farmer Ipswich, Mass
    *Lizzie (married Shepard  Sanford
    *Mahala (married Hodgdon) Springvale
    *Ellen (married Carpenter) East Rochester
    *Lizzie (married Trickey) Rochester
    *Samuel R  blacksmith Springvale

Dearborn, Chas F  carpenter  West Buxton, RFD 1
    ---- (Wakefield)
    Leona  pupil
    Elnora  pupil

Deering, A Lincoln  ice merchant  East Waterboro
    Mary E (Nowell)  housework
    Noel W
    Roger L

Deering, Ella E  East Waterboro

Deering, Elmira (Guptill) East Waterboro
    *Howard S  physician  Boston
    *Sarah L  (married Burnham)  Hollis
    *Clara E  music teacher  Augusta
    A Lincoln  ice merchant
    *Arthur N  livery stable  Malden, Mass
    *Elizabeth A  teacher  Nashua, N H
    *Marcia D  (married Smith)  Hudson, N H

Deering, Nancy (---) West Buxton, RFD 1

Deering, Wm B  farmer  East Waterboro
    Florence C
    Lawrence E  pupil
    Edith I  pupil

Dennett, Abram S  railroad foreman
    Evelyn C  housework
    Margaret E  student

Dolley, Geo C  farmer  East Waterboro
    Emma (Roberts)
    Cora E

Downs, Albert E  mill operator
    Bertha L (Andrews)

Downs, Grover C  merchant
    Ella (Holmes)  housework

Downs, Mehitable (Warren)
    Walter J  physician

Downs, Mrs W C (Roberts)

Downs, Walter J  physician"    
    Ada F (Carll)
    *Joseph w  student
    Grover C  general store

Drowns, Chas

Drowns, Samuel  farmer

Dudley, Jesse E  can  North Waterboro  (Webmaster's note: no definition for "can" was given")
    Lena (Snow)
    Percy  pupil
    Perley  pupil
    Lora  pupil

Durgin, Albert B  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Ella R (Tibbetts)
    *Nellie A (married Roberts)  West Hollis
    Walter A  painter  East Waterboro
    *Byron B  painter  Portland

Durgin, Dorris  carpenter
    Mary E (Smith)
    Celia L

Durgin, Edwin G  farmer

Durgin, Farnsworth  painter
    Nancy (Newell) housework
    *Mary O (married Boine) NY

Durgin, Ivory  farmer  East Waterboro
    *Franklin, electrician railroad service  Saco
    Julia A (married Sanborn)
    Eliza A (Hatch)  housework

Durgin, Joseph B  railroad service
    Etta (Grant) housework
    Grace E  housework
    *Letson J  window trim Hartford, Conn

Durgin, O E  farmer
    *Doris S  carpenter

Durgin, Robert  farmer  Waterboro Center

Durgin, Walter A  painter  East Waterboro
    Lottie E (Buck)  housework
    Ethel M  pupil
    Ruth M  pupil
    Wilbur L

E        TOP

Emery, F A  farmer  Ross Corner

Emery, Howard  farmer

Emery, Howard  farmer Waterboro Center

Emery, James B farmer
    Bertha (Drowns)
    Carl J  pupil
    Gladys C  pupil
    J Burton  pupil
    Paul C  pupil
    Peter E  pupil

Emery, John TG  physician and surgeon
    Etta B (Hamilton)

Emery, Mark A  shoe maker
    Mary J (Thyng)
    *Olando B  salesman  Chicago, Ill

Emery, Mary E (Bean)
    Rose M  teacher
    Joseph B  farmer

Emery, Mary J

Emery, Ralph W  pupil  North Waterboro

F        TOP

Fay, Herbert D  farmer  Ross Corner
    Susie P (McDuffie)
    Victor C  pupil
    Mary I  pupil
    Mattie B  pupil
    Pearl M

Flood, E  farmer
    Geo E  farmer  North Waterboro

Flood, Geo E  farmer & carpenter  North Waterboro
    Mabel (Roberts)  housework
    Fred M  pupil
    Eva M  pupil
    Walter H  pupil

Follette, Warren A  blacksmith  East Waterboro
    Clara E (Ricker)  housework

Follette, W A  stone mason  East Waterboro
    Maria J (Warren)  housework
    Warren A  blacksmith
    *Ada B  (married Harper)  Old Orchard

Foss, Chas  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 3
    Marcia  (Woodward)

Foss, Geo L  farmer  North Waterboro
    Mabel G  (Allen)

Fox, William E  farmer
    Jennie W  (Carpenter)

G        TOP

Gallagher, James H  monumental works
    Minnie B  housework
    Mabel (married Anderson housework

Gerry, Chas W  farmer  West Buxton RFD 3
    Annie L (Cook)
    J Bela  pupil
    Clyde W  pupil
    Jennie R  pupil
    G Orris  pupil
    Queen B  pupil
    Garredd W  pupil
    C Clifton  pupil
    Forrest N

Goodwin, Chas H  farmer  East Waterboro
    *Minnie B (married Todd)  Gorham
    *Florence E  (married Graffam)  Buxton
    Ada F (Cunningham)  housework
    Annie  pupil
    Alice J  pupil
    John P  pupil

Goodwin, Nathaniel C  pension agent
    Maria S  (Mills)  housework

Goodwin, Warren  mason  North Waterboro
    Martha (Strout)
    Warren L  mason

Gould, Chas E  North Waterboro

Graffam, Joan (married Lane)  Limerick
    *James  mill hand  Newfield
    *Lester  mill hand  Limerick

Grant, Chas H  mill operator
    Kate F (Day)
    *Harry L  farm work  Hiram
    Guy L  mill operator

Greene, James P  painter

Griffith, Geo W  mill work  East Waterboro
    Lulu M  (Henderson)  housework
    Everlena M  pupil
    Lottie E  pupil
    Alice B

Guptill, Matilda  (---)  Ross Corner
    *William  tin peddler  North Berwick
    *Minnie (married Goodwin)  housework  Biddeford

Guptill, Melissa  canvasser

H        TOP

Hall, James G  jeweler  East Waterboro
    Jane  (Hall)  retired
    *Etta (married Tibbetts)  Beddington
    Wm H  F B clergy
    *Viola  (married McNulty) Exeter, N H
    *Westey L  s s work  Haverhill, Mass

Hall, Wm H  F B clergyman  East Waterboro
    Flora (Grant)
    W Osgood  printer
    Blanche A  pupil

Ham, Frank  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Mary (Drowns)
    *Geo F  farmer  Springvale
    Harry W  mill hand
    Chester A  farmer
    Carrie M  housework
    Matilda  housework
    Ernest E  pupil
    Ada  pupil

Ham, Harry W  mill work  East Waterboro
    Grace M  (Wallingford)  housework
    Eva M
    Florence E

Hamilton, Chas H  mill man
    Elsie M  pupil
    Gladys E  pupil

Hamilton, Chas L  farmer
    Chas H  millman

Hamilton, Emily (Clement)
    Lizzie (married Hobbs)  housework
    Imogene R  teacher
    *Frances M  teacher  71 Clinton, Everett, Mass
    *Benj P  professor  1328 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa
    *Effie L  teacher  Saco  Thornton Academy
    *James O  professor  1328 Spruce, Philadelphia, Pa

Hamilton, Frank H  farmer
    Gertrude (Andrews)

Hamilton, Frank J  engineer
    Nellie M  (Chase)

Hanscom, Nathan E  railroad service
    Melvina A  (Chadbourne)
    Grace Lillian  pupil
    John E  pupil
    Alice R

Hanson, Alvion K  tin peddler
    Mattie (Scott)
    Royal C  baker

Hanson, Henry  farmer
    *Albion K  tin peddler
    *Louisa (married Smith
    Walter L  jeweler

Hanson, Velmar A  (Tarbox)  East Waterboro
    Leora H  (married Osborn)  music teacher
    Ina M  housework
    Ethel I  student

Harmon, Simon  farmer
    Lizzie (Guptill)

Hartford, David  mill work
    Carrie (Day)  housework
    *Herbert  blacksmith  Dover, NH

Hayes, Ruth Evelyn

Hayes, John W  farmer
    Mary Elvira (Bennett)  housework
    Alice E  (married Smith)
    Etta B  (married Emery)

Henderson, Lydia J  (Nason)  East Waterboro

Hill, Mark L  farmer
    Elizabeth (Cook)

Hill, Warren B  farmer
    Emma  (Gooding)
    *Henry  blacksmith  Standish

Hill, James J  cooper
    Sylvia E  (Shapleigh)  housework
    *Louella E  (married Palmer) Lynn, Mass

Hill, Isaac  town treasurer
    Martha A  (Smith)

Hobbs, Emma  (Roberts)
    Etta (married Roberts)
    Nettie L

Hobbs, Frank H  physician
    Lizzie (Hamilton)
    Elmer H  student

Hobbs, Harriet  (Sanborn)

Holmes, Geo P  farmer
    Ellen (Hobbs)  housework
    Willie J  pupil

Holmes, Walter  mill operator
    Maria  (Fowles)  housework
    *Frank D  painter  Portland
    *Chandler W  bookkeeper  Portland
    Ella M  (married Downes)
    Lester C  student

Hooper, Lorenzo  farmer East Waterboro
    Eliza J  (Philpot)  housework
    Isa A (married Walker)

Horne, Mary E (Sherburne) Alfred, RFD 1

Hoyt, D B pupil

Hoyt, B H  Waterboro Center proprietor Hotel Lake side
    Julia D (Varney) management

J        TOP

Johnson, Chas H  farmer
    Nellie  (Brown)  housework
    Myrtle E  student
    Addie M  (married Smith)
    Hollis E  farmer

Jellerson, Eliza  (Tibbetts)  Waterboro Center

Jellerson, John F  farmer  East Waterboro
    Marcia S  (Clough)  dress maker
    *Hershell J  Portland  checker B M railroad
    Clarence E  farmer

Jellerson, Martin  farmer  East Waterboro
    Charity I  (Roberts)  housework
    Bessie H  pupil
    Fred M  pupil

Jellerson, Sarah J  (Roberts)   East Waterboro
    Walter S  railroad service
    Eliza A  (m Roberts)

Jellerson, W S  farmer  East Waterboro
    Lillian (Jellerson)  housework

Johnson, Dennis  mill hand  North Waterboro
    Emeline  (Bean)
    *Chas  teamster  South Boston
    *Maude  teacher  Philippine Islands
    *George  carpenter  Arlington, Mass
    *Nettie  bookkeeper  Exeter
    Mark  farmer
    Melvin  mill hand
    *Laura  bookkeeper  Boston
    Frank  carpenter
    *Willis  teamster Boston
    Ina  teacher

Johnson, Frank B  surveyor  North Waterboro
    Eva E  (Carpenter)
    Evelyn A
    Dennis H
    Vivian E

Johnson, Geo B  teamster  North Waterboro
    *Margaret O  shoe operator  Rochester, N H
    Grace E  teacher
    Elizabeth M  housework
    Milton H  pupil

Johnson, John B  farmer  North Waterboro
    Louise A  (Baldwin)

Jordan, Chas S  carpenter  Limerick
    Mary A  (Schurman
    Elmer E  student

K        TOP

Kimball, Curtis H  carpenter  East Waterboro
    Nellie F  (Wakefield)  housework

Kimball, David  farmer
    Sarah  (Temple)

Kimball, Frank E  carpenter
    Maude E (Smith)  housework
    Edna M  student
    Guy H  pupil

Kimball, Fred  mill operator
    Kate  (Coffin)  housework

Kimball, (Geo  mill work  East Waterboro
    Augusta M (Hayes)  housework
    Verner W  railroad service
    Clarence E  box maker

Kimball, Priscilla  (Patten)
    *Curtis H  carpenter  East Waterboro
    Sabra A  housework
    Frank H  farmer
    *Celia A (married Bradford)  Shapleigh
    Fred H  mill operator

Knight, Herbert  farmer  Waterboro Center

Knights, L P  farmer  East Waterboro
    Alice R  (Clough)  housework
    Melville B  pupil
    Natalie N  pupil
    Ethel E  pupil
    Ruth A  pupil

Knight, Simeon  retired

Knights, Darlin P  farmer  North Waterboro
    Hannah E  (Gerry)
    Minnie A  (married Owen)
    John P  farmer
    Frank A  mill hand
    Grace D  pupil
    Ruby E pupil

Knights, Ernest G  law student  East Waterboro
    Nellie J  (Matthews)  housework

Knights, Geo W  hotel and livery
    *Ernest G  East Waterboro
    *Mary A  (married Garrigan)  East Rochester, N H
    Clara C  (Hay)
    Gladys C  pupil
    Vera  pupil

Knights, Onville P  farmer  Waterboro
    Sabra A  (Malcolm)

Knights, William  butcher  Waterboro Center

L        TOP

Laing, Lillias  (Smith)  Alfred, RFD 1
    *John C  loom fixer  Saco
    *George C  farmer  Illinois
    *Ellen Harvey  housework  North Kennebunk

Lane, Nathan  laundry work  Limerick
    Joan  (Graffam

Langley, L E  merchant 
    Hattie  (Thyng)

Leavitt, Walter  mill hand  Waterboro Center

Libby, Butler  retired
    Lillian  (married Randall)
    *Hervey  tmr  Mass
    Etta S  (Sayward)

Libby, Edward E  P M & barber
    Carrie  (Earle)  assistant P M
    Florentine  pupil
    Freda M  pupil
    Fred E

Libby, Ellsworth E  mill hand  Limerick
    Rhoda  (Carpenter)

Libby, Eugene A  farmer
    Luella L  (Carll)  housework
    Theodore C  pupil
    Guy E
    Olive M

Libby, Lydia  (Ford)
    *Chas H  insurance  East Oakland California
    Emma  (married Tuxbury)
    *Mary L  (married Thing)  Limerick
    John W  machinist  Elkhar, Indiana
    Alice  (married Carll)
    *Albert E  insurance  Boston
    Eugene A  farmer
    Annie (m Carll)

Littlefield, Eddie  mill operator
    Emily  (Roberts)
    Linda A

Littlefield, Frank W  mill operator
    Anna F  (Mills)  housework
    Ethel C M  teacher

Lord, John F  teacher & clergyman
    Mary  (Mills)
    *Willis A  shoemaker  Mechanic Falls
    *Millard J  marine engineer  Portland

M        TOP

Macdonald, Chas  railroad service

Macdonald, Horace  rail road service
    Ida  (Baker)  housework
    Bertram B  pupil
    Arthur L  pupil
    Jessie E

Marble, Chas F  elocutionist
    Eva L  (Day)  housework
    Sarah a

Marshall, Lottie N  (Chadbourne) North Waterboro
    Annie D  housework

McKenney, A F  optician
    Lizzie S  (Guptil)  housework
    *Alfred R  general work  Portland
    *Clyde  optician  Portland

McKenney, Benj R  farmer
    Mary M (Witham)  housework
    *Willis E  mill operator  Biddeford
    Melvin C  plumber

McKenney, Melvin C  plumber
    Rose M  (Dyer)  housework
    Lottie M  pupil
    Ella G  pupil
    Grace L
    Florence E

McLucas, Alonzo  farmer  Waterboro Center

McLucas, Isaiah  farmer  Waterboro Center

Mitchell, Edwin  clergyman
    Lydia  (Davis)  housework
    Amy  housework
    Harry  student
    Mildred  pupil
    Edward  pupil
    Paul  pupil
    Neal  pupil

Morse, Diana  (Jillson)

Morse, Melvin G  farmer
    Lula R  (Tuttle)
    May G  student
    Arthur M  pupil
    Earl M  
    Ruth G

N        TOP

Nason, Chas H  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Lydia J (married Henderson

Nason, Eliza J (Whittier) Waterboro Center
    Chas, H

Nason, W C Jr  undertaker
    Georgia A  (Newell)

Nason, Wm C  farmer  North Waterboro
    *Viola A  (married Woodward)  South Boston, Mass
    William C  undertaker  South Waterboro
    Florence M  housework
    *John D  carpenter  Lexington, Mass
    *Leila M  (married Buzzell)  Gardiner
    Maynard L  farmer

Newell, Aaron  farmer
    Emily J  (Rowe)
    *Jessie  Dayton
    Nancy E  (married Durgin
    *Joseph  meat dealer  Saco
    Georgianna  (married Nason

Nutter, Wm A  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Katharine W  tax 
    Annie M  dress maker


Osborn, Edmond P  East Waterboro  Proprietor Hanson stable
    Leora H  (Hanson)
    Harriett S
    Phyllis A

Owen, Edward J  farmer  East Waterboro
    Minnie A  (Knights)  housework
    Ralph A  pupil
    Ethel C

P        TOP

Parker, Chas W  laborer
    Martha E  (Seavey)  housework
    *Hattie E  (married Rundlett)  Haverhill, Mass
    *Augustie F  (married Downs)  Cornish
    *Maude N  (married Long)  Sanford
    Fred M  teamster
    *Bertha E  (married Wentworth)  Alfred
    *Minnie E  Haverhill, Mass

Parcher, Eliza  (Bradeen)  North Waterboro

Parker, Edward  farmer  Waterboro Center

Peirce, Lucy B  (Appleton)
    Lucy B  (married Blaisdell)
    *Daniel A  banker  Chicago, Ill

Pettengill, Leonard A  farmer  Alfred, RFD 1

Phenix, Abbie J (Friend)
    *Geo M merchant & undertaker  Alfred
    Addie  (married Smith)
    Julia B  (married Anderson)
    Eliza  (married Brackett)
    *Howard  electrician  Uxbridge, Mass

Pierce, Ada  (Church)
    Chester  farmer

Pierce, Chas W  farmer
    Laura E  (Harper)  housework
    *Walter S  teamster  Lowell
    *Ernest F  clerk  Boston
    Ralph D

Pierce, Willis  farmer
    Phoebe A  (Carpenter)

Pitts, Addie M  (Thompson) (Jones)

Pitts, Chas H  farmer  North Waterboro
    *Celia G  weaver  Saugus Center, Mass

Pitts, Elmira  (Chase)
    Chas H

Pitts, Ida  (Brown)
    *Celia G  mill operator  Saugus, Mass

R        TOP

Ramsdell, Geo M  general work
    Lena  (Haley)  housework
    Nelson M  pupil
    Frank L  pupil
    Helena G  pupil
    Gladys E

Ramsdell, Wm  farmer
    Clydia (Huntress)
    Ralph  mill hand
    Fanny E

Revere, Sarah J  (Fessenden)

Rhoades, Chas H  painter  Waterboro Center
    Nellie M (Small)
    Leona M

Rhodes, French  laborer

Rhodes, Isabelle R  poultry

Ricker, H E  farmer
    Jessica  (Potter)  housework
    Gladys M

Ricker, Isaiah H  retired
    Jennie A (Ricker)

Ricker, Lucy A  housework

Ricker, Reuel W  farmer
    *Dora M  (married Carll) Rochester, N H
    Bertha L  housework
    Lizzie  (Emmons)  housework
    *Melville E  farmer  Auburn, RFD 4
    Howard E  farmer

Roberts, Albert H  farmer
    Evelyn  (Dearborn)
    *Arthur J  professor  Waterville
    *Fred A  physician  Wilmington, Mass

Roberts, Bion B  general work
    Elizabeth S  (Bennett)
    Emily M  (married Littlefield)
    Mattie B  (married Brackett)

Roberts, Edgar A  station engineer  East Waterboro
    Ethel L  (Baker)  housework
    Elsie A

Roberts, Frank  farmer
    Jennie  (Knights)  housework
    Edith  housework
    Margie  teacher
    Benjamin  student

Roberts, Hannah (Jellerson)  East Waterboro
    Charity J  (married Jellison)
    Luella  (married Clough)
    Adelina C (married Richardson) 

Roberts, Harry L  carpenter
    Etta M  (Hobbs)
    Leroy H  pupil

Roberts, James A  farmer  East Waterboro
    Eliza A  (Jellison)  housework
    Leslie A  clerk
    Alice M  pupil

Roberts, Judson  East Waterboro  P M & merchant
    Angie (Tarbox)  clerk

Roberts, Mary A  housework

Roberts, Roland H  pickle dir
    Alice M  (Wentworth)  housework
    Ella G
    Lewis A
    Eunice A
    Alberta A

Roberts, Willie F  carpenter  East Waterboro
    Vina B  (Bagley)  housework

Roberts, Wm A  lumber director  East Waterboro
    Etta A  (Macdonald)  housework
    *Judson S  farmer  Hollis
    Ernest H  lumber dir
    Roland H  pickle dir
    Edgar A  farmer
    Geo A

Roberts, Wm E  farmer Waterboro Center
    Cora B  (Carll)  housework
    Walter J  student
    Edmund S  farmer
    Grace M 
    Stella H
    Chas Z  farmer
    James F  farmer
    Mina V
    Marcia B
    Rose E
    Hazel C
    Harlie A
    Elwin M

Russell, David E  millman
    Aggie  (Andrews) housework
    Stella L  teacher
    Edwin A  student
    Luella M  student
    Harland  pupil
    Florence E  pupil

S        TOP

Sanborn, Albert  farmer

Sanborn, Chas E  teamster  East Waterboro
    Julia A  (Durgin)  housework
    Genieve B  pupil

Sanborn, J S  station agent  East Waterboro

Sanborn, John F  farmer  Alfred, RFD 1
    Abbie G  (Smith)
    J Loring  farmer

Sanborn, Stephen  retired  Ross Corner

Sawyer, Elbridge  farmer  North Waterboro
    Lydia A  (Scribner)
    *Carrie E  (married Johnson)  South Boston, Mass
    *Lillian A  (married Johnson)  Arlington, Mass

Sawyer, Francis E  farmer  North Waterboro
    Emma L  (Watson)
    *Ernest E  printer  Sanford

Scott, Hector  mill hand
    Ada  (Cook)

Stover, Ernest  laborer
    Mamie  (Chick)

Scribner, Jerry B
    Phoebe S  (Deshon)
    Frank H  farmer

Scribner, Frank H  farmer
    Everett A  pupil
    Hannah M  (Chenery)

Scribner, Bradford  farmer  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Mary  (Young)  housework
    *Ada D  (married Newell)  Saco
    Allie M  dress maker

Scribner, Seth T

Sinclair, John  farmer  Ross Corner
    S K (Cluff)

Sherbourne, Wilbert  milk  Alfred, RFD 1
    Gertrude M  (McNeal)
    Gertrude M
    Royal G

Sholes, A E  farmer
    Mary E  (Nason)

Small,  Ansel T  farmer
    Carrie M  (Seavey)
    *Nettie M  (married Rhoades)
    *Jennie  (married Carpenter)
    *John A  brakeman  Nashua, N H
    *Bessie C  (married Rollins)  Alfred

Smith, Anthony K  farmer
    Louise A  (Hanson)  housework
    Henry H  carpenter

Smith, Mrs Belle  East Waterboro

Smith, Eunice  (Sayward)  Alfred, RFD 1
    Frank  farmer

Smith, Frances  (Conner)
    *Sidney H  foreman  Gorham
    Lawson  mill operator
    *Otis F  motor  Boston
    Milton  mill
    Mary E  (married Durgin

Smith, Frank  farmer  Alfred, RFD 1
    Addie A  (Phoenix)  housework
    Ivory H  farmer
    Everett P  student
    Walter C  carpenter

Smith, Freeman P  farmer
    Sarah L  (Bean)  housework

Smith, Geo H  lumberman
    Alice E  (Hayes)  housework

Smith, Harry L  farmer
    Cora B  housework

Smith, Hulda  (Walker)  North Waterboro
    Ira T  farmer

Smith, Isaiah  general work
    *Eugene H  farmer  Cornish

Smith, Lawson C
    Lucy  (Littlefield)
    Edna L

Smith, Milton  mill operator
    Millie E  (Temple)
    Lester  pupil
    Frances  pupil

Smith, Priscilla  (Smith)

Smith, Rebecca (---)

Smith, Robert  farmer
    Hannah  (McKinley
    Frank  mill hand
    Bessie Maude  teacher
    Ella H  teacher
    Lila R  housework

Smith, Winfield A  engineer
    Lydia E  (Wakefield)  housework
    Everett W  pupil
    Harry A  pupil

Spencer, John  retired

*Stevens, Chas  farmer  Brockton

*Stevens, Ella L  (Lewis)
    Edna L  housework

Stone, Frank R  farmer  North Waterboro
    Georgia  (Johnston)

Strout, Harrison L  farmer
    Louisa  (Milliken)
    Martha E  (married Goodwin)
    *Howard L  carpenter  Portland
    Mary Louisa  housework

Swett, Harry B  clerk  Waterboro Center
    Ida B  (Roberts)  housework
    Cecil F  pupil
    Edna M  pupil
    Lawrence C  pupil
    Glenna E
    Mildred E

Swett, Reta W  student

T        TOP

Taylor, Lizzie

Temple, Edwin  mill operator

Temple, Jesse  farmer

Temple, Pearl  farmer
    Edith  (Swinerton)
    Myra H

Temple, Sarah  (married Kimball)
    *Wm  mill hand  Springvale
    *Lilla  (married Lord)  Union, N H
    *Jesse  farmer  Ross Corner
    *Pearly  farmer  Ross Corner
    Millie  (married Smith

Thing, Catherine  (Emery)  Ross Corner
    Inez  (married Thing)

Thing, Cyrus  farmer  Ross Corner
    Inez  (Thing)  housework
    Blanche  housework
    Grover  farmer
    Leo  student

Thing, Fanny  (Williams)  North Waterboro
    Clarence  pupil
    Grover  pupil

Thing, Melville P  North Waterboro  farmer & butcher

*Thompson, John L  druggist  Cambridge, Mass
    *Albert F  shoe operator  Boston
    Nellie G  (married Johnson

Thompson, Leon  farmer

Thompson, Mary  housework  North Waterboro

Thompson, Pearley  farmer

Thomson, Chas W  farmer
    Abbie L  (Guptill)
    *Chester G  steam fitter  Portland

Tibbetts, Chas S  millman
    Albrona A  (Anderson)  housework
    Lloyd C  pupil

Tibbetts, Eliza  (Beal)  Waterboro Center
    James B  farmer

Tibbetts, James B  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Sarah F  (Bythes)  housework
    Willie C  laborer

Towne, Rebecca I  teacher

Tucker, Albion W  farmer  North Waterboro
    Herman  farmer

W        TOP

Wakefield, Alonzo  mill work  East Waterboro
    Willie P  carpenter
    Nellie F  (married Kimball

Wakefield, Edward A  sawyer  East Waterboro
    Elsie M  (Nelson)  housework

Wakefield, Owen W  carpenter  East Waterboro
    Minnie T S  (Sayward)  housework
    Clinton H  pupil
    Jessie  (---)

Wakefield, Willie P  carpenter  East Waterboro
    Alice M  (Downs)  housework
    Morris E

Walker, Almon  farmer  Waterboro Center
    Albert  (Hooper)  housework
    Frank  farmer

Walker, Eugene  farmer
    Mary  (Morrill)  housework
    Mabel L  teacher
    William L  farmer
    Ralph M  pupil
    Marion E  pupil
    Francis E  pupil

Walker, Ivory L  merchant  Waterboro Center
    Ella C  (Gilpatrick)  housework
    Percy J  pupil

Walker, Seth  retired  Waterboro Center
    Almon  farmer
    *Mary  (married Foss)  Limerick
    Eugene  farmer

Walton, Mark  farmer  North Waterboro
    Ellen  (West)
    *Alvah C  U S M service  Boston, Mass
    *Dana J  policeman  Boston, Mass

Warren, Asbury  farmer  East Waterboro
    Mertie A  (Pendexter)  housework
    Arthur C

Webber, Julia A  (Fogg)  North Waterboro
    Willie H  farmer

Webber, Willie H  farmer  North Waterboro
    Lill A  (Carll)
    *Lulu  pupil  Saco

Welch, Addie  (Dudley
    *Chas F  teamster  Topsfield, Mass
    *Fred H  clerk  Lewiston
    Ada L  (married Cluff)
    Annie  (married Chadbourn)

Welch, Mary E  (Gill)  Waterboro Center

Wells, Howard H  shoe dir  North Waterboro

Wentworth, Edward  blacksmith
    Flora E  (Emery)  housework
    Leroy E  student
    Erwin K  pupil

Whitten, Frank L  teamster  West Buxton, RFD 1
    Avonell S  (Adams)  housework
    *Julia F  mill operator  Saco
    *Ralph L  teamster  Limerick
    Zenas C  farmer
    Annette L  housework
    J Frank  pupil
    Ruth A  pupil

Williams, Frank blacksmith  North Waterboro
    Ruth M  pupil

Williams, Mary J  (Hoyt)  North Waterboro

Williams, Samuel  farmer  North Waterboro
    Fanny  (married Thing)

Woodman, Frank B  teamster  East Waterboro
    Alice J  (Willey) dress maker
    *Cora M  (married Watson)  Jackson, N H
    Geo L  pupil
    Ida M  pupil
    Chas E  pupil

Woodward, John  farmer  North Waterboro
    Emeline  (Carpenter)
    John H
    Laura E  (married Thing)

Woodward, John H  farmer  North Waterboro
    Chester E  farmer
    Florence M  teacher
    Everett L  farmer
    Arthur M  farmer
    Walter A  pupil
    Alton R  pupil
    Bernice M

Woodward, Timothy  farmer  North Waterboro
    Almeda  (Lane)
    *Chas H  plumber  South Boston
    *Leonard E  railroad service  Haverhill, Mass
    *Eva  (married Bradeen)  East Waterboro


Young, Sherman  farmer  Ross Corner
    *Frank G  U S N




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