1907 Census for Newfield

This census was taken by students at the University of Maine and includes such information as family groups, addresses (post office) and occupations. It is taken from the book The Town Register Acton, Shapleigh, Parsonsfield, Newfield and Lebanon 1907, compiled by Mitchell, Daggett, Goodyear, Bassett and Russell.


Where no address is specified Newfield is understood. Other post offices are listed following the name and occupation. Maple = Maplewood; West = West Newfield; Wood = Woodman's; E Wake = East Wakefield; Wake = Wakefield.
Maiden names are indicated by ( ). Married names are indicated by (married name)
Please note that the word pupil indicates that the child attended a lower grade school and includes all children over the age of 5. The word student indicates an upper level school such as a high school.
An * indicates that the family member was living elsewhere and the town of residence is indicated.
People who married someone in the same town may be listed twice, making this an excellent method for determining parentage of wives. 

There are a few abbreviations used which were not explained; I will leave those to your imagination unless I find evidence elsewhere to support my own theory.

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Adams, Jennie S.    (Dorman)    housework
    Maude L.    Pierson)    housework    West
    *Clement S.    real estate    Bayone, N J

Aderman, Dora F.    (Davis)    housework    West
    *Gus H.    machinist    Nashua, N H
    *Marion L.    teacher    Cambridge, Mass

Alvin, Mildred L.    pupil    West

Ayer, Caroline E. D.    (Chadburn)
    Antoinette E.    (married Clifford)    housework
    Martha B.    (married Falker)    housework


Benson, William S.    laborer

*Beckman, Mabel L.    (Cotton)    housework    Wood, NH
    Mildred E.    pupil

Bean, Jas R.    farmer
    Annie M.    (Dockham)    housework
    Ernest J.    weaver
    *F. R.    fireman    110 Perkins    E. Somerville, Mass
    *C. E.    chauffeur    Lynn, Mass

Blaisdell, A. D.    farmer    West

Bonnar, Ernest A.    blacksmith
    Anna B.    (Hazelton)    housework
    Alfred W.    pupil
    Austin R.   

Boothby, Chas A    farmer    Maple
    Minnie B.    (Langley)    housework
    Harold F.    student
    Vina M.    pupil
    Dorothy L.    pupil
    Charlotte H.

Bond, Thomas    painter    West
    Nettie B.    (Wood)   
    William W.    pupil
    Gertrude M.    pupil
    Clair E.    pupil

Bond, Wm    farmer & teamster    West
    Annie M.    (Gilford)    housework
    Rebecca M.    pupil
    Richard M.    pupil
    Daniel V.    pupil

Bond, Daniel G.    farmer    West
    Elizabeth J.    (Maddox)    housework

Brackett, Jennie    (Brackett)    housework    E Wake
    Ada    (married Sanborn)   

Bragdon, Edwin    farmer
    Sarah C.    (Smith)    housework
    Edwin L.    laborer

Breskwoldt, A Estelle    (Hanscom)     housework    E Wake
    Marie H.

Brooks, Rosalinda    (Stewart)    hostess, Inn    West

Buzzell, Jacob     farmer    West
    Lydia    housework
    *Addie    (married Vose)    housework    Dorchester, Mass
    *Ida    (married Brown)    housework    Charleston, Mass

Burbank, Chas J.    laborer


Carlton, Sarah    (Chellis)    West
    Amos    farmer
    Emma    (married Mitchell)    housework
    John L.    farmer

Carlton, Amos    farmer    E Wake
    Cora K.    (Wall)    housework

Carlton, John L.    farmer    West
    *Leon     elec conductor    Boston, Mass
    Lester     student
    Stella M.    student
    Kenneth    pupil
    Mary E.    (Thomas)    housework

Carson, Chas P.    farmer    E Wake
    Ida M.    (Sanborn)    housework
    Raymond S.

Chadbourn, H. A.    farmer & clergy    West
    Almeda J.    (Hutchinson)    housework
    Annette M.    (married Symms)    housework

Chandler, Wm R.    West    Inn & livery & fedd stable
    Lovina D.    (Hickey)    housework
    *J. W.     plumber and steam fitter    Portsmouth, NH
    *Clinton F.    painter    Portsmouth, NH
    *Annette    (married Morrill)    housework    Portsmouth, NH
    *Lillian    (married McDonald)    Portsmouth, NH
    *Frederick F.    clerk    Portsmouth, NH

Chase, James P.    farmer    West
    *Lizzie    (married Merrill)    N. Parsonsfield
    Frank E.    laborer
    Fred M.    farmer
    Lillian L.    (married Mooney)    housework

Chase, Wm N.    farmer    Wood
    *Emma B.    (married Goss)    housework    28 Holden, Malden, Mass
    Harriet N.    student

Chellis, C. A.    contractor & builder
    Asenath A.    (Thompson
    *Percy     farmer    644 South    Roslindale, Mass
    Mary L.    housework
    Frank M.    farmer
    Ethel G.    (married Conley)    housework
    Henrietta M.    student
    Raymond C.

Chellis, Eda A.    (Bullard)    housework

Chellis, Harold A.    painter
    Hattie I.    (Miller)    housework
    Walter A.    pupil
    Anita P.    pupil
    Robert L.
    Hobart W.

Cheeney, Harriet A.    (Linscott)    housework    West

Clifford, S. N.    P M
    Edith    housework & asst. P M
    Jane    clerk
    Ruth    (married Hannaford)

Clifford, Chas F.    farmer & carpenter
    Emma L.    (Libby)    housework
    Sherburn C.    pupil

Coloney, John    millman
    Ethel    (Chellis)    housework

Coburn, William F.    farmer    West
    Chas H.    farmer
    Starrett F.    student
    Clarissa M.    pupil

Cook, L. C.    farmer    Mount Eagle    Maple
    Hannah J.    (Lowell)    housework

Colton, F. W.    farmer    E. Wake
    Imogene    (Trueworthy)    housework

Cotton, Cyrus S.    farmer    Wood
    Mabel L.    (married Beckman)    housework
    Vivian C.    laborer
    Edna M.    waiter
    Estelle M.    housework
    Nelson B.    pupil
    Beulah H.    pupil


Dalrymple, Jason    laborer
    Mary E.    (Warren)    housework
    Harold     laborer
    Lester    laborer
    Pearle    housework

Davis, A.    (Boothby)    housework

Davis, W. A.    Mirror Lake Farm    N. Shapleigh
    Anna E.    (Gile)    housework
    R. Howard    student
    Jennie L.    pupil
    Ray G.    pupil

Davis, Frank O.    farmer & machinist

Davis, Sarah L.     housework

Davis, Ruth N.    (Hanscom)    housework
    Dellie     (married Lord)    housework

Davis, E. W.    farmer & blacksmith    West
    Thurza L.     (Merrow)    housework
    Raymond I.    pupil
    Marion L.

Davis, Eva    (Linscott)    West    housework & milliner
    *Harriet L.    milliner    270 Boylston, Boston, Mass
    *Annie L.    (married Stevens)    housework    Linfield, Mass

Davis, A. H.     farmer & retired merchant    West
    Anna L.    (Bradbury)    housework
    *Gertrude    (married --- )    4 Loring Ave, Salem, Mass
    *Grace C.    (married Mitchell)    housework    Danvers, Mass

Davis, C. E.    painter & paper hanger    Wood
    Carrie B.    (Tuttle)    housework
    F. Eugene    laborer

Davis, Florence G.    (Goodwin)    E Wake
    Roy G.    student
    Earle H.    student

Davis, Clair M.    farmer & carpenter    West
    M. A.    (Libby)    housework
    *Chas I.    mason    55 Hill, Norwood, Mass
    Ernest W.    blacksmith
    *Ralph W.    express    Stonington, Conn

Dearborn, S.    farmer    Maple

Demeritt, W. E.     merchant    Wood
    Laura J.    (Savoge)    housework
    Marvin E.    clerk    Wood
    Roland S.    pupil

Demeritt, David 8        retired        [probably should be S]
    *Edward E.    s s operator    131 Groveland    Haverhill, Mass
    *Chas L.    s s operator    Haverhill, Mass
    *Lizzie H.    (married ---)    Wolfboro, N H
    *Bert I.    foreman s shop    Milton, N H
    *Hattie B.    s s operator    Manchester, N H

Dewitt, W. H.    summer resident Wood
    Mary H.    (Hornbeck)    housework

Dorman, H.    faremr
    Elvira E.    (Wormwood)    housework

Dockham, Jas    laborere
    Annie M.    (married Bean)    housework
    William    laborer
    *Alphonso    weaver    Ashland, N H
    *George     laborer    Dixfield

Durgin, L. G.     painter & paper hanger
    Mabel G.    (Otis)    housework
    Margie O.

Dunnells, Julia A.    (ROgers)    housework
    *Geo C.    fish market    Andover, Mass

Dunnells, Morrill    farmer
    Anson M.    farmer
    *Edith N.    (married Farnham)    housework    55 Broadway    E. Somerville, Mass

Dunnells, Anson M.    farmer
    Minnie M.    (Patch)    housework
    Alice M.    housework
    Edgar A.    laborer
    Bernard F.    laborer
    Chester A.    laborer
    Amy J.    pupil

Dunnells, Mark W.    farmer
    Josephine M.    (Knox)    housework
    *Mattie E.    (married Fuller)    2008 Springfield, Boston, Mass
    *Sophronia E.    (married Burbank)   
    Lester M.    deputy sheriff
    *Eva A.    (married Berry)    housework    Steep Falls

Dunnells, Lester M.    painter    dept sheriff & 3rd selectman
    Mabel G.    (Chick)    housework
    Ralph O.   
    Helen M.


Eastman, Clara E.    housework

Eastman, Eva    (Davis)    millinery    West
    *Eva L.    (married Rice)    Los Angeles, Cal

Eastman, Henry    laborer
    Priscilla    (Durgin)    housework
    Geo H.    pupil

Eldridge, W. M.    millman    West
    Dora B.    (White)    housework
    Edith L.    pupil
    Bertha M.    pupil
    Erma M.
    Lena R.

Emery, Nellie C.    teacher

Emery, Caroline M.    (Reed)    housework
    Russell C.    farmer
    Annie H.    (married Smith)    housework
    John W.    painter & blacksmith
    James    blacksmith

*Engstrom, C. E.    stone mason    Lynn, Mass
    Gertrude L.    (Moors)    housework
    Rachel    (married Grace)    housework    North Saco


Falker, Nathaniel Captain   
    Martha B.    (Ayer)    housework
    *Ellen A.    (married Smith)    housework    929 Middle, Bath
    Pauline C.    (married Moulton)   

Farmer, H. R.    carriage trim
    Christie B.    (Nutter)    dress maker

Farnham, Wm A.    farmer & teamster    West
    Annie A.    (Pach)    housework
    Everett F.    laborer
    Clarence J.    pupil

Fadden, E. F.     farmer    West
    Charlotte E.    (Bennett)    housework
    Chas P.    pupil
    Laura E.


Gale, Lucy D.    (Gage)    housework

Garland, Daniel S.    farmer    West
    Mary V.    (Parsons)    housework
    *Irene E.    (married Murphy)    housework    125 St Batolph, Boston, Mass

Garland, Abbie J.    (McLellan)    housework    West
    M. P.    housework
    Hannah M.    (married Moulton)    housework    Ossipee, N H
    Clara J.    (married Moulton)    housework
    Benj I.    farmer
    *James M.    overseer mill    Manchester, N H

Gile, Eugene C.    farmer    No Shapleigh
    Maud    (Goodrich)    housework
    Clarence E.    pupil

Gile, Mary F.    (Horn)    No Shapleigh
    *Thomas J.    ice business    28 Eden, Charlestown, Mass
    Frank     farmer
    *Edgar S.    wheelwright    30 Eden, Charlestown, Mass
    Eugene C.    farmer

Glidden, Inez L.    student

Goodwin, Chas A.    farmer    Wood
    Ida E.    (Chellis)    housework
    *Everett E.    chauffeur    39 Belmont Ave.    Providence, R I
    Ethel M.    housework
    Clayton D.    pupil

Goodwin, W. N.    teamster    E Wake
    Ida F.    (Reed)    housework
    Ernest C.    pupil

Goodwin, Syrena    (Goodwin)    housework    West
    Edward J.    farmer    West

Goodwin, Jennie A.    housework

Goodwin, Villa A.    housework

Goodwin, Asa W.    laborer    E Wake

Goodrich, Frank P.    farmer    West
    Alma L.    (Rhodes)    housework
    Homer A.

Goodrich, Joseph     farmer    West
    Chas T.    carpenter
    Frank P.    farmer

Goodrich, Chas T.    carpenter
    Arvilla J.    (Holmes)    housework

Goodrich, Thurza E.    (Reed)    housework    West
    *Annie E.    (married Colby)    housework    Winthrop, Mass
    Maud     (married Gile)    No Shapleigh

Graffam, James W.    sawyer
    Mertie I.    (Tibbetts)    housework
    Abbie J.
    Thelma L.

Grant, P. J.    farmer    E Wake
    Lydia E.    (Whitehouse)    housework

Graham, John    teamster    West
    Mabel    (Liberty)    housework

Guptill, Laura J.    (Thing)    housework
    *John    laborer    Lewiston
    Stilman H.    laborer

Guptill, Stillman    laborer    West


Hanson, Martha A.    (Burbank)    housework    West
    *Lelia I.    (married Read)    housework

Harris, E. M.    pupil    Wood

Hazelton, Mary E.    (Davis)    housework
    Anna B.    (married Bonnar)    housework
    *Susie B.    s s operator    Meriden, Conn

Ham, Nancy S.     (Ham)    No. Shapleigh
    *David F.    overseer mill    Salmon Falls, N H
    *Cora B.    (married Hayes)    Alfred
    Geo P.    farmer
    *Phineas A.    mill operator

Ham, Everett E.    farmer & merchant    No Shapleigh
    Cora B.    (Coffin)    housework
    Mattie B.    housework
    Chas E.    merchant
    Lena M.    student

Hanniford, G. O.    merchant & P M    West
    Thurza E.    (Durgin)    housework
    Carl E.    merchant    assistant P M & notary public

Hanscom, Caroline E.     (Hill)    E Wake
    *Willard L.    farmer    Lebanon
    *Mabel W.    (married Kingman
    *Walter H.    farmer    No
    A Estelle    (married ---)    housework

Heald, Joseph C.    drafs & machinist
    John C.    lineman
    Antoinette D.    (Ayer)    housework

Heath, T. S.     farmer    Wood
    Caddie M.    (Stevens)    housework
    Ethel G.    pupil
    Mattie M.    pupil
    Lucian T.    pupil
    Blanch M.    pupil
    Walter C.    pupil
    Bessie C.

Hill, Martha A.    (Davis)    housework    E Wake
    *Joseph F.    hotel prop.     South Westboro, Mass
    Geo M.    farmer
    Sadie A.    housework

Hill, Lewis    farmer    E Wake
    Rose    (Patch)    housework
    Russell    pupil
    Pete    pupil
    Girl    pupil
    Girl    pupil

Holland, O. M.    (Warren)    housework    Maple
    *Warren G.    20 Tuttle    Dorchester, Mass

Holmes, Arvilla J.    (Goodwin)    housework    West
    Frank R.    laborer

Howe, M. P.    farmer & mill & lumber    E Wake
    H. Mildred    (York)    housework

Howe, Florence G.    (Davis)    housework    Shady Nook,  E. Wake

Huntress, Marcia F.     (Ham)    housework    N. Shapleigh

Hubbard, W. H.    lumber & mill    West
    Olive M.    (Tibbitts)    housework
    C. F.
    Geo W.


Jewett, Chas R.    laborer

Jewett, Jas D.    retired farmer    West

Jenigor, Emile C.    physician & surgeon
    Elizabeth M.    (Butterworth)

Jenness, Louisa S.    (Durgin)    housework    West
    *Alice M.    (married Langley)    housework    Dover, N H

Jellison, C. H.    mail carrier & express
    Susan A.    (Gibbs)    housework

Johnson, I. A.    farmer    West
    Jennie M.    (Ross)    housework
    Ernest B.     laborer
    *Maud S.    (married Reed)    housework    Gayhead, Mass

Johnson, Ernest B.    West
    Villa M.    (Sands)    housework
    Luella E.


Kingsley, Geo E.    farmer    West
    Martha A.    (Hanson)    housework

Kilhom, Arthur E.    merchant    West
    Kate M.    (married Gillivrae)    housework


Leighton, Cecil W.    pupil    West

Leighton, Leo L.    pupil    West

Leavitt, Geo F.    retired soldier    West

Leavitt, Addie J.    housework    Wood

Leavitt, Mary A.    housework    Wood

Libby, Stephen W.    farmer
    Abbie O.    (Moore)    housework

Libby, C. E.     merchant & undertaker
    Ida J.    (Ricker)    housework
    Eugene E.    clerk
    Alwin L.    farmer
    Edith F.    pupil

Libby, John C.    farmer
    Lucille T.    (Pratt)    housework

Libby, John J.    blacksmith    West
    Cora N.    (Glidden)    housework
    Scott D.    farmer
    Lucian W. B.    elec conductor
    *Marguritta J.    (married Thompson)    Springvale
    Ruth E.    pupil
    Bessie M.    pupil
    Hazel I.    pupil
    Grace I.    pupil

Libby, David W.    farmer    E. Wake
    Sarah J.    (Thompson)    housework
    John J.    blacksmith    West
    *Ada L.    (Glidden)    housework    Province Lake

Lord, Ariannah    (Smith)    housework
    *Frank E.    Boston, Mass    waiter    Hotel Brunswick
    Walter E.    farmer & Echo House
    Will S.    farmer
    Grace E.    (married Smith)

Lord, Walter E.    millman    Echo House
    Dellie    (Piper)    hotel hostess

Londo, Thomas    laborer    West
    Alice M.    (Patch)    housework
    Mary E.    pupil
    Alta M.    pupil
    Laura L.

Lund, L. P.    (Fisher)    nurse
    *Fannie M.    (married Buckley)    housework    Norwood, Mass
    *Elizabeth A.    (married Chellis)    housework    Medford, Mass
    *Lily P.    (married Eagan)    housework    Cambridge, Mass
    *Thurza M.    (married Jones)    Seattle, Wash
    *Geo M. R.    carpenter & mechanic    Norwood, Mass


Maddox, Geo W.    farmer    N. Shapleigh
    Lena M.    (Huff)    housework

Maddox, Lizzie R.    (Clifford)    housework
    Carrie E.    dress maker
    *Agnes A.    candy store    486 Congress, Portland
    *Fannie G.    (married Libby)    housework    Waterboro

Merrow, John F.    farmer    N. Shapleigh
    Hattie S.    (Glidden)    housework

Merrow, Melvin H.    carriages and sleighs
    Hattie O.    (Davis)    housework
    Thurza L.    (married Davis)    West
    Adlyn E.    (married Pike)    housework

Milliken, Emily C.    (Chellis)    housework

Mitchell, A.    farmer    West
    Emma    (Carlton)    housework
    *Nahum W.    60 Woodlawn    Jamaica Plains, Mass
    *Fred C.    principal High School
    *Chas A.    engineer    New Glasgow, N S
    *L. H.    manager engineer    Montana
    Eugene    teacher
    Robie D.    lawyer

Mitchell, T. E.    summer bdr Mountain House
    Ellen L.    (Pike)    hostess
    *R. P.    mechanic    20 Pleasant Terrace, Lawrence, Mass
    Joseph H.    student

Mooney, Fred W.    laborer    West
    Lillian L.    (Chase)    housework
    James E.    pupil
    Flora B.
    Blanch D.
    Philip F.
    Ella L.

Moores, S. O.     farmer    Wood
    *Alfred T.    insurance    North Adams, Mass
    *Hattie W.    (married Watson)    housework    Cambridge
    Bertha L.    (married Engstrom)    RFD 1

Moores, Leon F.    laborer      Wood

Moore, I. A.    farmer & millman   
    Marguerite    (Smith)    housework
    Lucille    pupil

Moore, John F.    farmer
    Anna F.    (Merrill)    housework
    Carrie E.    housework
    Ira H.    farmer
    Maud S.    music teacher

Moore, Mary A.    housework    Bridge

Moulton, Lucy T.    housework

Moulton, Nellie     pupil    E. Wake

Moulton, Chas     millman    West
    Clara J.    (Garland)    housework
    *Lizzie A.    (married Davis)    housework    Norwood, Mass
    *Olive A.    (married Ham)    housework    Milton Mills, N H
    *Alice B.    (married Eliott)    housework    Rumford Point
    Geo B.    millman
    Harold C.    machinist

Moulton, James M    merchant
    Sarah L.    (Ayer)    housework
    *Annie A.    (married Shaw)    housework    702 Congress, Portland
    James H.    clerk

Moulton, James H.    clerk
    Pauline C.    (Falker)    housework

Moulton, Sarah L.    housework

Murray, Ida A.    housework    West


Nason, Lorenzo    laborer    Wood

Nason, Horace     farmer    Ross Corner
    Emeline     (Coop)    housework
    John H.    farmer

Nute, Robert H.    laborer    N. Shapleigh

Nutter, E. W.    blacksmith & car'g wood worker
    Sarah R.    (Pease)   
    Irene L.    pupil
    Ruth P.    pupil
    Walter Byron

Nutter, Joseph W.    farmer
    Mary F.    (Freeman)    housework


Page, Geo E.    West    farmer & summer boarding house
    Lizzie B.    (Hamilton)    housework
    Josie A.    pupil

Page, Lucy D.    (Leavett)    West
    Geo E.    farmer & summer boarding house

Palmer, Benj F.    laborer
    Eva B.    (Burke)    housework
    Harry W.    pupil
    Perley    pupil
    Render    pupil

Peavey, J. D.    farmer    West
    Emma J.    (Milliken)    housework
    *Gertie E.    s s operator    49 Pleasant, Haverhill, Mass
    Albert W.    farmer

Perkins, Isiah D.    farmer    E. Wake
    Rebecca K.    (Davis)    housework

Pinkham, Abbie M.    (Ross)    West

Pike, Jesse M.    laborer
    Adelyn E.    (Merrow)    housework
    Normand P.

Piper, Lewis L.    farmer
    Estella P.    (Derbyshire)    housework

Piper, Mary A.    (Davis)    housework

Piper, Dellie    (Davis)    housework
    Lewis D.    fireman
    Edwin D.    steam fitter

Pach, H. C     farmer & butcher    West
    Alice L.    (Edison)    housework

Pach, Bridgetta L.    (married ---)    housework    West
    Winnifred M.    (married Dunnells)   
    *Annie A.    (married Farnham)    housework    West
    *D. M.    farmer    Roslindale, Mass
    *Lorenzo D.    janitor    Forest HIll, Mass
    Herbert C.    farmer & butcher


Reed, Geo C.    farmer    E. Wake
    Jennie     (Brackett)    housework
    Edith M.    (married Sanborn)    hosuework
    Harlie O.    farmer
    Ida F.    (married Goodwin)    housework

Reed, Orion L.    farmer    E. Wake
    Abbie A.    (Googins)    housework
    *Fannie B.    (married Davis)    housework    Wolfboro, N H
    Lester H.    carpenter & fireman
    Warren B,     farmer

Reed, Emma E.    (Horn)    West
    Leon R.    pupil

Reed, Leila I.    (Hanson)    West
    C. S.    laborer & farmer
    Dana C.    laborer
    Iola L.    pupil
    Bernice T. M.    pupil

Reed, Frank J.     painter    West
    Ethel B.    housework
    *Elmer E.    elec cond    3571 Washington  Forest Hill, Mass

Roberts, Elvin D.    farmer
    Sarah F.    (Bean)    housework

Robinson, Frank     laborer    West
    Bertha     (Hard)    housework

Rogers, Julia A.    (Nealey)    housework
    *Frank A.    physician & surgeon    37 High    Everett, Mass
    Addie A.    (married Lombard)    millinery

Ross, Chas E.    farmer    West
    Ernestine A.    (Merrow)    housework
    J. Carl    laborer

Russell, David E.    lumberman
    Agnes W.    (Andrews)    housework
    Stella L.    teacher
    Edwin A.    student
    Luella M.    student
    Harland L.    student
    Florence E.    student
    Mildred A.


Sanborn, Jos J.    farmer    E. Wake
    Edith M.    (Reed)    housework
    Gladys M.    pupil

Sanborn, Chas H.    farmer    E. Wake
    Ada    (Brackett)    housework
    John C.    laborer
    Harry S.    laborer
    Evelyn J.    pupil
    Florence H.    pupil

Scott, Harriett E.    (Dunnells)   

Shepherd, Louisa F.    (Jenness)
    Alice E.    housework

Shepherd, Albert J.    laborer    West

Sheaf, Mrs. W. A.    (---)    E. Wake

Smart, Lydia S.    (Reed)    Wood
    *S. E.    mechanic    Lowell, Mass
    James E.    laborer

Smart, James E.    laborer    Wood
    Carrie L.    (Emerson)    housework
    Chas E.

Smith, Wm O.    painter
    Leona    (Dennett)    housework
    Chas I.     carriage painter
    *James O.    livery    Biddeford
    *Sadie L.    (married Irving)    Biddeford
    *May I.    (married Durgin)    housework
    *Annie     (married Walker)    housework    266 Broadway    Lawrence, Mass

Smith, Amasa    laborer
    Laura J.    (Guptil)    housework

Smith, Robert C.    laborer    West
    Julia F.    (Coffin)    housework
    Albert B.    laborer
    Joseph F.    laborer
    Zora S.    housework
    Robert R.    laborer
    Venzula R.    pupil
    Lemont H.    pupil

Smith, Benj    farmer    West
    Martha A.    (Smith)    housework

Smith, Jas H.    retired carriage manufacturer
    Frank W.    dentist

Smith, Chas I.    painter
    Annie H.    (Emery)    houseworkA
    Caroline L.    music student

Smith, Frank W.    dentist
    Marguerite A.    (married Moore)
    Charlotte T.    teacher
    Mary T.    (Holland)    housework

Smith, Henry C.    farmer
    Nancy H.    (Storer)    housework
    Walter M.    pupil
    Arthur A.    pupil

Smith, Gertrude M.    pupil    West

Smith, John B.    farmer & carpenter
    Grace E.    (Lord)    hosuework

Smith, Calvin    farmer

Sprague, Simon S.    merchant
    Annie B.    (James)    housework
    Verney C.    pupil
    William H.    pupil

Straw, Geo H.    farmer
    Grace R.    (Gibson)    housework

Straw, Hattie E.    teacher

Straw, Carrie A.    housework

Straw, William H.    millman

Straw, Chas W.    farmer    Maple
    Nellie A.    (Church)    housework
    Edith M.    pupil
    Bessie C.    pupil
    Abbie E.    pupil

Straw, Maria L.    housework    Maple

Straw, Oneal W. R.    physician & surgeon    Congress, Portland

Straw, David R.    farmer

Straw, Mary R.    housework

Straw, Agnes C.    housework

Staples, John     farmer
    John H.    farmer
    William    farmer & blacksmith

Staples, William    farmer & blacksmith
    Mary I.    (Miles)   
    *Ralph    2nd hand mill operator    Scammon, Saco
    Mahlon    pupil

Staples, Lizzie    (Symmes)    housework

Stevens, Nancy H.    (Piper)    housework    Wood
    Josephine    housework
    Lola    invalid

Stone, Louisa R.    (Davis)    housework

Symmes, Walter W.    farmer    West
    Annette M.    (Chadbourn)   


Thompson, Sarah L.    (Davis)    housework    West
    *Edith S.    (married Page)    335 Lafayette, Salem, Mass

Thurston, Adelbert O.    farmer    N. Shapleigh
    Frances A.    (Merrow)    housework

Tibbetts, B.    farmer    West

Tibbetts, William M.    carriage & sleigh & blacksmith
    Mary J.     (---)    housework
    *Augusta A.    (married Martin)    South Framingham, Mass
    *Josephine M.    (married Hoyt)    housework    Lynn, Mass
    *Mildred    (married Marsh)    housework    Milton Mills, N H
    Grace W.    housework

Tibbetts, Frank L.    laborer
    Myrtie I.    (married Graffam)    housework
    Olive    (married Hubbard)    West
    *Edna L.    housework    N H
    Sarah D.    housework

Tibbetts, Olive D.    (Smith)    housework
    Frank L.    laborer

Towle, Albion    farmer
    *F. W.    merchant    Boston, Mass
    Albion P.    farmer
    *Ada J.    (married Lawton)    housework    Gardiner

Towle, Albion P.    farmer
    Abbie E.    (Libby)    housework

Towle, Stephen E.    farmer
    Rosetta S.    (Lord)    housework

Trafton, Ann R.    (Ayer)    housework

Trueworthy, Imogene    (Holmes)    housework    E. Wake
    *H. W.     laborer    Kezar Falls

Tucker, Jonathan    farmer    West
    Fannie M.    (Murray)    housework


Warren, Alfaretta E.    Maple

Wade, William    Congregational Clergy    West
    Josephine J.    (Gerrone)    housework

Waterhouse, Marcia    (Ayer)

Wentworth, J. Walter    farmer    Wood
    Etta M.        (Stone)    housework
    Geo F.    student
    J. Leon    student
    Vinnie E.    pupil

Wedgewood, Herbert    laborer

Whitcher, Adelaide    housework

Whitehouse, Christopher C.    farmer & mechanic    West
    Mattie L.    (Frost)    housework
    Marion A.
    Ira F.
    Robert R.

Whitehouse, Mary A.    book keeper    West

Wilson, Julia A.    (Dunnells)    housework

Wilson, Geo T.    farmer & piano tuning & repairing

Willey, Geo H.    carriage & sleigh repairing
    Mary R.    (Townsend)    housework
    *Everett E.    painter    West Derry, N H
    Juliette K.    (married Cook)    housework
    Chester A.    laborer

Wood, Frank D.    grain dealer
    Eliza J.    (Ham)    housework
    *Arthur W.    merchant    Newton Highlands, Mass

Wood, John C.    farmer    West
    Nettie B.    (married Bond)    housework


York, Geo H.    farmer    E. Wake
    Hattie M.    (Lord)    housework
    *Harry L.    mail carrier    Reading, Mass
    Harriet M.    (married Howe)    housework

York, Geo A.     farmer    E. Wake    Pleasant Valley Farm
    Geo H.     farmer
    *Hattie E.    (married Davis)    housework    N. Berwick
    *Frank H.    mill operator    S. Wolfboro, N H
    *Carrie B.    (married Smith)    housework    18 Garfield Ave, Chelsea, Mass

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