Charlotte Beckim's Autograph Album


Please feel free to copy any of these photos.  If you are familiar with any of these people please write me, especially if you can correct my spelling as some names were difficult to read.  Thank you. (Original spelling of others words was maintained as written. I have placed in parenthesis words or letters which were difficult to make out.)


There was also a loose note in the book with the following message and poem:  "Miss McIntosh did you enjoy your drive over to Bloomfield ____ Sunday night 

In different handwriting was the following:  

"A drive I took one Sunday night 
Over the frozen snow
Across the lake to Bloomfield quite
Oh how that horse did go-
The evening was a balmy one
Quite like a night in June
And at the Methodist meeting house
We did arrive too soon-
The sermon seemed to suit us too.
The singing it was fine.
And when the prayer had ended
Towards home our horses are inclined."


First Page


"To My Friends:

My Album is a garden spot,
Where all my friends may sow, 
Where thorns and thistles flourish not,
But flowers alone may grow. 
Whith smiles for sunshine, tears for showers,
I'll water, watch, and guard these flowers. 

 Dec. 25th 1888"

"Dear Lottie- When the golden sun is setting, And your mind from care is free, When of others you are thinking, Will you sometimes think of me. Ever thine, Eliza J. Antworth  Greenfield   Feb 5th 1892"

"Mon Chere Lottiere 
'It is not how long,
but how well we live.'  

Yours Truly 
M.W. B. 
July 31st '89"

"Yours sincerely  Pauline Douglas Ballock Centreville"

"Lake Side Aug. 23rd 1895 
My Dear Sister. 
May your life be long and happy, And your smiles be just as gay; Until some manly voice shall Wisper
'Dearest' will you name the day:  Yours Forever,
Lina M. Beacom"

"Dear Mrs. Williams:-  True friends are like The ivy on the wall Both stand together Or together fall.  Your true Friend Bertie  March 21st 1900"


To Lottie,  There is a tiny flower, That twines around the Shepherd's cot  And in the silent midnight hour It sweetly chimes, 'Forget me not'  Lydia A. Briggs  July 31st 1889"

"Woodstock N.B. March 24th 1890  Friend Lottie Love many trust few. And always paddle your own canoe  Your Friend Cora E. Cluff"

"To Lottie.  May you live a happy life Get a good husband and be a good wife.  Your Cousin  Lizzie Cluff"

"Friend Lottie:- 
May happiness be thy lot,
And peace thy steps attend;
Accept this tribute of respect
From one who is your Friend. 
Yours Trully. 
(G). W. Estey

"To my friend Mrs. Jos. Williams
It is a satisfaction
to have a mans autograph when something
more tangible is impossible. 
You are very welcome to mine. 
Jos. E. Flewelling 
Dec. 11th 1895"

"Dear Lottie.. 
If you achieve to heavenly Joys.  Think more of the Lord and less of the Boy's 
From a Friend"

"In after years when turning to survey
The sacred page of many a happy day
Pause ere you turn and kindly lend
A transient memory to your friend 

My Dear Young Friend
My wish for you is that
your life may be long and useful, filled
with those things which are pure and
lovely and of good report. 
Your sincere friend 
J. K. King 
Feb. 9th 1889"

"To a friend, 
Long may you live
happy may you be
When you get married
think of me. 
yours truely 
Georgia E. Lindsay"

"Dear Lottie
May your life be long and happy.
May your friends be good and true;
May you enter gates of heaven.
When your work on earth is through. 
Yours Sincerely
Abbie Niles
Centreville Feb. 9th 1889"




"Aug 8th 1892 To Mrs. Williams  I've read your Album through. Where all too mcuh is said,  One half will never be believed The other never read  Robt M Crea"



Isabel S. McIntosh



"Dear Friend Ive looked your album oer and oer To see what others have wrote before So in this lonely spot. I will inscribe Forget me not.  Yours truly. Mrs. Belle McLaggan Butte City Mont.  January 8th 1901"

"Dear Lottie 
When Sailing down the river of life
In your little bark Canoe
May you always have a pleasent time
And room enough for two 
G. B. Reid 
Glasville Mar 15"

"My Dear Friend  In the Book of life Gods Album  May your name be penned with care  And may all who here have written Write there names forever there is the wish of your old friend'  Jermie Simmons  Gt. Falls, NH  march 2nd 1892 while we are at home in NB"


Ruth A. Simmons. Great Falls. New Hampshire. Box 19.  March 2. 1892


"Dear Lottie  Friendship is a silken tie. That binds true Friends together And if we never break that tie We may be friends forever.  Your Friend  Ruthie Simmons  Feb. 17, 1889"

"We met twas all alone  Yours Jamie C. Smith  Lakeville  July 24th '91"

"Forsan et lace olim memmisse jarvabit-"  Lizzie C. Smith  July 24th shower


"Friend Lottie  Lizzie Wiggins  Houlton Maine  April 18 1894"


"Mifs Beckim

To thine own self be true. and then if follows as the night the day, thou can'st not then Be false to anyone.  Yours sincerely Geo. M. Young"




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