1907 Census for Lebanon

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book The Town Register Acton, Shapleigh, Parsonsfield, Newfield and Lebanon 1907, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Lebanon is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Abbott, Emma B     (Hanscom)    E Rochester
    *Ralph E     com sales    139 Congress, Boston, Mass

Arsenault, Joseph     laborer    East
    Katie    (Miller)    housework

Archibald, Lizzie H    (Stevens)    Ctr

Austin, Horace B    farmer    Ctr
    Sarah A     (Jones)    housework
    *Chas G    merchant    214 Chestnut, Cambridge, Mass   
    Mary E    housework
    Cora B    housework


Baker, Delia    (Wheeler)    East
    *Lula M    (Newman)    housework    539 Mumford, Schenectady, NY
    *Ella    (m Ford)    housework    Sanford
    *Joseph    laborer    No Berwick

Batchelder, F I    farmer & shoe op    E Rochester
    Annie F    (Furbush)    housework

Bartlett, Alice    housework    West

Baldwin, James    retired    West
    *May L    (m Richardson)    housework    Rockland

Beede, Daniel W    farmer    Poplar Ridge, Milton, NH
    Hattie A    (Usher)    housework
    Robert R    pupil

Bell, James    E Rochester    Grand Union Tea Co Agent
    Tena    (Stover)    housework

Betts, Ralph H    teamster    Berwick
    Myrtie P    (McIntire)    housework

Betts, A J    farmer & carpenter    Berwick
    Lottie F    (Chamberlin)    housework
    Florence M    (m Tibbetts)    West
    *Ross B    RR ser    261 Broad'y, Lawrence, Mass
    Ralph H    teamster
    Ward W    farmer
    Byron L    pupil

Bigelow, John C    merchant    E Rochester
    *Loretta      (m Knox)    housework    Norridgewalk
    *Clara J    (m Merrow)    Oakland
    Sarah E    (Gowen)    housework
    *Nora E    (m Elliott)    housework    E Rochester
    Cora M    clerk

Blanchard, Frank P    farmer    East
    Susan J    (Quint)    housework
    Lester W    farmer
    Rosie B    housework
    Grover C    pupil
    Lizzie H    pupil
    Hermon Q    pupil

Blackwell, Melville C    farmer    Ctr
    *Helen E    (M Newland)    housework    Peabody, Mass

Blaisdell, John D    farmer & mason    Milton, NH
    Nellie M    (Gove)    housework
    *Ina M    (m Shaw)    E Roch
    *Grace C    (m Cooper)    housework    107 Roxbury, mass
    *J D Jr     s s operator    Milton, NH
    Chas S     mason
    Bertha M    pupil

Blaisdell, Elmira M    (Ricker)    E Rochester
    Thomas     farmer
    Alonzo E    farmer
    *Ida M    (m Goodwin)    Mass
    *Mary E    (m Rancky)    housework
    *Ada E    (m Day)    Berwick
    *Elijah    lumber    Kennebunk

Blaisdell, John A    farmer    New Road, E Rochester

Boston, Gorham P    farmer    North
    Sabina E     (Reynolds)    housework

Bone, Geo    laborer    Sanford
    Anna     (Coaty)    housework
    Reuben    pupil
    Willie    pupil

Bossey, A    farmer & mill operator    East
    Rose    (---)    housework
    Ona    mill operator
    Celia    pupil

Bradeen, William H    farmer    East
    Sarah F    (Dearborn)    housework
    *Hattie M    (m Wiggin)    housework    Farmington, NH
    Perley A    ss operator & farmer

Bradeen, P A    farmer & s s operator    East 1
    Lucy B    (Libby)    housework

Brown, C H    station agent    East
    Pansy    (Gerrish)    housework
    Ellen M

Brown, G O S    mill operator    E Rochester
    Maria H    (Earle)    housework
    *Elsie M    (m Nichols)    Rochester

Brown, Chas A    farmer    East
    Lura E    (Hurd)    housework

Bruce, C P     s s operator    Milton, NH
    Emma M    (Brown)    housework
    Harold L    pupil
    Arthur P    pupil
    Edgar B   

Bruce, F F    s s operator    Milton, NH

Brimford, Carrie B    (Ricker)    No
    Minnie B    (m St Cyr)    housework
    Roscoe D    farmer
    Addie M    pupil
    Scott H    pupil

Burke, C F     farmer    Milton, NH
    Hattie M    (Tibbetts)    housework
    *Edwin A    engineer    E Wolfboro, NH
    Franklin J    s s operator
    Chas L    clerk
    Augusta    (m Dorr)    housework
    Hattie C    s s operator
    William O    pupil

Burrows, A W    farmer    West
    C M    farmer

Burrows, Geo H    farmer    East
    Mary E    (Burgess)    housework

Burrows, Almon J    farmer    North
    Elizabeth     (Horne)    housework
    William G    farmer
    Delia M    housework


Cate, Geo R    physician & surgeon    East
    Jennie    (Small)    housework
    Julian S    pupil
    Sarah T    pupil

Cate, Mary A    (Gilman)    East
    *Henry E    s s operator    Haverhill, Mass
    *Chas A     s s operator    Haverhill, Mass
    Geo R    physician & surgeon

Cathcart, A    mill hand    East Rochester
    Lizzie    (Gleason)    housework
    Allen L    foreman mill room
    Mary F    weaver

Caswell, A D     farmer & carpenter    Berwick 2
    Mary E    (Varney)    housework
    Clyde V    pupil

Colston, John P    draftsman    Milton, NH
    Bessie E    (Chadwick)    housework
    Charlie H

Cole, Henry W    farmer & blacksmith    North
    Grace R    (Runnells)    housework
    Vaun R    pupil
    Helen M

Carter, F M    foreman ice bus    Milton, NH
    B E (Cole)    housework
    *Maud M     bookkeeper
    *Fred M Jr    Ellensburg, Washington, Eng
    Philip M    student
    Maxwell B    pupil
    Dorothy    pupil

Carter, Wm     stone mason    Milton, NH
    William Jr

Carpenter, W O     s s operator    East Rochester
    Effie M    (Blaisdell)    housework
    Lawrence W    pupil

Carpenter, G F    s s operator    East Rochester
    *Blanche C    (m Lowe)    housework    Wolfboro, NH
    William O    s s operator
    Ernest     s s operator
    Horace B    s s operator
    *Tina    (m French)    housework    Farmington, NH
    Lena E    (Day)    East Rochester

Carpenter, E     s s operator    East Rochester
    Hattie B    (Wentworth)    housework
    Gerald F
    Arlene E

Carpenter, H B     s s operator    East Rochester
    Alta    (Shorey)    housework
    Aubrey V   

Carson, L A     farmer    Berwick 2
    Dora P    pupil
    Ivory H    pupil
    Edward G    pupil
    Archie F   

Carson, Henry O    s s operator    Berwick 2

Carson, Walter E    s s operator     Berwick 2
    Sarah F    (Hartford)    housework
    Bessie M    pupil
    Hattie H    pupil

Colbath, John    farmer    East
    Elmira    (Emery)    housework
    William E    clerk

Chalmers, G L    farmer    East Rochester
    Flora E    (Gray)    housework

Chesley, Vesta B    (Butler)    West
    *Arthur A    druggist
    Roland E    student

Chick, Almon H    farmer    East 1
    Mary A    (m Shorey)    housework
    Susan E    weaver
    Everett H    sawyer
    Eva R    housework

Chick, A     carpenter    Somerville, Mass    summer resident    RFD 1 East
    Laura    (Butler)    housework
    Carrie M    (m Cates)    housework
    F Elizabeth    (m Murphy)

Chamberlin, I     farmer    West
    *Geo W    Malden, Mass    sec Chamberlin Genealogyical Society
    Laura J    (m Wentworth)    housework    E Rochester
    *Fred F    Springfield, Mass    foreman    Tool Mfr Co
    Lovey M    (Bickford)    housework
    Henry W    carpenter & farmer

Chamberlin, H W    carpenter, farmer & tax collector
    Minnie B    (Stone)    housework
    Mabel A    student
    Leon H    pupil
    Lester    pupil

Chamberlin, Lizzie H    East Rochester

Chamberlin, Abbie M    East Rochester

Chamberlin, E C     farmer & sec hand    East
    Stella M    (Hart)    housework

Chamberlin, J R     farmer    Center
    Fred    farmer
    Ernest    farmer    East

Chamberlin, Fred    farmer    Center
    Nellie E    (Buzzell)    housework
    Florence M
    Clyde B

Chandler, Ellen M    (m Blake)    housework    Center

Classon, J T    clergy & farmer    West
    Ellen L    (Morrison)    housework
    Fred M C   
    Jessie C    student

Classon, Minnie E    housework    West

Clark, Rufus    retired    East Rochester
    Ida A    housework
    *Carrie E    (m Richards)    housework    Rochester

Clark, Martha E    (Moore)    housework    East Rochester
    Chas W    painter
    *Lilla M    (m Hawes)    housework    Portsmouth, NH

Clark, Joanna    (Hanson)    East
    William    laborer
    John E    laborer

Clark, William    farmer    North Berwick
    Olive W    (Hammond)    housework
    *Mabel E    (m Gerrish)    housework    East Rochester
    Herbert H    farmer

Clark, Herbert H    farmer    North Berwick
    Jennie L    (Teague)    housework
    Geo T    pupil
    Josephine M    pupil
    H Elwin    pupil

Clark, Warren E     farmer    Northe
    Lucy E    (Ricker)    housework
    Ethel M    mill operator
    Arthur L    farmer
    Hazel A    pupil
    Winnifred    pupil

Cobb, Emily A    (Lang)    East

Connell, Lizzie    housework    East

Cowell, A E    farmer & lumberman    West
    Inez S    (Hayes)    housework
    Evanita L    pupil
    Willard E
    Elizabeth H

Cowell, O K    merchant & P M    West
    Hattie A    (Smith)    housework
    *Mabel L    (m Dow)    Saco
    *Grace M    (m Grant)    54 Benton Road, Somerville, Mass
    Levi H    farmer
    *Sadie E    (m Goodwin)    housework    54 Benton Road, Somerville, Mass

Cowell, Levi H    farmer    West
    Lillian M    (Lang)    housework

Cowell, Elizabeth J    (Chamberlin)    housework    West
    *Emma J    (m Jones    housework    Milton, NH
    Allen E    farmer

Cousin, Oliver    farmer    Center
    *William D    merchant    Arlington, Mass
    *Anna C    teacher    21 Bartolph, Boston, Mass

Cram, W W     s s operator    East Rochester
    Annie L    (McDaniels) housework
    B Mack    pupil
    Tressie D    pupil

Cram, Vesty E    Berwick 2

Crosby, Sadie E    (Kerr)    North
    Ermer F    pupil    Bog Road
    Edward A

Cutler, Lewis    inmate T farm
    Cummings, John F    farmer
    *Chas S     teamster    Springvale
    *Hannah J    (m Scott)    Manchester, NH

Currier, Alice L    housework     East 1

Currier, Marion H    pupil    East

Currier, Geo B    pupil    East


Danforth, Benj O     farmer    West
    Isabella S    (Wood)    housework
    *Elizabeth    (m Symonds)

Danforth, G    farmer    Milton, NH
    Minnie    (Tufts)    housework
    Norman    farmer
    Dora    (m Ricker)    housework
    Maud    table girl
    Mildred    pupil
    Lincoln    pupil

Davis, Joshua    farmer    East 1
    *Fredrick    laborer    Great Deer Island
    *Emma    (m Hodgdon    Brewer 1
    Ella    (Barney)    housework

Davis, Daniel W    farmer    East
    *Rosie A    (m Bridges)    housework    Lawrence, Mass

Dolby, Arthur P    farmer    East
    Mary A    (Hoye)    housework
    Herbert K    pupil
    John A    pupil
    Henry I    pupil

Dolliber, Irene T    (Holland)    housework    West
    *Chas F    s s operator    31 Cherry, Hudson

Dolliber, May    (Johnson)    West
    Francis W    pupil
    Fred    pupil
    Thomas    pupil
    Lyford    pupil

Dearborn, Emma P    dress maker    West

Dearborn, Chas H    farmer    West
    Lillian M    (Wentworth)    housework
    Everett W

Dearborn, Horace B    farmer    West
    Annie M    (Horne)    housework
    Chas H    farmer
    Harry H    farmer
    Daniel L    student

Dimnock, Andrew    laborer    East

Dillingham, Emily A    (Pierce)    West
    John A    fireman R R
    Lewis M    student

Dixon, O B     farmer    Milton, NH
    Emma F    s s operator
    Lydia H    s s operator
    Marion    pupil
    Ella E    pupil
    Nancy J     pupil
    Elsie L    pupil
    Ida E    pupil
    Rosie L    (Jenkins)    housework

Dixon, Julia A    (Wentworth)    West
    *Grace E    (m Meserve    housework    Dover, NH
    *S W    machinist    Brunswick
    *Eugene F     drug clerk    Portsmouth, NH

Dixon, Martin L    farmer    West

Doick, Samuel    farmer    East
    Martha B    (Thompson)    housework

Downs, Hattie A    (Legro)    housework    Berwick 1

Dorr, Eunice A    (Hayes)    housework    West Somersworth, NH

Dorr, A     s s operator & farmer    Milton, NH
    Augusta    (Burke)    housework

Drew, Abbie    (Davis)    housework    RFD, North Berwick
    *Sarah L    (m Lake)    Wilton

Drew, Fred S    s s operator    East Rochester
    Emma V    (Ricker)    housework
    Gladys M    pupil

Drew, Stephen F    farmer    East Rochester
    Mattie M    (Ellis)    housework
    Geo S    agent
    Effie M    (m White)    housework

Drew, J A    laborer    Milton, NH
    Clara A (Glidden)    housework
    *Clara E    (m Wallace)    housework    Farmington, NH
    *Mary L    (m Sawyer)    housework    Old Town
    *Daisy D    (m Young)    housework    Farmington, NH
    *Hattie M    (m Walker)    housework    Dover, NH
    *Charlie A    US ser
    Fannie J    pupil

Drew, H L    millman    East Rochester
    Ellen S    (Roberts)    housework
    Chas E    pupil
    Mary E    pupil
    Lena E    pupil
    Irene A    pupil
    Herbert M    pupil

Dunham, Walter I    farmer     North

Douglass, Elwood P    blacksmith    Milton, NH
    Mabel    (Taylor)    housework
    Roland T
    Lewis L
    Esther F
    Lucy E


Edgeley, Winslow A    mill operator    Milton, NH
    Clara A    (Staples)

Ellis, Mattie M    (Grant)    housework    East Rochester
    *H F    s s operator    North Rochester
    *C D    clerk    Providence, RI

Ellis, H F     s s operator    North Rochester
    Carrie D    (McDaniel)    housework
    Nola M    pupil

Emery, Geo D    station agent & lawyer    East Rochester
    Emma B    (Abbott)    housework
    Frederick H    pupil

Emerson, M D     sawyer    North
    Sylviania A    (Hazelton)    housework
    Warren W    sawyer
    *Bert E    sawyer    Rochester
    Frank A    laborer
    Harry L    laborer
    Luella S    housework

Estes, Cordelia    inmate    Town farm



Fall, Louisa E    (Hall)    East 1
    Leon L    farmer
    *Bertha M    (m Thompson)    19 Wells Court, Lynn, Mass
    *Ethel L    s s operator    Springvale
    Emma H    housework

Fall, William A    farmer    East
    *Geo O    painter    Biddeford
    Mary    (Goodwin)    North

Farley, Cora    (Kelley)    West
    Chas E    laborer
    Grace E    pupil

Fernald, Viana    (Goodwin)    North
    Elma V    housework & dress maker
    *Abbie R    (m Chadburn)    housework    Springvale
    *Herbert E    physician & surgeon    Cohasset, Mass

Fellows, Nettie J    mill    Milton, NH

Fellows, Edna M    stitcher    Milton, NH

Foster, Chas    laborer    West
    Ethel L    (Johnson)    housework

Ford, William H    farmer    East 1
    Alma F    (Weymouth)     housework
    Harry E    farmer

Ford, Harry E    farmer    East 1
    Sylvia A    (Hilts)    housework
    Russell E

Farsaith, Lizzie M    (Young)    dress maker    East Rochester

Fowler, Fred L    mill operator    Milton, NH
    Elizabeth B    (Lewis)    housework

Furbush, Snell C    laborer    East Rochester



Garnett, J H    mill operator    East Rochester
    Mamie E    (Shorey)    housework
    Alta M    pupil
    Angie S

Gayait, Fred     farmer    East
    Lizzie    (Rochie)    housework
    Etta    pupil

Gerrish, Hiram N    farmer    East
    *Eltena    (m Ridley)    Alfred
    *Adelaide    (m Cowell)    Berwick
    *Daisy D    (m Spaudling)    Cleveland, Ohio
    *H W    sawyer    Eliot
    *Wilber    demonstrator    Cleveland, Ohio
    *Nellie    mill operator    Somersworth, NH
    Hiram N Jr    pupil
    *Clifton    stenographer    Cleveland, Ohio
    Harold R    pupil
    Theodore R    pupil
    Pansy    (m Brown)    housework

Gerrish, F H     carpenter, mason & farmer    East
    Ida M    (Libby)    housework
    *Ethel M    (m Campbell)    housework    Richmond, Mass
    *Mattie L    (m Goodwin)    housework    Berwick
    *Fred O    machinist    Somersworth, NH
    Frank I    carpenter & farmer
    Edna L    (m Goodwin)    housework
    Lloyd E    pupil

Gerrish H B    farmer    EAst 1
    Phoeba J    (Ricker)    housework

Gerrish, Phoeba H    (Hobbs)    East
    *Ella F    (m Burnham)    housework    Rochester, NH
    Everett J    farmer
    *Linwood E    prospector    Washington
    *Anson P    telegraph operator    New York City

Gerrish, Everett J    farmer    EAst
    Addie M    (Johnson)    housework    Goodwin District

Glines, Hiram F    farmer    East

Glyer, Ella E    (Jones)    Milton, NH
    Arthur A W    dyer
    *Ludwig I    machinist    134 Malden Ave Malden, Mass

Goodwin, James    farmer    East
    *Bert    carpenter    Sanford
    *Chas C    Somersworth, NH

Goodwin, Frank W    farmer    East
    Nettie    (Libby)    housework
    Raymond F    pupil
    Grace M    pupil
    Eva     pupil
    Edgar M    pupil
    Albert C

Goodwin, J E farmer & R R service    East 1
    Nellie A     (Gee)    housework
    Rosie    pupil
    Laura E
    Stella M

Goodwin, Hannah G    (Drew)    East 1
    Plummer    farmer & R R service
    John E    farmer
    A F    farmer

Goodwin, P     farmer & sec hand    East 1
    Mary I    (Trafton)    housework
    *Lillian F    (m Bradgon)    Goodwin District, Kennebunk
    Florence E    pupil

Goodwin, Frank J    farmer    EAst
    Ernestina    (Ridley)    housework
    Leon F    pupil

Goodwin, Orin R    farmer    East
    Rose S    (Shapleigh)    housework
    Guy B    machinist
    *Chas O    clerk    54 Benton Road Somerville, Mass
    Harold S    student
    Idella B    pupil

Goodwin, Julia A     (Worster)    housework    East
    Orin B    farmer
    Etta J    seamstress

Goodwin, John H    farmer    East 1
    Mary L    (Roberts)    housework
    Bernice M    pupil
    L Wendell
    Helen M
    Alice G

Goodwin, M    farmer & carpenter    East
    Clara L    (Shapleigh)    housework
    Christine M    pupil
    Elsie S    pupil

Goodwin, Eddie A    farmer    Ctr

Goodwin, Mabel E    housework    Milton, NH

Goodwin, Chas H    s s operator    Milton, NH

Goodwin, Thomas H    farmer    East
    Lucy M    (Otis)    housework
    Harland K

Goodwin, David L    farmer    Berwick 2
    *Mary T    Bank clerk    Kennebunk

Goodwin, Geo F    laborer    East Rochester
    Almon J    mill operator
    Mary A    (m Frye)    housework
    *Herman G    East Rochester    American Ex clerk
    Nancy R    (m Morine)    housework

Goodwin, R H    mason & builder    West
    Susan J    (Nowell)    housework
    Chas B    mason & builder

Goodwin, C B     mason & builder    West
    Mary A    (Classon)    housework

Goodwin, G M     West    farmer & boarding house
    Hannah    (---)
    Lydia R    teacher
    *Effie E    (m Davis)    housework    Farmington, N H
    M Eva    housework

Goding, Herbert    farmer    East
    Emma H    (Hurd)    housework
    *Arthur W    master mechanic    Lynchburg, Vt
    *Geo H    carpenter    Berwick
    *W L    carpenter    Lynchburg, Vt
    *B H    machinist    Lynchburg, Vt
    Ralph A    carpenter & farmer

Goding, R A     carpenter & farmer    East
    Edna I    (Gerrish)    housework

Gowwell, Eugene    farmer    Center
    Laura E    (Jenness)    housework

Gouche, Lewis    farmer    Milton, N H
    Caroline    (Lombard)    housework
    Caroline    (m ---)

Gray, Walter C    engineer    East Rochester

Grant, H    farmer & lumber dealer    North

Grant, Delia A    housework    North Rochester

Grant, Daniel    farmer    East Rochester
    Fannie A    (---)    housework
    Harry L    s s operator
    Lillian M    s s operator

Grant, E J     farmer & butcher    East
    Harriet E    (Lord)     housework
    Chas E    farmer & butcher
    *E J    farmer    Mansfield, Mass
    *Edith H    (m Littlefield)    housework    Springvale
    Harry M     pupil



Hart, Rachel A    (Wentworth)    housework     East
    *John H    flagman    11 Williams, Woodfords
    Stella H    (m Chamberlin)

Hall, Juan F    (Lanpher)    housework    R F D 1
    Ida    (m Libby)    housework
    *Harvey S    s s operator    Manchester, N H

Hasty, Chas L    farmer & teamster    Milton, N H
    Ella M    (SIgler)    housework

Harrington, Geo A    blacksmith    Box 76, East Rochester
    Blanch F    (Sherburne)    housework

Ham, Perley    laborer    East Rochester
    Sadie    (Wallinsford)    weaver

Ham, Samuel D    farmer & s s operator    Milton, N H
    Alice C    (McIntire)    housework
    Lura I    s s operator
    S Delbert    s s operator
    F Malcolm    pupil
    Olive L    pupil

Ham, Almira A    (Ham)    housework    Milton, N H
    Samuel D    farmer & s s operator

Hayes, Samuel D    farmer    West
    *Edith E    (m Shorey)    East Rochester
    Wilmer W    farmer
    S E     (Shapleigh)    housework

Hayes, David S    farmer    West
    Mary W    (Kimball)    house
    *Chas A    farmer    Danvers, Mass
    *Wilbert     farmer    Danvers, Mass
    Ormsby L    laborer

Hayes, John O    farmer    WEst
    Adelaide, R    (Cowell)    housework

Hayes, Wilmer W    farmer    West
    Nellie    (Bradley)    housework

Hartford, A G    laborer    Union
    Maud    (Tibbetts)    housework

Hartford, W S    s s operator    East Rochester
    Edna    (m McDaniels)    housework
    Clyde E    pupil
    Reginald M

Hartford, S S     farmer    East Rochester
    Mary    (Augusta)    housework
    *John W    s s operator    Holbrook, Mass
    *W S    mill operator    North Rochester

Hanson, Frank E    farmer    Center
    Walter    pupil
    Nellie    (McDade)    housework
    Herbert    pupil
    Edith M    pupil
    Howard    pupil

Hanson, H A     farmer    Center

Hanson, H L    farmer    Center
    Flora B    (Shapleigh)    housework
    Harriet P    pupil

Hanson, Joanna    (Cashin)    housework
    *Emma J    (m Blaisdell)    Somersworth, N H
    *Sadie F    (m Blasdell)    Somersworth, N H
    *Anna L    (m Hastey)    Somersworth, N H
    *Bertha L    (m Bassett)    Franklin, Mass

Hanson, Rufus R    s s operator    Milton, N H
    Lenora J    (Hayes)    housework
    Rosemond G    pupil

Hanscom, Isaac    merchant & farmer    North
    Clara J    (Hayes)    housework
    *Hattie    stenographer    New South Bld, Boston, Mass
    Fred    clerk

Hanscom, Helen J    (Hatch)    housework    East 1
    *Gertrude M    (m McCrillis    Stoughton, Mass
    Arthur C    farmer & teamster
    Leah M    housework

Hanscom, Edwin    farmer    East 1
    *Martha    (m Gowen)    housework    Springvale
    Annie L    (m Roberts)    housework
    *Mary A    (m Dearborn)    Somersworth, N H
    *Elmer W    ice dealer    Berwick
    *Eldora    (m Dow)    Whitman, Mass
    *Sarah L    (m Wentworth)
    *Oscar E    M D    Greene
    *Edgar    physician & surgeon    Howard, R I
    *A C     dentist    Sanford

Hanscom, W L    teamster    East 1
    Josephine M    (Eddy)    housework

Hanscom, A S     farmer    East 1
    Clara    (Libby)    housework
    Emma B    (m Emery)    Perryville
    *Hervey A    contractor & builder    W Medford, Mass
    Will A    farmer

Hersom, Orin    farmer    Center
    Fannie S    (Hersom)    housework
    Allie D    laborer
    Ethel A    (m Williams)
    Frank A    laborer

Hersom, Prudence L    (Rollins)    East
    Edward B    farmer
    *Chas H    painter & decorator    Rochester
    *C D    carpenter    Lawrence, Mass
    *Addie B    china decorator    Boston, Mass
    *William G    carpenter    Steamboat Springs, Cal

Hersom, Emily    (Prescott)    North
    *Cora    (m Hersom)    summer res, Mass

Hersom, Fred A    farmer    North

Hersom, Lyman    farmer    North
    Martha J    (Smith)    housework
    *Alfred L    mill operator    Sanford
    Elmer F    farmer
    *Geo    painter    East  Rochester
    *Josephine L    (m Harmon)    Standish

Hersom, Elmer F    farmer    North
    Emma J    (Wilson)    housework
    Edward    laborer
    Winnie E    pupil
    Emily J    pupil
    Leon F    pupil
    Clifton E    pupil
    Josephine L    pupil
    Elsie M   

Hersom, Geo E    painter    East Rochester
    Jennie    (Libby)    housework
    Lela    pupil
    Lillian    pupil
    Carroll    pupil

Hersom, Martha A    (Jones)    North
    *Winnie J    (m Hodgkins)    Portsmouth, N H
    *Harry E    farmer    Acton
    *Hermon L     laborer    Acton

Herson, Margaret    (Hersom)    Center
    Abbie M    housework
    Orin    farmer
    *Ella M    (m Jackson)    Union, N H
    Eugene I     painter
    Elmer E    painter
    Chas E    farmer & painter

Hernes, Lizzie    weaver    East Rochester
    *John    weaver    Ballardvale, Mass
    Geo    weaver
    chas    pupil

Hobbs, William H    farmer    East 1
    Olive A    (Nowell)    housework
    Ray E    cattle dealer & farmer

Hobbs, Ray E    cattle dealer & farmer
    Jennie M    (Pierce)   housework
    Lester M    pupil
    Flora A    pupil
    Gladys E    pupil

Hoyt, Martha A    (Hayes)    West
    *Fred A    draftsman    73 Chandler, Somerville, Mass
    *Lillian M    (m Bates)    housework    Somersworth, NH

Horne, Albert    farmer    East 1
    Martha A    (Fraser)    housework

Horne, Abbie M    East Rochester

Horne, Thomas W    farmer    East 1
    Mary E    (Nowell)    housework
    *Martha J    (m Roberts)    housework    Berwick
    *Addie L    (m Glidden)    South Framingham, Mass

Horne, Sarah A    housework    West

Huntress, F N    mill operator    East Rochester
    Phoebe J    (Jacobs)    mill operator



Jellison, Etta    (Henderson)    housework    East
    *Claud L    laborer    Springvale
    *Verna E    (m Ridley)    Springvale
    *Mae L    mill operator    Springvale
    Curtis A    laborer
    Rosie M    pupil
    Margie N    pupil
    Elsie A    pupil

Jenness, Lydia M    (Perkins)    housework    Milton, NH
    Chas G    s s operator

Johnson, Levi B    farmer    West
    Malisse A    (Sawyer)    housework
    Frank N    mill operator    East Rochester
    *Laura A    (M Hoyt)    housework    East Rochester
    *Clara J    (m Brown)    South Berwick
    *Hiram B    laborer    East Rochester
    Edgar L    R R service
    *Adelaide M    (m Walker)    Rochester
    Ethel L    (m Foster)    housework

Johnson, L E    sec hand    West
    Josephine H    (Mountain)
    Edna H    pupil
    Lawrence W    pupil
    Freeman L    pupil
    Lillian M
    Olive L

Johnson, Elisha    farmer & clergyman    Milton, N H
    ----    (-----)
    James    farmer   
    *Leighton    engineer

Jones, Geo W    farmer    East
    Eva A    (Merrill)    housework
    Viola M    pupil

Jones, J S P    farmer    East
    Luella    (Ricker)    housework
    G W    farmer & lumberman    North
    J S P Jr    laborer
    Moulton R    pupil

Jones, Joanna    (Gerrish)    East
    *W M    s s operator    Lynn, Mass
    *M R    clerk    Hartford, Conn
    *Mary E    (m Dimmock    housework    Quincy, Mass

Jones, Chas    inmate    town farm

Jones, Ira W    designing engineer    Milton, NH
    Lucia C    (Wentworth)    housework
    Nettie    housework
    Mary C    student

Jones, J Walter    farmer    North
    Estelle G    (Greeley)    housework
    Helen E    pupil

Jones, Arthur G     farmer    Milton Mills Road    North
    Bertha L    (Marsh)    housework

Jones, Sarah    (Hayes)    housework    North
    J Walter    farmer

Jones, Fannie D    (Dearborn)    West
    Wilber C    farmer

Jones, Susan M    (Wentworth)    East Rochester

Jones, Ida    (Wallingford)    housework    East Rochester
    *Minnie E    (m ---)    Rochester

Jones, J C    farmer & portable saw mill
    Ina (--)    housework
    Eben    pupil

Jones, James P    farmer    East
    Bradford R    farmer

Jones, Alonzo    farmer    East
    *Lilla V    housework    Berwick
    *Oscar R    fireman
    James G    sawyer

Junkins, Frank H    farmer    East 1
    Annie B    (Filler)    housework
    *Olive A    (m Libby)    housework    West Newfield
    Edna M    housework   
    Elmer H    pupil
    Annie F    artist   


Keay, John A    s s operator    Berwick 2
    Mira F    (Rankins)        housework
    Lewis A    mill operator
    Clifford R    mill operator

Keay, Leroy P    farmer
    Eliza     (McArthur)    housework
    *Edward L    brakeman    75 West Rutland Square, Boston, Mass
    D Theodore    student
    Fred P    pupil

Keay, L M    North    farmer & horse breeder

Keay, Delia L    housework    North

Keay, Francis A    farmer    North

Kenney, N J    farmer    Milton, N H
    Elizabeth A D    (Wentworth)    housework
    *Estella I    (m Rowe)    housework    Farmington, N H
    Emily E    (m Wentworth)
    *Addie R    (m Dennett)    s s operator    Lynn, Mass

Kenniston, R J    farmer    Milton, N H
    Clara E    (Dunn)    housework
    *Beatrice R    (m Ames)    272 Grove, Melrose, Mass
    Edith C    housework

Kenniston, Lester R    s s operator    Milton, N H
    Lura I    (Ham)    housework
    *H N    Somerset, Mass

Kelley, Frank E    East 1

Kimball, Sarah A    (---)    West
    *Richard    mill operator    Goss Falls, N H
    *William G    clerk        East Rochester
    *Robert G    clerk
    Edgar    s s operator    Worcester, Mass

Knox, W S    farmer    Milton, N H
    Mary F    (Burrows)    housework

Knox, Angie I    (Kenney)    housework    Milton, N H
    *Herbert L    insurance agent    Norwich, Conn
    *Minnie E    (m Hart)    housework    Farmington, N H
    Nettie E    (m Lord)    Center


Lampher, F J    mill operator    East Rochester
    Maud L    (Pierce)    housework
    Ruby M    pupil

Lewis, W J    farmer & stone  mason    Milton, N H
    *Wallace J    s s operator    East Rochester
    Edward C
    Elizabeth (m Fowler)    housework
    Clara B    (Brown)

Leatherbush, -----    East    farmer & mill operator
    ---- (----)    housework

Lent, Clarence C    farmer    West
    Vesta E    (Edson)    housework

Libby, Frank    farmer    East 1
    Irene U    (Usher)
    Mary J    (m Harrison)    housework
    Clara    s s operator
    Lizzie    housework
    Nellie    housework   
    Nettie    (m Goodwin)    housework    North

Libby, Nellie J    (Boston)    Berwick 2
    *Alice R    (m ---)    housework    Berwick

Libby, Harvey    farmer    East 1}
    Ida M    (Hall)    housework
    *Gertrude J    (m Libby)    housework    Sanford
    Carl D    teamster

Libby, Nancy    (Hanscom)    East    R F D    1
    Roscoe    farmer & lumber
    Harvey    farmer
    *Dana    civil engineer    West Newton, Mass
    *Hattie     (m Hanscom)    Winchendon, Mass
    *Lettie    (m Babb)    177 Brooks, E Boston, Mass

Libby, Owen    farmer    East
    Lucy    (Guptill)    housework
    Clifton G    farmer
    *Cecil W    R R ser    9 Flint Ave, Somerville, Mass

Libby, Clifton G    farmer    East
    Edith F    (Worcester)    housework
    Ernest C    pupil
    Carrie B
    Grace E

Libby, Roscoe    farmer    East 1
    Emma O    (Goodrich)    housework
    Herbert O    farmer
    Edna M    housework

Libby, Herbert O    farmer    East 1
    Edna S    (Worcester)    housework
    Leslie H    pupil

Libby, Edward A    physician    East Rochester
    Emily E    (Foye)    housework
    *Linwood E    saw mill    South Windsor
    John W    mill operator
    Beulah M    housework

Libby, W E     mill operator    East Rochester

Libby, J W    mill operator    East Rochester
    Ida E    (Boysen)    housework
    Ruth T    pupil
    Emily P    pupil
    Esther F    pupil
    Ellen B    pupil
    Ida M

Libby, G T    carpenter & builder    East Rochester

Light, W A     farmer    Milton, N H
    Ella M    (Peterson)    housework

Lord, Edgar B    farmer    West
    Jennie M    (Sherman)    housework
    Sherman E    pupil
    Geo E    pupil
    Leon B

Lord, John C    farmer    West
    Mary I    (Blanchard)    housework

Lord, J F    cattle dealer    West
    Sarah J    (Warburton)    housework
    Clara E    student
    James E    student
    Harry W    pupil
    Grace M    pupil

Lord, Wm J    farmer    West

Lord, Olive E    (Young)    East
    *John B    mason    Somersworth, N H
    *Elizabeth     (m Goodwin)    Rochester, N H
    Mary E    (m Lord)    housework
    James L    b mason

Lord, Stephen D    farmer, painter, supt of schools & insurance    East
    *Clara E    (m Howes)    housework    Albany, N Y
    Annie J    (m Mason)    housework
    Walter R    farmer

Lord, Abbie    (Drew)    housework    North Berwick

Lord, Frank D    farmer    Center
    Lena E    (Gerrish)    housework

Lord, Leroy    farmer    Center
    Annie F    (Fernald)    housework

Lord, Victor H    farmer    North
    Nettie E    (Knox)    housework
    Esther A

Lord, Eugene F    farmer    North
    Pethena A    (Goodwin)    housework

Lord, John G    farmer    Milton, N H
    Delia L    (Goodwin)    housework

Lord, Lottie S    (Johnson)    housework    Milton, N H
    *Arthur F    book keeper    308 Main, Worcester, Mass
    Waldo F    farmer
    Ruth E    pupil

Lord, James    farmer    East 1
    Mary E    (Lord)    housework
    Victor H    farmer
    Frank D    farmer
    Hiram C    farmer
    Gerald R    student

Lowd, S O    farmer & mill operator    Berwick 2
    *Mabel    (m Eaton)    Portland
    *Esther    Portland
    *Grace    (m Hurd)    East Rochester
    Chas    pupil
    Hattie    (Hayes)    housework



Mace, Annie M    (Downs)    North
    Frank J    farmer
    Susan M    pupil
    Sarah A    pupil
    Hanson E    pupil
    Katie G    pupil

Maddox, Daniel B    laborer    Milton, N H
    Rose W    (Cole)    housework
    Hazel A    s s operator

Madden, J H    laborer    Milton, N H
    Fannie A    (Dicey)    housework

Mason, Harry A    sawyer    East
    Dora L    (Fernald)    housework
    Augusta I    pupil
    Harry E    pupil
    John N   

Mason, A B    farmer & clerk    West
    Lilla A    (Warburton)    housework

Mason, B H    East    farmer & portable mill
    Annie J    (Lord)    housework
    Phylis E    pupil

Magoon, Frank J    s s operator    East
    Mary A    (Brown)    housework
    *Elizabeth M    (m Douglass)    East Rochester
    *Emma J    (m Gerrish)    housework
    *Addie E    (m Shaw)    Rochester
    *Geo H    ball player    Center

Mathews, J F    farmer    West
    Annie     (Day)    housework
    Crissie A    nurse

McCrillis, C W    spinner    East Rochester
    Georgia E    (Merrill)    housework
    Eugene A    weaver

McCrillis, E A    weaver    East Rochester
    Elizabeth     (Poors)    housework

McCrillis, Mark A    farmer    West
    Ellen    (Cooney)    housework
    William    pupil

McDaniels, Angie A    (Burnham)    North Rochester
    *Ida M    (m Wakefield)    housework    South Hollis
    Carrie D    (m Ellis)    housework
    M L    head builder    17 Railroad Haverhill, Mass
    *Annie L    (m Cram)    East Rochester
    Edna M    (m Hartford)    housework    East Rochester

MacDonald, H A    farmer    West
    Ellen    (MacDonald)    housework
    Ralph A    farmer

McIntire, S C    farmer    Box 85, Milton, N H
    Isabelle A    (Sanborn)    housework
    *Mary A    (m Kidder)    housework    17 Sixth, Dover, N H
    *Frank B    car inspector    11 River, Rochester, N H
    Alice C    (m Ham)    housewor
    *Walter I    laborer    Waldoboro
    Annie I    (m Bartlett)    housework    Merideth, N H

McIntire, W T    sec hand R R    Milton, N H

McLaughlin, J    retired    East Rochester
    Sarah B    (Wentworth)    housework
    Joseph    wool sorter
    *Francis    physician & surgeon    Stewartstown, N H

McLaughlin, Joseph    wool sorter    East Rochester
    Augusta E    McCullis)    housework
    John G    pupil
    Sadie L    pupil

McClellan, Sam'l    farmer    East
    Jane    (Connell)    housework

McNalley, F    mill operator    East Rochester
    May    (Timmons)    housework
    Alice    pupil
    Michael    pupil
    Mary    pupil

Merrill, Chas F    farmer    North
    Nina    (Pierce)    housework
    Eva A    (m Jones)    East
    Ethel M    (m St Cyr)    housework
    Estella L    pupil & housework

Meserve, Joseph T    farmer    East 1
    Catherine J    (Pray)    housework

Merrifield, Arthur    blacksmith    East

Merrifield, Arthur I    blacksmith    East

Miller, David    pupil    West

Miller, Katie    (McCabe)    East
    James    clerk
    Dora M    pupil

Morine, Bert    farmer & mill operator    East
    Nancy R    (Goodwin)    housework

Morrison, Ellen L    (Rice)    West
    Mary A    (m Goodwin)    housework
    Minnie E    housework & teacher

Mooers, W L    laborer    Milton, NH
    Lenora E    (---)    housework
    Grover C    mill operator

Mullen, Katie    housework    North

Murry, Arabella G    (Goodwin)    housework    East
    *Geo E    wholesaler    Lawrence, Mass
    Frank L    farmer
    Cora B    housework
    *May I    (m Richardson)    Sanford


Newell, B D     F B Clergy    North
    Flora E    (Files)    housework
    *Chas H    book keeper    Bangor
    *V D    farmer    Intervale, N H
    *Florence L    (m Snow)    housework    Intervale, N H

Noyes, W E    farmer & mail carrier    East 1
    Flora J    (Goodwin)    housework
    Hazel W    pupil
    Fred E    pupil
    Percy H    pupil


Olson, Ole T    laborer    West
    Orville, Charles    farmer    West
    Information Withheld


Page, Geo H    mill operator    East Rochester
    Nellie    (m Gordon)    housework
    Gladys B    pupil
    Florence M    pupil

Parker, J S    physician & surgeon    East
    Caroline M    (Wood)    houseowrk
    *John C    physician    266 Braod, Providence, R I
    *R T    lawyer    Rumford Falls
    Rachel M    housework

Peterson, Lewis J    farmer & carpenter    East 1
    Emma L    (Bean)    housework
    *Elsie M    (m Libby)    housework    Sanford

Pepin, Delpha    farmer    Center
    Laura    (Dunne)    housework
    *Henry    s s operator    Lawrence, Mass

Penney, Chas A    farmer    East
    Etta M    (Burrows)    housework
    Blanch E    pupil

Perkins, Rose E    (McIntire)    housework
    *Emma    (m Huckins)    housework    Ashland, N H

Plant, Archie    farmer    East
    Melvena    (Binette)    housework
    Jennie    pupil

Pierce, Mary P    (Corson)    inmate Town Farm

Pierce, Chas F    farmer    North
    Almira L    (Webber)    housework
    Cora A    (m Roberts)    housework

Pierce, Emily A    (Chase)    West
    *Jay C    brakeman    22 Lincoln, East Somerville, Mass

Pierce, Fred L    East 1    farmer, merchant & mill business
    Augusta E    (Brackett)    housework
    *Etta M    (m Hanscom)    housework    Sanford

Pierce, Greenleaf    farmer    Berwick 2

Pierce, John C    farmer    East Rochester
    Martha E    (Clark)    housework
    Maud L    (m Lanpher)    housework
    James C    laborer
    Dora M    housework & book keeper

Pierce, Clarence E    pupil    East Rochester

Pierce, Eben H    retired    East Rochester

Pierce, J C    farmer & clerk    East Rochester
    Rachel A    (Wallingford)    housework
    Clarence E    pupil
    Orville H    pupil
    Frank L    pupil
    Lawrence R    pupil
    Arthur E    pupil
    Fred N    pupil
    Harold H    pupil
    John M   
    James B

Pike, Fannie L    (Wentworth)    Milton, N H

Porter, H J    laborer    Milton, N H

Pray, Cyrus W    East 1    farmer    Hill Croft Farm
    Anna C    (Currier)    housework

Prescott, Sophronia    inmate Town Farm

Pugsley, Chas D    clerk    East Rochester
    Manetta A    (Hill)    housework
    Raymond D    pupil


Rand, E B    farmer & sec hand    East 1    (For some reason this family was listed under the P's.)
    Alice M    (Varney)    housework
    Edna M    pupil
    Fred V    pupil
    Eva L

Randall, Geo S    pupil    Berwick 2

Ramsdell, S H    clerk    Milton, N H
    Daisy B    (Dorr)    housework
    Doris M

Ranlan, A    farmer    Milton, N H
    Delia     (Blouin)    housework
    Louis    pupil
    Samuel    pupil
    Fred    pupil

Reeve, Fred B    pupil    East

Rhodes, Chas C    farmer & s s operator    MIlton, N H
    Wilbert C    draftsman
    Thad I    pupil
    Elizabeth    (Sargent)    housework

Ricker, Henry H    farmer    North
    *Edward E    clerk    Berwick
    Geo H    carpenter & farmer    North
    *Lavonia G    (m Fall)    housework    Somersworth, N H
    *Ina E    housework    East Rochester

Ricker, Geo H    carpenter & farmer    North
    Almeda J    (Webber)    housework
    Nellie J    pupil
    Leon F    pupil
    Lester W    pupil

Ricker, John H     pupil    East 1

Ricker, Clinton D S    farmer    North
    *Ida S    (m Merrow)    housework    Milton Mills, N H
    Jane E    (Ricker)    housework

Ricker, Jane E    (Jones)    North
    Alvin H    farmer

Ricker, Frank    pupil    North

Ricker, Elizabeth S    (Fernald)    North
    Luella     (m Jones)    housework    East
    *Alta B    (m Allen)    housework    26 Stevens Court, Lynn, Mass

Ricker, Alvin H    farmer    North
    Fannie K    (Knox)    housework
    Asa J    teamster

Ricker, Mary E    (Ross)    housework    North
    *Chas C    miner    Bisbee, Arizona
    Ezekell A    clerk    Lynn, Mass
    *Ida M    (m Montgomery)    Lynn, Mass
    Frank    farmer & blacksmith

Ricker, Frank    farmer & blacksmith     North
    Aurelia E    (Wentworth)    housework
    Emma M    (m Sewell)    housework
    Carlton F    laborer
    Clifton E    pupil
    Frank L    pupil
    Floyd H    pupil
    Raymond J    pupil
    Chas C

Ricker, Eliza J    (Hartford)    housework    West
    Wilson    farmer
    Lorana    (m Butler)    housework

Ricker, Harriet M    (Ellis)    Box 197, East
    Emma V    (m Drew)    housework

Ricker, Ann A    housework    North

Ricker, Geo C    sec hand    East

Richards, Eliza    (Taylor)    housework
    *Chas F    millman    East Rochester
    *Geo O    millman    East Rochester
    Adis W    mill pro    East Rochester
    *Harvey     millman    Riverside, California

Richards, A W    lumber dealer    East Rochester
    Grace M    (Karl)    housework

Rines, L A    farmer    Milton, N H
    Ella E    (Geyer)    housework

Rogers, M H    farmer & painter    Berwick
    Ella M    (Foss)    housework
    Dora M    (m Worcester)    housework

Robbins, Ovid D    pupil    North Berwick

Roberts, Wellington M    laborer    Milton, N H
    Lizzie H    (Smart)    housework
    Blanch A    pupil
    Harold A    pupil
    Mattie M    pupil
    Forest A    pupil

Roberts, Carrie    (Ellis)    housework    East

Roberts, Geo W    farmer    East 1
    Annie L    (Hanscom)    housework
    Mayland A    farmer
    *Maud L    (m Allen)    housework    Springvale
    Carrie M    housework
    Charlie G    pupil
    Alice O    pupil
    Lester H    pupil

Roberts, W J    East    farmer, shoe & harness maker
    Ella F    (Jones)    housework

Roberts, Ranson D    farmer    Center
    Oliver C    student
    Anna C    student

Roy, Emile L    farmer    East
    Mabel R    (Higgins)    housework
    Elbert R   

Rose, Calista J    (Hayes)    West

Runnals, Paul M    farmer    East
    Blanch B    (White)
    Pauline M
    Catherine A
    G Elwin


Sawyer, E A    laborer    Milton, N H
    Mary J    (Yetton)    housework
    Harry A    pupil
    Eunice L

Sewell, E L    farmer    Milton, N H

Sewell, John T    farmer    North
    Emma M    (Ricker)    housework

Shorey, Chas C    book keeper    East 1
    Mary A    (Chick)    housework
    Raymond C    pupil

Shorey, Angie    (Perkins)    housework    East Rochester
    *Alice M    (m Tucker)    housework    Lynn, Mass
    Alta F    (m Carpenter)   
    Mamie E    (m Garnett)    housework

Sherman, Enoch P    farmer    North
    *Geo A    teamster    2 Sudbury, Boston, Mass
    *Carlos W    merchant    South Chatham, Mass
    *John L    merchant        Winchester, Mass
    Jennie M    (m Lord)    West
    Clara A    (Sanborn)    housework

Shapleigh, Mary    (---)    housework    summer resident, West
    *Elizabeth S    (m McDonald)    27 North Mountain Ave, Montclair, N Y

Shapleigh, Abbie E    (Bartlett)    West
    *William C    insurance    55 Waterman, Lockport, N Y
    Amelia    housework
    Dorothy    pupil

Shapleigh, F L    printer    West   
    Eva C    (Davis)    housework

Shapleigh, Chas A    retired    Center

Shapleigh, Anne M    (Jones)    housework    Center
    Raymond L    farmer

Shapleigh, N B    farmer & butcher    Center
    Orle M    (Prescott)    housework
    Flora B M    (Hanson)    housework

Sigler, Ella M    (Nelson)    housework    Milton, N H
    Henrietta M    (m Staples)   

Simpson, Gertrude M    music student    Center

Simpson, Nellie M    pupil

Smith, Jas W    mill operator & farmer    West
    Irene T    (--)    housework
    Mabel M    student

Smith, James H    farmer    East
    Susan E    (Wentworth)    housework
    Abbie     (m Cowell)    housework    West
    *Carrie    (m ---)    Springvale
    *Cora    (m Dillingham)    Milford, Mass
    Frank W    farmer

Smith, Frank W    farmer    East
    *Henry J    s s operator    Haverhill, Mass
    *Abbie     (m Flanders)    housework    Springvale
    *Bessie    (m Eaton)    housework    Springvale
    *Susie M    Springvale    book keeper & typewriter
    Vena H    pupil
    Etta    (Jellison)    housework
    Frank Jr

Smith, Allan    laborer    North

Spinney, A A     s s operator    East Rochester
    Sadie J    (Mills)    housework

Stevens, F L    clerk    Milton, N H
    Myrtle J    (Johnson    housework
    Maurice L

Stanhope, Fred F    farmer    Milton, N H
    Annie B    (Morse)    housework
    *Arthur F    s s operator    Manchester, N H
    *Mary E    (m Reno)    housework    Newburyport, Mass
    Otis C    pupil
    Roscoe C    pupil
    Everett V    pupil
    Florence E    pupil
    Amos L    pupil
    Fred F Jr

Staples, Geo H    mill operator    Milton, N H
    Clara A    (m Edgeley)    housework

Stanley, Samuel B    farmer    West
    Josephine V    (Smith)    housework
    Etta J    teacher
    Hattie    teacher
    Edwin S    farmer & teamster

Stanley, Edwin S    farmer    West
    Elizabeth    (Mason)    housework

Stackpole, Albert S    farmer    West
    *Wm T    farmer    R F D, Rochester
    Arthur H    pro ball player
    Robert V    student

Stackpole, A H    P ball player    West
    Bertha E    (Daney)    housework
    Alice C    pupil

Stackpole, Chas H    mill operator    Sanford
    Arthur C    carpenter    summer resident
    *Ida M    (m Jefferson)    housework    Cliftondale, Mass
    Etta B    (m Adams)    housework
    Chester W    mill operator
    Estella M    mill operator
    Roscoe F    pupil

StCyr, J Eugene    laborer    North
    Ethel M    (Merrill)    housework
    Leo E   
    Clarence R

Stewart, John    farmer    East
    Sarah    (Connell)    housework
    Martha M
    Henry P

Suhr, Zelona I    (Rankins)    West
    *Carl F    mechanic & engineer    Ansonia, Conn
    Olive I    teacher


Thompson, Martha B    (Stewart)    East
    Elizabeth E    teacher

Thompson, Fred C    s s operator    Milton, N H
    Gertrude M    (Knox)    housework
    Doris E   

Thompson, O S     farmer    Milton, N H
    Lizzie S    (Pettee)    housework
    *May L    (m Downs)    housework    Milton, N H
    Mark L    painter

Thompson, J A    laborer    West
    Cora B    (Farley)    housework

Tibbetts, Fred J    laborer    East
    Ina B    (Webber)    housework
    Henry E

Tibbetts, H A    farmer & millman    Box 31, Milton, N H
    Florence M    (Betts)        housework

Tibbetts, G E    s s operator    East Rochester
    Lillian M    (McCrillis)    housework
    Edith C    pupil
    Bernard G    pupil
    Plummer E    pupil
    Thelma M    pupil
    Merle E
    Ralph R

Tibbetts, A J    farmer & shoe maker    Berwick 2
    Lucinda    (Knox)    housework
    *Sarah J    (m Annis)    Dover, N H
    Geo E    s s operator    East Rochester
    *Ida B    (m Leach)    East Rochester
    *L B    R R service    Lynn, Mass
    *Bert L    s s operator    Littleton, N H
    Flora M    (m Varney)    East Rochester

Tilton, Clark A    farmer    East Rochester
    Sadie A    (Jones)    housework
    Sumner A    s s operator
    Erlon C    pupil
    Glenn W

Towle, Mary F    (Goldsmith)    East Rochester
    Mary A M    (m Hartford)   
    *Ruth L    (m Rollins)    Famington, NH   (typo theirs)

Trafton, Josiah L    carpenter    East
    Isabell M    (m Goodwin)    housework
    Geo L
    Frank W    carpenter

Tusker, G W    farmer & shoe maker    North Rochester
    Augusta E    (Ellis)    housework
E E    s s operator    Lynn, Mass
    Chas W    mill operator
    Eugene C    mill operator

Twombley, Lydia M    (Jenness)    Milton, N H


Varney, Geo G    farmer & s s operator    East
    Carrie E    (Carson)    housework
    Helen M    pupil
    Harold C    pupil

Varney, D W     farmer & lumber     East
    Abbie S    (Tibbetts)    housework
    *Geo E    agent    44 Gray, Arlington, Mass
    *Junie    s s operator    Berwick
    Harry M    lumber    Rochester
    *Chas W    insurance    Rochester

Varney, H M    lumber    East Rochester
    Flora M    (Tibbetts)    housework
    Isabelle M

Varney, Geo R    farmer    East 1
    Emma F    (Goodwin)    housework
    Alice M    (m Rand)    housework
    Fred G


Walker, J N    cong clergy    Center
    Mary C    (Clayton)    housework
    Charlotte C    nurse
    Mary A    teacher
    *Samuel J    surgeon & engineer    Norfolk, Va
    Dorothy D    student
    Paul W    student
    Ruth    student

Walker, Geo E    laborer    West
    Elizabeth    (Dane)    housework
    Herbert A    R R service
    Nellie E    pupil

Walker, Aurilla    (Palmer)    West
    *Daniel W    salesman    6 Royal, Allston, Mass
    Eliza R    (m Saunders)    housework    South Windham
    *Benj B    laborer    Sanford
    *Alice W    (m Hutchins)    Farmington, N H
    Mary L    housework
    *Emma L    (m Merrow)    housework    Moultonville, N H
    William B    carpenter
    Aurilla J    housework

Wallingford, H B    East 1    farmer & shop operator
    Mary    (Chase)    housework
    Harry B    farmer
    Ralph C    sec hand

Wallingford, A F    laborer    North Berwick

Wallingford, Eben    farmer    East Rochester
    Ida M    (m Jones)    housework
    *Dora F    (m Dorother)    housework    East Rochester
    Sadie    (m Ham)    housework
    *William B    hostler
    *E P    s s operator    Springvale
    *James H    farmer    Berwick

Walsh, Olive E    (Hodgdon)    housework    East Rochester
    *Frank W    boss s shop    Milton, N H
    John E    s s operator

Walsh, John E    s s operator    East Rochester
    Grace M    (Smith)    housework
    Agnes S

Walsh, Leroy F    pupil    East Rochester

Warbunton, Mabel    pupil    West

Weeks, Lewis B    farmer    East 1, District No 12
    Hattie S    (Goodwin)    housework
    *Edmond H    wool sorter    Sanford
    *Lillian E    book keeper & stenographer    Lawrence, Mass
    *L E    clerk    Haverhill, Mass
    Edith V    teacher
    Everett W    farmer

Webber, C E    farmer & P M    Center
    Mattie J    (Wentworth)    housework
    *Maud L    (m Worcester)    131 West, New York
    W C    elevator Co employee
    Lena F    housework

Webber, Freeman A    farmer    Center

Webber, A H    over Town Farm    East
    Ellen E    (Magoon)    housework
    Almeda J    (m Ricker)    housework
    Ina B    (m Tibbetts)    housework

Wentworth, Sarah L    (Hanscom)    East 1
    Vivian E    pupil

Wentworth, Emily E    (Kenney)    Milton, N H
    Linwood J    mill operator

Wentworth, H G    farmer    North
    Susan    (Hersom)    housework

Wentworth, Esther    (Gowell)    North
    Horatio T    farmer
    *Timothy    carpenter    East Somerville, Mass
    *Edgar J    s s operator    Sanford
    *Mary E    (m Stackpole)    housework    Rochester

Wentworth, Susan M    (French)    East Rochester
    *Ida B    (m Grogan)    East Rochester

Wentworth, Jane A    stitcher    East Rochester

Wentworth, Maud L    mill operator    East Rochester

Wentworth, E L    teamster    East Rochester
    Emma S    (Rugg)    housework
    Ethel A    teacher

Wentworth, Abbie    housework    East Rochester

Wentworth, T    merchant & P M    East Rochester

Wentworth, D    hardware    East Rochester
    *Frank    s s operator    Lynn, Mass
    *Annie     s s operator    Lynn, Mass
    Laura    (Chamberlin)    housework

Wentworth, Melvina    (Wentworth)    North
    Milford J    farmer
    Aurilla E    (m Ricker)    housework
    William B    merchant
    James S    merchant & farmer

Wentworth, J S    merchant & farmer    North
    Grace F    (Pilsbury)    housework
    Mildred    pupil
    J Clyde    pupil
    Samuel S
    E Louisa

Wentworth, T R    merchant & P M    East

Wentworth, John    farmer    East

Wentworth, Wm B    North    merchant & P M
    Josie H    (Hanson)    housework
    Harold J    pupil
    Ralph H

Wentworth, Lucretia    (Wentworth)    North
    Linwood D    farmer    North
    *Arthur W    moulder & farmer    New Gloucester

Wentworth, Milford J    farmer    North
    Cora A    (Roberts)    housework

Wentworth, Sophia M    (Mason)    West

Wentworth, S W    brick mason    West
    *Celia A    (m Sanborn)    housework    Bentwood, N H
    Harry A    laborer
    Ernest S    s s operator
    Emma J    (m Hussey)    Rochester
    Vesta B    (Chesley)    housework

Wentworth, M    farmer & milkman    West
    Clara E      (Goodwin)    housework
    Lillian     (m Dearbon)    housework
    Winnifred    teacher
    Josephine    millinery
    Bessie    book keeper
    Philip S    clerk
    Marion L    student
    Ruth G    student
    Merle T    pupil

White, M V B    farmer    East Rochester
    Martha A    (Blaisdell)    housework
    *Georgia A    (m Jacobs)    housework    East Rochester
    *Hervey E    s s operator    East Rochester
    *Carrie B    (m Mills)    East Rochester
    Fannie W    (m Hanscomb)
    *Alvana M    mill operator    East Rochester
    John E    farmer
    Eldred G    s s operator

White, E J    farmer & s s operator    East Rochester
    Annie L    (Rankins)    housework
    Geo O    pupil
    Perley M    pupil
    Orman V    pupil
    Marion W    pupil

White, V    moulder    North Rochester
    Effie M    (Drew)    housework
    Beryl M    pupil
    Bernice C    pupil   
    Clifton V

Whitehouse, Herbert S    merchant    Milton, N H
    Eva M    (Burke)    housework
    Alice M    pupil
    Edith M    pupil
    Eula W

Whitehouse, D    Milton, N H    constable & grain dealer

Whitten, Alice    (Tucker)    housework    Milton, N H
    *Frank     plumber    Reading, Mass
    Gertrude    housework
    Bessie    (m Doyle)    housework

Williams, Leon H    farmer    East Rochester
    Ethel A    (Hersom)    housework

Wiggin, E H    s s operator        East Rochester
    Mabel C    (Young)    housework

Wiggin, Ellen G    (Walden)    housework    North Berwick
    Carrie I    housework
    Ernest S    pupil

Willey, Eben D    farmer    Berwick 2
    Mattie A    (Stevens)    housework
    R M    mill operator
    Clarence R    farmer
    Bernice C    s s operator
    Mildred S    pupil
    Archie E    pupil

Wood, Jno W    farmer & lumber    East 1
    Ida A    (Lawson)    housework
    Ethel M    student

Wood, Herbert    farmer    North  Berwick

*Wood, Lottie J    (m Shay)    housework    Roxbury, Mass

*Wood, W A    transfer agent    Farmington

Woodman, M C    Milton, N H    meat & prov dealer
    Sarah M    (Fellows)    housework

Woodsom, Chas    farmer    North
    Emma    (Ditchett)    housework

Worcester, H H    painter    East Rochester
    Dora    (m Rogers)    housework
    Dorothy L    pupil

Worcester, Geo A    farmer    East 1
    Fannie M    (Longley)    housework
    Edith F    (m Libby)    housework   
    Edna S    (m Libby)    housework
    Leslie L    farmer
    Josephine B    housework
    Alice L    pupil


Yeaton, H F    farmer    Milton, N H
    Lucy E    (Richardson)    housework
    Audrey E    pupil

Yeaton, J    laborer    Milton, N H
    *James E    farmer    New Durham, N H
    *Annie B    (m Wheeler)    housework    Wells Beach
    *A B    laborer    Wolfboro, N H
    Herbert F    farmer
    Mary J    (m Sawyer)    housework
    *Grace E    (m Kenney)    housework    Milton, N H

Young, Ellen M    dress maker    East Rochester

Young, Dorcas J    (Farbush)    East Rochester
    *Sidney L    express man    East Rochester
    Mabel C    (m Wiggin)    housework



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