Name Index for Cemeteries



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Abbott, Bessie M. Jones
Abbott, Charles E.
Abbott, Charlotte
Abbott, Erla A.
Abbott, Franklin G.
Abbott, Mary
Abbott, Moses
Abbott, Moses Jr.
Abbott, Nellie Cates
Abbott, Roy F.
Ackroyd, Edwin T.
Ackroyd, Norma H.
Adams, Joseph Alley
Ainsworth, Ira E.
Allen, Alita Ricker
Allen, Catherin
Allen, Delia
Allen, Frances
Allen, Frank O.
Allen, Fred M.
Allen, Hannah
Allen, James P.
Allen, Mary F.
Allen, Sanford
Allen, Simon S.
Allen, Susan S.
Anderson, John
Andrews, Laura
Armell, Patricia J.
Armell, Paul David Jr.
Armell, Paul David Sr.

Atherton, Sarah A.
Austin, Betsey
Austin, Mary E.
Austin, Susan
Austin, William

Backus, Joshua
Backus, Mary L.
Baker, Carlyle P.
Baker, Sonia P.
Ballou, Florence W.
Barnes, James P.
Baxter, Marjorie N.
Beacom, Edward
Beacom, Willie H.
Beacom, Mary J.
Beal, Ethel M.
Beal, Etta
Beal, John
Beal, Joseph
Beal, Leon
Beal, Mildred
Beal, Minnie
Beals, Irene Elwell
Bean, Abraham
Bean, Hannah
Bean, Henry
Bean, Isaiah
Bean, Miriam
Bean, Relief
Beckim, Edith
Beckim, Harry
Beckim Henry
Beckim, Jane
Beckim, Ruth C.
Beckim, Sadie
Beckim Willie H.
Belker, George Henry
Belker, Rebecca
Bellen, Carrie S.
Bellen, Harry E.
Bellen, Martha
Bennett, Nancy J.
Bergeron, Lucille Florence
Bergeron, Wilfred J.
Bezanson, Austin B.
Bigwood, Hattie G.

Billings, Oliver
Billings, Sarah T.

Black, Catherine
Black, William W.
Blaisdell, Cindy R.
Blanchard, A. Wesley
Blanchard, Eva R.
Blanchard Howard F.
Blanchard, Lee E.
Blanchard, Mildred
Blanchard, Wesley A.
Blethen, Elias J.
Blethen, Sarah
Blethen, Syrena
Blood, Charles J.
Blood, Marjorie

Bodwell, Fred K.
Bodwell, Jennie F.
Bodwell, Harold F.
Bodwell, Jennie
Bodwell, Ruth
Bonney, Anne Belle
Bonney, Herbert C.
Boshears, Sasha Shawa
Boulet, Peggy Jean
Bouthot, Kristen Marie
Boynton, Elizabeth A.
Brackett, _bbey E.
Brackett, Eben.
Brackett, Eben. H.
Brackett, Ebenezer
Brackett, Fanny

Brackett, George
Brackett, Mahala
Brackett, W. S.
Brackett, William
Brackett, William L.
Bragg, Claire E.
Bragg, Lloyd R.
Bragg, Mary E. (Witham)
Bragg, Norma A.
Bragg, Olive
Bragg, Patricia Mary
Bragg, Rachel
Bragg, Rachel (Marcotte)
Bragg, Ralph
Bragg, Richard H.
Bragg, Willie Earl
Bray, H.
Brooke, Bryane Charles
Brooke, Charlyn J.
Brooke, Lyndie Lee
Brooke, Paul K.
Brooks, Beverly
Brooks Dorothy M.
Brown, Brian C.
Brown, Brian S.
Brown, Charles A.
Brown, Charles H.
Brown, Eve
Brown, Garry F.
Brown, Larry C.
Brown, Lura E.
Brown, Patrick E.
Bull, Olea
Bull, Sylvea
Bumford, Annie E.
Bumford, Carrie B. R.
Bumford, Charlotte E.
Bumford, Flora A.
Bumford, J. Owen
Bumford, John D.
Bumford, Richard C.
Bumford, Robert Clark
Bumford, Roscoe D.
Bumford, Ruth E.
Bumford, Sidney H.
Bumford, Wesley R.
Burnham, Arthur
Burnham, Ella F.
Burroughs, Ann
Burroughs, Anna
Burroughs, George H.
Burroughs, Isaac H.
Burroughs, James T.
Burroughs, Mary E.
Burrows, Atsey L.
Burrows, Edward
Burrows, Mary A.
Burrows, Susan
Burrows, Susie
Burrows, William
Butler, Addie B.

Butler, Abigail

Butler, Ann M.
Butler, Charles Cpt.
Butler, Charles M.

Butler, Constance S.
Butler, Dorcas
Butler, Harriet
Butler, John S.
Butler, Leslie M.
Butler, Mary
Butler, Mary

Butler, Mary Ann
Butler, Mary J.
Butler, Moses

Butler, Perley

Butler, Robert H.
Butler, William
Butterfield, Abiah
Butterfield, Alden
Butterfield, Araminta G.
Butterfield, Asa
Butterfield, C. Abbie
Butterfield, Charles
Butterfield, Clarissa
Butterfield, Cyrus
Butterfield, Henry C.
Butterfield, J. Ayers
Butterfield, James
Butterfield, Jesse M.
Butterfield, Louisa C.
Butterfield, Martha C.
Butterfield, Maude A.
Butterfield, Nathaniel
Butterfield, Rachel
Butterfield, Rebecca R.
Buzzell, Betsey (Mrs.)

Carignan, Marie B.
Carignan, Rene J.
Carll, John S.
Carll, Nathaniel S.
Carll, Rhoda
Carll, Robert D.
Carll, Samuel, Cpt.
Carll, Samuel F.
Carll, Susan A.
Carroll, Almedia A.
Carter, Allen L.
Carter, Austin F.
Carter, George Henry
Carter, Gordan L.
Carter, Inez Marion
Carter, Jeanne Lizotte
Carter, Lucy A. Grant
Carter, Margaret E.
Carter, Reggie A.
Carter, Reggie L.
Carter, Walter E.
Cass, Elmer K.
Cass, Georgianna
Castonguay, Edwin J.
Cate, Emma L.
Cate, Frank O.
Cate, Frank T.
Cate, Hannah
Cate, Louisa
Cate, Oliver E.
Cate, Oliver P.
Cates, A. Bernice
Cates, Nellie
Caverly, Phebe
Chadbourn, A.
Chadbourn, E.
Chadbourn, Ella Frances
Chadbourn, Frances E.
Chadbourn, Frank Judson
Chadbourn, Lillian

Chadbourne, Neal
Chadburn, Betsey
Chainey, Amede
Chainey, Sophia
Chamberlain, Anna D.
Chamberlain, Ernest
Chamberlain, Estella
Chamberlain, Fannie M. H.
Chamberlain, George S.
Chamberlain, Sherman A. Sr.
Chamberlain, Velma H.
Chamberlin, Almee L. White
Chamberlin, Clyde B.
Chamberlin, Elizabeth Y.
Chamberlin, Florence M.
Chamberlin, Fred
Chamberlin, Margaret E.
Chamberlin, Nellie Buzzell
Chandler, Beverly Ann
Chase, Abel
Chase, Almira
Chase, Charles
Chase, Edward A.
Chase, Josephine (Warren)
Chase, Joyce
Chase, Lewis B.
Chase, Lydia
Chase, Susan V.
Chick, Aaron
Chick, Abigail
Chick, Almon
Chick, Alvin
Chick, Ann B.

Chick, Betsy

Chick, Beulah I.
Chick, Carrie
Chick, Donald
Chick, Edward
Chick, Elmina
Chick, Everett H.
Chick, Frank
Chick, Frank A.

Chick, Frank L.
Chick, George
Chick, Gladys L.
Chick, Harriet

Chick, Hattie E.
Chick, Howard A. Jr.
Chick, Howard A. Sr.
Chick, Joan

Chick, John C.
Chick, John H.
Chick, Levi

Chick, Lewis
Chick, Lydia G.
Chick, Maria

Chick, Mary
Chick, Mary A.
Chick, Mary J.
Chick, Muriel E.

Chick, Noah
Chick, Olive

Chick, Rhydelia

Chick, Sarah E.

Chick, Simon
Chick, Susan
Chick, Susie E.
Chick, Sylvanus

Chick, Willis P.
Chick, Winfield D.
Cibel, Alice M.
Cibel, Arthur R.
Cibel, Margaret F.
Cibel, Stanley
Cibel, Stanley A.
Cibel, Thelma
Cibel, Thelma (Witham)
Clark, Aaron
Clark Alice
Clark, Arthur L.
Clark, Hazel A.
Clark, Ida F.
Clark, John E.
Clark, Leona M.
Clark, Lucy E.
Clark, Mercy
Clark, Phebe
Clark, Warren E.
Clark, Warren H.
Clay, Leslie T.
Clay, Mildred C.
Cloutman, Mary E.
Cloutman, Mehitable H.
Cloutman, S. Arthur
Cloutman, Thomas
Clough, Almira
Clough, Arthur V.
Clough, Charlotte
Clough, Edna D.
Clough, Elizabeth A. (Boynton)
Clough, Fredrick
Clough, Jeremiah
Clough, John W.
Clough, Mary J.
Clough, Nathan
Clough, Norman F.
Clough, Rebecca
Clough, Rozena A.
Clough, Ruth L.
Clough, Ruth (Whitehouse)
Clough, Thomas
Clough, Vernor A.
Cluff, Eliza
Cluff, Jeremiah
Cluff, Rebecca
Cluff, Samuel
Cluff, Thomas W
Cofferen, Jeannine Carter
Cohen, Eunice Towle
Colbath, Dudley
Colbath, Elmira
Colbath, Hannah
Colbath, John
Colbath, Louisa
Colburn, Archie W.
Colburn, Grace M.
Colburn, Harold B.
Colburn, Herbert C.
Colburn, Susie
Colburn, Viola Sweatt
Colby, Bernard L.
Colby, Louis Leeman
Colby, Olive E.
Colby, Robert L.
Colby, William A. Jr.
Colcord, Benjamin
Colcord, Benjaimin R.
Colcord, Phineas
Colcord, Lucretia
Colcord, Nancy
Colcord, Rebecca
Cole, Dorothy M.
Cole, George M.
Cole, Herbert H.
Cole, Linda
Cole, Susan M.
Cole, Vaun R.
Copp, Lydia A.
Cote, Frank
Cox, Bertha E.
Cox, Eillen
Cox, Ernest A.
Cox, George Edward
Cox, Richard D.
Cram, Carrie G.
Cram Harold E.
Cram, Lucinda
Cram, Nathaniel J.
Cram, Olive
Cram, Sarah A.
Cram, Robert E.
Cram, William
Crediford, Joseph H.
Crediford, Roderick A.
Crediford, Sarah M.
Crediford, Al-
Creteau, Robert W.
Creteau, Rosalie G.
Crews, Robert L.
Currier, Elsie F.
Currier, Perley A.
Curtis, Olif E.
Curtis, Sylvea Bull
Cushing, James, Rev.
Cushing, James H.
Cushing, James M.
Cushing, Sarah Ann

Cutler, Lewis

Davis, Charles E.
Davis, Carrie B.

Davis, Dan'l
Davis, Hannah
Davis, Hannah A.
Davis, Harry E.

Davis, James E.
Davis, Julia A.
Davis, Lance Allan
Davis, M. Arletta
Davis, Mary H.
Davis, Marvin A.
Davis, Raymond M.
Davis, Sandra L.
Davis, W. B. F (Willie)
Davis, William H.
Davis, William S.
Day, Allison
Day, Benjamin
Day, Daniel
Day, Edmund W.
Day, Emma N.
Day, Frank B.
Day, Hannah A.
Day, Joseph
Day, Lee
Day, Mary
Day, Samuel
Day, Sarah
Day, Theodore
Day, Lucilla
Dearborn, Almira
Dearborn, Charles H.
Dearborn, Mary A.
Dehart, Eliza C.
Dehart, William H.
Dekarski, Eleanor M.
Dekarski, William L.
Delano, Abigail
Delano, Eliza
Delano, Hannah
Delano, Polley
Delano, Susan

Delano, Zebedee Rev.
Demeritt, Andrew J.
Derby, Charles F.
Derby, Charles Herbert
Derby, Mary Elizabeth
Derby, Mary Nellie
Derochemont, Lucinda A.
Desroches, Joshua Paul
Desroches, Mark Paul
Dewey, George
Dilboy, Jane Hall
Dimmock, Andy
Dinsmore, Amos G.
Dolley, Alive
Dolley, Emma (Roberts)
Dolley, George C.
Dolley, Mary Emma
Douglas, Margaret M.
Dow, Floyd B.
Downing, Harry
Downing, Liller A.
Downs, Angie
Downs, Alice
Downs, Dorothy
Downs, Ellen I.
Downs, Florence
Downs, Herman
Downs, Lewis
Downs, Mary
Downs, Mary
Downs, Mary S.
Downs, Meralan
Downs, P. (prob. Phineas)
Downs, Robert
Downs, Sarah F.
Downs, Stephen
Downs, W. G.
Dube, Guy
Dubois, James B.
Dubois, Lovina A.
Dumond, Tyleashia J.
Dunham, Eddy
Dunham, Joseph
Dunham, B. Mary
Duplessis, Meaghan D.
Durgin, O. E.
Durgin, Olive E.

Edgerly, Aldea R.
Edwards, Caroline M.
Edwards, James

Eldredge, Sarah A.
Elwell, Claude W.
Emerson, Bert
Emerson, Charles H.
Emerson, Manda F.
Emerson, Mary
Emerson, Milton D.
Emerson, Sylvania A.
Emery, Elmira
Emery, Louise A.
Emery, Freddie
Emery, Herbert
Emery, Jacob P.
Emery, James
Emery, Mary Ann
Emery, Samuel
Emery, Susan E.
Emery, T. J.
Emmons, Doreen I.
Emmons, James Claude
Emmons, Marilyn Elizabeth
Estes, Cordelia
Estes, George
Estes, Hannah
Estes, James B.
Evans, Lena M.

Fall, Adoniram C.
Fall, Angeline P.
Fall, Angenette
Fall, Charles E.
Fall, David
Fall, Elizabeth
Fall, Ethel L.
Fall, Francis
Fall, Frank D.
Fall, Fred C.
Fall, Freddie
Fall, Infant
Fall, Isaac C. (assumed last name)
Fall, James
Fall, John H.
Fall, Leah E.
Fall, Leon L.
Fall, Louise Ellen
Fall, Mable
Fall, Margaret
Fall, Martha  (assumed last name)
Fall, Martha A.
Fall, Melvin
Fall, Nora Mae
Fall, Parnel
Fall, Sally
Fall, Samuel
Fall, Sarah Ann
Fall, Stephen
Fall, T.
Fall, William A.
Fall, Wilson T.
Farnham, Sarah M.
Ferguson, Paul I.
Ferguson, Keith R.
Fenner, Millard F.
Fernald, Caroline
Fernald, Dora L.
Fernald, Eben. J.
Fernald, Elma V.
Fernald, F. Clinton

Fernald, Herbert E. M.D.
Fernald, Jacob H.
Fernald, John O.

Fernald, Leroy V.
Fernald, Lily B.
Fernald, Margery C.

Fernald, Martha
Fernald, Mary A.
Fernald, Meriam E.

Fernald, Nancy
Fernald, Oliver
Fernald, Robert C.
Fernald, Sarah Ann

Fernald, Sarah L.

Fernald, Thomas
Fernald, Thomas J.
Fernald, Viona Goodwin
Fernald, Waite
Fernald, Wentworth
Fernald, William A.
Fernald, William S.
Fernald, William W.

Ferren, Eben W.
Ferren, Melvin W.
Ferren, Nettie M.
Fletcher, Elijah
Fletcher, Hannah P.
Fisk, Abby
Fisk, George
Fisk, Oscar H.
Floyd, Marie L.
Floyd, Melvin
Floyd, Mervin C.
Follette, L. Gertrude
Ford, Abbie M.
Ford, Anna
Ford, Betsey
Ford, Carrie M.
Ford, Charity
Ford, Cy---a

Ford, Daniel R.
Ford, E. Louise W.
Ford, Elizabeth

Ford, Ella M.
Ford, Floral
Ford, Hannah
Ford, Hannah C.
Ford, Henry O.
Ford, James
Ford, John
Ford, Joseph P.
Ford, Laura
Ford, Lucinda W.
Ford, Miles (2)
Ford, Miles Jr.
Ford, Phylena
Ford, Pierce
Ford, Peter
Ford, Russell E.
Ford, Stephen
Forrest, Daniel
Foss, Charles H.
Foss, Mary D.
Fountain, John
Fox, Alfred W.
Fox, Elvira W.

Foye, Augustus G.
Foye, Eliza Jane
Foye, James L.
Foye, John H.
Foye, Moses
Foye, Olive

Fratoni, Ethel M.
Freiburg, Emma M.
Freiburg, John F.
Frost, Otis
Frye, Cecile P.
Frye, Hazel L.
Frye, James H.
Frye, Lincoln
Fuhrman, Edward Charles
Fuhrman, Lucille G.
Fuhrman, Lyndie Lee
Fuhrman, Charlyn J.
Furbush, Achsa
Furbush, Achsa S.
Furbush, Levi W.

Gaboury, Harold D.
Gale, Ardine
Gale, Fred E.
Gale, Gertrude K.
Gale, Linda Ann
Gale, Rebecca J.
Garneau, Beryle E.
Garneau, Robert H.
Garvin, Amasa
Garvin, Elizabeth
Garvin, Hannah
Garvin, Infant
Garvin, James
Garvin, John Col.
Garvin, Moses
Garvin, Moses H.
Garvin, Lucy (Ham)
Garvin, Lydia
Garvin, Samuel H.
Garvin, Susan M.

Gerrish, Abigail.

Gerrish, Anson P.
Gerrish, Beatrice E. Cole
Gerrish, Calvin
Gerrish, Chad M.
Gerrish, Della M.
Gerrish, Edith
Gerrish, Edna L.
Gerrish, Ella F.
Gerrish, Elizabeth
Gerrish, Emma Ellen
Gerrish, Emma G.
Gerrish, Ernest L.
Gerrish, Eunice M.
Gerrish, Fedora M.
Gerrish, Frank
Gerrish, Frank H.
Gerrish, Gilbert L.
Gerrish, Gilbert L.
Gerrish, Glen C.
Gerrish, Grace M.
Gerrish, Hannah L. J.
Gerrish, Hiram A.
Gerrish, Hiram J.
Gerrish, Hiram N.
Gerrish, H. Calvin
Gerrish, Ida M.
Gerrish, Jacob G.
Gerrish, Jacob W.
Gerrish, James
Gerrish, James E.
Gerrish, James M.
Gerrish, James S.
Gerrish, Jane M.
Gerrish, Joan
Gerrish, John C.
Gerrish, John, Cpt.
Gerrish, Judith
Gerrish, Joyce Chase
Gerrish, Karen Z.
Gerrish, Lloyd E.
Gerrish, Louisa
Gerrish, Lydia E.
Gerrish, Margaret E.
Gerrish, Mark
Gerrish, Mary
Gerrish, Mary E.

Gerrish, Meriam
Gerrish, Merton G.
Gerrish, Capt. Benjamin H.
Gerrish, Nathaniel
Gerrish, Olive A.
Gerrish, Peasy Ann
Gerrish, Phebe H.
Gerrish, Salviny C.

Gerrish, Shawn E.
Gerrish, Sophia
Gerrish, Sulvina
Gerrish, Susan E.
Gerrish, Theodore
Gerrish, Urban L.

Gerrish, Vernor W.
Gerrish, William
Gerrish, William, Cpt.
Gerrish, William, Cpt.
Gerry, Mary
Getchell, Adelaide
Getchell, Almira
Getchell, Ephriam
Getchell, Joseph S.
Getchell, Olive S.
Getchell, Susan A.
Gile, Hannah
Gile, Ida F.
Gile, John
Gile, Nathaniel
Godfrey, James W.
Goding, Edna L.
Goding, Eunice
Goding, Geo. H.
Goding, Martha L.
Goding, Ralph A.
Goldthwaite, Benjamin A.
Goldthwaite, Thelma D.
Goodale, George H.
Goodale, Louisa
Goodfield, Clarence
Goodfield, Donald L.
Goodfield, Edna
Goodfield, Florence W.
Goodfield, Nelson J.

Goodfield, Richard A.
Goodfield, Robert Ernest
Goodwin, Abigail
Goodwin, Albert C.
Goodwin, Albion
Goodwin, Alice

Goodwin, Almira
Goodwin, Alpheus
Goodwin, Alvin W.
Goodwin, Amaziah
Goodwin, Angie H.
Goodwin, Anna L.
Goodwin, Annie E.
Goodwin, Anthony
Goodwin, Beatrice
Goodwin, Beatrice
Goodwin, Betsey
Goodwin, Betsey
Goodwin, Blaisdell J.
Goodwin, Calvin W.
Goodwin, Carrie E.
Goodwin, Catherine M.
Goodwin, Charles E.
Goodwin, Charles J.
Goodwin, Daniel
Goodwin, Delia L.
Goodwin, Donald O.
Goodwin, Edgar N.
Goodwin, Elias
Goodwin, Ella
Goodwin, Ella B.
Goodwin, Ella M.
Goodwin, Elizabeth M.
Goodwin, Emma J.
Goodwin, Ernestine
Goodwin, Etta J.
Goodwin, Eunice
Goodwin, Eunice
Goodwin, Everett B.
Goodwin, Everett H.
Goodwin, Experience
Goodwin, Fannie M. H.
Goodwin, Fidelia E.
Goodwin, Florence E.
Goodwin, Forest W.
Goodwin, Francetta
Goodwin, Frank J.
Goodwin, Frank N.
Goodwin, Frank W.
Goodwin, Frankie
Goodwin, Frankie S.
Goodwin, Fred W.
Goodwin, George
Goodwin, George A.
Goodwin, Gerald F.
Goodwin, Guy B.
Goodwin, Hannah
Goodwin, Harriet H.
Goodwin, Hattie A.
Goodwin, Hattie E.
Goodwin, Henry G.
Goodwin, Herbert E.
Goodwin, Herman
Goodwin, Infant
Goodwin, Infant Sons
Goodwin, Irene Jarvis
Goodwin, Isa.
Goodwin, Jacob
Goodwin, Jacob
Goodwin, Jacob
Goodwin, James Everett
Goodwin, Jane M.
Goodwin, Jethro H.
Goodwin, Joan
Goodwin, Joanna (Johanna)
Goodwin, Joel
Goodwin, John E.
Goodwin, Jona.
Goodwin, Joseph
Goodwin, Josie
Goodwin, Julia A.
Goodwin, Lavinia
Goodwin, Lavinia F.
Goodwin, Leslie
Goodwin, Lester May
Goodwin, Linda Joy
Goodwin, Louisa
Goodwin, Lovie I.
Goodwin, Lucy
Goodwin, Lula May
Goodwin, M. Elizabeth
Goodwin, Margaret
Goodwin, Margaret
Goodwin, Margaret J.
Goodwin, Marvin T.
Goodwin, Mary A.
Goodwin, Mary E.
Goodwin, Maurice
Goodwin, Mehitable
Goodwin, Melvin
Goodwin, Mercy
Goodwin, Moses
Goodwin, Moses
Goodwin, Myron
Goodwin, Nahum G.
Goodwin, Nellie A.
Goodwin, Nettie
Goodwin, Newell
Goodwin, Oren B.
Goodwin, Orietta
Goodwin, Phebe
Goodwin, Phebe
Goodwin, Plummer
Goodwin, Ralph L.
Goodwin, Raymond F.
Goodwin, Rebecca F.
Goodwin, Reuben
Goodwin, Reuben
Goodwin, Reuben
Goodwin, Rose S.
Goodwin, Ruth
Goodwin, Ruth
Goodwin, Silas
Goodwin, Sophia
Goodwin, Susan E.
Goodwin, Thomas
Goodwin, Theodotia
Goodwin, True L.
Goodwin, Viona
Goodwin, William
Goodwin, Willie J.
Gordon, John F.
Gordon, Nancy
Gordon, Richard
Goss, William S.
Gowell, Benj.
Gowell, Eugene
Grant, Abigail
Grant, Andrew
Grant, Andrew
Grant, Avis Cole
Grant, Benjamin
Grant, Bernard N.
Grant, Bertrice L.
Grant, Betsey A.
Grant, Charles E.
Grant, Earnest J.
Grant, Edwin J.
Grant, Ella C.
Grant, Ezekiel
Grant, Fannie A.
Grant, Frank
Grant, Frank

Grant, Fred
Grant, Geneva G.
Grant, George W.
Grant, Hannah
Grant, Hannah
Grant, Hannah G.
Grant, Hattie E.
Grant, Henry
Grant, Humphrey
Grant, Isaac

Grant, Isabelle
Grant, James A.
Grant, Jane
Grant, Joseph
Grant, Lanson.
Grant, Laura Eva
Grant, Lucy A.
Grant, Lydia J.
Grant, Mary Elizabeth
Grant, Melissa
Grant, Nancy J.
Grant, Orrin C.
Grant, Philip E.
Grant, Roscoe
Grant, Stuart
Grant, Susan
Grant, Susan

Gray, J. B. M.
Greenough, Allan
Greenough, Eliza A.
Greenwood, David Wright
Griffin, Charles S.
Grover, Alice
Grover, Daniel G.
Grover, George W.
Grover, Gertie
Grover, John F.
Grover, Infant
Grover, Laura A.
Grover, Lillian M.
Grover, Olive Jane
Grover, Roxanna (Staples)
Grover, Samuel
Grover, Sarah
Guptill, Louisa
Guptill, Lucy R.
Guptill, Nancy
Guptill, Newell
Guptill, Tamson
Guptill, Thomas B.


Hadley, Mary W.
Hahn, Fred
Haines, Sadie L.
Hall, Almira (2)
Hall, Andrew
Hall, Arthur
Hall, Catherine M.
Hall, Cyrus (3)
Hall, Frances
Hall, Freddie E.
Hall, George (2)
Hall, Horace
Hall, Infant
Hall, Jane
Hall, Jeannette M.
Hall, Joanna
Hall, Joanna
Hall, John
Hall, Julian
Hall, Lydia
Hall, Lydia
Hall, Marc Eric
Hall, Mary
Hall, Mary
Hall, Miriam
Hall, Miriam (Brackett)
Hall, Oran
Hall, Orin
Hall, Phillip
Hall, Roxana A.
Hall, Samuel
Hall, Sarah (Clements)
Hall, Silas
Hall, Solomon N.
Hall, Wilson
Hall, Veronica
Hall, William
Ham, Abbie J.
Ham, Lawrence R.
Ham, Lucy
Hamilton, Abel
Hamilton, Anna M.
Hamilton, Benjamin
Hamilton, Benjamin
Hamilton, Elizabeth
Hamilton, Ethel M.
Hamilton, Experience
Hamilton, Harold L.
Hamilton, Harold L. Jr.
Hamilton, James
Hamilton, Judith
Hamilton, Mercy
Hamilton, Philip F.
Hanscam, Abigail
Hanscam, Isaac

Hanscom, Abigal
Hanscom, Abram
Hanscom, Alpheus S.
Hanscom, Clara J.
Hanscom, Clara Libbey
Hanscom, Daniel
Hanscom, Donald
Hanscom, Draxey
Hanscom, Edwin
Hanscom, Everett
Hanscom, Fred O.
Hanscom, Harriet
Hanscom, Hattie G.
Hanscom, Isaac
Hanscom, Jonathan
Hanscom, Laura A.
Hanscom, Lillian
Hanscom, Marion E.
Hanscom, Martha
Hanscom, Mara
Hanscom, Martha
Hanscom, Mehitable
Hanscom, Nancy
Hanscom, Levi
Hanscom, Olive

Hanscom, Oliver

Hanscom, Oscar I.
Hanscom, Robert A.
Hanscom, Sally
Hanscom, Sarah F.

Hanscom, Samuel
Hanscom, Willie A.
Hanscom, Willis
Hanscum, Isaac Jr.
Hanson, Bernice B.
Hanson, Betsey
Hanson, Elizabeth
Hanson, Flora Belle
Hanson, Harry A.
Hanson, Harry L.
Hanson, Hattie
Hanson, Herbert
Hanson, Howard L.
Hanson, Joseph W.
Hanson, Josie
Hanson, Mildred W.
Hanson, Nellie E.
Hanson, Warren
Harmon, Edward Cpt.
Harriman, Lillian M.
Harris, Borden D.
Harris, John
Harris, Madelene C.
Hart, Almon
Hart, Caleb W.
Hart, Estella
Hart, Rachel A.
Hartford, Warren L.
Harvey, George W.
Harvey, Hannah E.
Hatch, Elisha
Hatch, Louisa
Hatch, Lucretia L.
Hayden, Emma L.
Hayden, John E.
Hayes, Andrew
Hayes, Andrew
Hayes, Benjamin
Hayes, Betsey
Hayes, Caroline
Hayes, Charles A.
Hayes, Dorcas
Hayes, Ebenezer R.
Hayes, Eliza J.
Hayes, Henry C.
Hayes, Henry L.
Hayes, James
Hayes, Martha
Hayes, Martha L.
Hayes, Mary A.
Hayes, Mary O.
Hayes, Mercy
Hayes, Richard
Hayes, Samuel D.
Hayes, Sarah
Hayes, Sarah
Heath, Jane A.
Heath, Reginald R.
Hemingway, Erma
Henderson, Abby
Henderson, Abraham
Henderson, Caroline
Henderson, George
Henderson, Joseph
Henderson, Mary G.
Henderson, Robert W.
Henderson, Veronica M.
Herman, Martin W.
Herman, Olive A.
Hersam, Alice E.
Hersam, Allison D.
Hersam, Abbie M.
Hersam, Charles E.
Hersam, Daniel C.
Hersam, Elmer E.
Hersam, Eugene I.
Hersam, Ethel A.
Hersam, Fannie S.
Hersam, H. Leon
Hersam, Ira
Hersam, Margaret
Hersam, Melissa F.
Hersam, Orin
Hersom, Annie F.
Hersom, Asenath Shorey
Hersom, Axel (Hersum)
Hersom, Cora T.
Hersom, Charles H.
Hersom, David M. (Hersum)
Hersom, Dorothy M.
Hersom, Edward B.
Hersom, Eleanor
Hersom, Emily
Hersom, Esther (Hersum)
Hersom, Francena
Hersom, Fred A.
Hersom, Grace K.
Hersom, Harriet H.
Hersom, Harriette P.
Hersom, Herman L.
Hersom, Infant
Hersom, Joel G.
Hersom, John
Hersom, John
Hersom, John
Hersom, John M.
Hersom, John S.
Hersom, John S.
Hersom, Jonathan
Hersom, Lizzie P.
Hersom, Lucius
Hersom, Mahala
Hersom, Margaret
Hersom, Martha
Hersom, Martha A.
Hersom, Mary
Hersom, Mary

Hersom, Mary H.
Hersom, Muriel E.
Hersom, Olive
Hersom, Olive
Hersom, Prudence L. (Hersum)
Hersom, Richard E.
Hersom, Ruth
Hersom, Samuel (Hersum)
Hersom, Sarah F.
Hersom, Silvester

Hersom, Stephen
Hersom, Theodotia
Hersom, Vesta A.
Hersom, William F.
Hill, Aphia F.
Hill, Betsey G.
Hill, Caroline
Hill, Charles H.
Hill, Charles J.
Hill, David
Hill, Mary
Hill, Elsadana J.
Hill, Emma N.
Hill, Henry
Hill, James A.
Hill, John
Hill, John F.
Hill, John Jr.
Hill, Joseph
Hill, Joshua
Hill, Luke
Hill, Mary
Hill, Olive A.
Hill, Parnal
Hill, Phebe
Hill, Reuben
Hill, Sally
Hill, Warren
Hill, Eleanor
Hill, Jonathan, Deacon
Hill, Joseph A.
Hill, Reuben
Hill, Susannah (Whicher)
Hill, William A.
Hilliard, Kelli M.
Hitchings, Charles B.
Hitchings, Narcissa E.
Hobbs, Belinda
Hobbs, Elizabeth
Hobbs, Elizabeth A.
Hobbs, Ebenezer
Hobbs, Jennie M.
Hobbs, Mary
Hobbs, Mary A. T.
Hobbs, Phebe H.
Hobbs, Sally Jane
Hobbs, Sarah
Hobbs, Thomas W.
Hobbs, William
Hodgdon, Fred F.
Hodsdon, Hannah
Hoffman, Irene M.
Hoffman, Margaret
Hoffman, Sidney
Hoffman, Robert D.
Holmes, A. Lloyd
Holmes, Florence
Horne, Darlene
Horne, Gerald L.
Horne, Jack Roy
Horne, Loretta M.
Hubbard, Elizabeth W.
Hubbard, Robert L.

Hubert, Christine A.
Hubert, Phillip J. D. Jr.

Hunter, Agnes E.

Hunter, Edgar

Hunter, Howard

Hunter, Lottie

Hunter, Sarah

Hurd, Almira
Hurd, Benjamin C.
Hurd, Benjamin Sumner
Hurd, Elizabeth A.
Hurd, Ella C.
Hurd, Hannah
Hurd, Hannah
Hurd, Lura E.
Hurd, Moses
Hurd, Myra
Hurd, Nathan
Hurd, Olive
Hurd, Olive Ann
Hurd, Oscar A.
Hurd, Roscoe F. S.
Hurd, Thomas J.
Hurd, Wm. Weymouth
Hussey, Ahijah
Hussey, Christopher
Hussey, Martha A.

Jacob, George
Jacobs, Temperance
Jarvis, Edward A.
Jay, Sylvia Jean
Jellerson, Alonzo
Jellerson, David
Jellerson, Hannah
Jelleson, Nahum W.
Jellison, Abram
Jellison, Anna E.
Jellison, Clarence C.
Jellison, George C.
Jellison, Hannah L.
Jellison, Inez E.
Jellison, James S.
Jellison, Laurence J.
Jenkins, Susie Colburn
Johnson, Agnes
Johnson, Annie Isabelle
Johnson, Benjamin
Johnson, Betsey
Johnson, Daniel
Johnson, Daniel G.
Johnson, Edith A.
Johnson, Emma H.
Johnson, Grace V.
Johnson, Hannah
Johnson, Harriet S.
Johnson, Isaiah
Johnson, Joseph B.
Johnson, Mary
Johnson, Mary G.
Johnson, Maurice Carlton
Johnson, Nancy F.
Johnson, Olive E.
Johnson, Orange
Johnson, Pauline S.
Johnson, Phlenia
Johnson, Robert F.
Johnson, Rose B.
Johnson, Sarah
Johnson, Stanley E.
Johnson, Tristram P.
Johnson, William
Johnson, William I.
Johnson, Willie
Johnson, Wm. H.

Jones, Albert W.
Jones, Albert W. 2nd
Jones, Annie M.
Jones, Arthur G.
Jones, Bertha L.
Jones, Bessie M.
Jones, Betsy
Jones, Christine A.
Jones, David M.
Jones, E. G.
Jones, Eben.
Jones, Eben L.
Jones, Ebenezer
Jones, Eli
Jones, Eliza
Jones, Eliza J.
Jones, Ella F.
Jones, Emma Ellen Gerrish
Jones, Esther

Jones, Esther
Jones, Etta E.
Jones, Eva Merrill
Jones, Gershom
Jones, H. Leslie
Jones, Harold R.
Jones, Helen U.
Jones, Hiram
Jones, Howard
Jones, Ina B.
Jones, Irene
Jones, J. Leslie
Jones, J. S. P.
Jones, J. S. P. Jr.
Jones, J. W.
Jones, Flora
Jones, Jacob
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, James
Jones, James Jr.
Jones, Jane
Jones, Joanna H.
Jones, John C.
Jones, John S.
Jones, Leslie
Jones, Lewis
Jones, Lizzie M.
Jones, Louisa A.
Jones, Lucetia F.
Jones, Luella Ricker
Jones, Mahala
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Margaret E.
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary

Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mary C.

Jones, Moulton R.
Jones, Moulton R. Jr.
Jones, Nancy J.
Jones, Nancy L.
Jones, Nath'l P.
Jones, Nath'l S.
Jones, Olive M.
Jones, Oliver L.
Jones, Pauline T.
Jones, Phillip J. D. Jr.
Jones, Sadie
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Samuel R.
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Sarah E.
Jones, Seaver
Jones, Sophia
Jones, Stephen
Jones, Stephen A.
Jones, Susie M.
Jones, Thomas S.
Jones, Unknown
Jones, Urana
Jones, Viola
Jones, Wilbur
Jones, William
Jones, William E.
Jones, Winfred J.
Jowett, Ralph L.
Jowett, Olive (Bragg)
Junkins, Elmer H.
Junkins, Lula F.

Keay, Betsy
Keay, David
Keay, Eliza
Keay, Fred
Keay, Jere. Paul
Keay, Leroy H.
Keay, Ruth
Keefe, Arthur B.
Keefe, Chester
Keefe, Effie W.
Keefe, James D.
Keefe, Leslie
Keefe, Minnie W.
Keefe, Robert W.
Keefe, Thomas F.
Kimball, Beverly Brooks
Kimball, Clifford G.
Kimball, Curtis H.
Kimball, Fred C.
Kimball, John B.
Kimball, M. W.

Kimball, Nellie F. (Wakefield)
Kimball, Roxanne
King, Philip H.
Knight, Agnes
Knight, Abbie A.
Knight(s), Alpheus
Knight, Alvin
Knight, Benj.
Knight, Carrie
Knight, Charles L.
Knight(s), Charley W.
Knight, Clarence
Knight(s), Collins O.
Knight, Cordelia
Knight(s),Daniel B.
Knight, David
Knight, E. W.

Knight, Emily
Knight, Franklin P.
Knight, George H.
Knight, Gilman
Knight, Hannah G.
Knight, Henry R.
Knight(s),Huldah F.
Knights(s), John
Knight, John
Knights(s), John P.
Knight(s),Lizzie M.
Knight(s), Lucinda G.
Knight, Mary
Knight(s),Mary A.
Knight, Minnie
Knight, Nancy W.
Knight, N. E.
Knight, Olive A.
Knight, Oliver
Knight, Peter
Knight, Porter
Knight(s), Porter
Knight, Rufus
Knight, Sabina
Knight, Sally
Knight, Samuel
Knight, Stephen
Knight, Susan
Knight, Thos. L.
Knight, Washington
Knox, Fannie
Korntved, Fred M.
Korntved, Margaret Dalton

Labbe, Phyllis M.
Lacroix, Barbara Jane
Lacroix, Thomas
Ladd, Andrew
Ladd, Andrew Jr.
Ladd, Ann (Dearborn)
Ladd, Orin
Lafontaine, Clarence R.
Lafontaine, Dorothy A.
Lamphier, Frances E.
Lavigne, Corana B.
Laviolette, Curtis J.
Laviolette, Henry J.
Laviolette, Lucinda A.
Leavitt, Sarah Viola
Leighton, Comfort
Leighton, Edwin P.
Leighton, George T.
Leighton, Hannah M.
Leighton, Hattie A.
Leighton, Irene M.
Leighton, Jacob
Leighton, Jonathan
Leighton, John B.
Leighton, Dr. Leonard W.
Leighton, Maggie E.
Leighton, Mystic L.
Leighton, Rita M.
Leighton, Sarah A.
Leighton, Sarah Ann
Leighton, Sarah M.
Levancie Ralph L.
Levange, Ralph L.
Levesque, Joan M.
Libbey, Amanda
Libbey, Charles H.
Libbey, Clara
Libbey, Eben
Libbey, Hannah
Libbey, Ivory Esq.

Libbey, Jennie G.
Libbey, John G.
Libbey, Lucetta
Libbey, Mary
Libbey, Mary A.
Libbey, Olive
Libbey, Ruth H.
Libbey, Thomas F.
Libbey, Thomas H.
Libbey, Willie
Libby, Delmont W.
Libby, Elizabeth
Libby, Elsie M.

Libby, Ida M.
Libby, Lillian G.
Libby, Robert
Libby, Ruth

Libby, Violet W.
Libby, Willard F.
Lindsey, Charles R.
Littlefield, Baby Boy
Littlefield, Elijah
Littlefield, George
Littlefield, Hannah
Littlefield, Lester R.
Littlefield, Mildred W.
Littlefield, Mrs.
Littlefield, Shelly L.
Littlejohn, Barbara B.
Littlejohn, William F.
Lizotte, Gregory E.
Lizotte, Jeanne
Lombard, Wayne H.

Lord, Abigail
Lord, Almira
Lord, Anita R.
Lord, Arthur C.
Lord, Asa
Lord, Asa
Lord, Asenath
Lord, Audie H.
Lord, Beatrice
Lord, Benj. Capt.
Lord, Benj. H.

Lord, Betsey

Lord, Betsey
Lord, Betty
Lord, Catherine M.

Lord, Charles H.
Lord, Charlotte A.
Lord, Clara

Lord, Clinton
Lord, Diadama
Lord, Dorcas
Lord, Draxey E.
Lord, Ebby N.
Lord, Eleanor
Lord, Elijah
Lord, Eugene F.
Lord, F. B.
Lord, Florence M.
Lord, Frank W.
Lord, George A.
Lord, Hannah J.
Lord, Howard K.
Lord, Ira
Lord, Ivory
Lord, James
Lord, James B.
Lord, Jane
Lord, Joan

Lord, John

Lord, John F.

Lord, John Galvin

Lord, Joseph
Lord, Julia
Lord, Lavina
Lord, Leroy
Lord, Lewis
Lord, Louisa
Lord, Lucinda
Lord, Lucinda
Lord, M. E.
Lord, Marissa
Lord, Marjorie
Lord, Mary
Lord, Mary
Lord, Mary A.

Lord, Mary J.
Lord, Mary Jane
Lord, Nathaniel S.
Lord, Olive E.
Lord, Oliver
Lord, Polly
Lord, Precilla J.
Lord, Robert

Lord, Sarah F.
Lord, Sewell

Lord, Simeon
Lord, Simeon
Lord, Stephen
Lord, Stephen D.

Lord, Temple
Lord, Thomas

Lord, Walter R.
Lord, Wentworth
Lord, Wentworth W.

Lord, William
Lord, Winfield S.
Lovell, Bertrand F.
Lovell, Marguerite
Lovell, Richard H.

Lowd, Levi E.
Lowd, Myrtle A.

Lunt, Abigail
Lunt, Elizabeth
Lunt, Samuel
Lunt, Susannah
Lunt, Theodore

Lunt, Abigail
Lunt, Elizabeth
Lunt, Samuel
Lunt, Susannah
Lunt, Theodore

MacDonald, Howard E.
MacDonald, Mable Fall
Mace, Angie Downs
Mace, Cecil A.
Mace, Donald Hanscom

Mace, Ezekiel
Mace, Florence B.

Mace, Frank J.
Mace, Susan M.
MacLellan, David L.
MacLellan, Grace M.
Maddox, Mary O.
Maddox, Oscar W.
Magoon, Benjamin
Magoon, Elizabeth
Mannone, Frank A.
Manson, Augustus E.
Manson, Harry C.
Manson, Lorenzo D.
Manson, Phebe P.
Manson, Mary A. R.

Marcou, Charlotte M.
Marcou, Fred L. Sr.
Marsh, Bertha L.
Marsh, Charles H.
Marsh, Mary A.
Marsters, Eleanor M.
Marsters, Lewis F.
Marsters, Steven A.
Martin, George A.
Mason, Annie J.
Mason, Benjamin
Mason, Dora L.
Mason, Harry A.
Matson, Carrie M.
Matton, Evelyn G.
McArthur, Inez
McCarthy, Henry A.
McCleary, Alexander
McCleary, Beatrice L.
McCleary, Charles L.
McCleary, Charles L. Jr.
McCleary, Marvin E.
McCleary, Susanna
McClellan, George B.
McClure, Charles B.
McConnell, Anita Rose
McCormick, Ann M.
McCormick, Leonard
McCrellis, Elcy
McCrellis, Robert
McMann, Anna W.
McMann, Charles T.
Meader, Dorothy Shapleigh
Meier, Gladys E.
Meier, Oscar
Meier, Theodore C.
Mellen, George T.
Mellen, M. Bernice
Merrill, Charles F.
Merrill, Ethel
Merrill, Eva
Merrill, Nina
Michaud, Doris R.
Monaco, Barbara A.
Moore, Grace S.
Moore, Leroy S. Sr.
Moore, Lucille G.
Morrell, Mary
Morrison, George E.
Morrison, Jacob
Morrison, John
Morrison, Louisa B.
Morrison, Lucy A.
Morrison, Sarah J. (Taylor)
Murray, Abella G.
Murray, Almira W.
Murray, Charles R.
Murray, Clarence
Murray, Cora B.
Murray, Dorcas
Murray, Elizabeth 

Murray, Flora
Murray, George
Murray, George W.
Murray, Harriet

Murray, Harriet
Murray, Hattie N.
Murray, James

Murray, James N.
Murray, John C.

Murray, Lewis
Murray, Luke F.
Murray, Mary
Murray, Mercy

Murray, Myrtle A.
Murray, Nathaniel
Murray, Olive

Murray, Rebecca
Murray, Robbie L.
Murray, Rosa

Murray, Silas

Murray, Thomas

Nason, D. F.
Nason, Edgar
Nason, Herbert E.
Nason, Mary A.
Nason, Oliver
Nason, Peter
Nason, Sarah
Nason, Susan M.
Nason, Wm. G.
Neal, Frank G.
Neal, Frank G. Jr.
Neal, Frank K.
Neal, Janice D.
Neal, Marion A.
Neal, Olive S.
Neibergs, Aleksandrs
Neibergs, Skaidrite
Neill, Arthur J.
Neill, Priscilla M.
Nesbitt, Charles
Nesbitt, Charlotte
Nesbitt, George
Nesbitt, Judith
Neubert, Alexander Henry
Neubert, Eric Jon
Neubert, Jackson H.
Neubert, Nancy Woodbrey
Neubert, Richard O.
Neubert, Shirley A.
Newbegin, Hannah
Newbegin, John
Normandeau, Beatrice Goodwin
Normandeau, Betty L.
Normandeau, Norman J.
Normandeau, Norman J. Sr.
Nowell, Col. Ebenezer

Nowell, Henry F.
Nowell, Mary (Hill)

Nowell, Mary Jane

Nowell, Oliver
Noyes, Flora J.
Noyes, William E.

OBrien, D. L.
Osborne, Pearl A.
Osgood, Charles
Osgood, James L.

Panting, Ada

Parker, A. Bernice
Parker, John S.
Parker, Miriam B.
Parker, Infant Son
Parker, Rachel Mary
Parker, Ralph Taylor

Parsons, Charles
Parsons, Elihu
Parsons, Eliza J.
Parsons, Elizabeth
Parsons, Geo. W.
Parsons, John
Parsons, John
Parsons, Lovey
Parsons, Lucy
Parsons, Mary E.
Parsons, Olive L.
Parsons, Ruth
Parsons, Susannah
Parsons, William
Parsons, William
Paul, Ernest
Peavey, Abraham
Peavey, George
Peavey, Levi L.
Peavey, Olive
Peavey, Thomas
Perkins, Charles E.
Perkins, Flora Ida
Perkins, Luther
Perkins, Mary
Perry, Eliot Kelsey
Peterson, Alma
Peterson, Emma L.
Peterson, Lewis J.
Philbrick, Lester O.
Philbrick, Marion A.
Phillips, Edna G.
Phillips, Frank H.
Phillips, Herman F.
Phillips, Margaret B.
Philpot, Hiram
Philpot, Isaac
Philpot, Mary
Pierce, Frank Warren
Pierce, Abbie J.
Pierce, Ada
Pierce, Almira
Pierce, Andrew
Pierce, Barzillai
Pierce, Belinda
Pierce, Bertha H.
Pierce, Charles F.
Pierce, Cora A.
Pierce, Dorcas
Pierce, Dorcas L.
Pierce, Ezekiel R.
Pierce, Flora A.
Pierce, Frank
Pierce, Frank J.
Pierce, Frank W.
Pierce, Gertrude M.
Pierce, George G.
Pierce, Harriet
Pierce, James
Pierce, Jennie M.
Pierce, Joan
Pierce, Leighton
Pierce, Matilda
Pierce, Nina
Pierce, Noah
Pierce, Olive
Pierce, Ora F.
Pierce, Sarah A.
Pierce, Wentworth
Pike, Rosetta C.
Pillsbury, Grace F.
Pineda, Wendy Stackpole
Pinkham, Augustine U.
Pinkham, Bessie A.
Pinkham, Edwin J. Jr.
Pinkham, Elizabeth Jessie
Pinkham, Mary
Pitman, Charles H.
Pitman, Dorothy L.
Pitman, Eliza
Pitman, Marion H.

Pitman, Olive
Pitman, Parnel
Pitman, Robert

Pitman, Roy H.
Pitman, Wm.

Pitts, Almira
Pitts, Charles H.
Pitts, George F.
Pitts, Nath'l
Podbury, Mildred Carter
Podbury, Nellie G. Carter
Podell, Anna M.
Podell, Joseph C.
Poore, Cecil H.
Poore, Irene M.
Poulin-Gonzalez, Anthony M.
Poulin-Gonzalez, Vanessa M.
Powlesland, Kathleen
Pray, Betsey
Pray, Cyrus
(assumed last name)
Pray, Eunice
Pray, Ida B.
Pray, Isaac
Pray, Mary
Pray, Roy B.
Pray, Ross C.
Pray, Samuel
Pray, Thomas

Pray, Timothy
Prentice, Patricia A.
Prentice, William L.
Prescott, Daniel
Prescott, Josiah E.
Prescott, Mary
Prescott, Orianna M.
Prime, Angie E.
Prime, Edward E.
Proctor, Ada M.
Proctor, Richard E.



Quint, Oliver
Quint, Mary T.
Quint, Robert W.
Quint, Woodrow L.

Ramsdell, Cha. O.
Ramsdell, Infant
Ramsdell, Sarah
Rand, Charles Ernest
Rand, Fred V.
Rand, Fred W.
Rand, Isabelle Grant
Rand, Marion Colburn
Rand, Robert E.
Randall, Betsey
Randall, Daniel C.
Randall, Hanson
Randall, John C.
Randall, Moses S.
Randall, Reuben S.
Randall, Susan C.
Rendall, Moses G.
Randall, Sarah N.
Reynolds, Olive
Reynolds, Samuel
Rich, H. S.
Rich, Ida H.
Rich, Marion
Richardson, Charles D.
Richford, Enthymia (Hobbs)
Richins, Elizabeth M.
Ricker, Aaron
Ricker, Aaron F.
Ricker, Almeda J.
Ricker, Almedia A. Carroll
Ricker, Alvin H.
Ricker, Ann A.
Ricker, Annie S.
Ricker, Arthur L.
Ricker, Asa J.
Ricker, Benj.
Ricker, Betsy

Ricker, Carlton F.
Ricker, Chapman S.
Ricker, Charles G.
Ricker, Clarinda
Ricker, Clifton E.
Ricker, Clinton
Ricker, Cyrus
Ricker, Daniel D.
Ricker, Dolly
Ricker, Doris E.
Ricker, Ebenezer
Ricker, Edmund
Ricker, Edmund
Ricker, Elizabeth
Ricker, Elizabeth F.
Ricker, Elizabeth J.
Ricker, Elmira R.
Ricker, Emma H.
Ricker, Estella A.
Ricker, Eunice
Ricker, Experience W.
Ricker, Ezekiel
Ricker, Ezekiel
Ricker, Fannie
Ricker, Frank P.
Ricker, George
Ricker, George B.
Ricker, George H.
Ricker, George R.
Ricker, George W.
Ricker, George W.
Ricker, Henry H.
Ricker, Isaac
Ricker, J. Holton
Ricker, James
Ricker, James A.
Ricker, Jesse
Ricker, John B.
Ricker, Judith
Ricker, Judith
Ricker, Lincoln
Ricker, Leronia
Ricker, Lovonia
Ricker, Lucy E.
Ricker, Lucy Ann
Ricker, Luella
Ricker, Martha A.
Ricker, Mary
Ricker, Mary
Ricker, Mary E.
Ricker, Merle L.
Ricker, Moses
Ricker, Moses
Ricker, Nancy J.
Ricker, Nathaniel
Ricker, Olive
Ricker, Olive
Ricker, Olive A.
Ricker, Olive E.
Ricker, Phebe
Ricker, Phebe
Ricker, Phineas
Ricker, Raymond J.
Ricker, Rebekah
Ricker, Ruth Frances
Ricker, Sarah
Ricker, Sarah E.
Ricker, Sarah F.
Ricker, Sarah J.
Ricker, Stephen F.
Ricker, Susan
Ricker, Theodotia
Ricker, Thomas
Ricker, Thomas
Ricker, Willis
Ridley, Arlene Wilson
Ridley, Ernestine
Ridley, Vinton True
Riendeau, Sophia
Roberts, Andrew
Roberts, Andrew J.
Roberts, Andrew J.
Roberts, Annah
Roberts, Annett
Roberts, Baby
Roberts, Benj.
Roberts, Almira B.
Roberts, Anne L.
Roberts, Calvin
Roberts, Charles F.
Roberts, Cora A.
Roberts, Doris C.
Roberts, Douglas Martin
Roberts, Edna F.
Roberts, Elizabeth
Roberts, Ella F.
Roberts, Ernest G.
Roberts, Eunice
Roberts, Eunice J.
Roberts, Eva D.
Roberts, Fred S.
Roberts, George M.
Roberts, George W.
Roberts, Hannah
Roberts, Harriet S.
Roberts, Helen
Roberts, Ichabod
Roberts, Irene A.
Roberts, James M.
Roberts, Jeremiah
Roberts, Jeremiah
Roberts, Jesse Martin
Roberts, Leila M.
Roberts, Lester H.
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, Lynn Woodward
Roberts, Marcus W.
Roberts, Mayland A.
Roberts, Melvin Albert
Roberts, Milford J.
Roberts, Phebe
Roberts, Phebe
Roberts, Ralph S.
Roberts, Rebecca P.
Roberts, Samuel K.
Roberts, Sarah Olivia
Roberts, Susan
Roberts, William J.
Rollins, Betsey
Ross, Abbie C.
Ross, Addie F.
Ross, Andrew B.
Ross, Bertha M.
Ross, Beverly J.

Ross, Charles W.
Ross, Edith E.
Ross, Emily J.
Ross, George W.

Ross, Gertrude E.

Ross, Jessie S.
Ross, John F.
Ross, Lilla A.
Ross, Lovey H.
Ross, Lydia H.
Ross, Mary E.
Ross, Mary O.
Ross, Mehitable W.
Ross, Micheal Lee
Ross, Nathaniel D.
Ross, Nathaniel F.

Ross, Nelson J.
Ross, Nelson J. Jr.
Ross, Otis R.
Ross, Peter
Ross, Peter E.

Ross, Ruth T.
Roukey, Mary E.
Rouleau, Bernice T.
Rowan, George
Roy, Mary I.
Roy, Thomas G.
Royal, Elwyn A.
Ruel, Keyana Mae
Russell, Liller A.
Rutty, Ana H.
Rutty, Catharine C.
Rutty, Edward
Rutty, Frances A.

Saltmarsh, Mary J.
Sanborn, Albert
Sanborn, Almira
Sanborn, Betsey
Sanborn, Carroll M.
Sanborn, Daniel
Sanborn, Dorothy
Sanborn, Ella C. (Grant)
Sanborn, Ellen M.
Sanborn, Elmira
Sanborn, Elvira H.
Sanborn, Georgianna
Sanborn, Infant Son
Sanborn, John
Sanborn, John G.
Sanborn, John I.
Sanborn, Joseph
Sanborn, Mary
Sanborn, Mary E.
Sanborn, Otis F.
Sanborn, Paul W.
Sanborn, Sally
Sanborn, Sarah
Sanborn, Sewell D.
Sanborn, Skaidrite Neibergs
Sanborn, Stephen
Sanborn, Stephen B.
Sawyer, Annie M.
Sawyer, William
Sayward, Eunice
Sayward, Lydia
Sayward, Theodore
Scofield, June M.
Scribner, Charles E.
Scribner, Charles N.
Scribner, Edward
Scribner, Hannah
Scribner, John
Scribner, Rebecca
Scribner, Samuel
Scribner, Sarah M.
Scribner, Sarah P.
Sedgley, Timothy
Shannon, Olive E.
Shapleigh, Abbie Bartlett
Shapleigh, Albert
Shapleigh, Amelia
Shapleigh, Annie M.
Shapleigh, Bertha E.
Shapleigh, Betsey
Shapleigh, Betsey W.
Shapleigh, Charles
Shapleigh, Charles Waldron
Shapleigh, David Legro
Shapleigh, Dorothy
Shapleigh, Eddie Arthur
Shapleigh, Elisha
Shapleigh, Elizabeth
Shapleigh, Esther A.
Shapleigh, Eunice
Shapleigh, Flora Belle
Shapleigh, Francis A.
Shapleigh, George O.
Shapleigh, Grace Waldron
Shapleigh, Harriet N.
Shapleigh, Hattie Louise
Shapleigh, Henrietta Powers
Shapleigh, Henry C.
Shapleigh, John B.
Shapleigh, John B.
Shapleigh, John H.
Shapleigh, John Powers
Shapleigh, M.
Shapleigh, Marabelle
Shapleigh, Mary E.
Shapleigh, Minnie Louise
Shapleigh, Myra
Shapleigh, Nancy S.
Shapleigh, Nicholas B.
Shapleigh, Oliver Waldron
Shapleigh, Orianna M.
Shapleigh, Phebe
Shapleigh, Raymond L.

Shapleigh, Samuel
Shapleigh, Wm. B.
Sherman, Seth
Shaw, Nancy L.
Sherman, Clara
Sherman, Eleanor
Sherman, Enoch P.
Sherman, Jane
Sherman, Lydia
Sherman, Mary
Sherman, Samuel
Sherman, Thomas
Sherman, Thomas
Sholler, Daniel E.
Shorey, Charles C.

Shorey, Albra

Shorey, Carrie F.
Shorey, Celestia
Shorey, Eliza
Shorey, Frankie
Shorey, Fred H.
Shorey, Hannah B.
Shorey, Henry W.
Shorey, John W.
Shorey, Mary Allie

Shorey, Mary C.
Shorey, Raymond G.
Simmons, Charity
Simpson, Maurice K.
Spedding, Benn D.
Spedding, Dora J.
Smith, Abba L.
Smith, Abigail
Smith, Abigail J.
Smith, Allen
Smith, Arthur D.
Smith, Benjamin
Smith, Betsey R.
Smith, Clara A.
Smith, Clara A. (assumed last name)
Smith, Eliza A.
Smith, Eliza J.
Smith, Eliza J. (assumed last name)
Smith, Elizabeth
Smith, Ervin H.
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank W.
Smith, Frank W. Jr.
Smith, Gerald L.
Smith, Gordon Keith
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Hannah
Smith, Harriet A.
Smith, Harry S.
Smith, Hiram
Smith, James H.
Smith, J. G.
Smith, Joanne B.
Smith, Joshua
Smith, Josiah
Smith, Joyce F.
Smith, Lillian G.
Smith, Lorraine M.
Smith, Louise A.
Smith, M. M. J.
Smith, Mandana A.
Smith, Mary A.
Smith, Mary E.
Smith, Paul
Smith, Pearl B.
Smith, Richard
Smith, Ruth
Smith, Susan E.
Smith, Thomas B.
Smith, Vernon
Smith, William A.
Smith, Willis
Snow, Julia A.
Snow, Lavinia
Snow, Octavus H.
Snow, Samuel
Spencer, Henry E.
Stackpole, Eunice
Stackpole, George
Stackpole, George H.
Stackpole, George R.
Stackpole, Joan
Stackpole, John J.
Stackpole, Virginia H.
Stackpole, Wendy
Stacy, Alice
Stacy, D. Shapleigh

Stacy, Elizabeth A. (Hobbs)
Stacy, Harriet A.
Stacy, Joyca
Stacy, Joseph

Stacy, Mary
Stacy, Samuel

Staples, John
Staples, Roxanna
Stanton, Achsah
Stanton, Catharine
Stanton, Rev. Horace
Stanton, Infant
Stanton, James
Stanton, James B.
Stanton, Olivea Edith
Stanton, Sabra
Stanton, Sarah
Stanton, Susannah
Stearns, Isaac
Stearns, Louisa
Stevens, Ruth S.
Stevens, Ernest S.
Stewart, Henry P.
Stewart, Mary Colleen
Stewart, Mildred Blanchard
Stewart, Richard J.
Stiles, Addie B.
Stiles, Alfred H.
Stiles, Daniel
Stiles, Isaac
Stiles, Louisa

Stiles, Mary J.
Stiles, Susan
Stillings, Abigail
Stoddard, Mary
Storer, Albert
Stuart, Alan George
Stuart, Bertrice L.
Stuart, C. Edward
Stuart, Clifford L.
Stuart, E. Louise Foss
Stuart, George E. T.
Stuart, George T.
Stuart, Gladys R.
Stuart, John B.
Stuart, John Sidney
Stuart, Mary Fisher
Stuart, Minnie G.
St. Cyr, Clarence R.
St. Cyr, David W.
St. Cyr, Ethel Merrill
St. Cyr, Frederick Sr.
St. Cyr, Geneva H.
St. Cyr, Grace A.
St. Cyr, Hazel E.
St. Cyr, J. Alexander
St. Cyr, J. Eugene
St. Cyr, Leo E.
St. Cyr, M. Pauline
St. Cyr, Margaret D.
St. Cyr, Minnie B.
St. Cyr, Water David Sr.
Swett, Josephine (Warren)
Swett, Sumner C.
Swinerton, Amos
Swinerton, Betsy
Swinerton, Eliza
Swinerton, Eugene
Swinerton, George
Swinerton, John H.
Swinerton, Maude A.

Tagariello, Anna M.

Tarbox, Elroy
Tarbox, James B.
Tarbox, Jotham
Tarbox, Loretta L.
Tarbox, Mary
Tarbox, Moses
Tarbox, Olevia M.
Tarbox, Olive
Taylor, Anson B.
Taylor, Aphia

Taylor, Betsey
Taylor, Chase
Taylor, Eliza A.
Taylor, George

Taylor, Hannah
Taylor, Joanna R.
Taylor, John C.
Taylor, Malinda

Taylor, Ruth G.
Taylor, Sarah J.
Thing, Abner
Thing, Parnel
Thomas, Lily B.
Thompson, Alexander
Thompson, David L.
Thompson, Ebenezer
Thompson, Eliza
Thompson, Frank E.
Thompson, George
Thompson, H. F.
Thompson, Harriet J.
Thompson, Henry
Thompson, Hiram W.
Thompson, Jane (Walker)
Thompson, Jonathan
Thompson, Lillia F.
Thompson, Lovicy
Thompson, Lucy
Thompson, Martha C.
Thompson, Mary
Thompson, Nancy F.
Thompson, Olive A.
Thompson, Rachel
Thompson, Richard Foster
Thompson, Samuel H.
Thompson, Susan E.
Thompson, S. M.
Thompson, Warren
Thurston, Minnie G.
Thyng, Henry R.
Tibbets, Edw.
Tibbets, Susan
Tibbetts, Emma
Tibbetts, Emily
Tibbetts, Eunice (2)
Tibbetts, Fred J.
Tibbetts, Geo. F. W.
Tibbetts, George
Tibbetts, Henry E.
Tibbetts, Ina B.
Tibbetts, Nellie J.
Tibbetts, Nettie
Tibbetts, Priscilla
Tibbetts, Ralph
Tibbetts, Reuben
Tibbetts, Robbelina G.

Tibbetts, Roy
Tibbetts, Sarah
Tibbetts, Susan (2)
Titcomb, Abbie
Titcomb, Ada R.
Titcomb, Annah D.
Titcomb, Aravesta D.

Titcomb, Benjamin
Titcomb, Benj. F.

Titcomb, Daniel W.
Titcomb, Eliza A.
Titcomb, Elvira
Titcomb, Hannah
Titcomb, Hannah F.

Titcomb, Hannah J.
Titcomb, Horatio
Titcomb, Infant
Titcomb, John
Titcomb, John F.
Titcomb, Joseph

Titcomb, Josephine E.
Titcomb, Mary

Titcomb, Nancy
Titcomb, Nettie May
Titcomb, Oliver

Titcomb, Oliver C.
Titcomb, Polly

Titcomb, Richard K.
Titcomb, Sally

Torno, Charles F. Jr.
Towne, Helen
Towne, Ida M.
Towne, Marcus
Towne, Rebecca Ida
Trafton, Annie M.
Trafton, Catherine M.
Trafton, Estella A.
Trafton, Forrest H.
Trafton, George H.
Trafton, George H. Jr.

Trafton, Infant
Trafton, John C.
Trafton, Mary E.

Trickey, Charles E. Jr.
Trickey, Edward C.
Trickey, Gertie
Trickey, James Edwin
Trickey, James L.
Trickey, Marian A.
Trickey, Sarah Viola
Trickey, Viola S.
Tripp, Anna
Tripp, George Jacobs
Tripp, Henry A.
Tripp, John
Tripp, Lovicy Thompson
Tripp, Mary
Tripp, Mary L.
Tripp, Perley A.
Tripp, Robert
Tripp, Samuel
Tripp, Theodore
Tuck, Charlotte M.
Tuck, Dennis M.
Tuck, James K.
Tuck, Wayne A. Jr.
Tufts, Ella F.
Turner, Joan M.
Turner, Quinten A.

Varney, Alton M.
Varney, Carolle Lombard
Vaughan, Olea Bull
Velez, Lyndie Lee

Wakefield, Alonzo
Wakefield, Clarinda
Wakefield, Elmer Eugene
Wakefield, Nellie F.
Wakefield, Olevia M.
Wakefield, Pauline
Waldron, Elizabeth
Walker, Experience
Walker, Jane
Walker, John
Walker, Julia A.
Wallingford, Havard N.
Wallingford, Helen L.
Wallingford, Pansy E.
Wallingford, Ralph C.
Wallingford, Joseph
Walsh, Elmer Ervin
Walsh, Lorraine (Rankin)
Warren, Addie A.
Warren, Ann
Warren, Charles A.
Warren, Charles H.
Warren, Dominicus
Warren, Eliza A.
Warren, Elizabeth
Warren, Freedom
Warren, George W.
Warren, Hannah
Warren, John H.
Warren, Marie J.
Warren, Mark H.
Warren, Josephine
Warren, William A.
Waterhouse, Emma
Waterhouse, James A.
Waterman, Hiram W.
Waterman, Martha A.
Watts, Laura M.
Watts, Walter F.
Webber, Amos H.
Webber, Betsey
Webber, Ellen E.
Webber, Flora
Webber, Freeman
Webber, George
Webber, Hezekiah
Webber, Hezekiah, Jr.
Webber, Laura J.
Webber, Lucinda F.
Webber, Susan
Webber, Stephen
Webber, Susan
Webster, Carlton G.
Webster, Esther S.
Welch, Muriel W.
Welch, Roger E.
Welch, Wallace W.
Wells, Evelyn C.
Wells, Frances L.
Wells, Nathan H.
Wentworth, Abraham
Wentworth, Ann
Wentworth, Anna B.
Wentworth, Betsey
Wentworth, Caleb
Wentworth, Carleton G.
Wentworth, Charles F.
Wentworth, Christebell
Wentworth, Cyrus
Wentworth, Daniel
Wentworth, Edgar J.
Wentworth, Elijah
Wentworth, Emma L.
Wentworth, Errol G.
Wentworth, Esther
Wentworth, Esther S.
Wentworth, Ethel L.
Wentworth, Eunice
Wentworth, Frank W.
Wentworth, Freddie A.
Wentworth, George E.
Wentworth, Grace F.
Wentworth, Harold J.
Wentworth, Horatio G.
Wentworth, Horatio G. Jr.
Wentworth, J. Herbert
Wentworth, James
Wentworth, James C.
Wentworth, James Clyde
Wentworth, James S.
Wentworth, Jennie M.
Wentworth, Joan
Wentworth, John
Wentworth, John G.
Wentworth, John J.
Wentworth, Josie
Wentworth, Malinda
Wentworth, Mary
Wentworth, Melvina
Wentworth, Merrilla H.
Wentworth, Nancy
Wentworth, Nancy
Wentworth, Ralph H.
Wentworth, Susan
Wentworth, Susan
Wentworth, Thomas
Wentworth, William
Wentworth, William B.
Wentworth, Dea. Wm.
Weymouth, Algernon
Weymouth, Calvin R.
Weymouth, Charlotte
Weymouth, Ella E.
Weymouth, Ella May
Weymouth, Edmund
Weymouth, Hannah
Weymouth, John
Weymouth, Ebenezer
Weymouth, Myra
Weymouth, Nancy
Weymouth, Stephen
Weymouth, Unknown
Weymouth, William C.
Whicher, Burnice F.
Whicher, Edward E.
Whicher, Ernest W.
Whicher, Harland E.
Whicher, Howard
Whicher, Irvin
Whicher, James H.
Whicher, Mary A.
Whicher, Mary F.
Whicher, Susannah
White, Almee L.
White, Kenneth
White, Margery J.
White, Emma Victoria
Whitehouse, Philena P.
Whitehouse, Charles W.

Whitehouse, Ruth
Whitham, Wm.
Whitney, E.
Whitney, Louise
Whittaker, Linda A.
Whittaker, Norman B.
Wiggin, Judith
Wiggin, Noah P.
Wiggin, Tobias
Wildes, Betsey
Wildes, Joseph
Wildes, Phebe J.
Willey, Charles A.
Williams, Eric A.
Williams, Ethel
Williams, Lydia A.
Williams, Robert
Williams, Samuel
Wilson, Harland H.
Wilson, Mary Elizabeth
Winslow, Dale R.
Winslow, Edward S.
Winslow, Lista E.
Winslow, Edward S.
Winslow, Henry F.
Winslow, Sherwood L.
Winslow, Stephen A.
Witham, Alice M.
Witham, Arthur R.
Witham, Clarence A.
Witham Georgianna (Sanborn)
Witham, Josiah W.
Witham, Margaret F.
Witham, Sarah M. (Farnham)
Witham, Thelma
Witherell, Nathaniel
Witherell, Sarah (Sanborn)
Wood, A. S.
Wood, Caroline M.
Wood, Catherine M.
Wood, Charlotte M.
Wood, Daniel
Wood, Dolly Ricker
Wood, Edwin W.
Wood, Fernando G.
Wood, Frederic A.
Wood, John B.

Wood, Dorothy
Wood, Mark
Wood, Marletta Stuart
Wood, Mary
Wood, Mary P.

Wood, Robert James
Wood, Ruth
Wood, Stephen S. (Rev.)
Woodbrey, Nancy
Woodman, Doris E.
Woodman, Wilbur E. Jr.
Woodsome, John O.
Woodsum, Alice G.
Woodsum, Charles
Woodsum, Charles W.
Woodsum, Emma D.
Woodsum, Sarah E.
Woodsum, Sarah M.
Worcester, C. Muriel
Worcester, Cora J.
Worcester, Helen E.
Worcester, Leslie L.
Worcester, Leslie R.
Worcester, Margaret J.
Worcester, Margery J.
Worcester, Ralph W.
Worcester, Ruth L.
Wormwood, Amos
Wormwood, Lucy E.
Wormwood, Mary A.
Wormwood, Noah S.
Worster, Cora A.
Worster, David A
Worster, George H.
Worster, Hannah
Worster, Lydia
Wright, John F. K. Jr.

York, Pauline E.
Young, Etta
Young, Myra Shapleigh

Zawadil, Joseph
Zawadil, Mary L.






































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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